I learned a lot over the past few days, about myself and what makes me happy and also about people in general and how fun it can be to offer strangers opportunities to break out of their shells and push boundaries, even if only temporarily. I was also reminded once again about the joy that can come from gathering folks you love in one place and celebrating the simple fact that we are alive together. That’s one of my all time top favorite feelings. A feelings MVP. In an effort to help create more environments where people can celebrate these MVP feelings, my magical friend The Encourager and I are going to spend the next month painting murals in people’s homes around california (and maybe beyond). So far we’ve received a ton of emails but The Encourager has just eaten my computer (she thought it was and sandwich). In order to make it up to me she promised to handwrite all our email replies. She says she will be tying the handwritten emails to the backs of butterflies and sending them off to the people whose houses we want to paint. If for some reason that plan fails I’ll be sending off traditional email replies to the lucky winners this week. As for the rest of you, if you’d like a rainbow in your home , email info@veryawesomeworld.com with the subject : murals! Hope to see you soon! This is going to be great fun!

Nishiki told him –he kissed her once, it taste horrible and she hugged him –and it feels warm but there’s nothing more than that. It almost happened but he remember the little boy sleeping in the next room so he stopped– and Touka have that sad/regret expression on her face when she realize what they’re doing –and apologize. They never talk about it ever again so their relationship maintain as it was now. Kou might have misunderstood it for something else.

Kaneki went back to her and apologize for doubting her and for everything else. Touka makes him eat a full plate of human food for dinner as his punishment. Although he gotten better at faking eating, it still taste bad and ends up throwing up throughout the night. Touka finally have that small smile on her face and Kou commented that his mother was scary.

valentine’s day headcannon(s?)

okay alright listen i saw one of those big ass bears and this just… happened 

  • kara’s arts and crafts hidden mania comes out during this particular holiday and cat has to veto the huge paper mache heart winn and james are helping kara hang in the middle of the office, right next to cat’s elevator (winn and james are grateful, kara almost cries)
  • and then cat feels bad because kara keeps drawing hearts all over her sticky notes and keeps wearing more and more elaborately pink outfits like, cat swears if kara didn’t have her as a boss, she’d wear pink pants and a pink shirt
  • kara wears red pants once and that’s the day cat finally says yes to small decorations
  • kara hangs up little tiny paper mache hearts all over the desks and windows and cat keeps finding them stuck to the layouts and to the bottom of her shoes because they’re everywhere and she keeps crumpling them up and throwing them at kara every time she comes into the office (it was a rough week) once, one of them fluttered to her elevator as she was leaving and she bent down to pick it up and place it in her pocket
  • kara tries starting a twelve days of valentine’s. cat vetoes it right away
  • and cat keeps finding glitter all over her damn office because kara thinks she’s getting away with stealthily making cards in her desk while she’s supposed to be working and her skirt always drops gallons of glitter in cat’s couch and her floor and her latte and one time cat took off her shirt at home and a dozen little golden satanic circles fell to the ground
  • cat bans glitter from the office and her latte the next morning is just a degree colder than she likes it
  • kara attempts giving her the silent treatment but it doesn’t last more than two minutes and thirty three seconds because kara uses cat like a personal diary (cat pretends to hate it)
  • and then kara mentions offhandedly, and a little dejectedly, that she never got those huge bears, or valentine’s grams that every girl always got in her high school and that eliza always bought her the heart shaped chocolates instead and cat just feels. so. fucking. much. for her stupid assistant so she tells her that she can start a five days of valentine’s but only if she stops drawing hearts next to cat’s name when she’s taking notes. kara’s blush is almost red enough to match her shirt

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U got something against bronies or somethin?

listen here sonny if u dont think i had a brony phase u can tell it to the collection of mlpfim merch rotting in the back of my closet next to all my minecraft shit

the hatred doesnt come from ignorance and lack of understanding

it comes from knowing all too well the infatuation with those colorful cheery four legged bastards. it comes from the resentment i feel towards myself for ever having been that invested in one of the more ridiculous counter cultures in recent history. it comes from the shame of having once thought myself superior in intellect and pop culture for getting all the inside jokes in a fandom of adults centered around a show for children.

i dont have something against bronies. i have something against the dark window to my shameful past that i gaze into every time i see the word ‘brony’.


A scream in the night wakes her up, and she grabs for her gun.  Her heart races as she reaches next to her, feeling the solid presence of her boyfriend underneath her palm when she stretches with her other arm to turn on the lamp sitting next to her, with her nightstand underneath it.  She assesses the situation once the light is on, and even though she’s groggy from being roused out of sleep so abruptly, the boost caused by the epinephrine heightens her sense of alertness.  She’s able to calm down enough to realize that the sound came from beside of her, and more specifically, from her boyfriend. 

He tosses next to her, and when he whimpers, it breaks her heart.  "Marty.  Marty, honey…“  She shakes him, and then reminds herself to rouse him gently, remembering what used to happen when she woke Jack up too suddenly.  People always stared at her when they were out together and she wasn’t completely able to cover up the split lip, or darkened eye, or forgot to wear long sleeves and revealed finger-shaped bruises by accident.  She hated those looks, mixed with sympathy and disgust, directed at her and him, respectively.  They didn’t understand.  Most people never do.

"Deeks,” she tries again, rubbing his arm.  Her heart’s still hammering in her chest.  She’s never seen him like this.  

He groans as he wakes up, throwing his arm over his forehead, squinting against the light from the lamp.  His breath is still coming in shallow bursts, and so is hers, as she tries to calm down and figure out what’s going on.  "What’s… what’s wrong?“ she asks, tucking her knees underneath her as she sits up between the sheets.

"Nightmare,” he admits in a quiet, trembling voice.  

She frowns.  He’s never been like this before.  Or at least, not in front of her.  They’ve been living together for a few weeks now, but nothing’s really felt like it’s changed, considering how much she stayed with him before the move was official.  They still eat Mexican once a week and crack up over a game of cards or a movie, their own form of Tetri-tos night, something she hadn’t even realized how much she missed until Deeks gave it back to her.  She still leaves trails of crumbs wherever she goes, and he caught her shoving her junk underneath the bed the other day, much to her dismay.  They still cuddle after long days, hard cases, and when they come a little to close to a bullet.  So nothing’s really changed.

But this, this is new.  She runs her hand through her hair, tucking a few curls behind her ear and out of her face so she can see him without brown waves obstructing her view.  He’s shaking.  "Sidorov?“ she asks directly, leaving no leeway for him to evade the nightmare by saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.  He used the same tactic on her when he would stay on her couch before they were a couple, and as much as she hated discussing what haunted her, it helped, not being alone with her memories.

"No.  The cleric.”

It takes her a second.  "You mean–“

"Yeah.  The blind guy I tortured.”  

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I try not to think about you
But the rain’s coming and I’m waiting to hear your voice
Beckon me through the wall
When the lightening strikes
When the thunder calls.

You used to need me
To hold you close
Kiss your fingers
Beyond the downpour but
You’re no longer in the next room and
It’s not my name you’re calling.
Through the thunder that echoes my anguish
I feel your heart beat in the rain and
If lightening could strike me
Take me back four years
I’d do it all the same.

The ice of the afternoon thaws
In the evening storm and once more
I hope I’m yours.

Best Decision

You stared down at your phone blankly and sighed, too used to the feeling. 

Joshua was busy with work– again. 

“Was staying with you the best decision?” You whispered to yourself.

You closed your phone and placed it on the nightstand beside you as you slowly lifted the covers to your chest, staring at the ceiling. 

This was tiring and you were sick of it. You’re sick of waiting until the next morning to meet with his sleeping figure and then him having to leave four hours later. You rarely spent time with him and the dates that you planned were always postponed. 

Sighing once more, you closed your eyes and fell asleep. 

You slowly opened your eyes and blinked slowly when you were met with Joshua’s twinkling eyes that stared softly at you. Your eyes shot open as you sat up instantly, wiping your eyes and running your hand through your hair as you blinked rapidly. This isn’t real… He’s awake? Looking at me and not sleeping? 


You slowly looked over at Joshua’s confused expression as he slowly sat up, sitting behind you. His hair was slightly messy but looked amazing on him.

 You stiffened slightly when he slowly wrapped his arms around you from behind, pulling you a bit closer as he laid his head on your shoulder, his eyes closing. 

“Good morning…” his sweet voice whispered. 

You swallowed and placed your hands over his that were on your stomach. 


“Let’s go and wash up, hm? I’m going to make us some breakfast later,” he interrupted you and smiled gently at you, raising his head back up as he stared at you with the most dazed and loving expression.

You slowly nodded and gasped when he suddenly picked you up bridal style after he stood up. He grinned at you and walked to the washroom. 

After washing up, Joshua was making breakfast as you were sitting on the couch, your fingers gripping your phone. 

You read over the texts that you and Joshua used to send and sighed. He had to leave in about 2 hours, and you were tired of never seeing him except in the mornings. 

“Baby? Breakfast is done!” 

You looked up and found Joshua grinning happily at you and bringing two plates of pancakes over to the little table in front of you. He set the plates down and pecked your cheek. 

You blinked rapidly and opened your mouth slightly, “Jisoo-” 

“Wait! I forgot the milk!” Joshua cutely tapped your nose before jogging over to the kitchen again. 

You sighed softly and stared at the pancakes, your heart weakening as you re-thought. However, all those thoughts of keeping him as your boyfriend faded when reality hit you. This is the most time you’ve seen and interacted romantically with him in the last 2 months. You frowned. 

“Here it is!” 

You looked up at blinked as he placed the two cups of milk on the table before leaning in and kissing your lips sweetly. 


You blinked rapidly as he shoved a piece of pancake in your mouth. You slowly chewed and stared at him as he ate as well. He kept glancing at you and smiling softly. 

You swallowed your food and opened your mouth again but was stopped by the glass of milk in front of your lips. You looked at Joshua confusingly but he just chuckled. You took the glass and slowly sipped the milk before putting it down and sighing. 


Joshua stiffened slightly and gulped, his eyes fixed on the table as you were staring at his side view.

“Jisoo,” you sighed softly as there were no more interruptions, “Jisoo, can we talk?” 

You saw him breathe out softly before a soft “no” escaped his lips. 

“I– Wait, what?” you blinked. 

Joshua looked over at you and pressed his lips together before softly whispering, “I said no.” 

You stared at him blankly before a small frown of confusion appeared on your face. 

You felt his hands on yours as he slowly caressed your knuckles with his thumbs, “you can’t… you can’t break up with me.” 

You blinked in shock and stared at him as his eyes were on your hands. He raised your hand and slowly cupped your hand on his cheek, staring at you. 

“Don’t leave me…” 


“I heard you, Y/N… You were asking yourself if staying with me was the best choice…” 

You widened your eyes, “b-but my phone was-” 

“No it wasn’t…” Joshua whispered, staring at you sadly, “why…? Y/N… I told you so many times that I have work and I’m so sorry for not being here with you.”

You gulped before croaking out, “I just really miss you… It’s so lonely without you and just to see you in the morning…” 

Joshua softened as he nodded in understanding, “I miss you too… so much…” he whispered, cupping your cheeks as he smiled at you, “I promise… I’ll make it up to you.” 

You sniffed and closed your eyes when he leaned in. 

“I love you so much… Please understand that and know that it’s not my fault that my boss is so mean.” 

Your lips cracked into a slight smile when he spoke and pressed his soft lips against yours. 

this is so bad frick sorry 

We're Just Looking For Excuses

Trees look better naked. We are like trees, isn’t everyone? Come here, shake off your leaves, let’s strip for winter- it’s always the right temperature next to you. Have you ever? Would you ever? I love to ever all the time, like, walk you home all sixteen miles, my uncle once wrote a song called sixteen miles that was secretly about us right now, but in the 90’s. I’m glad it took so long, glad your hand feels like a staircase, glad Neverland has nothing to do with “Never”, more like “right now”, more like this is how I plan to kiss you: with tree bark my mouth, with a small breeze on your lips, with the stupid in my, you know, whatever, let’s find a ridge again. I know it doesn’t work this way, but let’s quit this way and do it some other way, or maybe in a way that hasn’t been invented yet and then not tell anybody. I like it when no one can see me. I like it when you can see me. I don’t mind the light anymore, but I’d still rather be pitch anything with you. Pitch blue. Black as hip-bruises. Look, we’re still in your bed, I’ve spent all day praying all day would not stop, I’ve wasted all day asking you about the canal bank and your brother, let’s write our favorite words down and bury them under birch trees, I think this is what photosynthesis feels like, let’s keep growing, let’s hold roots, or hands, doesn’t matter, pull my hair some more, make me your favorite adjective, I’ll try to change everything. I wanna change everything

you don’t know how much i love the concept of slutty jasper

like…whenever she feels pent-up, it’s either fight…or fuck. and sometimes both.

she’ll start out sparring with a fellow quartz, and next thing she knows, this chick is balls deep inside her and she’s loving every moment

she has a list of important gems she’s fucked. it’s a point of pride for her that she’s nailed ALL of the diamonds, more than once.

there’s been more than one orgy in the barracks. she loves testing her stamina with long, drawn-out gangbangs. 

there’s a reason her suit is so low-cut.

she becomes infamous, and there are rumours that she didn’t get that cape and its associated rank through legitimate channels.

whenever she’s invited to court as an elite guard, everyone knows the party’s going to be wild af. some nobles are pissed by jasper’s brazen attitude, and view her as an upstart who is trying to mess with the status quo. but they can’t do anything because they know that, while the diamonds don’t remember her by name, they’re extremely fond of their slutty quartz in her low-cut jumpsuit who is (to date) the only one who can take their dicks without poofing.



by Tanveer Badal

I think most people overthink travel, turning the process into a much bigger deal that it has to be—dwelling on things like how they’ll get there, where they’ll sleep, how much will it cost, whether they’ll get ripped off, etc. I’m convinced that all that anxiety ultimately deters more people from traveling. So, my golden rule of travel is, just buy the plane ticket. Because once you do, you’ll be forced to figure out all the other stuff, step by step. This experience builds character and ultimately makes you a better traveler. I understand that to some people travel logistics are daunting, but I love the challenge. I never feel more useful, or that I’m applying 110% of my brain, than when I’m in a foreign land wondering what the hell is going to happen next. read more

Hey there!

Finally put the Hub room in-game with some new animations on some of the assets and it’s also semi-functional! All that’s left now is to add a simple UI to choose a dungeon from three or so options, Maybe even add a way to enter a dungeon seed but that won’t be functional for a while so I’d rather focus on some more pressing stuff.

Next up I will be focusing on dungeons again, fixing bugs, make everything look better/smoother, and improve generation. Once the main game loop (Town>Dungeon>Town) is solid enough I will start focusing on Sound/Music and progress saving so you can quit while in the town and then come back to your same character and face your next dungeon (Until your character dies and you lose everything).

Anyway, there is still an incredible amount of work to do and content to add but WishGranter is finally feeling like an actual game. I will try to post another update sometime next week. Thanks to everyone who keeps sharing, spreading the word and giving support. Really means a lot!

BTS and Marriage

What age would BTS be when they get married:

(this is just my opinion)

Rapmon: i feel like he’d probably get married around like age 27/28, because I think he would know when he’s found THE one

Suga: I kind of see him about the same age as Rapmon because he seems like he would know when he found the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Jin: he would probably get married at 35/40, not because he doesn’t want to get married young, but i feel like he’d want a long relationship before taking that step, and he’d want to make sure he was making the right decision.

J-Hope: i could see him getting married at like 27? I feel like he would know once he found THE one and he wouldn’t really want to wait that long and he’d want to take the next step as soon as he could.

Jimin: he seems like more of the type to wait until like 30-35. To me he is still young, and he’s still kind of finding himself, so I think he would take awhile to settle down and make that mature step.

V: honestly, he would take awhile. I feel like he would really do his best to find someone perfect for him, and he wouldn’t want to rush into anything. So he might not get married until like 35-40? He just really wants someone who is perfect for him, and this might be harder for him than the other guys.

Jungkook: this baby boy doesn’t even know want to think about marriage, lol. but i could see him being someone to marry young, but at the same time, he might be the type to wait and really develop a relationship before taking that step.

How long would they wait to propose? (again, my opinion)

Rapmon: 2/3 years

Suga: 3 years

Jin: 3 years, maybe 4?

J-Hope: 1 year

Jimin: 2/3 years?

V: 5 years

Jungkook: 2/4 years

Are you a creation of my mind?
Because your existence in my head
Since you walked from our door
Remains the strongest
Reality I have.

I pour tea for two
Set two plates at the table but
Your food always gets cold and
I’m growing old only with my memory of
The way you could see past
My simplicity,
The way you held me when the storms would come.

I still hear your name humming
In the heater I curl up next to
Since you walked from our door
A deception of warmth in the hollow of night
Hoping you’ll slip in my sheets and
Once more I’ll feel your heat
Embody me until light.

Under the calling of the fall of rain
I hear your heart with mine -
They still beat the same.

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How would bts wake you up in the morning?


He would’ve fallen asleep in his music studio by accident (for the third time that week) When he woke up, he would immediately feel so apologetic and feel like such a bad boyfriend. He would slowly walk towards the bedroom you two shared, not wanting to wake you up. Then, he would lie down next to you and hold you closer to him. When you opened your eyes, you would see him looking at you with loving eyes. “sorry for not coming to bed, I fell asleep in the studio.” you shook your head and kissed his cheek. “let’s sleep some more.” you would murmur, drifting off to dreamland once more, this time, wrapped around yoongi’s arms around you.

Originally posted by sayjjanhae


He wouldn’t have to physically wake you up, the aroma of his delicious cooking would wake you up. You would groggily leave the bed, and walk over to the kitchen to find him in nothing but a pair of sweats and a white v-neck shirt. You would walk over to him and back hug him. “babe, are you awake already? damn, I wanted to give you breakfast in bed.” He would smile, turning around so he could get a daily dose of you. He would think of adorable you looked in his t-shirt that was obviously too big on you. “sit down, breakfast is almost done. It’s your favorite too.” he said placing a kiss on your forehead.

Originally posted by vminv


waking you up would be his favorite part of the morning. he would love how you would look at him with a slightly lost look in your eyes, which were only half open due to bright sunlight that was entering from the curtain-less windows that Taehyung had opened. “babe, wake up! It’s already 8 a.m! Rise and shine, time for a new day!” He would kiss you everywhere and carry you bridal style to the bathroom when you refused to get off of the cozy, warm bed. If he had to, he might even wash your teeth for you :)

Originally posted by averageoppa


this little shy boy would wake you up as gently as possible. he would lightly tap your shoulder and if you didn’t wake up after that he would take pictures of you sleeping, because you looked so cute and he would need them when he was at tour without you. If you didn’t wake up after a while, he would lightly kiss you, after a long debate alone whether he should just leave you alone. “babe, i’m sorry, but you really need to wake up, it’s almost afternoon.” which would wake you instantly and have you scold him lightly for not waking you up sooner, but of course, you wouldn’t be able to stay mad long.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


this little bundle of hope will wake you up sweetly. he would snuggle closer to you and spoon you. He would whisper that it’s time to wake up and go on a much needed date. as soon as you woke up, he would shower you with kisses,tickle you, making you break out in giggles. he would smile at how beautiful you looked and how lucky he was to have you.

Originally posted by baby-hoseok


he would be a mix of Jungkook and Taehyung. He would contemplate for a long time whether he should wake you up, and how he would wake you up. He would resort to waking you up. He would pull you closer to him, placing your head on his toned biceps and whisper stuff like, “if you don’t wake up, I’m taking it that you mean that I should hang out with Jungkook for the day.” which would instantly wake you. He would smirk at how cute and jealous you got whenever he mentioned Jungkook, since he showed so much affection over the boy.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


raps. he would make a morning rap for you. the lyrics to the raps would be something very amusing and he would try to make you laugh first thing in the morning. after that, he would hug you for a while and most likely take you on a sweet romantic date to the studio where he would let you listen to his completed songs.

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                                                                                            -admin oreo


Olivia and Dhani Harrison at the Concert for George, Royal Albert Hall, 29 November 2002 (in screen caps from the concert film, and an image that’s copyright REX).

“That was the most excruciating song. It was obviously very emotional for me to see [Dhani] up there paying tribute to his dad. And listening to George’s words - ‘Beware of sadness/ It can hit you, it can hurt you, make you sore/ And what is more, that is not what you are here for’ - feeling so incredibly sad and trying not to be sad - taking George’s advice.” - Olivia Harrison, Rolling Stone, 9 October 2003 [x]

* * *

“[Olivia] began to speak, said about three or four words and then faulted… actually choking back, before she was able to say the next word ‘George’. She continued, stopping once more to choke back again.
From memory, her speech went something like this…….:
‘Hi. This film is really for… George… There were a lot of people to thank: All the musicians, George’s loved and trusted friends, people involved in making the movie, a new friend - the editor of the film, and my old family friend and co-producer Jon Kamen. Above all - and above all of us - we have George to thank for the music he left us. He taught us the importance of friendship. This concert was a labor of love - each gave their best and there is a sense of achievement, but with humility. So, once again, George, here it is and we hope you like it.’” - Diane Machin (webmaster of the now-offline stuck-inside-a-cloud.net) about attending the Gala Premiere of Concert for George, London, 8 October 2003 [x]


Originally posted by teamsciles

This one was created by me. 

Warnings: None

Your body shook with chills and the force of the hacking cough that tore from your throat. Swallowing was just as painful as coughing, your head stuffed, sinuses draining. You were sick. 

For once, you were grateful Derek couldn’t get sick. He had taken it upon himself to take care of you while you fought off whatever it was you were fighting. 

“Here, drink this.” Derek said, putting a cup of steaming liquid down in front of you. “You’ll feel better.” He sat down next to you, brushing your hair away from your face. “You’re burning up.” He said, feeling your forehead. 

“Thanks. You’re not s bad yourself.” You mumbled, shifting slightly, trying to get more comfortable. 

Derek laughed lightly before climbing into bed beside you. You curled into his side, taking in his warmth as he reached for the book beside you. 

He started reading, your eyes fluttering as his voice lulled you to sleep. You were almost asleep when he stopped. You groaned, tightening your grip on him. 

“One more chapter.” You said, pouting a little. “Please.” 

“Fine.” Derek said, opening the book once more. 

He started reading again, your body relaxing as he lulled you off to sleep.

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I heard Scott's planning to pilot Thunderbird Two. Lets give him a surprise hahaha ***ZZAAPPS you with the GROWTH RAY***

He’d passed, for the moment, on eating the crumb of cookie Scott had given him. He just didn’t completely buy that it would fix this. It had to just be a coincidence, and Virgil just wasn’t sure he was up to potentially being sick… again. And Brains WAS working on it, so…

Then there was a voice from somewhere. How had they gotten into his studio?!

“What? Scott’s wha–whoa!”

The world spun and seemingly shrank around him. The next thing he knew he was sitting on the floor, back to his normal size once more. Rubbing his head head, he slowly pulled himself to his feet. Ugh, that had only been marginally less awful feeling than being shrunk.


“Scott’s taking Thunderbird 2?” He looked around the room, but there was no answer. The intruder was gone once more. Figured. Virgil kind of wanted to lay down and recover, but…

Virgil instead headed to the lounge, to his launch shoot. Oh no, no way was he letting Scott make off with Thunderbird 2 without even asking him first. Big brother was going to have a wonderful surprise waiting for him in the cockpit when he arrived. As tempting as it was to just plop himself into his pilot seat, the designated pilot of Thunderbird 2 perched himself on one of the back corner cabinets and waited.


notes | So clearly once I have an au, I never leave it alone :) Here’s a future piece, where they’re happily married, to tie into my soulmate mark au! Dedicated this to @choppergunner who asked when I’d post part 4. There won’t be an official next part but probably more bits and pieces now and then.

title | incorrigible 

Everything feels so peaceful, caught up in the still and the quiet and the pale light of dawn, that sometimes it seems crazy to think about how hard it’s been to get here, to this point. Their pasts (separate and shared) are full of loss and heartbreak, a litany of sorrows and sadness that have miraculously managed to do one thing right: bring them together.

Barry wonders at it all sometimes, mostly on mornings like these, when he’s tangled up in their soft, dark cotton sheets, watching his soul mate (his wife, the love of his life, his Caitlin) slumber quietly, wearing nothing more than a curling smile, her wedding ring and their mark (it’s been two years since they were married and it all still takes his breath away some days–most days–everyday). He wishes the roads that brought them together had been smoother, less littered with loss, but he will never not be grateful for this next stage of their journey, never not appreciate all it’s taken and never take it for granted.

(She is beautiful and brilliant and sometimes still broken, but she’s his and he’s hers and this is the one fact that matters, at the end and beginning of each day).

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Heart Under Foot

 A small Femslash February piece! Inspired by @queseraawesome‘s excellent fic and also all of my feelings about the treatment of Volleyball in canon.

South Dakota & Volleyball.

She shows up in pink hair and bright green accents and, after three seconds of conversation, hits Felix with a right hook that sends him to the dirt. The next thing anyone knows, she’s in charge of their training. Disgruntled is all everyone, including her, seems to feel about the arrangement.

“Laps,” she says. “Until you’re on the ground.”

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