Dating Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro would include:

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(This may include small manga spoilers)

  • Being a student at the cram school
  • Him treating you with respect because your a good student
  • Your serious about becoming an exorcist but you know how to have fun
  • Being friends before you start dating
  • Asking him about his childhood and growing up in Kyoto with Renzou and Koneko
  • Him very shyly asking you out
  • You laughing at his embarrassment and agreeing
  • He takes you on a walk through the park and a picnic
  • He was nervous at first but relaxed into it
  • Reno teasing you both
  • Low key competing with each other in test scores and such
  • Eating lunch together
  • Studying together
  • Being surprised when he become’s Lewin’s assistant 
  • Supporting him
  • Being kinda jealous that he is spending less time with you to be with Lewin
  • Meeting his parents when you go to Kyoto with everyone 
  • His mother being very welcoming and kind
  • His dad being enthusiastic and patting him on the back and making some sarcastic comments 
  • Trying to get him to loosen up and not be so serious all the time
  • Nicknaming him ‘rooster’ or ‘おんどり/Ondori’ 
  • Sticking with the nickname even after he changes his hair
  • Him complaining saying to find a new nickname but you demanding it fits
  • Study dates that turn out into makeup sessions
  • Bon loves kissing your forehead 
  • Your first kiss was after he got slightly hurt on a mission that went wrong with the other exwire’s
  • He broke his leg and you cheered him up by staying by his side
  • That lead to your first kiss
  • Miwa and Shima walked in on you and although you were slighly embarrassed, Bon was too happy and content to be 
  • Konekomaru freaked out apologising and running around frantically 
  • Shima was half depressed that it wasn’t him and half laughing teasing you two even more
  • Caring for him whilst he was injured 
  • Him telling you he can look after himself
  • Not listening and continue fluffing his pillows and propping up his leg
  • Practising Arias together 
  • Going on daily jogs together
  • Walking hand in hand to cram school

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Austin, Ondori. Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, and Ray are six friends who, due to various circumstances, have never been on the previously-traditional Pokémon Journey. That is, until Prof. Hullum gives each of them a rare Eevee.

Prof. Hullum hypothesizes that the sibling Eevees will choose to evolve the same way. To test this, these six new Trainers will take them on the Pokémon League Challenge. The Journey they take will be unforgettable.

[Note: The webcomic will be in grayscale.]