Finally got the picture of both sticker sheets up! The one on the left is by Elemei featuring parts of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice, while the one of the right is Natalia Data’s which features parts of the ballets Swan Lake and Ondine. You can buy these for the You Had Me At Stickers $10 tier on the Kickstarter page, or packaged into many of the other tiers as well!


“We are here to rebuild what the Garleans sought to root out. In a world not our own, we will stake our claim and make a proud people once more. With traditions spanning across the entirety of the steppes, we will make the Saijrakh name the new one to fear of all the tribes. A home for our kind and a resting place for those that would look down upon any Au Ra. Tonight we held our first gathering and it was one to behold. Our family only grows and I cannot wait to see what becomes of my new home.” 

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Madam President sent for me in the night. I remember the fear in her eyes and the cruelty in his.

Percival Graves, his hands covered in blood, a deep wound in his right arm.

As the ocean waves crashed and washed over me I could feel his eyes on me; watching my every move. If I sank under the water, would he come after me? Save me like he had tried to save them?