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Don’t forget to take frequent dance breaks while you’re studying this week. It’ll make you more productive!


This upbeat track by Joe “Sonny” Cuba, the Father of Latin Boogaloo, will make you want to dance until the sun comes up! Check it out: “Ariñañara” by Joe Cuba.


Ismael “The Prettyboy of Salsa” Miranda and Larry Harlow come together in this track, bringing out the horns and indescribable vocals that you just can’t help but dance to. Check out “Abran Paso” now!


Onda Latina performs “Stay Classy, Atlantis” at Brasil’s. Recent blog post about this guest piece.


Onda Latina Música | Podcast CFMB Radio Montreal + Gabriel Posada

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- La banda de rock Aerosmith se presentará en Quito el 5 de noviembre.
- Un narcotraficante podría haber ordenado la emboscada en la que murió Cabral.
- Desmienten detención de mexicano relacionado con caso Cabral.
- DJs hispanos se unen en NY para debatir sector musical.
- Al cierre: Facundo Cabral.

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