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Sooooooo I was thinking what would Shiro do if his s/o showed up to party in a sexy black dress just to get him back for spending so much time with Voltron P.s I love your Blog!

I like the way you think! I do love me some petty revenge.

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“Hey Shiro! What are you up to today? Cause I was thinking–”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I need to go over Voltron’s last battle and come up with some sort of game plan,” Shiro sighs and glowers at the screen in his hand, “We should have taken that Robeast out before it had that chance to knock us down. Maybe if I had had Lance and Hunk move us–” He’s talking more to himself now so you just cluck your tongue and walk away. Maybe next time.

You paced back and forth on the observation deck, growing increasingly agitated with every slowly passing minute. Seriously? He’s thirty minutes late! Where the hell was your boyfriend?!

You stop and loudly vent your frustration before storming storming towards the training deck. God help Shiro if he’s still training during date night because oh…he’s not here. None of the paladins are. So, clearly they finished? 

You sigh and head towards the rooms. You can hear various showers running and the thought of scaring the crap out of Shiro while he’s showering brings a skip to your step. But when Shiro’s door opens, you can see him laying face first in bed with his armor still on. You deflate and let his door shut on its own. If he’s tired enough to sleep in his armor then there’s no point in waking him. 

And so it keeps happening. Every time you think you finally get Shiro on his own he either has Voltron related business, extra training, or is passed out in places he shouldn’t be. It’s frustrating. It’s vexing. It’s starting to piss you off

Of course, you don’t think you’re more important than defending the universe from evil purple aliens but dammit, it hurts to be pushed aside so easily! 

But tonight…oh-hoho, tonight you were going to get back at the Black Paladin. 

You see, Allura, Coran, and Shiro have been in negotiations for the last week or so with the twin High Priestesses of Il’rea, who have long been fighting the Galra in their own quadrant of space. They’ve been highly successful; due to the combined power of Lady Arcadia’s tactics and Lady Selena’s bloodlust and frankly, Team Voltron needed help from people like them if there was any hope to defeat Prince Lotor. 

Tonight, the whole planet was celebrating the new alliance in Voltron’s honor with a huge party. Food, music, pretty girls, pretty guys (just pretty people in general), and displays of power and magic promised to be a fun night.

But there was a small problem. The problem was, as Lance put it: “Those Priestesses are total babes! They could literally crack my skull between their thighs and I would die happy.” Whether he was on duty or not, Shiro was spending a lot of time with beautiful women that were not you and tonight was the night you were going to drag his attention back, Voltron and the Alliance be damned. Especially since it’s been a good two weeks since you two had some true alone time. 

You smiled triumphantly at the sexy little black number hanging on the back of your door, ‘Watch Shiro ignore this.’

Shiro missed you. God, he missed you so much it started to hurt and the guilt he was carrying about temporarily pushing you aside to focus on Voltron was starting to haunt his nightmares. He was determined to fix it tonight. He was going to apologize for being a shit boyfriend, apologize for overworking himself, and apologize for making the love of his life feel like she no longer mattered to him. 

Keith had made it a point to find Shiro tell him that last little tidbit last night. It hurt. It hurt so bad Shiro actually spent most of the night crying and beating himself up mentally for that one. He royally fucked up, and he knew it.

So when the shuttle carrying you and the Paladins arrived, his heart began racing and Shiro felt the telltale fluttering in his stomach that told him he was nervous. But there were only four bodies on that shuttle and none of them yours. Concerned, Shiro pulled Keith aside to speak to him in a low whisper, “Hey, Keith. Wh-where’s Y/N? Isn’t she coming?”

Keith pursed his lips and glared. Shiro dropped his hand from Keith’s arm and took a step back, caught off guard by the uncharacteristic hostility in his friend’s eyes. He waits and Keith looks away before clearing his throat, “She’s not coming. She said she has a migraine so she’s going to take advantage of a silent castle and sleep it off. She doesn’t want you there.” He walks away with a final glare, making sure to clip his shoulder against Shiro’s. 

Shiro rubs his shoulder and glances towards the other paladins. He blanches as they quickly turn away to hide their glares. Crestfallen, Shiro swallows the lump in his throat and blinks back the tears that threaten to spill. He has a job to do tonight so he steels himself and turns around, stepping out of Takashi Shirogane - the failing boyfriend, and into Shiro - the Black Paladin and Leader of Voltron. 

He doesn’t see Lance and Hunk sharing concerned glances as they wonder if they took their glares too far or Pidge and Keith giving each other a thumbs up. He also misses you slipping out of your hiding place in the pod and moving to the next hiding place, shoes in hand. Allura, who has been your silent partner in tonight’s shenanigans, gives you a wink as she steps in front of your new spot, further hiding you. Bless her. She’s just as petty as you are.


There was a time in his life that Shiro once enjoyed a good party and the chance to get shit-faced drunk without a care in the world. Now his anxiety was acting up, telling him there were too many people, too many points of entry, too many chances for an assassin to sneak in, this is was just another chance to get Lance blow–no. No. He needs to stop. There’s no point in thinking like that.

God, he needed a drink.

Luckily, Il’rea has alcohol, or something like it, and Shiro grabs a glass from a passing waiter and downs it in one gulp. Much better.

He grabbed another drink with every intention of downing that one too but he was stopped when he saw you flitting through the crowd. But it couldn’t be you, you were in the castle. Right?

He drops the glass from his mouth and moves to follow what he swears was you. His searching is fruitless and Shiro gives it up as a bad job only a few minutes later. He was looking for a black dress in a sea of black and white with little variation. Why couldn’t the woman have been wearing a red dress? That would be so much easier!

Like Allura! Shiro could make her out easily since her dress started as a bright yellow and faded to a soft orange. She looked like an Earth sunset was easily the brightest person in the room. Shiro smiled as she laughed at some aristocrat’s joke, happy to finally see her so carefree after the stressful week they had. He wished he could be like that.

He watched for a few more moments and was about to turn away when Allura hooked her arm through the arms of another woman and they turned as one to move together. His heart stopped for a split second because he knows that face. He knows that face.

Where Allura was as radiant as the sun, there you were, looking like the human embodiment of the night. Your hair was pulled up and artfully messy, lips painted a deep purple to match purple eye shadow, the front of your black gown draped over you to deeply expose your breasts and Shiro swallowed when he saw the long beautiful silver necklace he found for you sitting innocently on your chest. The last time he saw it he was watching it shimmer and shine as it moved with every thrust of his hips against yours.

You looked like Sin. And when your eyes locked Shiro swore then and there to have you underneath him before the night was over. He continued watching with hungry eyes as Allura twirled you two around and revealed the (pretty much non-existent) back of your dress and he changed it to within the hour. The wink you gave him over the shoulder as you disappeared into the crowd gave him the fuel he needed.

But it wasn’t that easy. Every time he got close to you, Hunk or Lance would whisk you away for a dance and pass you off to someone high ranking enough in the Il’rean hierarchy that Shiro knew it would cause tension if he just cut in, so he was forced to wait. 

And wait.

 And wait. Prowling like a panther at the edge of the dancing crowd, waiting for his chance to snatch you up.

Eventually there was a lull in the music and Shiro used it to beeline towards you, determined to have you in his arms and screaming his name in one of the smaller rooms next door. But he was stopped by Keith shoving a plate of food in his hands with a cheeky grin. “You haven’t eaten all night. Here. It’s delicious.”

“I-Uh…What? Oh,” he looked down at the plate just long enough to loose you in the crowd again and he cursed his luck. And his crew, the shits. He could spy Pidge up on the balcony, no doubt keeping an eye on the situation and instructing each of the Paladins to intercept him every time he got too close. He should have known they’d be in on this. They do like to stir up trouble. 

Well. There would be no getting to you this way. Not with Pidge directing them. And he couldn’t just run up there like a psychopath and stop her. She’d see him. He popped some of the food Keith brought him into his mouth and saluted Pidge. If this was his punishment, it was his punishment. But he could spoil their fun by giving in. His own private revenge on his crew for their mutiny.

“Surprise, surprise. You didn’t come for me,” you sigh as you lean against the balcony entryway. Shiro turns towards you with a bittersweet smile, “Would you have let me?” He leans against the balcony, doing his best to appear nonchalant even though his heart was hammering in his chest because there you are! His beautiful girlfriend! The light of his life! The woman he would willingly risk life and limb for! Dear god, he could see how pissed you were.

You fake thinking for a moment, making sure to bring a finger to your lips, just to enjoy the way Shiro’s eyes darken at such an innocent gesture. “No, not really. I was enjoying myself soooo much. I didn’t want to distract myself with my significant other.” Your pointed glare hits home and Shiro drops his gaze to the floor. You do nothing but wait, letting his shame settle in.

You soften as his shoulders drop and he slowly walks towards you, frightened that with each step closer he moves, you will bolt. You both release the breaths you didn’t know you were holding as Shiro slowly brings his forehead to yours. His large hands feel so right as snakes them around your waist and just holds you, taking a moment just to savor you in his arms before he can gather the courage to speak. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to push you away. I didn’t intend to make you feel like you don’t matter to me, because you do. You are–I love you,” you gasp at his confession and the urge to scream ‘I love you too!’ is almost to much to bear but Shiro isn’t done talking, so you bite your tongue. Literally. “I made a mistake. I need to try harder. I will try harder. For you and Voltron.” 

The kiss he gives you is so tender and so sweet it nearly brings tears to your eyes. You pull him down for another harder kiss as he pulls away, wrapping your arms around his neck for leverage before pulling away enough to mumble against his lips, “You beautiful idiot. I love you so much but you’re too hard on yourself. I just…I missed you.”

You buried yourself into Shiro’s chest and squeezed him tight, enjoying the way his arms tightened against you and the gentle way he nuzzles into your hair. He was so warm and comforting and you couldn’t believe that you had gone nearly two weeks without this. These were the moments you lived for: domesticity in a universe at war.

“I’m going to fuck you in that dress the moment we get back to the castle,” his voice is low and gravely in your ear and you shivered. Moment ruined. 

“I’ve had to watch you prance around in that sorry excuse for a dress all night. Did you even see how much people wanted you?” A moan escapes as Shiro mouths directly against your ear and he moves his cool metal hand up your exposed back. You can feel his half-hard erection against your hip and he grins wickedly against your ear as he lightly rocks against you, “You naughty thing, I’m going to–”

“Sorry to interrupt,” you and Shiro jerk apart as Lady Arcadia glides by, her sister in tow, “but might I trouble you to use one of the rooms down the hall? As lovely as public displays of affection are, surely you two would enjoy privacy?” They quirk twin eyebrows and smirk, gliding away the way they came. 

You adjust your dress and hair, thankful that you were interrupted before anything else started. You share a bashful look with Shiro and clasp hands before re-joining the party; putting a pause on your libidos to play ambassadors. There would be time to play later tonight.

listent i’m just as hurt and pained by this that happened it hurts me so much to have cast members blatantly mock wlw ships and mock one of the few things that made me happy but i knew i just Knew the moment this happened that the white wlw that were so so eerily silent or outright told us to shut up or were outright racist when we called out floriana for playing a gay woman of color that we needed for representation of intersectionality, i knew those same people would suddenly be out here vocal calling for a boycott! i knew that the white wlw that don’t care about how the characters of color on this show are treated (james being sidelined and the ship destroyed, m’gann being written off and underutilized, j’onn only getting scenes to benefit the danvers’) would suddenly be vocal and call for this show to be canceled. and it is so so blatantly obvious what white wlw prioritize and its so obvious that solidarity means nothing to so many of you. ignore this if you want but do me a favor and evaluate the way that you respond to things in fandom. evaluate the way that you react when people of color criticize shows that you deem to be progressive and good just because it has a white wlw ship on it (this goes for many shows, y’all know who you are and i know people will ignore this bc its convenient for you as white people to do so)

do you wonder why so so many people boycottted and spoke out when lexa was killed, but when poussey was brutally murdered in an unjust way that blatantly took advantage of the deaths of so many black people at the hands of police, there was nothing? nothing at all from the white wlw that literally had billboards put up for lexa? not only was there no outrage, they continue to watch oitnb to this day, a show that is now making white supremacists a focal point on their show. i know why, its very obvious why.

you as white wlw need to do better, need to be vocal about intersectionality and about people of color, need to stop supporting shows that mistreat wlw of color and only speak up when it conveniences you. its so disappointing to see and a lot of y’all will keep ignoring it but you need to at the very least acknowledge what you’re doing and do better. 

MilitaryOfficer!Yoongi (Dope!AU)

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Paring: Reader x MilitaryOfficer!Yoongi

Warnings: Smut (unprotected sex)

Words: 3.1k

Summary: You are attending the military academy for your training. You seem to catch, the impossible to impress, Officer Yoongi’s eye.  

You had been at the academy for a few weeks now. You were top of your class, impressing all of your senior officers. Well, all except one.

Officer Min Yoongi, was one of the most prestigious officers at the academy, his approval is something everyone wanted, but it did not come easy.

You had accepted that nothing you did would ever impress him. You knew you were good at what you did, you didn’t need his approval to know that.

It wasn’t long until you would graduate from the academy. You didn’t know what role you would move into. There were talks about you going into leadership, but there were others that implied that leadership wouldn’t effectively put your combat skills to good use.

You were a good shooter, you had figured that out very early into the training process when you were at the firing range. You were hitting the various targets almost perfectly after only half an hour, it took the other cadets at least a week to even get close to that kind of accuracy. In honesty you weren’t sure where it came from, since you had never fired a gun before you got to the academy. You just put it down to good hand-eye coordination.

Yoongi had kept his eye on you during your training. He was required to oversee some of the activities. He usually hated the cadet training. The cadets were cocky and often needed to be knocked down a peg or two and so he avoided them the best he could.

He simply stood in the corner, arms crossed over his chest, silently watching with a constant hard expression. He never spoke to anyone, just watched. He never showed any interest in any of the cadets, as he knew he would never have to see any of them again once they left and he liked it that way.

Although all that changed once he saw you in action. 

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Blood And Whiskey

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: The Reader gets drunk after a bad hunt

Word Count: about 1.600

Warnings: Underage drinking

A/N: Shoutout to the amazing @nickiwinchester97 because I would have never posted this without her support and encouragement. I love you!!!

Also, this is my first fic, so feedback of all kind is greatly appreciated!

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“Do you need help patching something up?” Sam asked as he threw his duffel on one of the tables in the library. You shook your head no and went to your room, grabbing a random bottle of liquor from the kitchen as well as a small towel. You didn’t get hurt bad, just a gash on your thigh, you’d be able to fix that yourself.

When you came into your room, you let yourself fall onto the bed. For a few seconds your eyes were closed and it was dead silent, just a small sigh and your breathing filled the room. You were exhausted. It took you days to track those vampires down and when you finally found their nest, they were quicker than you or your brothers and killed the teenagers they’d kidnapped. It was useless.

Your hand ran over your face as you sat up and sighed once more. Okay, you had to admit that the gash on your leg was probably bigger than you had thought. It hurt a lot to get out of your blood covered jeans and you knew that it would hurt even more to disinfect it with the liquor. You took a closer look at it – Whiskey. Jack Daniels to be more precise.

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three minute personality test

(after Jonathan Safran Foer)

How many people have you kissed whose names you don’t remember? Do you use more than the advised amount of softener when you do laundry? Where would you go if no one had to know you were there? If you are reading a book and the book stirs something deep inside you, and nobody is around to hear it, do you still make a sound? When you are faking eye contact, do you look at someone’s eyebrows, mouth, or nose? What is your mother’s maiden name? Do you know where your house keys are right now? Are you first to sadness or to anger? How many texts that you haven’t replied to are currently in your inbox? Does this mean you are too popular or too distant? If you had to watch a montage of all the worst things you’ve ever done, would you still be able to sleep that night? Do you check your shoes for spiders before you put them on? Are you ever afraid you’re not very good at kissing? Is there anything cruel about love? Is there a rule against laughing insincerely? If there was, would you still break it? When you think of your family home, why are there so many ashtrays? Why does rage flood through you? When you think of the person you’ve loved most in this world, why do your hands start shaking? Who ever taught you to tie your shoelaces? If you were offered all the happiness in this lifetime in exchange for the next not having any, would you forsake your future self in order to benefit this one? If you’re caught on a bridge and there’s no way forward and no way back, is there still a way off it? If you answered no, have you had too few tragedies? If you answered yes, have you had too many or are you assuming the fall won’t kill you? Is your best story your own story? Is there ever a moment at the end of the day when you are fully at peace with yourself? If you had to write your own eulogy, would you make your own mother cry? Do you apologize too much? Do you apologize enough? Whose face do you think of when I say the word regret? Would you give up having children for a better childhood of your own? What is the best way to nurse a large and brutal heartache? Do your dreams reveal you? Can you miss someone you haven’t met yet? What ever happened to your baby teeth? If you run away from all your problems, does it still count as exercise? What’s the most awful thing you’ve ever done to another human? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, could you still look them in the eye afterwards? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, would you be grateful to unload it all? If you had to answer, and you had to be truthful, who would you want to be asking the questions?

Why Officer Rogers Needs to be Emma’s Killian

So there’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not Officer Rogers is the Killian we know and love or some other version of Hook.  There are many reasons why I think he needs to be Emma’s Killian.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do not want Emma and Killian to be separated.  But there are many reasons why it makes sense.  

First, if it’s not our Killian, then he loses that connection to Henry, as well Regina and Rumple.  We would also lose the possibility of Killian having flashes of Emma and eventually remembering her when the curse breaks , discussing their life together, and doing anything he can to get back to her.  As long as we somehow get a reunion between them eventually, then I am okay with them being separated for a time. They are true love.  Nothing can separate them forever.  And this would be a way to keep Emma and CS alive on the show for us.

But, most of all, when I watch Officer Rogers, I want to know that it’s the same man who fell in love with Emma and who she fell in love with.  Her true love. The man who broke down her walls.  And that every moment they shared together, he experienced.

When I look at him, I want to know that his mouth is the one that bandaged Emma’s hand.

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His lips are the one that kissed her for the first time in Neverland and every time after.

Originally posted by vskultetyova11

His hand is the one that wiped away her tears when she thought Snow died in the EF.

Originally posted by dashingswan

He’s the one that traded his ship for her.

Originally posted by shipsxahoy

His arms are the ones that held her and picked her up when she nearly froze to the death in the ice cave.

Originally posted by swannsavior

His hand is the one she held on their first date.

Originally posted by hopeandbeans

His body is the one she tackled on the bed because she was so happy to see him alive and she almost confessed her love for the first time.

Originally posted by iyinedemek

He was the one she trusted with her body and was able to rid her of Rumple even for a few moments as the Dark One.

Originally posted by dragon-princess

He’s the one who gave his life to save the others and went to the Underworld.

Originally posted by doomsofangel

It was his body she tackled when it was engulfed in flames to prove they were true love.

Originally posted by onceland

It was his lips that kissed her hand and then held it as long as possible as they said goodbye in the Underworld.

Originally posted by shipsxahoy

His face is the one Emma peppered with kisses when she saw him alive again.

Originally posted by dragon-princess

It was his arms that lifted her up and kissed her the first time she said ILY during non-crisis time.

Originally posted by dailycsgifs

It was his lips that kissed her hand during story time when he reassured her that she could overcome anything.

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His eyes were the ones she looked into as she asked him to move in with her.

Originally posted by smoakingwaffles

It was his hand that slipped her engagement ring on her finger twice.

Originally posted by dragon-princess

Originally posted by dragon-princess

It was his body that pressed against hers as he said she smelled delicious.

Originally posted by captainswanouat

It was his hand that she slipped his wedding ring on.

Originally posted by royalconsortkillian

And it was his arms that held her as at they danced at their wedding.  

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Every time I look at Rogers, I will see Killian and the moments he shared with Emma.  If I know it’s him, then I will stay invested in the character, his story, and his flashbacks.   And a piece of Emma will remain until our Killian returns and they are reunited.

Missing You

Rating: T

Warnings: slight cursing and as always, late night editing and some mediocre writing

(GIF, as always, is not mine)

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Preferences: When He Finds Out He’s a Father

A/N: I know this wasn’t requested, but I really wanted to do something for Father’s Day (although it’s a little late…) Enjoy!!!!


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You were waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell Dean you were pregnant. But, he had beat you to it when he brought the positive pregnancy test that you thought you had hidden well enough in the trash to you with a shocked expression on his face. He asked you if it’s true, and when you responded yes, Dean quickly swooped you into his arms with happy tears in his eyes. From that moment on, he vowed to protect both you and his child to be.


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“Sammy, I’m pregnant.” Those three words didn’t register with Sam until a few seconds after you said them. At first, he thought you were kidding, but when he saw the serious look on your face, he almost passed out. With a huge grin, he embraced you tightly (carefully avoiding your stomach) and let a few happy tears spill out. Of course, Sam was nervous as hell, but he knew deep down he was ready for a little one running around the bunker.


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Cas found out about your pregnancy before you did. Initially, he was very troubled, for you and his child would carry a target on your back for as long as you live. But, when he saw how happy you were when your test turned up positive, he couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to have a small, half-angel child blabbering and giggling around the bunker. Soon, Cas shared your enthusiasm as you both waited for your child to enter the world.

Feedback is appreciated!

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anyways do not deny that at least one point in time alec arrives at the loft and opens the door, exhausted from a mission and ready to kiss his boyfriend and eat some mac and cheese and put on some soft pjs and cuddle up in bed with said boyfriend when he’s met with the sight of magnus in the living room, his face makeup free and wearing only boxers and alec’s comfy swearer and he’s gracefully dancing around the coffee table, jamming out to some rock song from the 70s playing from a huge stereo and pretending the spoon he is holding in his hand is a microphone and his voice is so gorgeous and his dancing is incredible and alec is so enamored and he can’t help but smile at how beautiful magnus is and he laughs out loud when magnus starts doing the electric slide, causing the warlock to whip around. magnus’ face melts into an embarrassed yet happy smile and he puts his hands on his hips, the two men just smiling sweetly at each other in comfortable silence for a few moments.

“didn’t know you were here.” magnus says after a while, the expression on his face reminding alec of the awe and tenderness one feels during the springtime when the flowers are in full bloom and the skies are blue and the clouds look like pillows and the sun is radiant, and walks over to him immediately, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him in for a kiss and alec swoons at the feeling of magnus’ soft lips on his that taste like cinnamon and home. “didn’t know you were a queen fan.” alec brushes his nose against magnus’, nuzzling him, and magnus laughs. “not to brag or anything, but freddie mercury and i were very close. i also may have even inspired some of his fashion choices, as he did with mine.” magnus replies with an air of confidence and drama, and alec rolls his eyes playfully. alec smiles at magnus. “not to brag or anything, but bohemian rhapsody is my go-to karaoke song and i am fantastic at singing it.”

magnus chuckles and smirks at alec. “you’re framing your sentences just like mine, you little tease.” he whispers, kissing the corner of alec’s mouth. alec’s cheeks turn pink but he’s smirking as well. they stay like this for a few minutes, just holding and breathing each other in. “you look fantastic like this, you know. dancing around, in my clothes, by the angel.” alec says suddenly and frames magnus’ face with his hands, stroking his thumbs along his cheekbones. “not that you don’t look fantastic all the time but….you’re exquisite, magnus bane.” alec kisses magnus’s forehead and runs his fingers along magnus’ jawline. “absolutely exquisite.” magnus shivers a little at the intensity of alec’s gaze and the feel of his fingers on his skin and the sincerity of his words. “as are you, alexander lightwood.” magnus replies softly and touches his forehead to alec’s, and then suddenly walks away, turning on the stereo again with a snap of his fingers. “are you going to just stand there all day or dance with me?” magnus raises his eyebrows and alec giggles and lets magnus take his arms and spin him around and pretty soon they’re both jumping up and down and holding onto each other and dancing around the loft, singing bohemian rhapsody at the top of their lungs with tears of laughter in their eyes and love in their hearts.

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* (UF MT UT SF) bros s/o died a few months back, and while going through her stuff they find their s/o's journal, it talks about the good times, their first meeting, first date, how much they loved would they react?

Time for sadness! (´;ω;`) ~ Mod God


UF Sans: It would take everything for him to even look at them. He was just looking for anything useful and burning the rest in an effort to forget about it. He barely reads any of it before throwing to the side. He never touches your stuff again.

UF Papyrus: He was doing some cleaning when he comes across your stuff. He reads through it silently. That’s one of the few times that he cries.

MT Sans: It’s a very bittersweet moment. He smiles as he goes down memory lane. He wishes he could go back to those times.

MT Papyrus: He reads through each entry imagining you’re there telling it to him. That journal becomes his most prized possession.

UT Sans: He’ll quietly read through the passages. Once he’s done, he’ll stuff it away somewhere and slowly forget about it’s existence.

UT Papyrus: He’s so happy to have found it. To see how happy you were in life. He will keep it somewhere safe and look through it sometimes. Just to remember how amazing you were.

SF Sans: He’s a mess. He barely reads the first page before he’s in tears and rips it in half. After a couple of minutes he tries to put it back together. He just misses you so much.

SF Papyrus: He reads it without reacting. When he’s done he just puts it back and goes to bed. He doesn’t go to sleep though, in fear that you’re there. He misses you, but your memory hurts.

Three’s A Crowd (Dark X Reader X Anti)


@paisleylarae : I really really adore your writing so far! I was wondering if it was possible to request a Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye? What I was thinking was a Stockholm Syndrome scenario with Dark but Anti tries to come to the rescue, or vice versa?? Please and thank you if possible!

Credits for The Void: @theglitchedsystem @onlyonecanbeking 

Credit for The Persuasion Room: @onlyonecanbeking ))

WARNING: Mentions of abuse.

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     This has been going on for some time now. You had been happy and safe with your beloved, but once his enemy grew in power and rank throughout The Void your life was put into terrible danger. He had enemies, yes, but none were as powerful or as feared as Darkiplier. This shadow being was one of the most powerful Alter Egos there was in creation so to say that you were in danger to be honest was an understatement at best.

     It was only a matter of time before something had come up when dating your glitchy green Alter bean, though you hadn’t expected it to turn out like this. Not like this at all. One moment you were at home, happy and safe, snuggled up in your lovers shirt just enjoying a nice show before everything turned Monochrome. All color around you bled out of existence until there was nothing bright at all; even the lights seemed to be afraid of shining as the air turned to ice. Standing from your spot on the couch you took a few steps back unsure what was happening but just as you turned to get out of the room you ran straight into a suit. Looking up at the being before you the last thing you saw was his cold glare.

     Waking up in a room strapped to what looked like a Dentist chair with blinding lights above you. Groaning while shifting your gaze to the room around you your heart all but stopped. Everything was an awful dull color except for the obvious blood stains covering parts of the chair, the floor, the walls, everything. The ground under you was grated, lifting you up slightly from the cool tile floor, while there were tables with things you couldn’t quite make out on them due to your laying position but you knew it would bring you nothing good. Turning your head to the left you saw a door that seemed to be one that would be placed inside a mental institute; thick metal with a small square window obviously made for keeping someone in.


     Not here.

     Anywhere but here!

     Panic sweeping through your veins you began to twist and turn as you violently struggled to get out of your thick, leather restraints. You had heard of this room, Anti had explained to you that this was Darks play room that went by the name ‘The Persuasion Room’ although persuading wasn’t exactly what he was doing in there, and you knew that should someone be in this room it wouldn’t end well for those in the chair. Well Anti had made many a joke of Dark using it as some sort of kinky place should he ever have a partner but mostly it was for torture.

     Why were you here? You hadn’t done anything! Doing everything you could to not break down in tears you froze as the heavy door creaked open revealing the owner of the room. The hall beyond the door was dark, so dark you couldn’t really make anything out, it was amazing that Dark was visible at all. Watching him calmly make his way over to you as the door shut slowly behind him the being didn’t even look at you. Not so much as a glance. Instead the demon walked over to a table slowly gazing over his toys.

     “You don’t know why you’re here. That’s understandable. We’ve never met after all, and you must forgive me for my rudeness this is after all a terrible first impression, but you must understand my control over this realm is being…challenged.” Dark growled low the last word causing his shell to crack; one of him stood still glaring down at the tools before him as the other roared in anger, “I do not like being challenged. So…I am in the position where I must, yet again, remind that nat who’s in charge here.”

     You wanted to say so many things: scream, curse, yell anything you could at him but your instincts held you back and kept you silent. The primal portion of your brain knowing a great threat when it saw one. Watching in complete terror as he removed his coat and hung it on a hook before rolling up his sleeves you then knew this was going to be exactly what you feared it would be.

     “Now my dear (Name)…know that this had nothing to do with you. Well not the reason this is happening anyway.” Dark explained as he walked over with two objects in one hand and a leather belt in the other. Forcing the belt between your teeth he looked down into your wide, fearful eyes with a dull and almost bored expression while he pressed the cool ends to your temples, “Now…seeing as how you’re dating that annoying little

electrical problem

you must be use to shocks. How about we test your


shall we my dear~?”

     It was the oddest thing to hear a purr like that come from such a threat, but you didn’t get to dwell on it for to long before your body jerked up as a strong current ripped through every cell in your body.

     Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months before you were shown any sort of color but the dull world splattered with red. Dark had explained his plan to you throughout the torment and the basic plan was to turn you against him. Take the one thing Anti loved most away from him and make it love Dark. You. Dark knew taking your love from where it belonged and forcing it on him to make you loyal and afraid of turning away from him would tear the other demon apart inside.
     And he was right.
     The moment Anti had found out what had happened he went ballistic. Tearing apart any and everything e could get his hands on, killing anyone that couldn’t tell him what he wanted to know, threatening everything that moved. But when one of Darks little worms had told him what Dark had done to you, oh he had lost it. Tearing the being apart he couldn’t control himself anymore! Just the thought of his sweet little angel being hurt and forced to love that monster- His true rage was shown when you were taken from him and nothing was going to calm the raging sea that was his mind until he had you back.
     It took some time but he found you. He finally found you! Not even knocking Anti got inside through the wires and looked around. Dull. Boring colors much like that monster. Looking around his eyes scanned the rooms as he trailed through out the large home before they fell on you. His once bright and lively little kitten was now dull and…scared. Lord above you looked so scared. Dark was going to pay for this!
     “Love.” He called gently not wanting to scare you unsure just how far that bastard had gone in his torments, “It’s me. Common let’s get ya outta here an’ back home yea?” Anti cooed gently as he cautiously approached.
     Snapping your gaze to the other demon you shook your head, “No I-I can’t go…I can’t go with you!” You explained beginning to grow afraid what would happen should Dark come home and find him here.
     “You need to go! Dark’s going to be home soon and he won’t like you being here!”
     Growling slightly as he glitches he wanted to snap at you but bit back his words, “Kitten…he’s hurtin’ ye. Ye know this ain’t where ya belong.” Anti tried to coo gently to you to sooth the growing fear he saw in your eyes.
     “No!” You snapped at him about to continue before that damn static started once more, “…h-honey…you’re home.”
     No. No you didn’t call anyone honey but him! Turning with an angry snarl he glared at the other demon his eyes growing as black as his suit, “D́a̵̦͙r͕̺͚͖̠k͎.̰.̸.̠̙͔̫”
     “Anti.” Dark stated calm as ever as he made his way past the glitching demon and to you. Gently cupping your cheek as he kissed you he smirked at the glare the other demon made at the show of affection.
     It broke his heart to see you like this. Broken and under his thumb. Anti would take you away from here no matter the cost and you’d be happy! You’d be happy and safe and he was never going to let anyone hurt you ever again! Anyone who tried would never bee seen again…
     “G҉͖ę̭̱͔͎͚̪̲t͔ t̲͍͖͔̱̞h̻̩̹̙̟́e̱̤̱̭͟ ̮͙f͠o̹̖̜̬̤͇ok͈̼̦̲̹͇ ͚͖̫̯ͅa̢̤̠̟̠w̯̟͓͚̥aý̰͓͉̞̪ ̞̘̱̩̖̫̬f̨͚͇rͅo͈͇̩͇̕ͅm̳̻̞͚ ̜͙(̛Na̮͟ḿ͎e̶̥)̷̬̟̲̖̠!͓͔͘” Anti roared tensing to stop himself from rushing him. Rushing you. Glitching violently as he watched Dark turn to look at him he hissed barring his fangs, “Leave them outta this! Yer beef is with me not them! Ye had n̺͚̹͓͟o͈̯͉̩̪̣̫ ̞d͕̱̠̝̱a̢̞͕ͅm̶̦̙͎͉͕ͅn͍ ̡̜̻͇͙̭͙̞r̞̱͕̥̻ͅi̴g̷̬͎͎̬̹h͇̦t͈͙͈͍͔͔-̜̪!͙̗̰̻̟͍”
     Screaming as you were shoved back you fell on your ass as the two went at each other attempting to rip the others guts out. Knives slashing, claws swiping, punches were thrown, kicks, bites, glitches and shadows every trick in the book was used. It was awe inspiring though also down right terrifying.
     They truly were monsters…
     Shrinking back into the corner as you watched them battle it out you weren’t sure what you were expecting. Normally in this situation Dark would somehow end up as top dog and Anti would make a remark and leave before he was done in, but this time…this time was different. Unlike before with it just being some bored little squabble this time Anti had something to right for. He had you. You were his hole reason to even stick around, his everything, and when you were taken from him he feared the worst. He was so scared…scared you had been killed. Anti had never felt so powerless before.
     The battle ended with Anti stabbing Dark in the chest repeatedly until the slightly taller of the two went down coughing up the black ooze that seeped out of his wounds. Tossing his knife aside Anti made his way to you fully expecting you to scream or beg not to be hurt but…you didn’t.
     “I wanna go home!” You begged in a broken whimper as tears welled up in your eyes. Clinging to Anti as you sobbed he held you bridal style humming you a little Irish tune as he took you out of that hell hole.
     “This isn’t over.” Dark growled his shell cracking so much you couldn’t tell which was even him anymore.

     Getting back home he cleaned you up and took the best care of you he knew how, hell he even called The Good Doctor to get his advice, before he even thought about taking care of himself. Holding you he nuzzled the hell out of you cuddling and muttering the sweetest nothings you didn’t even know he knew how to describe, he’d have to thank Chase later, but you didn’t care. You didn’t care what he said you were home and with him. You were safe.
     “I love ye (Name). I’m so sorry…I shoulda been there. Don’t worry love, I’ll be there from now on. I promise.” He assured in a gentle hushed tone as he kissed your forehead as you drifted off to sleep feeling safe and warm for the first time in a very long time.
     You were home.

Asking for Trouble / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1945

Pulling your legs closer into you and shifting your head so you were leaning more against your beds headboard, your smile grows as Jeff’s laughter rings through the phone and into your ear.

His laugh was one of your favourite sounds in the world and you just couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m glad you find amusement in my embarrassment,” you tell him, feigning offence.

Jeff’s laugher slowly dies down despite knowing you were teasing and his voice becomes soft, “You have to be able to laugh about it,” he says. You could imagine him shrugging as he spoke, that small sheepish smile on his face.

“Yeah,” you murmur, closing your eyes. “I guess you do.”

It was silent between the two of you, a comfortable silence that you’d grown to love over the course of your four month relationship. You loved that you didn’t need to fill the air with mindless filler conversations or awkward storytelling and that you can just sit quietly with one another and still have quality time each other.

“Hey,” he drawls, “how about we just completely skip this party tonight and hang out?” Jeff suggests.

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Ok so I read your romantic headcanons and I loved the one about Yuri's s/o falling asleep on his shoulder while he plays video games, can I possibly request a scenario of that???! thank you!!!

sorry this is so late, but i love this request! it’s a little on the shorter side, but i felt like it came together pretty well ♡ enjoy!

“Shit,” he muttered, letting the controller hit his thighs with a dull thud. 

“Language, Yura?” you hummed from next to him, unable to stop the smile on your face when he scowled in response. 

Moments like these were sometimes few and far between; being able to laze around your shared apartment (that you sometimes forgot you shared, what with how frequently Yuri had to leave it) and spend time with him. Even if he was currently going on a losing streak of Smash 4 online matches, you were more than happy to curl up into his side and watch. Even if he didn’t admit it, he loved just having you next to him (as much as he enjoys your facetime dates while he’s away).

“You’re one to talk, baka,” the word was drawn out in that smug, teasing tone that only your boyfriend can do as he started another match. You rolled your eyes and shifted your weight on his side, your head leaning onto his arm. Your legs had already wiggled their way into his lap, his arms casually draped over them as he played. 

“Shut the fuck up,” you retorted without missing a beat, yawning afterwards. He grinned, nudging your head with the arm that you were leaned against. He hid a chuckle when you groaned in response, burying your face closer to the crook of his neck. 

You two sat in comfortable silence after that, the occasional yawn from you and curse from Yuri, the only other sound being the game and Yuri pressing buttons. 

“Eat shit!” Yuri eventually yelled some time later, in victory. “Y/n, I finally did it!”

He glanced over and immediately fell quiet, as you had fallen asleep while he was busy playing. His gaze softened, and he put the controller down carefully. 

He maneuvered his arms to support your back and your legs, carrying you to your shared bed as quietly as he could manage. He tried to set you down onto the mattress, but you had shifted subconsciously, and were now clinging to his shirt. 

“Get off y/n, I’m trying to let you sleep!” he hissed, though he thanked the higher power that you were asleep and couldn’t see him blush. 

You mumbled something unintelligible, clinging tighter to his shirt. He sighed, a slight smile on his face. He managed to climb into the bed with you, his arm easily finding your waist and pulling you close.

You both laid in silence after that, and he closed his eyes as he listened to your quiet breathing. 

“Sleep well y/n, I- I love you, you know,” he whispered, touching his lips to your forehead before he slowly drifted to sleep as well, the two of you holding each other close. 

Happy Birthday, Captain!

Steve x reader

Summary: it’s Steve’s 99th birthday!

Warnings: a couple swears, as usual

Word Count: 2674

A/N: enjoy :) I also tagged a couple people at the end that I’ve seen say they don’t mind if people tag them in fics. Hope that’s alright! Let me know if you don’t want the tag and I’ll lay off next time

The sound of approaching footsteps caused to you snatch the piece of notebook paper from the counter top and stuff it into your back pocket. You tried to assume a casual position and hoped it didn’t look like you were up to something. As soon as Tony and Nat entered the kitchen, you relaxed a bit and propped your elbows on the island in front of you.

“Hey, totally random question but you can see the fireworks from the roof, right? There’s not another building blocking them?” you asked.

“What kind of billionaire would I be if my tower had sub-par views?” Tony quipped.

“Cool cool cool. Okay, unrelated question: can I have the contact info for your party planner?”

“Sure, if you can convince me that those questions are actually unrelated.”

A corner of Nat’s lips lifted in a smirk as she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and turned back around to face you. “Planning something for Steve?”

Dammit, Natasha.

Your eyes widened instantly and blood rushed to your cheeks as you tried to regain control over your expression. How did she do that? You didn’t think you’d ever been obvious about it and you’d only talked about it with two people…

Oh yeah, spy.

In the three months since you started working for Stark Industries, you’d moved from the marketing department to a sort of assistant to the Avengers. You honestly never would’ve expected it as it just sort of happened. Within two weeks, somehow you had attracted the attention of one Tony Stark and he started dragging you around the Tower for various other tasks. Your supervisor was a little peeved at first, but did he really expect you to say no to the boss man?

You almost tripped over yourself the first time Tony brought you around his team. You’d been staring intently at the folder in your hands, flipping through logo designs for a new organization within the company when suddenly he was introducing you to a group you didn’t know you’d walked into.

You’d become fast friends with Wanda and so you spent a lot of your free time with her and, by extension, sometimes the rest of the team. And sometime during the meetings and movie nights and company gatherings, you’d become close to the pair of super soldiers as well.

You crashed back into the moment when Tony chuckled softly. “Ooh. Got the hots for Capsicle? Bummer.”

Your gaze flicked to Tony. “Bummer?”

He lifted a shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. “Always a shame when beautiful women are off the market.”

“Off the- oh come on, Tony. That’s not… He doesn’t-”

“It’s cool. Your secret’s safe with me,” he added.

You narrowed your eyes as you watched him draw an X over his chest with his finger. “Okay one, you’re terrible at keeping secrets. And two, there’s no secret.”

“What makes you think I’m terrible at keeping secrets?”

I am Iron Man.

His lips twitched as he tried to hold back a grin. “Valid point. But the sentiment still stands. Listen, if you’re going to throw a party, do it yourself. Keep it to those of us usually around the tower–people he actually interacts with. Avengers plus the strays plus those of you that hold down the fort behind the scenes. He’ll be more comfortable.”

You let out a sigh but couldn’t stop your smile. “Duly noted. And don’t let Sam or Bucky hear you call them strays.”

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gif is not mine

Title: Uh-Oh

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 566

Warnings: none!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this little extra Cas fic that I wrote today! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @super-river-walker: I was wondering if you could write a Cas imagine where it’s Dean’s sister and he gets pissed that they are together and yeah, really basic.

It wasn’t easy being a Winchester.  It was even harder when you had Dean and Sam as older brothers.  Sam was more lenient than Dean, but he still had his moments.  You told Sam about your relationship with Castiel a few weeks ago.  He was okay with it as long as you were happy.  You asked him not to tell Dean.  You would tell him on your own accord.  Except, that’s not how things happened.

You pressed your lips to Castiel’s, smiling into the kiss.  Whoever this pizza man was, you’d have to thank him one day.  As the angel’s fingers got lost in your hair, your door was rudely swung open.  You broke the kiss, your eyes growing wide at the sight of a very pissed off Dean Winchester.

“Cas!”  Dean shouted, pulling you away from the angel.  “I told you that my sister was off limits.”  Dean kept his grip on your arm tight as he held you by his side.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage... (Part 1/2)

Pairings: Dean x Reader (Series Rewrite Setting)
Word Count: 8,896. 
Summery: The boys have been gone for over a month now. But after being reunited once again with the man you love, there’s a surprise waiting for him. 
Warnings: Spoilers for season eleven and twelve! “First Blood” to be exact. (If you squint just enough, this just might be considered a rewrite.) Mary might be a bit OOC. Also, mentions of pregnancy/miscarriages.

Next Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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I know what you’re thinking; Shouldn’t this be the second part to “Sam, Interrupted” and not some drabble that turned into a monster, Danielle?! Sigh. I’m so far behind on writing/this season in general. But this came out after I have been wondering what might happen in season twelve with the reader in my rewrite series. (As some of my amazing followers sent in some ideas of their own.) You don’t need to have read it to enjoy, but since a lot of people seem to like the dynamics between the both of them, I decided to give you guys a treat! Also, “Swamp Meat” rewrite for my lovely Sam girls is in the works, too. ;) For those who want to embark on a fourteen page journey that took me two days to write, enjoy! 

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Mugs and Sippy Cups

Words: 2,776

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a dd/lb relationship, in which Dan is the little. Early mornings combined with accidents cause Dan to believe he’s going to be punished, sending him straight into his headspace and filled with worry. Luckily, Phil is there to sort things out for him.

Warnings: swearing, small blood mentions, minor injury

a/n: shame me if u want tbh,,, i just wanted some nonsexual little!dan and daddy!phil fight me

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Alone- Tony Stark

First post in a while, but I wasn’t in a great mental state since September. But I’m back and have 3 imagines queued up and I’m working on a series. Steve Rogers fluff imagine up on Sunday! Requests are open!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Requests: Open

*’s are time jumps

Italics are dreams

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Tony thought Steve was joking. That when he called while on the mission that it was some sick joke you were playing on him. He didn’t believe Steve when he said you were dead. Mission gone wrong.

He didn’t believe it until he saw you laying on the table. He didn’t see the bright (Y/E/C) eyes he had come to love, or your delicate, warm hands. He only saw a white sheet over your pale, bruised body, your clouded eyes looking straight up at the ceiling, all the life drained from the figure in front of him. The last bits of hope left his soul when he reached for your hand, only to find a cold, rigid limb.

He broke down then, collapsing in on himself as he realized you were gone. There was no bringing you back no matter what he would try. It was a horrible scene for everybody to watch. Tony sank to his knees, shaking and trying to move, only to coil into himself as he struggled to stop the tears from running down his face and breath steadily like you used to help him with. He could only focus on your hands, your cold, lifeless hands. Every fibre in his body hurt, and he knew there was nothing anyone could do to make it go away.

Bruce and Steve were the ones who went to help him. They lifted him off the floor, and as he tried reaching for you again, held him back, as he ran off, stopping halfway to the lab, trying to catch his breath and sinking to the floor again.

Everyone knew this was Tony’s undoing, they knew this wasn’t going to get better. He was broken without you, a man without purpose, and it was with a heavy heart that they knew as they watched him struggle to the bedroom you used to share, that they had lost their friend.


Tony really did try in the beginning. He would try to eat regularly, sleep the best he could, and wouldn’t even look at the large wall of liquors in front of him. He wanted to do better in your memory, he wanted to make you proud, wanted to be the man you made him. But he couldn’t. Not when he would accidentally make two cups of coffee in the morning, putting cream in he one next to his before realizing no one was there to drink it. Not when he would reach for a hand in the middle of the bed, only to find a cold, empty space where you used to lay. Not when the only thing that kept you out of his mind was bourbon and whiskey.

He never left the bedroom. Never went to the lab. Only left to do 2 missions, both of which he spent mindlessly shooting HYDRA agents in a rage, realizing they were the ones who killed you. Then returning to his isolated spot in the quinjet before returning to the bedroom when it landed. They had all tried to reason with him-  not even Rhodey or Bruce could get him out- the only company he had was alcohol, FRIDAY, and his own.

It had been three months since he saw you on that table, and it went on with no interruptions to his new schedule. He woke up unsure of where he was after a short hour and a half of sleep, ate a few pieces of bread that Wanda had dropped off every morning, downed a bottle of water, and started drinking again. Everything between 9 am that morning and his present time, was a blur. He only knew that it was now 2 am, and that your side of the bed was still- as it had been for the past three months- too cold.

He knew he would be riddled with nightmares, happy memories of you the two of you before you ended up dead again, and he would wake up, in the midst of a panic attack, unable to breath until he almost passed out and to repeat the process until he was physically too exhausted to even move. But he fell asleep anyway, almost begging for the numb pain in his chest to stop.

You stood in front of Tony in a pair of black sweatpants and an extremely large Black Sabbath shirt he knew you had stolen from him. He didn’t mind it though. You were smiling, your white teeth shining as you laughed, your eyes crinkling at the sides as you bent your head down to look at the floor, something you always did when you laughed too hard.

The words left your mouth in a euphonic voice as Tony stared.

“I love you, Tony.”

Tony reached out to you, cupping your soft cheek in his hand as he watched you raise your head again, your eyes bright with happiness and content. He felt the same feeling fill the emptiness in his chest, and mirrored your smile as he watched you reach your hand out to hold his free one. Everything was right, nothing was out of place. There were no bad guys destroying the world, no fights between the two of you, no one to disrupt the perfect moment. It was only you and Tony, enjoying each others presence.

Your smile faltered only slightly as he cupped your cheek, as you shivered gently and looked up at him. The words that left your mouth next were the ones he had dreaded in the past few months, the ones that always pulled him out of his perfect fantasy.

“I’m cold, Tony.”

It was when you looked up further, staring him directly in the eye when everything started falling apart.

Your eyes clouded over ever so slightly, the happiness being replaced by worry and fear as Tony stared at you falling apart in his arms. Your skin started to flush, leaving you with a blue and grey tone that made Tony uneasy, he knew what was happening, and he knew there was nothing he could do to save you.

“Tony, I’m so cold.”

Your temperature dropped suddenly, and that’s when the tears started spilling from your eyes, making Tony try and push you away, not wanting to see the hurt and pain that you were experiencing, feeling his own eyes water.

“Stop.” He said simply.

“Tony, it hurts! I’m so cold!” You yelled, dropping the floor in a heap, screaming out his name, complaining about the cold, yelling for him to come back.

He woke up screaming, with tears rolling down his face and his breathing erratic. He couldn’t see properly, the tears obstructing his vision making the blurriness that always accompanied his panic attacks even worse. He was used to it by now, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less.

As he cried and screamed, he thought he was falling back to sleep when he heard the voice.


Your voice. The voice he loved so much, it hurt. He wrapped his fingers through his hair as he rocked himself back and forth on the bed, crying and trying to control his breathing.

“It’s not real…” He got out, knowing that you were gone there was no way he was hearing your voice. You weren’t real.

But you were. Standing by the door of his room, you were watching as the man you loved was being torn apart by the memory of you.

Not being able to stand it any longer, you walked forward, finding your way in front of him, so that you were next to his side of the bed, about to touch his shoulder when you pulled your hand back and decided you needed more time to get to him before you scared and hurt him even more. Fighting back tears that you didn’t even think you had left in you, you opened your mouth and spoke again.

“Tony… Tony calm down, you’re okay. You’re safe.” You said, slowly sinking down to the carpet, watching as it only got worse.

It was killing him. He really thought you were dead. It was killing you too. Taking a step back, you went to your side of the bed, and gently placed your right hand on his left one, which was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to take in enough oxygen to calm himself down again.

“You’re okay… You’re safe.” You said, gently stroking the top of his hand with your thumb, feeling him calm down slightly.

“Tony, I need you to look at me.” He wouldn’t. Probably couldn’t, but you weren’t giving up.

You moved closer to him, until you were sitting right beside him as he looked up, vision clearing slightly, as he comprehended what was going on at that moment.

You were beside him. The warmth of your hand on his, and the sound of your voice was real.

He turned to look at you and took in your state. You weren’t deadly pale, you looked slightly sick, with red eyes and cheeks, eyes puffy as if you had been crying. You weren’t looking as lively as you used to, your shoulders slumped slightly, and your hair a bit of a mess. But you were there. Your eyes were still open, and your hand was on his.

You were warm.

“How- what,” he tried to speak, but having still not fully recovered from his last attack, you shushed him and moved forward so you were embracing each other, arm tightly wrapped around his shoulders.

“I promise, I’ll explain later. But right now, I just want to be with you.” You said, and he nodded into your shoulder, burying his face into the crook of your shoulder as you sat there.

And that’s what you did, you lay there not saying a word as you held each other. By the time either of you were ready to speak, the sun was starting to rise, and Tony had his head on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair with one hand, and held onto his hand with your own.

You took a breath before speaking, knowing you owed him an explanation.

“During the Reshkov mission, Nat and I found some files that detailed a capture and torture mission that would end with me being killed. I brought them to Fury right after the mission and he started working a plan that would make it seem like I was killed on a mission so that I wasn’t a target or worry anymore, and it would give me time to shut the entire operation down on my own.” You started.

“I was only told the details the day we were going to fake it. Fury told me that I couldn’t tell anyone, not even you what was about to happen. He told me that there was an undercover in there that would inject me and make it look like I died, but I couldn’t tell you, because there was surveillance everywhere, and they had eyes in the tower as well.”

“You still couldn’t tell me somewhere else?” He said, voice breaking in slight anger and severe hurt.

“I tried to, I wanted to tell you what was going on, but they did it before I could.” You started to choke up, remembering all the video footage you had seen of Tony since the incident.

“I didn’t see any of the footage until 2 days after, when I woke up. They showed me everything. Tony, I wanted to come home so bad, I saw how it was killing you and it killed me. Fury had a hard time keeping me in containment. They said as soon as I wiped out all of Reshkov, I could come home. So, I did, and the minute I was done, I told Fury to send me home. I’m so sorry. I never want to be the cause of your pain Tony.”

You didn’t care that you were crying at that point. You didn’t care that as he pulled you down to eye level, he could see how much of a mess you were.

He slowly leaned in and kissed you gently, which you returned happily as you took the moment to relish in the time you were back together. Every emotion you had felt was poured into that kiss, until he pulled away and held you close to him, both of you slowly drifting off as you both realized that everything was going to be okay now.

You were half asleep when Tony spoke up again, quietly as he didn’t want to startle you.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. You made a sound of acknowledgement, and he held in a breath as he asked the question.

“Are you cold?”

You took a moment to respond, shaking your head against his chest as you started drifting off.

“No. I love you, Tony.”