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#LastYoungRenegade - out July 2nd, 2017

Who is the Last Young Renegade?

After all this time writing music, playing in a band- checking moment after moment off the bucket list- collecting mistakes, making memories, I wondered what it might be like to write about myself if I wasn’t the one standing in my shoes. Who am I from the other side of the mirror?

I tried to change perspective in my approach to writing and center in on all of the different versions of me that other people might have met over the years, through the ups and the downs, in the public eye and behind closed doors. Would I like this person? Do I like this person? Do I even recognize this person anymore?

I realized that there’s a lot more to me than I’m usually ready to acknowledge, both good and bad. In that realization, I noticed a common thread. We are who we are, even when we try our hardest not to be.

It’s a challenge to accept it sometimes. I gave those other sides of me a persona, and a name– then came the stories like a flood. It was a way for me to confront demons without having to sit at the dinner table with them.

That’s the journey on this record: a story of self-realization. Of growing into your own skin through the eyes of someone watching it all unfold on the big screen, wearing a ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. Like watching an old familiar movie, but suddenly you’re Marty McFly.

We tried a lot of new things on this album, all within the context of what we love so much about All Time Low– There’s no denying that we were binge watching Stranger Things at the time, while also reflecting on the loss of some of our favorite musicians; Prince, Bowie, George Michael… I think the influence comes through in the best ways. We all felt pulled to exciting and different places as we searched for inspiration, approaching something that’s become so familiar to us from a new direction.

I truly hope everyone listening enjoys this record as much as I do. It’s been an amazing journey.The album comes out June 2nd and will be available for pre-order on Friday, Feb 24th. We’ll also be posting some pre-order merch bundles, so stay tuned! Pre-order options will be up on

Last Young Renegade
2. Drugs & Candy
3. Dirty Laundry
4. Good Times
5. Nice2KnoU
6. Life of the Party
7. Nightmares
8. Dark Side of Your Room
9. Ground Control (feat. Tegan and Sara)
10. AfterglowxoAlex

yugioh political au

House of Card Games

i love arisato twins AU


every time I was shattered by cassian’s facial expression the beach hug

your father would be proud of you.

Ignite ~ Marty Scurll Imagine

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Smut Ahead 

No one seemed to look at you different. They always though you were the most innocent person they knew. You were sweet, great listener and was always there for someone in need. But your friend, Vicky she was known to your friends and her friends and everyone else, the fun one, the risk taker and she always got what she wanted. 

Maybe it was because she had bigger chest than you? Maybe because she had more friends than you? Insecurities would always come biting in your mind as you looked at her. To her, you were her loyal friend but some times you just wanted to slap the bitch. 

“ Girl, you look so much prettier with your hair curly and bouncy like that” 

“ You need to wear this skirt, show off those legs girl” 

She would tell you to show off your body more and be more someone else than yourself, but it didn’t feel right. Sometimes you really hated her because she was always telling you to do this and do that. She was nothing like you. Vicky was beautiful, always was ready to go on time and always had a man on her arm or by her side. Weather it’s from Dalton Castle to Bobby Fish to Christopher Daniels etc. You had met Vicky back in college when she was merely a nobody, she has changed so much since then.  But to your luck, the man you adored had asked her out. Marty Scurll. 

Unlike Vicky, he was such an enjoyable person to be around, he was sweet and he loved his fans with everything he had. It showed, he always smiled at you and loved talking to you. You would sometimes just stare at him during his promos he did or when he was talking to someone, you swore to yourself not a single man would take your heart after the last one broke it. Every time you heard his voice, his laugh and the way he said “ darlin,” you could help yourself blush. But the thing was, you were so innocent after all, you would touch yourself listening to his promos on your phone. 

This afternoon was one of those night but to your luck, next to your room was his room and you stopped hearing a giggle. Familiar one, and his moan. He growls and moans were hitting you deeply, controlling you indirectly, sending a hand down to your core, legs wide open. They were getting it on next door to you but you got pleasure from hearing Marty’s moans. Muting out Vicky’s moans. One finger traced the outside of your core, bucking your hips holding your moans in. You finished yourself hearing him howl one last time before you went to bed. 

Weeks went by as you were looking through your emails one night but your mind going to Marty thinking of what it would feel like with his lips pressed against your neck when a knock on your door interrupted your thoughts. You opened one last email before shutting the laptop, putting it on the table before going to answer the door, you blushed once seeing who was standing there at the door. It was the villain with a huge smile on his face. The man you just were thinking about.

“ Marty?” you asked surprised. He didn’t talk to you that often. “ What are you doing here?”

“ Just seeing how you are darlin’,” he answered shrugging, his eyes roaming your body and up to your eyes. “Do you know where Vicky might be?” 

You felt slightly hurt as he asked about your friend, doesn’t Vicky tell him where she goes? Isn’t she his girlfriend? You nodded. 

“ She said something about going out shopping with her girls,” you answered, just about to close the door, but he put his foot in to stop it from closing. 

“ How are you though?” His eyes held something behind them,even though his face was beautiful as always. You bite your lip in surprise, mostly he just asks you one a week how you were doing. He asked you two days ago, stopping back wishing you luck on your match.

“ I’m fine” you answer. He nods running a hand through his hair. 

“ I heard you were looking for a new shirt to design” he moves closer, opening the door as he steps inside. 

“ Feel free to come in” you say, sarcastically. He laughs as he looks around your room. 

“ Yeah I am, why?” you replied to the previous statement he said sitting on your bed. He smiled, sitting next to you on the bed. The way he was looking at you and the sound of his voice made you want him right here. 

“ I may know someone who can help..” 

“ Really?” you raise an eyebrow, watching him as he nods licking his bottom lip.

  “ I know a guy” 

“ I have a few options” He nods again before saying something that made you blush, “ I know you look at me when you think I don’t know. I know darlin’. I know” 

Boom. He caught you. He knows. He lets out a chuckle when your cheeks go red and eyes widen a bit, looking down in embarrassment. You clear your throat as you get up to take your laptop, coming back to sit on the bed opening to show Marty what you were looking at. 

“ So this is some of the choices I have..” 

You started to show him different type of drawing you received that you loved to put on a shirt that you wanted to sell for your fans. But you felt like he wasn’t even paying attention to what you were saying to him. He just keeps nodding his head at what you say, when you look at him to see if he was paying attention. That’s when your breath hitches as you lock eyes with him. 

“ Do I have something on my face?” you ask him, finally when your eyes meet again. He shakes his head but responds. 

“ No, but I’m looking at your beauty” you gasp at his words. You couldn’t tear your eyes from him, they were beautiful just like the rest of him. You expected him to laugh in your face, but he didn’t. 

“ Are you serious?” you managed to say, feeling your stomach fill with butterflies. 

“ Yes” 

Marty moves the piece of hair behind your ear before moving closer, which you shifted away. You wanted him to kiss you and touch but he was your friends boyfriend. That wouldn’t be right.

“ I think I’ve seen enough for one night,” he says as he keeps looking at you. 

“ Oh?” you hesitantly asked. Vicky was always telling you what to do, why not spoil her fun? His eyes became darker as he continue to stare at you showing you that he was lusting for you.

“ Yeah, me too,” you nod, waiting for him to do something. His lips turn into a smirk as he lets out a chuckle from his lips, cupping your face with his hand. His fingers softly rubbed there before grabbing the back of your neck bringing you into a roughly, hunger kiss. His beard scratched against your chin sending a tingle up your spine. He didn’t hesitate to pry your mouth open with his tongue, diving right in and tracing every inch of your mouth.

“ I want you to suck me, suck me good.. I know you want to..” he says as he pulls away from the kiss.  You clench your thighs together. He was all yours now well at least for the night, maybe. He slipped off the bed as you followed him getting onto your knees. You eyed him with a smirk of your own, he matched your smirk as he nodded his head. You unzipped his pants and unbutton them sliding them down. 

“ Y/N..” he warned you, watching you take your time teasing him. You cup his cock through his boxers making him let out a whimper. “ Please..” he begs. You let out a chuckle, pulling his boxers down revealing his harden cock just for you. Pressing a kiss on the tip of his cock, watching as he closed his eyes and whimpered once more.

 Did you really make him feel like this? What the hell was Vicky doing then? Was she even pleasing him? 

Your hand goes to the base of his cock, his eyes fly open, and he looks down at you. He watches as you lick his tip and down to his shaft making it hard for him to catch his breath. 

Every moan he let out made you even wetter. You tasted his precum in your mouth, pulling away giving a pop as you lick your lips. 

“Marty..” you pouted, begging him. “ Fuck me, please… please…”

“ Your a bad kitten…” he mutters through his teeth, feeling on the edge of his orgasm. “ How bad?” you pouted more but pulled on his cock. 

“ So much, baby..” you whimpered, your other hand going to his thigh as you rake your nails up and down. 

“ I want to feel your cock fill my pretty pussy..” he grabbed your wrist pushing you onto the bed with your ass in the air. You gripped onto the sheets as he pulled down your shorts and panties. 

“ You teased me before, you’re not nice kitten..” a hand went down, smacking your ass. A couple of time he did that, you moaned each time. He pressed himself against your back, before positioning himself at your entrance. 

Without giving you any sort of warning, he pushed himself inside you, filling you with his cock causing you to let out a pleasuring cry. He was so thick, but he filled you all in before moving back and forth. His hands gripped at your hips, creating a rhyme with each thrust. 

“ You’re taking my cock as good kitty..” You let out a moan, he increased his pace and your nails dug into the sheets of the bed. 

You screamed reaching your orgasm, your juice dripping down onto the sheets. Marty followed after, howling to his own orgasm, making you collapse off the bed as he pulled out. 

You were panting and glistering with sweat leaning against the bed with a satisfying smile on your face. You had no shame to what you just did with him. Vicky didn’t really care about you and she doesn’t treat Marty right. She doesn’t satisfy him to his complete desire. 

“ You’re not so innocent after all, not what I expected..” he breaths, sitting down next to you, panting. 

“ maybe this can be our secret” he chuckles, a smirk on his lips.

Solas stays warm in his turtleneck.

Day 3 of Modern Solas Month! A thing I made up yesterday, lol. Send me outfit prompts if you want to see Solas wearing certain contemporary clothes.


I don’t know where I am. It’s like I’m breaking into a million pieces and there is only one thing I remember: I have to save the Doctor. He always looks different. I always know it’s him. Sometimes I think I’m everywhere at once, running every second just to find him. Just to save him. But he never hears me. Almost never. I blew into this world on a leaf. I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land. I’m Clara Oswald. I’m the impossible girl.



Suddenly I See You

Requested by: The lovely anon who sparked my imagination and made it run wild.
Scenario: You and Minho have been friends since the sandbox. He’s your best friend and you love him like a brother; never noticing once that he was madly in love with you. You arrive for your first day at Seoul National University to start your life on the path your parents planned out for you. You’d calculated all the variables, but never calculated on the one you never saw coming: Woo Jiho.  
A/N: So this is most likely going to be a series. One that I’m actually super excited for (I’m a sucker for College AU’s. For the love of god I can’t stress this enough). I’m basically attempting to write this out like a K-drama. Love triangle and all. Also, I do have a song for this scenario: Sleeping With Sirens – “Scene one – James Dean & Aubrey Hepburn.” Give it a listen and just imagine whoever you want with it. It’s splendid. Special shoutout to @thatzestysoul. You put up with my late night ramblings and helped me until 6 a.m. this morning. No words explain how much I appreciate it.
Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader
Words: 5572
Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

Well…this was it. You were now officially a college student at Seoul National University, and your parents couldn’t have been prouder. It’d always been their dream that you’d follow in your father’s footsteps of becoming an engineer. It’s what they’d been pampering you for, for as long as you could remember.

Always attending the best schools - the best after school programs – that prepared you to graduate with honors and scholarships galore. It wasn’t like it hadn’t been hard to focus on your studies. Your father had taken over for a high profile company when you were three; packing up whatever life you would’ve had in the states and moving to Seoul.

You were never sure what life would have been like back in the States. Maybe it would have been easier. Not having to endure countless bullying in schools; made to feel inferior and foreign, constantly. The only friend you’d ever truly made was Song Minho.

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How would Josh act around someone he has a crush on! (also omg the smooch one was so cute!!!!!!)

I’ve stepped out of the dating scene for… ever.

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I have a silly question. I often see a mineral described as "on matrix," but what it's on always looks so different from one to the next. Is "matrix" a type of stone itself, or a broad term for what a mineral type is growing on?

It’s not silly at all. Don’t worry. We love getting questions! Matrix is a broad term for what a mineral is growing on, Sometimes they do grow on other minerals and when they do, we always try to include that mineral name although it’s impossible to do this for all of them as some don’t always have proper information or are hard to identify. Thanks so much for your question!