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How to Fuck With Your Students 101

STEP 1: Buy 3 small, differently-colored bouncy balls

STEP 2: On the first day, bounce only one ball during class so they get used to the color.

STEP 3: On day 2, begin by bouncing the same ball as before. Halfway through class, discretely switch it with a different ball that’s similarly colored (like switching from bright red to orange). Now students are wondering if their eyes are playing tricks on them.

STEP 4: Spend Day 3 bouncing the same color ball as you did on Day 1. Now students are going nuts trying to figure out what’s going on.

STEP 5: The coup-de-grace. On Day 4, carry around all three balls in one hand, and cycle through as you bounce them. (An easy method is to drop a ball from the bottom, use your thumb to push the other two down, then catch the one you bounced on the top. Then repeat.) Now, from the kids’ perspective, the ball is changing colors each time you bounce it. Red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow. Let mass chaos ensue as they accuse you of witchcraft and then slowly realize that there were multiple balls.

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.


I had ordered a signed and doodled in copy of the raven king months before it came out but as the release date crept nearer, I came to the realization that I would have to wait for my copy to be shipped from the states. Unwilling to wait the extra week, I bought a copy the day of and with nothing else to do with it, I decided to add my own illustrations. These are a few of my favourites.

‘It was Blue’s shoulder and her collarbone and her legs and her throat and her laugh her laugh her laugh.’ | ‘It was this: Gansey saying, “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent.”’

How You Sleep (Harry Potter Preferences)

Harry Potter

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The two of you are pretty close when you sleep, tangled up in each others arms. It’s only together that you both can sleep soundly, and escape the nightmares.

Ron Weasley

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It’s usually about in the middle of the night when you roll over and crawl under Ron’s sleeping arms. You two move around so much that in the morning you end up on totally opposite ends of the mattress.

Draco Malfoy

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You almost always fall asleep before him, or are wanting to sleep before he does. He always ends off the night by pressing a delicate kiss on your cheek before crawling in next to you.

Fred Weasley

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The two of you can sleep in any position, just as long as you are tangled up in each other. Usually you’ll cycle through all of these in one night.

George Weasley

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You and George love to take naps so you usually end up falling asleep using his shoulder as a pillow. He is always quick to follow your lead.

Neville Longbottom

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Sometimes the two of you don’t even want to sleep, but just curl up in each others arms. You find it comforting to hold hands, and for you to use his arm as a pillow. The two of you will talk or just relax before eventually falling asleep.


In the name of Igor’s nose, we will punish you!

lavabird  asked:

I cant find or remember whos headcanon it was about ghouls going through heat every season or 3 moons ~ but I think? It was yours? And wanted to ask how long one lasts? A few days? A week, longer? And also if they all have their own cycle or its every one at once. Because if u have a few hundred ghouls, that sounds like absolutE cHaOS. Especially with all the sisters anD PAPA In thE mIX too. And what the whole situation is like in general in your headcanon. I hope this wasnt too much to ask .__.



yknow how sometimes friends’ periods can sync up or like one friend will get theirs and then u get the Sympathy Period?? that can totally happen to ghouls in heat. like one ghoul smells it on another ghoul and then it just spreads and its chaos and the poor church sisters have so many broken horns and scratched-out eyes to take care of

heat only affects ghouls too, so papa and the sisters just sit back and watch the chaos and papa probably tries to hide lmao

it effects every individual ghoul a little differently too. some ghouls are only in heat for like two days and they’re fine, you’d never know they were in heat at all. but then some poor ghouls get it for a week or more and they’re in AGONY

ghoul by ghoul, specifically:

  • air and earth usually sync up because they’re fuckin married and they just make out everywhere and cant keep their hands off each other like horny teenagers
  • mist in heat is terrifying. aether has a broken horn in my design because he and mist challenged each other to a Dominance Duel when they were both in heat and mist damn near killed his squishy ass
  • alpha just gets really really Really clingy with papa
  • omega gets super aggressive and wants to Fight but he also knows he could easily break someone’s neck so he just kind of sits and stews and eats a lot of carbs and hates life
  • and then cowbell…..🐄🐮🥛🍼


Update + Important Stuff

So I thank you all for your supportive messages and such, and I am sorry for blowing off a few people in private chat yesterday.

I just wasn’t in a good mood, and I don’t want my awful mood to cause me to say or do something I’ll regret in terms of people I care for, or people I see as my mutuals.

The week has just been rough: people hurting themselves, people threatening to kill themselves, fights disrupting things, my sister’s dog has cancer and only has a few months to live, and insecurities are running high when it comes to my actions lately—whether on my blog or in private to people.

I think the insecurity thing hits the worst, though next to the dog having cancer, as losing a pet is never easy..

Guys: I love and care for each and every one of you, but it is just hard to cycle through all my private messages and RPs and try to put time aside for me as well. When it comes to some people, I am going to know them more and trust and love them more because they treat me like a friend (or person) and that I have importance. They don’t force me to talk to them or make me feel awful for not getting to them in awhile. They understand how I am (desiring more alone time than any other) and they respect that. There is one lovely lady that I’ve not spoken to in probably three weeks now, and I hate that—it’s SO embarrassing—but stuff just swamps me to the point it becomes hard to get to some folks.

One of my friends on DeviantArt, who I’ve known and been close to for years now and has sacrificed her own money to let me have food to eat and a roof over my head at times, I’ve had a rough time in a month trying to get a chance to spend with her. That hurts the God damn worse, because she’s sacrificed a lot to keep me going and keep me alive, really—and she lives all the way in the Czech Republic. I have another friend in Europe as well who has horrible insecurities about herself and love life after having been cheated on for 11 years by the same guy she swore to never give up on (seriously, like another friend said, that fucks up a person), so I have to take time to note her every now and again, and sometimes that single message takes up 3 pages and an hour or two to write, because I have so much to cover and talk about in hopes of distracting her mind and letting her know I’ve not given up on her.

So as I am trying to make sure everyone is okay, everyone has their RP as well, and everyone’s messages are caught up on, some people are going to be accidentally ignored for a day or two (and some requests deleted) depending on what’s going on.

It doesn’t mean I think less of you, or I hate you, or I don’t want to get to know you. I am just really busy, running all over the place to try and make sure everyone is okay. Like I’ve said before: I don’t watch a lot of people’s blogs (even people I super love and adore), because I am avoiding some folks in the fandom I do not care for. Because of this, I am rarely in the loop when it comes to how someone’s feeling. I have to find out through them, most likely, and that always makes me worried and put aside time for them.

Emotions don’t take a holiday—and I certainly am not going to ignore somebody because I promised somebody else something that day.

But…keep that in mind as well as the fact I need time to do my own thing too. ♥ It is SO nice to play my Zelda game lately, and I love just not focusing on deadlines or having to get something done for the blog lately. But it is hard to enjoy when people think I must be going out of my way to ignore them all because of me playing it. @_@;

You’re all awesome, and I love you all to pieces—some I wish I knew more and others I wish I knew a better side than what I’ve seen on the sidelines.

So please…just be patient with me… it’s been hard lately.

~Oreana Galena

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i loved your bressie family blurb so much!!!! could you write something smutty about bressie coming home all sweaty from the gym training for one of his cycling things?

A/N: Thank you so much, anon!! This is seriously, just smut, no plot lol. I hope you enjoy it!

Sweaty Bressie

He was sitting at the kitchen table when you got home, his brow glistening with sweat as he came down from his hard work out. He was training for another Ironman triathlon and his workouts were getting more intense by the day. Your eyes traveled over his body as you set your things down on the counter. His shirt clung to his broad chest, emphasizing the hard pectoral muscles below the thin fabric and your fingers itched to touch him - to feel his toned body moving above you. He must have caught your ogling because he quirked up an eyebrow as he lowered the glass of water he was drinking.

“Well hello to you,” he said with grin.

“Hi. Good workout?” Taking his cup from his hands so you could refill it, you felt his gaze linger on you as you turned to the fridge to pour the water. The smirk he gave you when you returned confirmed it.

“Thank you, love.”

As you handed it back to him, he grabbed your arm and pulled you back between his legs. He took another drink and set the glass down, shifting his focus solely on you. You stood in front of him and pushed a lock of his hair, still damp with sweat, off of his forehead. His hands lazily drug over your bare legs, tickling the back of your knees. Pressing a kiss to your stomach, he looked up at you. “Yeah, it was good. I’ve done 150 miles this week. I think next week I’ll ride over to see mum and da to get a good distance ride in.”

“Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?”

“Maybe. But I never tire of hearing it.”

You tilted his head up and leaned down to press a kiss to his mouth, enjoying the hot feeling of his skin, still damp. Compelled to taste him, you moved lower and licked a stripe up his neck, sucking gently over his pulse point. You moaned at the salty taste of him, his scent overwhelming you.

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Short Story Title: The Origins of Dreamia
World: Dreamia

In that moment she began to exist. First she was only a passing thought but then as more people began to think about her she started to wake up. The idea of her became more firm and consistent and for the first time in her life she saw the world that begged for her existence.

It was an ever changing place that was constantly shifting from one idea  to another and this changing took the people with it. Some only existed for minutes while others for years and for a being that only began to exist, it was horrifying.

These people saw her and for the entirety of their existences they prayed for her to save them from the void. From fading away into nothingness. They were so frightened.

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