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so recently, I’ve hit a target number of followers and!!! it’s also almost my 2nd year on tumblr (it will be this coming july? august? november? I’m sorry I can’t remember when my blog was established omfg I’m ashamed of myself byE) but yeah! I decided to make one of these huehuehuehue

I have a lot to thank all of you for, and a follow forever is definitely not enough, but I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you!! To be able to see all these lovely people who brighten up my life and dash, to have people to comfort me when I’m upset or stressed, to have my loveliest friends who listen to me rant and screech about korean men with new hairstyles, to know that there will always be people for me to rely on and just to have a huge family here to return to, it’s truly a blessing! :-) I’m just so happy to have been able to cross paths with all of you here and thank you so much for following me, tolerating my rubbish and swearing in the tags and always always being there for me no matter what. All of you deserve a giant hug and cuddle from me!! (not that you will want it) I am always grateful to you all!!

I’m sorry this is so massive, I just don’t know when I’ll hit another milestone and being in a ff feels fab and I want all of you to feel fab so I tried to squeeze everyone in but if I missed you out I’m sorry I haven’t done anything like this before :-( and it was only until I decided to do a ff that I realised how many cool people I follow omfg

to the lovely people that i have talked to for a short while, I haven’t forgotten you guys!!! idk what happened but let’s start talking again okay? ily all so much hehe

and for the swaggie people who followed my new got7 sideblog (flyingmarks), thank you so much!! it really means a lot to me :’)

*just a small sidenote that my previous url was dorklikeabuffalo! {so you don’t think a creep is tagging you}

Bold are for my bffs, unnies and sisters! (I tried the hover for a message thingy idk if it works oops) Italics are for my senpais huehue I have a lot bc how do they even

the bunch of urls at the bottom are the blogs I follow on both my main blog and sideblog {bc I wanted got7 on my dash but they got too much for me and I just had to create a sideblog hence the overlap} and they are all my senpais huehuehue

edit credits to my bae and fave deskie (who tumblrs with me) regina hehehehe ilysm look forward to your chocolate milk soon <3


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I’ve been SUPER procrastinating with this one, like I’m supposed to make one every 300 followers, but I’ve already doubled that, like how?!

I guess what I’m really trying to say is thank you for making my blog what it is by following. When I first signed up I got alot of hate in and outside of Tumblr, but now I know that I am and will be loved here, so once again thank you for following me followers^^ *blows kiss*


Italics- I love to see you on my dash

Bold- I consider you as a friend (I hope you do too^^)


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I really wanna thank you for brightening my day and dashboard! I love you <3 And if I missed anyone I’m sorry :(


Hello there, you cuties~ °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
Some how I’ve managed to hit 1000 followers on here? I’m honestly really thankful for all of you! I wish I could message you all individually and thank you, but that would take much too long (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) So I thought I might as well do it through a follow forever!
I’ve wanted to do one for a while now to thank all the awesome blogs I follow~ You’re all so amazing! An especially big thank you to all my lovely friends who I’ve met on this site too, I love you all so much~ Hopefully I can befriend more of you lovely people soon? (ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)
Also with my follow forever I’ve also shown who is has a lot of SHINee on their blogs, since I know a lot of my followers are always looking for new SHINee blogs to follow! So I hope this helps you out (´▽`ʃƪ)
Thank you yet again to all my lovely lovely followers for following me~ ♥

Italics- People I consider my friends, I hope you do too! //sweats nervously//

☆- A good amount of SHINee content 

★- Not as much SHINee content/Not a SHINee blog

A - I

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Thank you to thugsoosass for making the graphic for me because I’m hopeless with editing programs ♥

I’ve probably forgotten some people who really deserve to be on here… I’m so sorry if I did, just I know I really love you all (ˊ͈ ॢ꒳ ॢˋ͈)

“Why/How are you still following me?!”

I probably ask myself this everytime someone follows me and stays followed….like I really don’t understand why. I am truly grateful for everyone who does follow me and I thank you for taking a chance on me :).

I finally reached one of my ultimate goals and I think I may cry, so thank you!!! I fucking love you!!

Italics- I love to see you on my dash

Bold- mutuals/ thank you^^


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I really wanna thank you for brightening my day and dashboard! I love you <3 And if I missed anyone I’m sorry :(


Well hello! Okay I know i do follow forevers once a month but its actually because I get bored easily and when any of my friends do a follow forever (*cough* salma *cough*) I get inspired and I wanna do my own as well and because you all are so aw and i’m so ew. I told Salma I wanted to do another one and she was like “you did one a month ago” well i don’t care OTL. Also I reached a incredible amount of followers so quickly and this is my way to thank you all, you are all cuties.

Okay so first of all a huge shout out to these people for making my life better and for being my best friends (there might or might not have something written if u hover over the links):

the one that showed me chad future • the one that likes jongup a lot • the one that has a boner for jonghyun • the ajhumma dinosaur unnie one • the one that draws good • the one from brazil who likes rap monster • the one i’m married to • the one that speaks japanese and calls me noona • the one i see every saturday with swag hair •

OKAY so I’d also like to give a massive shout out to these following blogs who make my dash a happy place:

Bold - senpai

(no particular order because I’m lazy)

keychubum • kwibom nipplesxoxo • herewegobebe • jjongs-key • key-goon • keybunnie • keybummer • oncloud-onew • tmntyn • jongkittaetaeminsdicksuckinglips • minjup • feathersfloat • wookey-s / shineesque • dinobummie • alenkoed • johaboyeo • keyolo • kimjonghyunsucks • jonghyunar • jong-bum • theshineelover • shawolastic • k-poppy • fantaesies • perfectlilshits • shinees-back • miracleminho-shi • goomiho • thaenes • taeflakes • jonghyuns-flat-ass • z-co • kittybummie flamingpuppy • tokkichiataemajesty • keyvictim • keyonces • bumkis squishybummie • frostyjonghyun • kaimik • blindingsmile • need-i-remind-you • minsugahs • kingleejinki • bonamanana • jonghyuneritis • pbminho • baby-mino • minhotimes • naekibum • qriseu • lovermin •

OKAY I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, and I’m sorry I do this too much and I know this is getting boring I promise I’ll try to stop. Anyway, thank you all so much for following me and supporting me and all that, I love all of you a lot and I hope you have a wonderful day/night/morning/life.

love always, somni :)

Hullo there! I finally made it to 600 followers! Like I can’t even believe that I could’ve gained that many followers in less than 3 months *sobs*.

I’m also posting my second follow forever for all who wonder, and there are a few jely beans who aren’t mentioned, but if you wanna know who, you can find out here.

These people who I follow really make my dashboard fun and exciting, so if it’s not a problem even go check their blogs out! Thank you for following me and I hope you stay followed. (I guess)

P.S. sorry for the overdone pic/edit IDEK.

Italics: Faves.

Bold: Mutual follow. (there will be some in both)


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valekim, wow-fantasticbabe.



So its New Years!!!(A little late but it’s all good!) I decided it’d be a good time to make one since I’d been putting it off for so long so..here it is! Although i haven’t hit a monumental amount of followers, it’s more than i expected to have after only about a year with this blog. I’ve also made a good amount of friends here and I have amazing followers that i appreciate, so here it is!~ (Bolded are people I admire and/or friends!)(oh also hidden messages ohoHoHO)

A - M

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I finally reached 300 followers yay! So in celebration I decided to make a follow forever! So thank you my beautiful followers!

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I’m doing this because I’ve reached a thousand followers.

That’s so weird. There are a thousand of you, living, breathing people. Following me. What the heck.

So um yeah I guess that’s beside the point, but agh thank you all so much. I’ve only been doing this for a year and it’s incredible that you guys like me enough to actually follow me. So, without further ado, my follow forever. Not everyone is on here; I follow about 180 of you, and as much as I’d like to fit everyone, it’d be too long. Italicized indicates a mutual follow. 

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Thank you all for making my stay a wonderful place. Thank you all for sticking by me through this past year! 

-After that song it was just so beautiful and magic that we didn’t even scream to them, we just clapped and clapped showing our admiration and respect for their majestic and beautiful talent. It was one of my favorites moments of then night.

-At ‘Evil’ Jinki’s blindfold fell of his eyes but he didnt care, he was so sexy and fierce so he just keep doing the sex moves, HE IS SO PROFESIONAL! 

-At the first talk Key said that they liked the chilean food, that is a beautiful country with also beautiful girls (at saying that he laughed with embarassement leaning in minho as always!! lol). Jonghyun was really amazed and said that we are so energetic!!!!

-We all started to scream: SARANGHAE! SARANGHAE! SARANGHAE!…. when they were talking so they listened to us and the five of them followed us saying at the same time of us 'saranghae! saraghae!’ while doing this cute heart shapes with his arms above his head.  

-OMG at dancing La Macarena THEY WENT TOTALLY CRAZY!!!!!


Minkey and Ontae started to dance together while sassy jonghyun shaking the booty in the middle (post of that) after that Key run to the backscreen and started to hip thrust to it like a mental! (lololol please watch the video if you want to see it by yourself but I definally going to do a gif of that) and then Jongkey hugged each others by the necks face to face almost kissing <— everybody lost their shit 

-At 3.2.1 they made a cute crazy train and started to run in the scenary, Key almost fall in that one cuz he was in the end of the human train. it was so so cute!!!!!

-gif by miurashiki-

(key almost falling xD)

-after the train they went for the runway to the audience like this lololol

(gif by fukumin99)

and when Key said “and now something different” they made like a round and Minho started to dance in the middle and he DID THIS

-Gif by fukumin99-

After that he showed his abs asdfgghjkk

Taemin did something similar after and Key started to beat him with the scarf lololol xD (PLEASE watch the video although I’ll made some gifs later)

This is a post of that moment

In 321 Onew and Jonghyun also had their moment.

(gif by oncloud-onew)

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Hi, guys! It’s Somni or aka taemeow here, and the year is almost over! Oh my God. I know the past 12 months haven’t been the best ones to everyone, but I’m proud of you guys. We got this far and it’s a great accomplishment. We got so many people in the fandom this year, and you all are the best. We also lost some of us. The ones we lost will always be remembered and I’m sure they are on a better place right now, watching over us. But no more sad talk, I decided to make this follow forever (my second ever, oh my god), to thank some of you for helping me going through the hard times. And all of my followers, I love you all so much and thank you for caring about me and believing in my weirdness. I’d like to wish you amazing holidays and a 2014 better than 2013 was. You all deserve the best.

So here it goes the blogs that have my eternal love. I may not talk to some of you often but I really admire your work so much and yeah.

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