Breakfast with Big + Excomm + Surprise

My big picked me up and we went to go get breakfast in Brea and Harris also tagged along for Excomm afterwards. They’ve never been to Bruxie so I thought I’d treat them but Harris declined. Joy was there working today so we ended talking with her for the time being. After breakfast, we went over to Annie’s, had our transitional meeting, one on one, and played Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Team Green :)

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Then I came home and saw this left on my bed. I was so tired after the meeting and I felt a little sick too but I thought this was so cute. Thank you! It really made my day. I knocked out on it after I got home :)

The Book Thief

This book! I am in awe. I absolutely love it when a book starts out mellow and it slowly seduces you. Without realizing it, you are a part of the story. At first I was having trouble getting used to the story being narrated by Death, rather than one of the characters. But the words and the feeling of this story are very artistic; maybe that’s what held me. Before I knew it, I was living the story and it was breaking my heart. It brings out the true meaning of the ironic expression “terribly beautiful”. Because it really is both terrible and beautiful at the same time.
Liesel lives through so much tragedy and poverty. Yet through it all she finds beauty and the love of life in the smallest things. I loved her ability to see things with her heart, and how she was content with so little. Her relationships frustrated me because of how distant she remained. She loved so deeply yet remained aloof. (which is the heart breaking part.)
Her love of words and desperate need of books, which drove her to steal, is mostly likely why I so easily “became” her. In her defense, her thievery did not make her a criminal morally. But I will refrain from explaining any further; if you must know more, READ THE BOOK! ;)
The book is full of rough characters but her mother would have to be my least favorite. Rudy, the charming and mischievous next door neighbor boy who silently loves Liesel, is definitely one of my favorites! I think the roughness of all the characters results from the hard times they live in under Hitler. Because of this, Liesel’s story stands out even more beautifully.
Liesel and her family commit a major crime by hiding Max, a running Jew, in their basement. For years he hides in the basement losing his sanity from not being able to see the outside world. But because of the endearing girl who lived upstairs, the confining life in the basement was worth it. The friendship between Max and Liesel is very touching. Both of them suffer from nightmares because of death and tragedy in their past. The similar suffering forms a strong bond between them, and they spend many nights in the basement, writing and reading for hours. When Max finally moves on he leaves behind a roughly handmade book for Liesel.
This story of love, friendship, loyalty and gut wrenching war does not disappoint! Another intriguing thing about this book is that its main language is German. With my first language being a dialect of German, often the English translations were not necessary.
My favorite kind of book is one with a story about books! Thank you, Markus Zusak, for this extraordinary book!
“I opened a book and in I strode.
Now nobody can find me.
I’ve left my chair, my house, my road,
My town and my world behind me.
I’m wearing the cloak, I’ve slipped on the ring,
I’ve swallowed the magic potion.
I’ve fought with the dragon, dined with the King;
And swam in a bottomless ocean.
I opened a book and made some friends .
I shared their tears and laughter
And followed their roads with its bumps and bends
To the happily ever after.
I finished my book and out I came.
The cloak can no longer hide me.
My chair and my house are just the same,
But I have a book inside me.”
~by Julia Donaldson


The mash up I was thinking of doing and I find Sam’s rendition! This is amazing.

Yesterday marked my 8 month anniversary at Disney.

People have asked me, “What other attractions do you work?" "Have you been cross-trained?” “What attractions do you want to work?”

Aside from guest service operations for Parades and Fireworks, I also have knowledge at The Tiki Room. When you train at Jungle, you are given the opportunity to train at Tiki. Within those months I’ve only been assigned two Tiki shifts so clearly I am rarely over there. I have not been cross-trained, although I submitted my interest form two months after I hired in to work at Indiana Jones. But given some thought, I realize I no longer want to work there.

What attractions do I want to work then? I actually don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else. I don’t see myself working anything else in Adventureland/Frontierland premises, at least not now. Although Jungle may be one of the most draining experiences, it is my home attraction. It’s where the casting agents thought I’d be best of with. They chose me; out of all the other college program participants that could have been selected, they chose me

I’ve talked about cross-training. I’ve talked about transferring. I’ve talked about quitting. But I feel I still have much more room to grow while I am here in this department. What made me want to quit? I can name three: How exhausting it gets to constantly talk over and over, the guests, and sometimes even the cast members. I feel a few can be a bit snobby and inconsiderate and it makes working there quite objectionable.

Isn’t Disneyland suppose to be the Happiest Place on Earth? Technically yes. People have their reasons why it is and/or it isn’t. I still enjoy working at Disney and no doubt that there has been guests and cast members out there who are sincere, genuine, and considerate of others. I’m thankful for those people because without them, I don’t think I’d still be here.

Sometimes I feel if I’d be happier elsewhere. Then I thought to myself, I generally feel content. I don’t feel depressed nor do I feel over-excited coming to work but I think it’s the smiles and interaction with others, the guests and cast members, that make my experiences worthwhile. 

Nevertheless, I continue to come to work with a smile on my face. It’s still one of the best things that’s happened to me.


This was truly beautiful.

College of choice.

Which college was your number one choice? Are you going to that school? If not, how did you handle the rejection? If so, is it everything you always thought it would be?

My number one college choice was Chapman University as you can tell. This was the only in-state private university I had applied to. I started the Common Application early in the year to be able to get a quicker result whether I would get acceptance. When I had found that my friend got in around February, I checked my status and it was still "pending.“ This was the only in-state private school I applied to that I knew if I made it in, I would accept my invitation to attend. 

Several days later, I got a notification via univesity portal that I had been waitlisted.  I wasn’t completely devasted because I knew I still had a chance yet I was a bit disappointed. I only applied to 7 schools with one being out of state in New York which my parents really did not want me to go. If I didn’t make it in Chapman, where would I go? Cal State LA? Cal State Fullerton? Cal State Long Beach? San Diego State?

Los Angeles was too close to home but convenient. Fullerton’s program seemed good, their location was not too close nor too far, and it was close to Disney (my dream job back then). Long Beach offered my major and the location is nice. San Diego was too far for my parents. A few days later, I checked my portal again and I found out that I had been granted acceptance to attend Chapman University. I was super stoked! I started telling everyone. I came home to tell my parents in such joy and excitement.

Days later, I had to withdraw my decision. I found out that the financial aid package that offered just wasn’t enough. I calculated many times and my parents couldn’t afford to pay the remaining even with the loans I would have taken. The rejection felt discomforting. I knew that this was the school I wanted to go to! I had my mind set and knowing that I had worked so hard to get there and later got crushed because of a financial factor; I didn’t know what to do. I was deciding to go attend a community college.

After days of reconsidering, I had given up Chapman for good. I looked back on all the CSU’s I applied and I thought to myself, maybe I can give this a shot. I started thinking rationally. It doesn’t really matter that much which university you go to, does it really? It’s how much effort you put in that you will get out. And now ever since I completed my first year, I felt I didn’t make the wrong choice at all. I’m at a university great for my major, I’ve met great people, I've joined a service fraternity where I've created bonds with many and even outside of my own chapter, taken interesting courses, and even getting accepted into the College Program primarily taking on the role as a skipper. It’s been such a great year and I really have no regrets. Here’s to the next 2 ½ awesome undergraduate years of college!


Illuminate your smile.

First time in 11 years of our friendship, I’ve never seen her so upset. She was so disappointed drowned in her tears and it made me sad to see her like this. I didn’t want her to give everything up because of this one incident. I didn’t want her to starve, I didn’t want her to continue to stay depressed, I just didn’t want her to give up so soon. She has a lot of potential. She’s never really had a father figure in her life either. I just want to see her happy and all she wanted was to help her mom in the future - that was of her best interest. I hope she’s learned a valuable lesson after this but best friend, if you happen to stumble upon this, I’ll be there to support you whether it’s physically or emotionally, through thick and thin we’ve been through. You know it and continue to illuminate your smile. :)

Professional Internship Interview.

 Anxiously, I waited for my 9:45AM call for the phone interview. It was 9:45 and I was getting a little nervous. I told myself I didn’t have to be nervous. Interviews aren’t intended to scare anyone. It’s just a way for the interviewer to understand who they are speaking to, their skills and what they can bring to the role they applied for, etc. 

By 9:46, my phone rang exuberantly loud and it sort of took me by surprise. I knew it was the call so I picked up the phone and answered confidently with a smile. When you smile, it definitely changes the tone in your voice. I tried to keep that up the whole way so they know that I was enthusiastic about the positions I applied for and excited to work for a company that satisfied the customer experience and provided excellent service. I told the interviewer I really wanted to work for a company that holds the same values as I do and Disney was that company.

The interviewer thought of me as a great candidate. I thought at times I was talking a bit too fast for the interviewer to type because either I was being super enthusiastic or I was nervous. When I was talking, I didn’t seem nervous. I did stumble a little here and there trying to put my words together, but I tried my best and answered the questions confidently so hopefully that’ll shine through my interview.

Man, I just hope I did well as I thought I did. The interviewer said it would last 20-30 minutes; mines took about 28 minutes. I hope he sees that I am 110% ready for the role and definitely open-minded. If I had not been open-minded, I don’t think I would have gotten to become a participant of the College Program. It seemed like it was days when I interviewed for that internship. Well, wishing that they see I have potential and that I could further be a great asset for the company.

If I don’t get the position, it doesn’t mean I’ll give up. There are thousands who apply and only a number of roles available. It just means I’ll keep trying. Thanks to those who sent me a good luck message for my interview! I’ll keep you guys updated.

Made my day.

Despite the crazy mass of people, one of my GSO coworkers went up to me during break and told me that one of the Jungle Cruise skipper went to Disneyland as a guest and was on my boat. He told his coworkers that I did a great job as a new skipper and that I was hilarious. I didn’t believe my coworker when he told me. I was like “SHUT UP! NO WAY. ARE YOU SERIOUS?” It just totally made my day on my way to the Fireworks route.

Something else happened that also made my day. Before the fireworks, I was interacting with 5 little kids. We were just talking about random stuff both Disney and non-Disney and I felt like just a kid again. My lead came by and they looked at him and told him “TONY IS THE BEST!” I was surprised when they said that and it was just a great moment :’) I love those kids.

What a night. I love Pyro shifts! I need another Jungle shift soon.<3


I can’t get enough of this.


Nellie knocked out this performance. This was incredible.