one eyed jack

Here’s my submission number two of seven of @marcothekaratekid and @jump-around-jumpjump’s Loud Week! Today is Friendship when you all draw Lincoln and Clyde working together as a team or something to enjoy bonding time.

I drew Lincoln and Clyde as Ace Savvy and One-eyed Jack trying to rescue Cliff off a tree as a team. But…. i think Cliff is not happy here…. watch out Lincoln!


I’ll See You Again In 25 Years - My Visit To The “Twin Peaks” Set In 1990

I’ve unearthed these pics of me as a goofy 12-year-old visiting the set of “Twin Peaks” in 1990. My mom won a raffle at my LA elementary school where the prize was to visit the set - they were shooting the beginning of Season 2 at the time, and they had moved their location from the Pacific Northwest to sound stages in Burbank, CA, where they had re-created all of the iconic “Twin Peaks” locations. The most surreal thing was that often the sets were built side-by-side, so I was able to step directly from One Eyed Jacks into Benjamin Horne’s office into Laura Palmer’s living room. The locations seen here are: Harold the meals-on-wheels hermit’s house (with Donna, Maddy and Harold), me with Mike the One Armed Man, The Double R Diner, Laura Palmer’s living room, One Eyed Jacks, the sheriff department’s jail, the piano in Donna’s living room, Benjamin Horne’s desk, a booth at the Roadhouse, and Josie Packard’s living room. On the day I visited, they were shooting the scene of Harold scratching his face menacingly with the rake - it adds a bit of amusing context to know that while Harold was raking his face, this funny-lookin’ kid was watching from off-camera! - Michael Lucid

I know the series was too long for this to be realistic without major cuts, but listen:

Twin Peaks: the Musical.

A cheesy Little Shop style love song between Lucy and Andy. Manic Cole Porter style numbers for Leland-Palmer-possessed-by-Bob (and the scene where Leland kills Maddy played out in a sort of crazy circus waltz; think “Trust Me” from The Devil’s Carnival but more violent). Donna and James’ 50s doo-wop prom-ish love song. A Civil War march comedy song by Ben Horne. Audrey’s lovelorn ballads to Dale Cooper via “Dear Special Agent” reprises. A big traditional Broadway number where Shelly and Bobby are wheeling Leo around and moving his arms for him to “dance” Weekend at Bernie’s style. A cheerleader song/cheer with Nadine while Norma and Ed sing about their secret love simultaneously. A huge burlesque number with Blackie at One-Eyed Jack’s. Laura’s ghost watches throughout like Heather Chandler. Horrifying nightmare ballets in The Black Lodge!

And don’t even get me started on Coop’s songs. A whole number about the Tibet scene, obviously. A cute, budding friendship song between him and Harry, maybe centered around the give-yourself-a-present thing. “Both Wonderful and Strange” being the show’s fan favourite ballad. A song called “Coincidence and Fate” about how strange the world and the town are. So many good song opportunities!!!

It would be a six hour musical, probably, considering I didn’t even mention all of the characters, but honestly? I’m up for it.