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im in 7th grade and its hard getting use to i baley have time to read your stuff

((ah, 7th grade is a hard year, good luck! And just remember that if you run out of time to read anything one day, you’ll just have extra stuff to enjoy later! You could see it as stuff piling up, but I’d like to think of it more as a special treat that there’s more to read! :D

They’re still not talking about it, not really. The locker room is neutral: don’t look. (Or rather, don’t get caught looking.)

Haus parties are not neutral. Not when Nursey wears a crop top and faded blue jeans with a thick leather belt. Not when Dex rolls the cuffs of his shirt up above his elbows. Not when they’ve started growing their playoff beards.

They dance together. It’s crowded and hot. The bass is low, bone-rattling. They think no one sees them in the crowd. Dex presses his fingers to Nursey’s hipbones and pulls him back against him. 

They’re of a height: Dex can hook his chin over Nursey’s shoulder as they grind.

“Upstairs?” he asks.

They’re pressed so close together Dex feels Nursey shiver. “Yeah.”

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