oncelers of tumblr

So Ed Helms, who voiced the Onceler, is now going to voice Captain Underpants.

Am I worried that Tumblr Fangirls are gonna obsess over Captain Underpants the way they did with the Onceler?

Of course not!

Tumblr Fangirls only had the hots for the Onceler because he was a skinny douche bag with an emo hair cut. Captain Underpants is a fat funny bald guy, and everybody knows that Tumblr Fangirls would never find that attractive.


Sketches part 2!

  1. Charlie’s casual day after he got married
  2. Once-ler in classy clothes for @tadashi-ler
  3. Casual r76 AU
  4. Janice and Luana
  5. Aashi and Satemi
  6. fanart for Camp Camp including Harrison, Gwen, Preston, Jasper, Space Kid, Nerris, David, Max and Nikki
  7. Matilde, Lucile’s sibling, Andrew, Kevin’s cousin, random character and Simon, my new OC

every man of tumblr (onceler, junkrat, sans, dr who, a few ive repressed for my own personal safety and peace of mind) is just people wanting to fuck the joker but through a surrogate

Small brain: Black Hat is going to be the new Onceler

Slightly bigger brain: Tumblr has a thing for dapper assholes but ultimately nothing is the same as what happened with the onceler

Big glowing brain: BLACK HAT IS MY WIFE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

i wouldn’t be so annoyed if everyone wasn’t consistently shitting over this guy’s work for something as stupid as “tumblr designs”. everyone says “wow, i wish there were more hispanic content creators” and by some stroke of luck, there’s this new cartoon done by a spanish creator that’d been doing his own thing for years, a little guy that had only a few hundred followers before getting his big break

and what does everyone do??? shit all over it. it’d be one thing if everyone gave this show a chance and presented valid, actual criticisms that aren’t lol!!! kin drama!!!! tumblr onceler designs!!!! like, please. i’m a struggling hispanic artist myself and i don’t fucking get it.