oncre upon a time

I Always Have.

*Not a request, just felt like it*

Have you ever wanted something so much, wanted someone so much, it scared you? I knew that it would be trouble, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I walked out of my trailer and headed straight for the trailer across the street. I stopped outside the door. There was laughter coming from inside. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Who is it?” 

“It’s Robbie I have a question” I said stepping back from the door. I heard her jump up. She swung open the door with a big smile.

“Robert!” She said jokingly walking down the two steps, almost falling. She embraced me with a hug. “What can I do for ya?”

“Well um, after we are done shooting today would you mind grabbing a drink or something?” I said hoping she’d agree.

“Well I would love to” she paused,” But” I felt my heart stop. “Aren’t we too young to drink?” She laughed. I took a big breath.

“Well I meant something of that nature,” I said laughing.

“Why don’t I come by later and we can watch a movie or play games or something?” She stepped back and moved her hand down my arm giving me chills.

“I am down for that.” I said smiling at her. She smiled back.

“Is that all you wanted to ask me?” She asked moving up on her tip toes.

No I thought to myself. “Yup. So later then. Um text me when you get to the apartment so I can buzz you in.”

“I will. See you later.” She backed away with a wide grin on her face. “Bye” She waved as she backed into her trailer.

“Bye” I waved back at her moving towards my own trailer.


“ROBBIE!” y/n said as she threw a piece of popcorn at me. 

“What! I was just saying that this movie would be a little better if the actress actually acted scared,” I said defending my case moving my hand onto her leg. She laughed and looked at me. 

“Alright mister oh-so-talented, I am going to get more popcorn do you want anything?” She said moving closer to me. 

“I..Uh,” I stuttered. She kept moving closer. I can’t believe this is happening. “No.” I finally spilled out. 

“Ok,” y/n smiled and stood up heading towards the kitchen. Dangit! I was so close! I should have taken the chance. I will not miss the next chance I have. “ROBBIE!” I heard from the kitchen. 

“YES LOVE,” I responded awaiting her answer.


I stood up and set my drink on the table, “COMING.” I walked into the kitchen and turned towards her. “What do you ne..,” I was interrupted by a strong force. Y/n pulled my shirt and pulled me to her. Our lips connected and it was like something that came out of a movie. I started to kiss her back when she pulled away. 

“I need,” She passed to breathe,” I need to know if you feel the same way.” She said smiling. I smiled back and pushed her up against the wall. 

“I always have.”

Alrighty this is my second imagine. Send me requests if you wish, no pressure, um yeah I am going to keep on workin and such.