“ My best friend lost her battle with cancer the same week The Outsider aired. That episode was the last we watched together. She was a huge Rumbelle fan and our last chat was about how we hoped Belle would recover her memory soon. When she finally did, I felt I could move forward and start the healing process after my mourning. For me Belle is like an angel that still keeps Lucy and me together.”

Hey beans...

Some Gremma fans are annoyed bcs their tag is filled with CS stuff. We don’t want shipping fights, so could you pls stay with your CS arguments in the CS tag? I love you all, but it’s pretty annoying even for me bcs whenever I’m searching for some beautiful Gremma gif sets or just posts, there’s CS everywhere.

So if you want to say something like “Hook is good for Emma because he has acted the same way around Emma as Graham did: … ”,etc. - stay in the CS tag! Many Gremma shippers just don’t want CS in their tag.

And somehow ST shippers manage to stay in their tag, too, whenever they mention Gremma, so pls just stop.

It’s really just because I love you all, and I don’t wanna any ship wars.

[Side note: to “onceuponatimeconfessiontime” Next time you post something like “Gremma was just a fling, but Captain Swan is the real deal romance.” - this DEFINITELY does NOT belong in the Gremma tag]

“This is my personal opinion but I was majorly pissed when Emma went off at Regina yelling ‘he’s not, he’s mine’ about henry. If MY birth mother did that I would go insane. Just because you had the kid this doesn’t make them yours. It is the person that is prepared to do the hard work and raise you that has the right to call you theirs. I know it’s a hot bed subject but this is something I am passionate about.”