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"In Which Henry Wants A Family Photo But No One Can Get Their Act Together Long Enough To Take It."

A Once Conversation by Oncecrazy.tumblr.com

This is how everyone is sitting for your visualization:

    Rum Bel Sno Cha
Nea Reg Hen Emm Hoo

Snow: Alright picture time! Thank you so much Archie for taking the photos.

Archie: You’re welcome.

Snow: Alright lets have the grandparents in the back and the parents in the front with Henry.

Rumpel: Aren’t you forgetting someone?

Charming: Where’s Regina?

Henry: She said she was finishing up a few things in the office and then she was coming. 

Belle: Alright Bae what about this tie?

Neal: It’s Neal

Belle: Alright Neal what do you think of this tie?

Neal: green?

Belle: It will look nice with the pink the girls are wearing.

Neal: What about a normal colored tie like blue…or black…or gray?

Belle: If I put all the men in black or gray ties with the plain suits all of the women would stand out quite a lot more than the men.

Charming: We’re all wearing matching ties?

Belle: Well you can’t all be in different colored ties.

Henry: What about red?

Snow: You can’t put red and pink together honey. David stand on my other side.

Regina: I’m here.

Emma: What are you wearing?

Regina: A black dress

Emma: We told you we were wearing pink!

Regina: I don’t own any pink. It’s not my color.

Snow: you couldn’t have stopped somewhere and bought something? It’s for your son.

Emma: My son.

Rumpel: Here we go again.

Regina: My son. And I already told you, pinks not my color.

Emma: My son. Too bad.

Snow: Hook and Neal bought new suits Regina.

Hook: Horrendous monkey suits.

Emma: We’ll be done soon and then you can take it off.

Hook: Want to help?

Emma: *rolls eyes*

Snow: I could run to the store really fast and grab a different dress and a few ties.

Belle: I thought we decided on green?

Snow: Will it blend too much with the trees?

Belle: Oh I didn’t think about that.

Henry: We could just not wear ties. 

Emma: It’s really getting warm out here. Let’s just lose the ties. 

Rumpel: No! That’s completely unsophisticated. 

Emma: Fine. Then you wear a tie. 

Snow: Emma it really won’t look right if only one man is in a tie. 

Emma: It won’t look good either if were all in pink and Reginas in black.
Belle: What about a turquoise color? That would go with pink.

Archie: I don’t mean to interrupt this….precious family moment but I have a session at 3:00.

Emma: Alright we lose the ties. Regina can you run into town really fast and buy a pink dress?

*Emma starts pulling Hook’s tie off.*

Regina: I’m not wasting money on a dress I’m going to burn ten minutes from now.

Emma: You know what? You have magic. You can poof a dress here and grow a money tree if you want.

Regina: Why would I need a money tree when I have a nice apple tree? 

Hook: You’re choking me love. 

Emma: *Loosens grip on tie and pulls it off* Sorry.

Hook: you can make it up to me later.

Charming: Let’s just take the picture.

Belle: *Reaches for Rumpels tie*

Rumpel: I’m not taking it off. 

Belle: Then give everyone a turquoise tie. 

Rumpel: *Waves hand*

Belle: That’s teal. Can you make them just a little bit lighter?

Neal: Lets just take the picture.

Snow: Regina

Regina: *Rolls eyes and waves pink dress on*

Snow: Alright I think were finally ready Archie! 

Archie : Alright! Everybody smile! 1….2….

Rumpel: Bae sit up straight.

Archie: Alright 1….

Snow: Wait! I changed my mind. David does need to be on my other side.

Archie: 1….2….

Emma: Hook get your hand off my butt!

Hook: I’m trying to help you smile better love. 

Charming: *Leans forward and hits Hook upside the head*

Snow: I think we’re really ready now.

Archie: 1….2….

Henry: I have to go to the bathroom.

Emma: Can you wait 5 minutes?

Henry: Neal bought me the extra extra large slurpee.

Emma: *Rolls eyes*

Neal: He got an A on a test. So I told him I’d get him a treat. He chose a slurpee.

Emma: Alright then Neal you two go scout out a tree.

Hook: What’s a slurpee?

Belle: I was wondering the same thing.

Snow: It’s an icy drink.

Hook: That sounds good.

Emma: It’s not the kind of icy drink you’re thinking of. It’s alcohol free.

Hook: Well then what is the point?

Archie: You know Hook I hold alcoholics anonymous meetings every Thursday night.

Emma: Do you have a meeting for men that act like 5 year olds? 

Charming: Everyone calm down and remember why we’re here. We’re doing this for Henry.

Snow: Maybe pink was the wrong color. 

Emma: pink is fine. Let’s just take the picture. 

Henry: Were back!

Neal: What do you know? The kid takes after me.

Emma: I don’t even want to know what that has to do with peeing.

Archie: Alright! 1…2…3! We did it!

Snow: I think I blinked.

Archie: Alright. Redo. Everyone smile!

Regina: Ouch! Did you just hit me with your cane?

Rumpel: You will notice your majesty, that we are taking the picture at the hottest part of the day to accommodate your schedule. My hands are starting to sweat. The cane slipped. 

Belle: I saw it. It did slip.

Regina: uh huh.

Hook: Want to borrow my Hook for a minute?

Archie: All you have to do is smile for 3 seconds. Okay 1…2…

Emma: Hook I swear-

Charming: Would you like your other hand cut off?

Archie: Smil-

Henry: Look a squirrel! Here little squirrel! 

Neal: Henry I will buy you the entire pet store if you just smile. 

Emma: While you’re at it why don’t you buy him all the slurpees in Storybrooke too? 

Neal: I was exaggerating.

Emma: Uh huh.

Neal: Fine he got a B

Emma: I was talking about the pet store not the grade!

Snow: I wonder what we would have fought about had we not been cursed.

Regina: You really want to go there? Why don’t you blame Gold? He’s the one that created the curse!

Rumpel: Why don’t you blame Hook? He’s the one that stole my wife forcing me to become the dark one to keep Bae away from war and provide for him.

Hook: Why don’t you blame your wife she came willingly?

Neal: Why don’t you blame yourself dad? You could have chosen me over magic and then you wouldn’t have even had to create the curse.

Emma: Just to clarify Neal, are you saying abandonment is a choice?

David: Or we could blame Regina for enacting the curse.

Regina: Or we could blame Snow since her killing my Daniel is why I enacted the curse in the first place.

Snow: I didn’t kill Daniel. Your mother killed Daniel.

Henry: STOP! I just want a picture of my family! 

Emma: Henry is right. We can suck it up and take a picture.

Everyone: Fine.

Archie: Alright. 1…2…

David: So did we establish that were blaming Cora?

Everyone: Ugh!

In Which Everyone Gets Arrested

A Once Conversation

*This is an old conversation and was written during the time period of season 3B*

Setting: Emma, Hook, Snow, Charming, Rumple, Belle, Hook, Neal, Leroy, Nova, Blue, and the rest of the fairies have been arrested and are all crammed in the small Storybrooke jail. Marco won’t let them go until they counsel with Archie.

Archie: Marko just called me. He said all of you got arrested, and he wasn’t letting you leave until I came and talked to all of you. So let’s start with why you are all here. Hook?

Hook: I believe they called it “inappropriate sexual advances towards the sheriff.”

Archie: Hook *shakes head*

Hook: I was just being myself. The sheriff just happened to be in a terrible mood.

Archie: Neal?

Neal: Assaulting a pirate for making sexual advances towards the sheriff.

Archie: Assaulting?

Neal: Punching. In the face.

Hook: Luckily my devilishly handsome face made it out of the attack with nothing to show for it.

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Homer Simpson was on the Letterman show once upon a time. It’s pretty funny, and Dave is clearly enjoying it. 

The 5A finale-basically
  • Hook: Because you made me a Dark One, I'm going to KILL you and everyone you love! I've already marked all of you. You are all going to the Underworld and suffer a terrible fate! Haha!
  • Emma: No Killian! I only turned you into a Dark One because I love you and didn't want to lose you! I lost pretty much everyone I fell in love with. I even told you this in a previous episode! Please understand, I made a mistake!
  • Hook: And that's why you, your parents and even your SON deserve to DIE!!
  • Emma: You don't love me anymore?!
  • Hook: It's pretty obvious that I don't Swan.
  • 1 Episode Later
  • Hook: This is it! I'm killing all of you! I've been planning this for a couple episodes now and it's finally happening! Have fun in Hell!
  • Emma: Killian, please don't do this!
  • Everyone else: Yeah Killian..don't kill us.
  • Hook: ....ok. I love you Emma! Please kill me instead!
  • Emma: I love you so much Killian! You've been nothing but perfect! And ALL of us are going to risk our lives to save you from the Underworld! You deserve it!
  • Hook: Thanks
  • A&E & CS fans: Brilliant love story! A++