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Name: Candace
Height: 4'9 ½"
Where I live: Texas, USA
Time/Date: 12:12 AM, July 31st
Average Amount of Sleep: 7hrs while its summer. Don’t ask once school starts back up 😅
Most Recently Watched and Enjoyed Movie: Lilo and Stitch
Favorite Band: Bethel
One Thing That Ticks Me Off: Chewing with mouth open//smacking gum or food
Favorite Drink(s): sweet tea, peach tea, raspberry tea, watermelon tea, mango tea, coffee
Meaning of URL: blahahaha was mine everywhere until an account on Twitter already had it. So I changed all of mine to candalalala. It sounds like my name and like singing (I think)

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Domestic and fluffy headcanons for Latvia? (He and baltics are underrated, in my opinion)

I completely agree omg

  • Whenever you come over he always makes both of you a cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or whatever hot beverage you prefer 
  • The hand holding milestone is a very important one for him
  • Once he’s comfortable with holding your hand he does it all the time, as long as you’re alright with it; he just loves the feeling of your hand in his
  • His favorite kind of date is when the two of you spend the night in watching movies after a day of sledding and playing in the snow
  • His shy giggles are the cutest thing you’ll ever hear
  • He blushes easily, and he’ll often say things like “I’m blushing right now, aren’t I? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to!”
  • He has one of the most genuinely sweet smiles ever
  • He likes sending good morning texts like “Good moring, ____! I hope you slept well.”

~Admin Abbi

Ageism and Lizzington

Ok so I think my last post didn’t go through, but I will try to rewrite it once more dealing with the post from redloveslizzy

Ageism is something that I have struggled with for a long time, I have been attracted to older men for many years now, and it has always bothered me that it has been installed into me that since I was young that age gaps of 7 years and up are very taboo and is “disgusting” and “immoral” I grew up on 80’s movies and so of course my favorite movie of all is Labyrinth and my mother would tell me every time it came up how wrong it was that he was prowling on a young girl. And I understand her reasoning seeing as she was underage, but his role was to make her realize she was going up and to leave childish things behind. Not to say that it’s ok to be a pedophile, (which is why I ship them when she comes into age) and my mind took on the fantasy aspect that he had to be at least 300 years ok in character, but my whole point is that when you are of legal age it’s not about your physical age but your mental.

I grew up with a mind that far surpassed my physical age and so I always felt like an outsider because children my own age was still in their proper mindset as a child where I dealt with things that made me grow up, (divorced parents ect.) and so I had more things on my mind that made me think of things that normal people my age hadn’t gotten too, so holding my interest with a conversation with them became hard because to me they didn’t understand the things that I did. And fast forwarding to high school I didn’t date any one because again the boys my age were too immature to me and so I had the developed father-complex and had interest in someone who was a 7 years older than me. (At that time I was just turning 18) and so I didn’t tell anyone because of how frowned upon it was but my mother supported me because he was a guy who was on the up and up and not shady and knew my grandma through church. (It still didn’t work out, I digress) </p>

Anyways back to the subject of Lizzie and Red. I was at a hospital visiting a family member when I was talking to mom about the ending of Blacklist and said, “they’re gonna end up together, I know it.” And then she said, “eww, what?! He’s twice her age and is like her father figure!” “So? She what thirty? It’s ok.” So we went around and how it’s inappropriate and what not. The point of it is, how is it that love can’t transcend ageism? If your of legal age to consent to a relationship then I don’t see what’s wrong. Just because someone is my age doesn’t mean that I will be able to have that connection with them. I have had people tell me it&rsquo;s better to have someone going through the same thing at the same time. But that’s hard to do when that isn’t always the case. And so I conclude with this: I feel that it is wrong that even if someone has a father-complex like people like me, and they find love with an older person, don’t tell them it’s disgusting or wrong. They both know what they want. That is their love, not yours.

let it be stated though, that tony’s iron man 1 hair story arc is thE SINGLE MOST PRECIOUS like MY FRIENDS do you see the pictures THERE IS A LEGIT HAIR STORY ARC THAT HAPPENED IN THIS MOVIE ALL RIGHT i could talk about this for the rest of my god damn life an-androgyne-outof-time you have suffered through this at least once right

11 Questions Tag

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1: What kinda pants are your fave?? No pants, obviously (i mostly wear skirts and dresses pants are too much work when ur short and have fat legs)
3: Dogs or Cats? DOGS OBVIOUSLY WTF (i have 5)
4: Hulu and Netflix Recommendations?? I don’t have hulu, but for netflix i recommend Dylan Dog(its terrible but i love it) and Dredd aka 2 of my favs (for shows Daredevil, Reign, and Criminal Minds)
5: All time favorite song? Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is an ETERNAL fav
6: Favorite Movie? I HAVE SO MAAAANY (see netflix recs) BUT of all of them Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Kick-ass (1 AND 2), and Scott Pilgrim vs The World all tie for first
7: Have you ever broken a bone?? Yes, I’ve broken my arm twice and sprained it once, sprained an ankle and broken my pinkie toe (don’t ask)
8: Do you like to clean? Depends on my mood. sometimes i HATE cleaning but other times its like i cant help myself
9: Do you take a lot of selfies? I dont have a phone w a good camera and my laptop is broken, so no, but i would if i had a decent camera
10: What word comes to mind? blanket
11: Pizza or Macaroni?? MACARONI(i dont rly like pizza)

My questions are

1. Go on Songza and pick any station and type the first song that pops up, do you like it?

2. If you could meet any musical artist, who would you pick?

3. You now have a child, name them. (My name is Mattie, if you want inspiration <; )

4. Favorite color? 

5. Top 5 people you talk to (text, call, etc.).

6. Rec 5 Bloggers, yes you have to you loser.

7. A movie that you love, but is TERRIBLE I MEAN AWFUL WHAT A BAD MOVIE.

8. You have to forget all but ONE book that you’ve read, what is that book?

9. Post a cool photo. (selfie, a pic of the computer, go thru my selfie tag and post me, whatever…)

10. You’re about to die, what is your last meal?

11. Who cares about kid names, give me your best DOG(or pet whatever) name (once again, I’m Mattie…..)

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Name: Jackie

Gender: female

Height: tall enough to get on the ride

Where I Live: in exo’s heart

Average Sleep Time: all day e’ryday

Most Recent Movie I Liked: inside out

Favorite Musical Artists/Band: i am obviously exo trash at least

Something That Makes Me Angry: people who pull out in front of you only to drive slow af.

Meaning of URL: long story short: me being lazy

Favorite Drink: tears of my enemies

Most Used Phrases: “lol”

Favorite Movie Soundtracks: phantom of the opera (even though it’s not really a movie there was a movie version so close enough)

“Once you get this you have to share 6 random facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :)”

  1. i am chanyeol’s mom. don’t question it.
  2. baekhyun is my beautiful son-in-law
  3.  i think i’m amazing
  4. i’m the author of fated
  5. i think fated isn’t that bad of a fic
  6. i wonder why more people aren’t reading fated honestly

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serenahartley replied to your post: Ssix things i’m currently in love with…

Omg! Anastasia is one of my all time favourite films! None of my friends have ever watched it and the ones who did, think it’s disney. Makes me mad!

Anastasia was a hard one to pick because even though that’s one of my all time favorite childhood movies, I also ADORED The Lion King and Mulan. In the end, I chose Anastasia because Dmitri was my first cartoon crush :p Don’t judge. I know EVERYONE has at least ONE cartoon crush. Also the songs were amazing. Once I start listening to any Anastasia song, I can’t stop for about an hour. :’)

ALSO YES. Anyone who calls Anastasia a Disney movie just don’t get it *side eye*

I was tagged by shedreams-of-love Thanks dear!! If you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and then forward it to 10 people from your recent activity :)

I am going to go with 5 very current things that are making me happy

1. I am feeling better health wise and think I’ve made it over that hurdle and will be better than ever. 

2. The trailer for “The Dust Storm: just came out and I am so excited for this movie. I’ve already watch it multiple times. It looks amazing!!

3. Once Upon a Time always makes me happy and I am loving the theories everyone is coming with and enjoying my re-watch of the show. I am on episode 1x13 and the oh the Snowing/Charming feels. It also has one of favorite quotes of all time.

I am also still reeling from all the amazing things that came out of Comic Con/NerdHQ These are just a few of the moments that still have me smiling endlessly.

4. I found the most adorable pair of red high heels and I can’t wait to wear them. I’ve never had any before.

5. My friends in the online community. You guys rock!!

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Once you get this you have to share 6 random facts about yourself, then share it with 10 of your favorite followers :D

more facts? let’s do this.

1. one time my roommates and i baked sleeping pills into a cheesecake and forgot to tell dale (we told him but he thought we were kidding, his fault, really) and he ate it flazy2 this-aint-macys-bitch ahahahahahahaha

2. one time during surgery i woke up and ripped my IV out, even under sedation, i hate that fucking needle.

3. fox and the hound is my favorite disney movie OF ALL TIME

4. i risked my life in time square to meet nick carter, and when i finally made it across alive, i realized it was aaron -_-

5. i like to make up jingles about anything and everything

6. i have been talking in a thick jersey accent for a day, EVEN reading fics mentally with a jersey accent, and it’s hilarious!

About me Tag

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Name: Adna 

Gender: Female

Height: 5′11, 1.81cm

Where I Live: In Germany 

Average Sleep Time: 4-10 hours, depends on what time I went to sleep. 

Most Recent Movie I Liked: 20 once Again, Luhan plays in it. It’s really a good and funny movie, if you haven’t watched it yet I would recommend it.

Favorite Musical Artists/Bands: EXO of course and Marina and the Diamonds.

Something That Makes Me Angry: Racism, people being assholes, discrimination, insects & math. (There’s a lot of other things that make me angry, but it would take me forever to write all of them down.)  

Meaning of URL: How do I explain this, oh my god. Well, I like K-Pop, so that makes me a K-Pop Fan. But it’s also ruining my life and my men expectations so that’s why I put poop instead of of pop. Idk.

Favorite Drink: It’s a drink from a turkish store in my town and it’s called Uludağ Gazoz. It tastes so good omg

Most Used Phrases: Well, it’s not a phrase but a word. I use ‘same’ a lot. But tbh I really have no idea.

Favorite Movie Soundtracks: It’s not from a movie but a Korean Drama. The Song is called Auditory Hallucination (환청) and it’s from the Drama ‘Kill me, heal me’. Here’s a link to it. I really loved the Song and the Drama, if you haven’t watched KMHM yet, do it! It’s so good.

Aaand, I tag these people: sehunandfriends, blondejonginnie, chanyeols-tight-ass, fxckyehet, pregnantjonginwolfpcy & http-pocky!

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About Me Tag

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Name: Ara (This name is a pseudonym, but it is a very special name to me. I don’t feel comfortable revealing my real name, so I hope you’re not disappointed.)

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2 (Currently)

Where I Live: America

Average Sleep Time: 0-12 hours; My sleep time is usually depended on what I’m doing. Sometimes I can stay up all night, or I can just go into s deep sleep. During school time my sleeping hours are probably 0-7 hours.

Most Recent Movie I Liked: The Technicians (It’s a Korean movie. I really liked it too; it had action and lots of cleverness.)

Favorite Musical Artists/Bands: I don’t really stick to a lot of other artists/bands; I kind of just “check” on them once in a while. I mostly just stay with EXO. I do tend to listen to a variety of Kpop songs from other bands whenever I feel like it.

Something That Makes Me Angry: Unfairness, offensive racial comments, offensive LGBT comments, hate, ignorant people, arrogant people, mean people, and my dad (He has problems with me and my family). I don’t get mad too easily. If I do get I mad I tend to stay silent and ignore everyone.

Meaning of URL: Suho; He was my first bias, so that’s why I chose him for my URL.  I have a soft spot for him in my heart. I kind of just mashed his name and my pseudonym name together. Junmyeon + Ara = MyeonAra

Favorite Drink: Water; I don’t really enjoy sodas that much anymore. I do drink juice sometimes, but I mostly just drink water. I think that I drink water the most because it was the only thing I drank when I had slight anorexia/bulimia.

Most Used Phrases: I love you. (I’m not really sure what my most used phrases are, but I’m sure I have said I love to some people.)

Favorite Movie Soundtracks: [Movies] Crying Out (D.O, Cart), There is a Place (Kris/Wu Yifan, Somewhere Only We Know), Our Tomorrow (Luhan, 20 Once Again/Back To 20) [Dramas] Best Luck (Chen; It’s Okay, That’s Love), Beautiful (Baekhyun, EXO Next Door).

Other Songs: Tian Mi Mi (Luhan), Time Boils In the Rain (Kris/Wu Yifan)

[I’m sorry that all of these songs were sung by EXO members.]

I’m going to tag these wonderful people: layhyunnie, baekkyungie, kpoopfan, -partypoisonedyouth-, ex00dus, merybensa, jonginssocks, yixings-abs, saence, wetbaekhyun, pcypixie, and mariposivory.

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Ten Favorite Characters Challenge


I was tagged for this by the lovely ah-maa-zing. (And hey, Tumblr actually decided to send me the notification for once! Thanks, Tumblr!)

It’s always impossible to narrow down all my favs to just ten, so to make it easier, I decided to impose an additional restriction on myself and pick ten favorite characters of color. Which narrowed it down QUITE A LOT, given the overwhelmingly white landscape of TV/movies. And yet, I still had a lot of trouble settling on only ten (sorry, John Diggle, I love ya, but better luck next time).

In no particular order:

  1. Joan Watson, Elementary
  2. Alec Hardison, Leverage
  3. Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
  4. Wallace Fennel, Veronica Mars
  5. Zoe Washburne, Firefly/Serenity
  6. Abed Nadir, Community
  7. Martha Jones, Doctor Who
  8. Sam Wilson, MCU
  9. Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  10. Winston Bishop, New Girl

I can’t remember who’s been tagged and who hasn’t at this point, so if you’re seeing this on your dash and you haven’t been tagged yet, consider yourself officially tagged. Bam!

Since it IS TECHNICALLY STILL SUMMER, I figured why not share my favorite things to watch this time of year? These are all movies and shows I own that either have something specific about summer in them, some are about school/going back to school, and some just remind me of that adventure-feeling I got from summer as a kid~

Pikachu’s Vacation (Pokemon mini movie)

Recess: School’s Out

Independence Day


Treasure Planet

Road to El Dorado 

Wild America

Little Giants

The Sandlot

The Goonies

Jurassic Park (and sequels)

Pooh’s Grand Adventure

Once Upon a Forest

The Lion King

The Hobbit, Return of the King (Rankin and Bass)

The Last Unicorn

The Flight of Dragons

Charlotte’s Web

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Lilo and Stitch

James and the Giant Peach 



Vacation/Vegas Vacation

Captain Ron

City Slickers

Wild Wild West

The Mask of Zorro

The Great Outdoors

Weekend at Bernie’s


Do The Right Thing

The Parent Trap


The Wizard of Oz

The Benchwarmers 

School of Rock

Revenge of the Nerds, Nerds in Paradise

Animal House

Monsters University

Daria: Is it Fall Yet?

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

Digimon the Movie

Tag 10 people you’d like to know better

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Name: Sina
Nickname: Sinai
Birthday: 2nd September 1998
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Black!
Favorite animal(s): Turtles and lions. :D
Favorite Word: Idk, I have words in german that I hate, but I can’t remember a word that I love because of its sound and not its meaning.
Favorite food(s): Croquettes.
Favorite snack(s): Chocolate& Cookies (Starbucks Cookies are the best!♥)
Favorite bands/artists: I love a lot of bands but I think my favorite is still The Amity Affliction.♥
Favorite TV series: I love a looooot of series like Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Twisted, The OC, Once Upon A Time, The Flash and and and, but my all time favorite series will always be Smallville and One Tree Hill.
Last movie I watched: Catching Fire.

I tag:

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Hey guys! So I edited together this video yesterday and I’m really proud of it. It’s a multifandom video set to Imagine Dragon’s song Battle Cry. There are a ton of my favorite TV shows and movies featured in here including stuff from Once Upon A Time, The Avengers, Agent Carter, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, Doctor Who and more. Hope you all enjoy it! 

I WAS TAGGED BY: coffeeandspentbrass
NAME: Nick
BIRTHDAY: March 1996
FAVORITE COLOR: Tan. Specifically, the color on a golf jacket. You know the one
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 5-10 hours, depending
LAST THING I GOOGLED: Townes van Zandt Pancho and Lefty chords
FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: Does George Patton count?
FAVORITE BOOK: We Were Soldiers Once…And Young
FAVORITE BAND: Hello, I’m Johnny Cash
LAST MOVIE I SAW: Sunset Boulevard. I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille
DREAM TRIP: Roadtrip from Edinborough, through the major cities of Europe, ending in Saint Petersburg, with a month in Paris

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6 Facts About Me

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1: I have a shrine to ancient Egypt in my room.

2: I am currently building a massive Yacata, a Central American pyramid that consists of a rectangular and circular pyramid attached to one another forming a shape like the omega symbol, to add onto a temple complex in Minecraft.

3: My Pokémon Alpha Sapphire team consists of a Claydol, Walrien, Aggron, Ninetails, Sceptile, and a Shedinja who are all nicknamed after various mythical creatures and gods: Dogu, Siarnaq, Ogu, Inari, Quetzalcoatl, and Khepri, respectively.

4: My favorite movie is Once Upon a Time in America.

5: I don’t really like ranking systems akin to belt rankings and IQ because I think they are arbitrary and comparisons against other people, which isn’t fair, though I do keep tabs on mine.

6: I am currently working on building a language for a series of books that I would like to write.

My 10 tags are:










quinnasaurus-creations (P.S.  I still need that picture of King Kong asking Godzilla to the prom while Godzilla wears a pink tutu and a tiara)

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  1. canned Green beans are my favorite vegetable of all time.  i don’t even have to heat them up.  I could eat them for days
  2. my favorite character in the world is the ‘sarcastic, angry genius loser that may or may not be a psycho that everyone wishes they could kill but is vital to their survival in one way or another’
  3. I am legitimately scared of Freddy Kruger but not because of the movies, it’s only the song.  1-2 Freddy’s coming for you…
  4. I’m allergic to everything that grows outdoors, candles, perfumes and anything with a strong smell
  5. I wear glasses
  6. my childhood dream job was to be the third wheel of a threesome (the one that took care of the kids and didn’t have to kiss anyone).

uh, I tag all my chatzy folks: epherians phoenixislost dreamingcellardoor (OH MY GOD IT WORKED IT ACTUALLY WORKED OH MY GOD IT WORKED.  TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER) komakirin, anachronismstellar margsi creed-of-aquila, Mistral (I can’t remember your tumblr because I suck).  and whoever else goes to Chatzy.