Okay so today is my last day of high school. And I’d really like to say some stuff before I go, because I don’t want to do it after and cry later.


I absolutely adore my friends. They are seriously the absolute best people I know. They’re funny, smart(ish), nice, crazy, obsessive, helpful, beautiful, and a whirlwind of a lot of other things.

They are the only good thing that I’ve ever done in my life. The best thing I ever did was take these people as companions.

I’d like to make a list of the beautiful people I know currently, in something of chronological order:

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onceandfuturekingofalbion replied to your post: I need a MCR tattoo. Anyone want a friendship tat…

DUDE I WOULD BE SO DOWN. I’m planning on getting another MCR one anyway. Only if you’re down though

Fucking definitely, man.

Hey, we could probably get ‘em done in October or whenever you’re passing through Ohio again!

'Cause that’s when I’ll have money for it, and we’ll already be hanging.

I am torn between several designs though. Haha