New icon picture taken by this one girl. She’s alright I guess.

Tonight Steven & I went to the cinema to see Contagion. It was worth the theatre robbery prices, but it wouldn’t hurt to wait to rent it either. The film made me second guess my choice of a career, which is a first.

During the movie I received a picture message of three of my four favorite girls & one of the two brother husbands out to dinner, letting me know I was missed. It feels incredible to be thought of. To be loved. To be appreciated by a handful of people whom I’ve known merely 7 months. Since our last visit, the five of us girls have had a non-stop facebook chat session going. That’s 11 days of one conversation. Sun-up to sun-down, they are there. I can say one word the entire day, complain about nothing, or chatter to myself and make jokes that aren’t funny - and they are on the other end(s) listening. I feel uplifted, encouraged, and enlightened all of the time because of how they have changed my view on relationships. I don’t have to settle for the one-way streets - and I won’t.

Also, I love that Steven loves them just as much. He tells me all the time how thankful he is for such golden human beings. How happy it is to see me treated the way I should be. To see friendships that are not forced.

Life is just really great right now and I kind of just owe it to everything.