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the-backwater-experts tagged me to list six facts about myself (thank you!), and it’s taken me five million years to reply because I can’t actually think of six facts about myself.;p

So I’m cheating and doing it for my old man instead! ;D

(And as usual, any requests for expansion on any of these would make me happy!)

1. Hojo’s first name is listed as ‘Simon’ in his official files. This is not, in fact, his real first name.

2. He has a ‘ladyfriend’ in Costa del Sol, who he visits from time to time, and lavishes expensive gifts upon most hallmark holidays mainly for his own amusement (she once returned home to find her apartment door completely hidden behind a wall of different coloured rose bouquets - the neighbours were very bemused).

3. He was in love with Ifalna. This didn’t end well.

4. He has been battling insomnia for most of his adult life.

5. He’s not Sephiroth’s father.

6. The mako taint in his blood makes his irises glow blue in times of high emotion. It’s highly inconvenient.

Even steel bends

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Dae2pO

by jcamy84

How I imagine Regina and Emma end. I can’t believe that it would be Regina’s fault. I imagine her holding on for dear life to a happy family, a spouse and children. She would do whatever to make it, but everyone has a breaking point.

Words: 687, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Dae2pO
You know, no one wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I’m going to be a terrible person today,’ but something might happen that causes them to do something they regret or maybe isn’t the nicest thing, and then they try to redeem it. We all make mistakes and we all have things to overcome, and there’s reasons for that. There’s baggage in all of our lives. We all have things that we fail at and we all have things that we succeed at.
—  Jennifer Morrison (x, x)

matters of the heart - a fairytale au

Princess Claude is supposed to be a lot of things — ladylike and interested in getting married and producing an heir are at the top of that list, but the future Queen of Old England’s wealthiest kingdom would much rather bed whom she pleases and cause trouble with her gentlemen-in-waiting, Zayn. Rumours have always been a part of court life, but an encounter with moody servant boy Harry reveals not all secrets are destined to be shared.

A story that doesn’t begin with a ‘once upon a time’, but might just end with a ‘happy ever after’. Or, an AU which bends and twists fairytale conventions.

banner by dirtbagteenagers!

The Prince and Me, Part 1

A/N: I was gonna wait to post this but ahahahaha I can never wait. So this is for goldcaught for her birthday and is only part 1 of 2. I am still writing part 2 and will post that later, when its finished. Fair warning, this thing is a little over 9.5k so yeah. I apologize for your eyes.

Oh and its based on the movie of the same name. 

Caroline Forbes didn’t believe in happy endings.

She had, once upon a time, but that was several heartaches and disappointments ago. Back before her father had practically dropped out of her life, moving on with his new family even when he’d sworn after the divorce that he would always be there for her.

Just like her highschool boyfriend and supposed forever love Tyler had said college wouldn’t come between them. Only for her to head down to his university  one weekend to find him in bed with a brunette who’s name she didn’t even know.

Sitting around and wallowing for too long had never been her style though. There was too much to do, too many things to focus on, and like Scarlet O’Hara was known to say, ‘after all, tomorrow is another day’.

So Caroline had decided that from then on she would create her own happy ending instead of relying on others to help her see it through. Others were way too unreliable, which was really something she should have ground into her head ages before considering another of her mottos had always been ‘if you want something done right you have to do it yourself’. But part of her was also a hopeless romantic, loving the possibilities, believing in love and it was hard to turn her back on that, even if only for a little while.

But another heartbreak was something she had no intention in dealing with until she was finished with school.

Of course, fate never seemed to really like to play fair; especially not in regards to matters of the heart.

Caroline’s focus was school and right after that was her mom and her friends. And no amount of dimples or dreamy accent was going to make her deviate from that path. Especially not when all of that hotness came in one very arrogant package.

So not worth it.

She’d dealt with this kind of guy plenty of times in her life. That type that thought they were superior to everyone and sex on legs all at once. Thinking all they needed was to put on a little charm, smile and they’d easily slip into whichever girl’s pants of their choosing. It might have worked on sixteen year old Caroline, but it definitely wasn’t going to on her nineteen year old self.

She’d even been polite as could be at first. All sweet southern girl smiles while her eyes had been steely, utilizing that ‘don’t fuck with me’ look that used to make the girls on her squad tremble in fear when they messed up a routine.

So really was it her fault when she sprayed him with the water line from the bar after that terribly sexist pick up line?

His stunned look as his apparent friends finally dragged him out if the bar only made her silent victory that much sweeter.

Until Monday when he plopped down bedside her in chemistry class and was branded her lab partner and permanent thorn in her side.

“Don’t look so glum, sweetheart,” he drawled out, damn dimples on display again before that damn smirk blossomed on his face. “I’m sure we’ll be able to create quite a bit of explosive reactions together.”

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Rumplestiltskin: *Has literally given his life to save everyone in Storybrooke*

Other characters: “Yeah but can we REALLY trust him?”

Regina: *Threatens to slip back into villainy every time someone doesn’t indulge her sense of entitlement or looks at her funny and generally acts like a spoiled child*

Other characters: “Regina responsible for something evil? How dare You suggest that she is anything other than sweetness and light and all things pure and good in this world and every other?”

LParrilla: This was one of my favorite moments whilst in Africa. I fell so in love with this beautiful girl. Her story touched me deeply and since then I’ve adopted her. My visit to @dswt was a true highlight and one I would recommend to all who dream to visit Africa! If you too want to adopt an elephant please visit… http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/fostering.asp

  • Emma to Killian:-Saves his life over and over
  • -Shares her past
  • -Risks her life for him
  • -Supports him, even when everyone else doesn't
  • -Kisses
  • -Hugs
  • -Flirts
  • -Undresses him with her eyes
  • -Says "i love you"
  • -Admits her mistakes
  • -Asks him out
  • -Tells him how important he is to her
  • -Defends him to her family
  • Regina to Emma:-Tries to end her life over and over
  • -Destroys her future
  • -Thinks of herself as the victim
  • -Insults and degrades her
  • -Threatens
  • -Harms
  • -Tries to kill her whole family
  • -Brainwashes her son
  • -Kills a man she loved
  • -Admits how much she hates her

If this season is going to be all about Emma finally seeking revenge on the people who fucked up her life (especially Regina), and Emma seducing her boyfriend then I’m sold!


Hey! Guess who’s back? Yep. My Patrochilles trash self, so here, another playlist for ya! (My Naomily trash self might come back soon)

Listen it her: [I Swear]

Alex and Natt Wolff // Look Outside

Wake up, it’s time to laugh.
Everyone is winding down.
We’re just getting started.
Wake up, I got your back.
I can hold you up when you’re feeling down.

James Bay // Hold Back the River

Once upon a friend dear life,
We rode our bikes into the sky.
With love, we call against the tide.
Those distant days are flashing by.

The Calling // Wherever You Will Go

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place?
When I’m gone, you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face.

Tom Odell // Long Way Down

Two lines and a poem,
You know, like a kind old rye.
You know, we could talk in that language
Only we understand.

Ray Lamontagne // Without Words

Whispered kisses in your ears,
A touch so soft and warm as to fall all clear.
Confessions all of love for you.
(Yes) Without words

The Cranberries // When You’re Gone

And in the night, I could be helpless
Sleeping without you.
And in the day, everything’s complex
When I’m not around you.

Florence and the Machine // Queen of Peace

Suddenly I’m overcome.
Dissolving like the setting sun.
Like a boat into oblivion,
‘cause you’re driving me away.

I need the clouds to cover me,
Pull in the dark, surround me.
Without your love, I’ll be
So long and lost, are you missing me?

Coldplay // Yellow

Oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful.
Do you know
For you I’d bleed myself dry?

Lana del Rey // Dark Paradise

No one compares to you
But there’s no you
Except in my dreams tonight.
I don’t wanna wake up from this tonight.

Clean Bandit // Rather Be

We’re a thousand miles from comfort.
We have travelled land and sea.
But as long as you’re with me,
There’s no place I’d rather be.

Daughter // Tomorrow

Find my love then find me.
Don’t bring tomorrow,
‘cause I already know.
I’ll lose you.

Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) // Safe and Sound

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, “I’ll never let you go”.
When all those shadows almost killed your light,
I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone”.

Curiouser and Curiouser   II   Closed

The first time Ani had heard of FSociety, she hadn’t really listened. The second time she heard about them, she quickly grew bored.

By the third time, she was inherently fascinated. Maybe it was because capitalism had fucked her over, again, or maybe it was because she realized how terrible life really was for the 99%. 

Either way, she was intrigued. And once she was curious about something, she didn’t give up on it.

To be fair, however, she hadn’t meant to stumble upon the HQ of the most talked about hacker group. She had just been exploring the outer parts of the city.

She’d heard of abandoned buildings in the area and considered herself an urban adventurer. So she’d gone about looking into the buildings. The one she thought sounded the most interesting was an old arcade. So she decided to start with that.

That’s how she ended up in FSociety’s clutches. 

Sissyphean | A SteinMarie Reverb ‘15

            Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife. But in a freak accident, Stein lost more than his wife. He lost his passion, his motivation. After grieving and denial, he does what he knows best: he makes her. Creates her. Changes her. But truly–  what is the difference between a human heart, and a mechanical one?

Art by code425 ~ View here ►

Story by therewithasmile and l0chn3ss ~ Read here in full ►

Special thanks to scarlethousecarlsandmancircus, and professor-maka for their endless support and for their eyes~

Prologue - Pause

“Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife.

His wife died, and in his grief, the man made her once more.

An android…”

A spark, a fuse - and then, life. She opened her eyes.

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What I got from the full BTS video of the kiss:

Robin is not dead! He is just weak. He encountered a magical being that was sucking out the life out of him or what not. And Regina comes running in telling the monster that if it wants a life, take hers. Then she charges after Robin only to be blocked away by magic. They all join hands and somehow overcome the magic and Regina runs to a weakened Robin then kisses him. It doesn’t look like it’s true love’s kiss because from what I saw, Robin’s eyes were open and Regina was caressing his cheeks before she kissed him. It was like a moment of Regina relishing in the moment that Robin isn’t dead. “Thank god. I thought I lost you.” Then she kisses him and his hands find her arm and he rubs them to comfort her. That’s how I saw things.

Dragons age in ways far, far different to those we know, so the concept of a midlife crisis probably isn’t really one that applies to them. That said… Cookie. 

Once upon a time, she was a priestess of a temple dedicated to the Lightweaver. Snappers have perfect recall, which makes them well-suited dragons for preserving historical accuracy; she spent her life studying the ways of what is now colloquially referred to as Old Light and reciting prayers and tales of the Lightweaver’s ancient feats of might. As temple head, too, she served as something of a mother to the young acolytes that joined, teaching them the ways of the Lightweaver – the scholastic pursuit of perfect truth but also the blinding, searing force required to deliver justice and rout the Shade. 

As she grew older, however, Cookie began to yearn for a change. She loved the acolytes she tended to very dearly, but divine service was something she’d been entered into since birth. She followed the way of the Lightweaver with devotion and dedication, but began to feel that perhaps she had “paid her dues,” so to speak; after so many years with her focus turned to a deity, it was now time to turn her focus to mortal affairs. 

And so, Cookie retired. Leadership was turned over to a Pearlcatcher who was unerring in her worship and study, Cookie bid fond and tearful farewells to all her students, and ventured out into the wide world. 

so skip ahead a bit and she’s cast aside her vows of modesty and humility to make herself over as GLITTERY AND BLINGING AS POSSIBLE and tearing around in a big ol’ pirate gang kicking ass and taking names 

hey, you’re only young once


after emma sacrafices herself for the town a depressed killian imagines a life with her traveling and enjoying life

When you ride a motorcycle, you feel like you’re flying. When you fly, you’re free of gravity. I feel like that represented House because House was free of the gravity of what other people thought.’ I thought, what a cool image, the idea of being free of gravity. I just kept going back to him saying that in my mind about Dark Emma. She really is, she’s free of the gravity of so many things that have been weighing on her her whole life.In addition to that, there are swans that can fly for a certain distance, and there are certain black swans that can fly for 60 feet. Eddy, Adam and I have talked about looking at this as her 60 feet of flight. Instead of looking at this as, ‘I’m trying to be mean, dark and evil,’ it’s about the absoluteness of her freedom from responsibility in the darkest way you can imagine. She’s completely selfish and she’s completely free of her responsibility. She is completely indulgent in her sensuality and her confidence and her demand for things in life. We’re building her from that place. It’s coming from a guttural, raw place in her that is almost like sociopathic in a way, someone just completely free of conscience.
—  Jennifer Morrison about Dark Emma [x]

“Can you describe yourself in one word, please?”, I asked her.

An “hourglass”, she said.
After sitting there and listening to her intently, I had concluded that she was, in fact, an “hour glass”.

She had turned into an hourglass. Being turned upside down and right-side up for the wrong people and because their time was running out.

Clearly, no matter which way she turned, she stopped making time for those who no longer mattered… for those who felt obliged to return the favor of the time she had spent on them.

“HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY LIFE”, she forcefully said.  


Forgive me not, for not wanting to make anymore time and adjustments for those who took it upon themselves to make the time and adjustments for me without my consent.
Break free of the “hour glass” because time is something that is not given freely nor bought.
Do it. Break free. I dare you.

—  S.N. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3