The Magic of the Strength

It was 6:53pm and Gwaine parked his car near the grill bar he and Merlin loved so much. He made sure the car was locked properly and ran across the road to get to the bar on time. He wasn’t too far from the front door when suddenly he saw his best friend, heading his way towards him.

Merlin! *a wide, honest smile on his face, he hurries to his friend and gives him a bear hug, pulling him against his chest, almost crushing him* I’ve missed you so much!

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It’s not about the questions! It’s about you being fucking selfish! I get it, alright? You don’t like her, you never did. You don’t understand because you probably haven’t got a heart, is that any reason for being like that with me? I’m your friend!

Haven’t got a heart? Don’t be so ridiculous. And I may or may not dislike one of the people you go out with, which was a total surprise, and I’m selfish. I put up with Gwaine, don’t I? I’d like to remind you that you hardly have a good word to say about most of my girlfriends. I’m pretty sure you scared Mithian off, I really liked her by the way. Yet I’m selfish? If you want to make me the bad guy, Merlin, go ahead.

Hey Babe || @onceandfutureemrys

Gwen pulled into the parking lot of Merlin’s building, parking her car in the first available spot. She checked her hair, and fixed her mascara before heading towards the elevator. She was a little nervous, but extremely excited. She stood in front of his door and straightened out her dress, before knocking quickly, hoping he got the text that she was on the way.

But you didn't have to wank me off...

The pub he’d chosen that night was nice. When he got there, the place hadn’t been full yet, but soon people came and now it was quite a noisy place. He came alone, but didn’t stay like that long. There were three beautiful girls, having girl’s night out or something like that and when they spotted him, tall, dressed in leather jacket, whipping his glorious mane… no wonder that soon he was sitting at their table, one girls sitting on his lap, the other caressing his thigh every now and then ‘by accident’ and the third one just staring at him, sending him seductive smiles from the other side of the table all evening.

Sooo…another round, ladies? *puts the empty glass on the table, but misses the chance to call the waitress because the girl in his lap kisses him passionately*

“So, I decided to spend some time with my aunt Karen on Canada to relax and get my life back on track. I messed up, but now I’m all right. Maybe my drinking problem got slightly worse, but that’s not important. Anyway, it was a good time. I miss my friends though…” The blonde sighs, shaking her head. “A lot. So, yeah. I don’t know what else to say. Uh… yeah.”

Late Night Drinking || Merlin & Arthur

Arthur stumbled home late that night, later than he meant too, but at the moment Arthur was just too drunk to care. He fumbled with his key for a few minutes before managing to get it into the lock. He unlocked the door, and pushed it open. He took his shoes off and threw his jacket onto his bed, before slumping into his chair. He didn’t feel ready to sleep yet, so instead he turned to his laptop. He tapped his fingers on his desk as he waited for the laptop to turn on. It didn’t take too long before he saw the regular sight that was his laptop wallpaper, it was still on default he hadn’t the time to change it and if he did he wouldn’t know what too. Skype popped up, signing him in automatically, and before he knew it he was looking at his contact list. He was quite surprised to see that Merlin was still on. He’d probably fallen asleep or the something, Arthur rolled his eyes at the screen before calling Merlin.

Visit into the future

Walking out of her mountains, Aryn felt right away she had step into a universe a little different that usually. Curious, she walked south. She put her cape around her, making sure her hood hid her blue hairs. After some time, she smiled as she spotted a town. The way the buildings were made, she knew she was in the future. She had been once there after all.

She went in the town, removing the hood as she knew some people dyed their hair in this colour in this time. She knew her clothes might seem weird-ancient-but she would probably pass for someone with weird taste. She looked around, a small smile on her face as she marvelled of the things of the future.

However, she felt that magic had hidden in this world. It felt weird, having her own but don’t feeling others one. She slowed down as she felt a twinge of something. She grinned as she recognized her link to her protégé-to Merlin. He might not have magic, but she was still the soul she had chosen to protect.

She went toward the source, hoping to bump into him soon. She really wish to meet a future one!

Keeping in touch || Merlin

It had been 2 weeks since Arthur had transferred to law school. And like every day for the past few weeks, he had entered his apartment, dropped his bags by his desk and set up his laptop. He promised Merlin that he’d keep in touch with him after he’d left, and this is how they’d done it. Via Skype. It was Merlin who had suggested it, Arthur was sure that it would have been much easier just to text each other, but he guessed that this way it was more like having an actual conversation, so he’d just gone along with the whole skyping idea.
He sat down in his chair, tapping his fingers on the desk as he waited for the computer to load the desktop properly. He logged into skype, heard the familiar sound that meant his login was correct and smiled. It was weird just how much of a routine it was. It had only been 2 weeks since they’d started, yet it had felt like a while. Every time he loaded up his computer he would automatically log on to skype, it was like a reaction.

It's been a long time ll Lucy & Merlin

“I wonder what would happen if I left my refrigerator open for two days straight.” Lucy thought as she walked around her apartment. She looked up at her kitchen for a moment with a small smirk, raising an eyebrow. “What am I doing with my life?” She asks herself, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Staying home for too long was driving her even more insane than she already was. She needed to get out and get some fresh air and that’s what she was going to do. Also, she missed Merlin a lot, so why not invite him along? She grabbed her phone. “Hey. Wanna hang out?” The young time writer typed. 

Party at Aryn's

Aryn was very exited. After planning with five of the Merlin she knew, she had managed to find a day where all could come and see her. And of course, meet each other. Aryn knew they were all curious to meet other themselves. She had no idea if some had met each other before, that would be a surprise to her.

For this special event, Aryn had change her home. The exterior was still the same, but inside, there was only one room. A huge ice table was at the center, with quite a feast on it. Soft ice armchairs were around the table.

Now, only her guests were needed. Aryn smiled as if on cue, she felt one at her door. The door opened itself, and Aryn hugged her friend.

“Merlin! You are the first to arrive! How are you?”

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Albion's King || Merlin

Arthur thinks it’s way too early to be awake at this hour, never mind getting ready to go to work. It’s almost 7am and he’s already out of the door, pulling on his coat and wrapping a scarf around his neck. He decides against taking his car, hoping that maybe the cold March air will wake him up a little. Anyway, it gives him an excuse to go into one of the coffee shops to buy himself a decent drink. It means he isn’t stuck drinking the cheap, nasty coffee from the staff room all morning, at least. He’s aware of a few coffee shops that are within walking distance of his flat, but only one that is actually en route to his office. He’s never gone there before, but now seems like the perfect time to try it. It doesn’t take him long to get there, doesn’t even look at the name of the shop before he’s rushed inside, the warm air as he opens the door a welcome relief from the cold. He takes a quick look around the shop, it’s busy; crowded with mostly business men and women, but that’s only to be expected. He takes his place in the queue, which goes down unusually fast, orders his coffee (a simple Caffé Latte), and goes to wait for it.