one and all every bit

i just. love soldier/spy so much. especially slow burn with a sudden realization stuff

like there’s a battle going and it’s going badly, spy ends up stranded with no time to cloak and no allies nearby

then suddenly bam! soldier’s there blastin dudes left and right, they make it out, maybe they win and maybe they don’t but it’s right then and there lookin at soldier all rugged and bloodied with his shirt strategically ripped to show off some muscle that spy realizes oh no, oh god, he’s in love with this buffoon

especially if he’s just broken off relations with scout’s mom and he’s decided okay, no more relationships, from here on in he’s a hardened professional and, to quote another ex, professionals don’t have feelings

but then here’s this doof? this stupid, overly happy, blunt guy who runs around being as unsubtle as possible who’s about as opposite from spy as you can get but spy’s head over heels here and he just. can’t stop thinking about him

then they have a big victory and everyone’s celebrating and in his giddiness spy kisses soldier right then and there full on the lips

everything kinda slows a minute and spy’s like oh god oh no oh shit and there’s a moment’s pause before soldier kisses him right back and nothing else matters

then of course they’re inseparable, spy constantly giving soldier little gifts like hella quality cigarettes and lil chocolate assortments, gives him cute pet names and gentle kisses on the cheek and forehead and hands and soldier’s as blunt and carefree as always and does big spine crushing bear hugs where he just sweeps spy up and won’t let go

aaaahhhhhh i love this ship so much i’m so happy


CASEY’S NA PS13 x QLD MATSURI 2K16 ~ ALL PHOTOS BY ME (HOKOIN) ~this was a car i have been wanting to see for a very long time and the wait payed off was well worth the trip to come see , car was styled so perfect it was was a joy to watch drive all weekend no issues ! just put on a show one of my personal favourite builds of all time ! loved every bit of the car., ( ^ ~ ^ ) KEEP IT SIMPLE !! NA STYLE  

Family Dossier; part one

The Reddwing’s are a family originating from Ala Mhigo. Their predecessors swore loyalty to it’s future monarch before the unification of the clans. A pride they once held close to their hearts as well as their proficiency as lancers and griffin harriers till the fall of their nation.

Halvar Reddwing, the patriarch

The oldest surviving member of the clan, Halvar is a master of the lance and griffins. He has the most even and calm temperament in the family, until politics and tradition comes up then his passion burns the hottest. Though after the war he became jaded and apathetic to the world, feeling lost without a king to serve. He settled for cultivating the family into mercenaries of the highest caliber within the Corpse Brigade. Waiting for the day to take back Ala Mhigo and perhaps even bring back a king.

Detlef Reddwing, second-in-command

Born a year apart from Halvar they grew up as rivals. That would change gradually into something more healthy, they would confide and support each other as they had to face more trials. Resentment between them dissipating especially when their first sister, Eydis, was born. With each battle Detlef would come to understand his brother better and what he had to carry as well as the seeming absence of empathy. As such Detlef brought it upon himself to be a pillar for the family within, something Halvar was grateful for. To this day he still follows Halvar loyally.

Eydis Reddwing, eldest daughter

Vicious, temperamental, yet somehow kind. She isn’t very bright but makes up for any lack of intelligence with pure martial skill and empathy. Loud and so very proud, she gave the others trouble in many forms. With no legacy to inherit besides following their path, she focused her efforts on self-fulfillment. Enjoying the company of her little sister the most, the only one she barely got along with was Ivo. After the fall she would go off and attempt to make a new life, yet would find herself rallying to the cries of her brothers. Ever dutiful.

Ivo Reddwing, third son, deceased

An oddity among his family for the fact he had a knack for things other than warfare. He had an aptitude for magitek and pursued it, leading him to become distant with his more militant brothers and sisters. It was out of spite he followed the path of innovation making tools and machines to help with crops and other agricultural efforts. It was out bitter loyalty to his family he would also craft them weapons and other tools of war. This tension caused him to bond with Idun who broke away from the family. Unfortunately it was this physical and emotional distance that would ultimately lead to his demise when the Garleans crawled out of the woodwork.  

Idun Reddwing, the youngest

The youngest, she was treasured among the family. Doted upon even with her ‘shortcomings’. An excellent lancer, yet hopeless with their griffin steeds. Idun was idealistic over all else and wanted to find her own life and path. This ended up manifesting in her choosing to join the Fists of Rhalgr, a decision that did not go over well and would later cause immense problems. Then to add insult to injury she even decided to marry someone who was seen as far below her station. Content with her decisions and life till the fall of Ala Mhigo she fled and in the chaos ended up losing her children and husband. Only managing to reunite with them many years later. She now haunts Little Ala Mhigo as a protector and attempts to nurture the younger generation there.


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Happy early birthday!

This was just supposed to be a drabble but it got away from me a little. So, this is somewhere between a drabble and really a one shot, I think. Enjoy!

PROMPTS: “I didn’t fall. Gravity just got stronger.” and Next Contestant by Nickelback

PAIRING: none really, Reader meets Dean and Sam



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With my Blue Dragon.

While I wait
for moments to come
my blue dragon
patiently breathes
divine thoughts
into my 

It is said 
that the oldest ones
really, really miss home,
they`ve carried the weight
for so long
and now their only wish
is to be one with the 
galactic field

The blue dragon
that I know.
It knows 
how I suffer
in my knowing. 
it breathes
golden structures
into my brain patterns
so that I 
may save
another day
give the day
its alchymical 
the whole process
day in, night out,
pulsing with stars
blinking, blinking
in the eteritum,
in silence

How can one breath
contain fields of diamonds
of every inch and bit
of all of creation
one breath
contains the answers
you never seeked
you may ask
next time
next time.

How I miss home.
How I long for 
truth in sentences,
the knowledge, 

More than
I cry tears
of longing

my blue
contains all
to comfort 
through the
Its breath
gives answers
every time
every. time.

That`s why 
it`s here

I`ll always 
with my 

“With my Blue Dragon”

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“Excellence must be pursued, it must be wooed with all of one’s might and every bit of effort that we have each day there’s a new encounter, each week is a new challenge. All of the noise and all of the glamour all of the color all of the excitement all of the rings and all of the money. These are the things that linger only in the memory. But the spirit, the will to excel, the will to win, these are the things that endure.” — Coach Vince Lombardi, The Winning Coach of Super Bowl I and II (1968); Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XlVII Halftime Show (2013)

shoutout for nb loving nb’s put there. we don’t get a whole lot of positivity, so! this is for nonbinaries who get all tongue tied when other nonbinary people gush about how happy their new clothes make them feel, how confident. for the nonbinaries out there who have to take a moment (or three) to recover after their crush posts a selfie (and maybe feels that much more willing to post one themselves)

y'all are fantastic and worth every bit of love in the world, and i am so happy to be sharing space with you 💛💜🖤

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A Fruitastic Affair
lenana x oringe
A Fruitastic Affair

      ;; god fucking damn it lenana.

memetastic fic by fuckyeahkagamine-twins (halleluka)
hellspawn creatures of yumlicious proportions by askthelen and askmissrin
background music found here
narration by yours truly. damn us all.


Tethered by thestoryinsideme
Rating: M
Word Count: 32,000
Summary:  When Castiel disappears without a trace, along with the Mark of Cain and twenty-four hours of Dean’s life, Dean seeks out the help of the only other righteous angel he knows – Hannah.

This is an emanuel!cas story, the one we never got in canon, all over again, and I loved every bit of it! Dean doesn’t remember how Cas removed the Mark of Cain, why he disappeared and why he isn’t answering his prayers anymore. Thus, Dean’s nagging need to find the angel and put things right becomes the driving force of this emotional and heartbreaking story. A good part of the action takes place in Dean’s dreams where he has a chance to talk (among other things hem, hem!) to Cas. Sometimes, Hannah pops in with a cryptic message or two about Cas’ whereabouts.  When finally Dean finds his lost angel, he has more questions than answers since Cas has no memories of him or anything else.

Wow, that must’ve been rough,” Dean says.  “If you didn’t know who you were, why did you call yourself Dean?”

“It was the only name I remembered. I assumed it was mine.”

To make things worse, the clock is ticking. Apparently, the angels are keeping an eye on Cas, and his time on earth is coming to the end. This fic reminded me very much of a “true love kiss” trope, except, this is a deancas story, and that means happy ending with a bittersweet twist. Like I said, I loved every bit of it.