onceler is so cute

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[pt 2] was❌ not👌🏼 well 😪done. 👅💦You 📖know😨 the 📝opinion 💁🏽I 😏entertain 😜of 👥mankind👀, and 👏🏼how 😤much it 😪is my 😳desire 💦to 😤preserve💁🏽 myself🕊 free🚶🏽‍♀️from 😬particular 👅attachments😚, and to😤 keep 😒my ❤️happiness❤️ 🇺🇸independent🇺🇸 on the😒 caprice of 👥others👥. 😍You 👩🏼should ❌not 😩have taken 😳advantage 😣of my 💦sensibility💦 to 🔫💰steal into 💁🏽my ❤️affections😘 😨without😫 my 😤consent🙅🏽. But😪 as you have😒 done it 😳and as 👯we are 😍generally 😘

generally 😘indulgent to 👩🏼those 😱we ❤️😘love😊😚, I😌 shall😤 not 💅🏼scruple to pardon 😪the 😳fraud 🙄you 👩🏼👈🏼have 😤committed👏🏼,😬 on 😳condition 📝that 👀for 💁🏽my 😳sake, if 😤not for 💁🏼👈🏼your own😘, you 💁🏼will 😍always 😍continue 😳to 💦merit💦 the 😱partiality📖, 😤 which 😍you 😘have😱 so 👏🏼artfully👌🏼 instilled 👅💦into 😳me❤️. Your ❤️dearest 😌😚 Onceler 👀fuccer👅💦💦 [okay that’s all of it]

This is so cute oh my god my smol heart