Walk The Line Pt. II

(Donald Pierce/Mutant!Reader)

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Words: ~3.7k
Warning: Smut, that’s it.

The moving became more frequent after that, you only ever spent two, maybe three, days in a place before moving on and needless to say it was hard.

Physically and mentally you were both exhausted, especially after that close call a few weeks before.

Jake didn’t even really want to let you out of his sight, scared he would lose you, but sitting on top of each other all the time started to get under your skin.

You usually went on grocery runs together, but after the last incident, you both figured that it might be safer to go alone, as to not draw too much attention and maybe you were not as easily recognized if you weren’t in a pair.

But you had told him about Pierce and what you saw in his feelings and that got Jake worried. He was worried about what he would do to you if he got you alone, so he was the one who went out to buy stuff.

And while that was fine by you in the beginning, it wasn’t fine anymore. You needed a break, you needed some space, even if just for an hour and most of all, you needed to get out of the house.

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A Little Fall of Rain

Characters: Alexander x Sister!Reader, Lafayette x Reader (Implied), Alexander x John, and Hercules

Length: 2746+ words

Genre: Angst –> Comfort

TW: LOTS OF TRIGGERS: Suicide / Suicide Attempt / Anxiety / Depression / Hospital / Self-Hate / Lots of sadness

A/N: I didn’t write this because I wanted you guys to be sad around this time, but instead I wanted this to be comforting those who are going through a hard time. The term is over for those who are in school, and that means you’re getting your marks back, and the holiday season puts so much pressure to be happy, and I just wanted to write something that may help even if it’s just a bit. I hope you guys find comfort in this story. 

“Hey Laf,” you greeted your best friend with a tight smile. It had been a rough few months in university. Your older brother, Alexander had started two years before you, and he had introduced you to his circle of friends. Since Alexander was your main guardian, the both of you shared an apartment together, and went to the local school until university. The only thing that changed when Alexander went to university was his boyfriend, John, moving in with you. Along with John, were Alexander’s other close friends, Hercules and Gilbert- of Laf as you all call him. The boys hung out a lot in your apartment, seeing as it was close to campus, and just much more convenient and homey than their own homes. Gilbert would often say that it was thanks to you that the place seemed more homey, Hercules helped him with the wording, and they called it ‘a woman’s touch’. You, of course, blushed at his words. The Frenchman had quickly because your best friends despite the age gap, and though you would never admit it, you had always adored the cute, tall, foreign man. 

“Hello, Y/N,” he greeted, swooping in to give you a hug. “How are you?” 

“Good!” you responded, lying between your teeth. “Alexander will be home from his exam soon. How are you?” 

“Bon!” he cheered, clapping his hands together. “I asked Adrienne out today, and she said yes! We’re going out tonight.”   

It was cliché, but you felt your heart stop. Your breath was stuck at your throat, and you felt a deep pang in your stomach. You stifled back a hurt whimper, and forced yourself to smile. “Y-Yeah? That’s good! I’m ha-happy for y-you,” you managed to stutter out.   

He frowned at your reaction, his eyes narrowing at you. “Mon chèr, are you okay?“ 

“Yea, of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” You cursed internally at how unnaturally high your voice was getting. You had to get out of there, but he asked anymore questions. “Um- I actually have to go,” you said, turning on your heels, and made a bee-line to your bedroom, closing the door behind you. As quickly as you could, you grabbed everything you needed to study on campus. There was no point in staying at home if Gilbert was there. Throwing your bag over your shoulder, you took one last look at your room to make sure you weren’t missing anything until basically running out of the apartment without even saying goodbye to Gilbert. You searched from a secluded room in one of the campus buildings, and placed your bag down, planning to camp out in the room for the night.   

The past four months were torture, and you knew it was only first year, which meant it could only get worse. Luckily for you, your exams were done pretty early in the exam season, and you had finished a week ago. Unfortunately, that meant your professor were quicker to update your final marks, and it was not looking good for you at all. You had failed two of your courses, and barely passed the other three. You felt like a disappointment, the black sheep of the family. Your older brother had always been smart- a genius, some would say, and it was expected that you were the same. Except, you weren’t even half as smart as him. Despite studying most of the time, you could never match up to his intelligence. You sighed, tears pricking your eyes. Alexander had been so preoccupied with his friends, and school that he barely had time for you anymore.   

Shaking your head, you opened up your laptop, trying to get some readings done for next term. Your heart felt heavy as you thought about all your failures.
It was clear that you weren’t good enough.   

Not smart enough.   

Not studious enough.   

Not interesting enough.   

Not attractive enough.   

Not kind enough.   

You were not enough. And it killed you.   

The dam broke, and all the tears you stifled for the last few months finally broke free. You were sobbing in an empty room alone on campus, a few days before Christmas because you weren’t good enough. You were a failure. You just wanted it all to end.   

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xennariel  asked:

7, 15, or 30 for royai for the cuddling prompts?

Thank you so much Xen. I wanted to do all three. I settled for the cramped space instead, but I do want to do the others too, so …

This is smuttier than intended, but very tame. Hope you enjoy. <3

Riza curses as she rushes down the corridors of Western Command after her superior. He isn’t running, but he is walking at a brisk pace. They don’t have any time to dally about. They could be missed at the party at any time.

Roy has intelligence that Western Command has been compromised, and that one of the highest ranking officers is in cahoots with Drachma. When the opportunity presented itself in the form of a retirement party in Western, he couldn’t let it pass by. It was easy for an officer with Roy’s reputation to wangle an invite and a plus one. That was “Elizabeth” of course. Somehow, he had charmed an invitation for Jean and Rebecca too.

Riza winces as her new heels chafe at her feet. They look great with her long black dress, but they are hardly appropriate for anything more than a circle around the dance floor. She curses herself for letting Rebecca talk her into buying a new pair of shoes especially for the mission.

“Get your General all hot and bothered,” her friend had teased.

Riza had laughed it off at the time, but if she was honest she relished the way Roy’s jaw dropped when he picked her up for their “double date” with Jean and Rebecca.

“Hurry on, Lieutenant.” Roy stops and looks behind him.

He waits for for to catch up. His lips quirk as she stumbles a little and curses.

“Want to take off those torture devices?”

He offers her his arm, and she takes it. “Are you talking about my bra or my shoes?”

His eyes widen and he chuckles. “You know as much as I’d love for you to be running around naked, I think it would probably ruin our cover.”

“It’s hardly cover, sir. You were invited. I’m just your hot date.”

“Hot date,” he murmurs.

His eyes meet hers, and she is lost in them. He raises his hand and she holds her breath. She thinks he’s going to touch her face. Then he stops and sighs.

“I wish things could be different,” he says, his voice hoarse, “that we were different. That we never made those mistakes.”

She squeezes her eyes shut before opening them. “We shouldn’t do this right now. This isn’t the time or the place.”

He nods and they continue walking, this time in silence. When they turn the corner, Roy stops. He frowns and points up ahead.

“There - I think that’s it,” he says. “It would make sense at least according to the blueprints.”

The pair look around carefully before they head for the room. Roy opens the door slowly and looks inside.

He turns back to her. “It’s the right place.” He jerks his head towards the nameplate on the desk. He crosses the threshold and turns on the light.

“Like Falman would let us down,” Riza says to his back.

She follows him into the office and closes the door behind her. She leans against the door for a moment, palms pressed against it. Smiling, she watches Roy examine the files on the desk. He looks up and smiles. Her heart skips a beat.

Eyebrows arched, he says, “Are you going to help me or not?”

Crossing the room, she joins him at the desk. She opens the drawers to search for any files that may be hidden. There is nothing of interest there. They are looking for anything compromising. It would make sense if it wasn’t in plain sight. She’s not quite sure what he’s looking for, but she suspects he knows more than what he has shared with her.


She looks up, “Yes?”

He dips his head a little. “I didn’t get a chance to say it before, but you look gorgeous tonight.”

The “thank you” sticks in her throat and she simply nods. He looks good too.
Handsome. Hard to resist.

Why can’t we pretend for once?

The sound of footsteps and talking from the corridor interrupts her destructive reverie.

Roy curses, eyes darting around the room

“The closet,” she says. “Let’s hide in there!”

They realise their mistake the moment Riza opens the door. The closet is full of coats. There is barely enough room for the pair of them, and certainly not enough room to swing a cat. Roy hesitates, but Riza pulls him in after her. There is no time to choose another hiding place.

They stand chest to chest in the dark in between the coats. Riza’s breath catches in her throat and she can see the same discomfort in the way he stands.

He is close enough to kiss, she realises. They are close, so close. She imagines herself grabbing the lapels of his jacket and his lips meet hers.

Annoyed at her unprofessionalism, Riza tries to put a little distance between them, but she loses her balance.

Damn shoes.

Roy puts his hands on her shoulders to steady her. She noticed he keeps his hands there longer than necessary. Not that she minds. But she knows she should.

The door into the office creaks and they freeze. They daren’t breathe.

“I thought I left the light off,” a male voice says. “Now where is it?”

The only source of light in the closet is the crack from under the door. Shadows move across light. From the sounds, Riza guesses there are two men in the office.

Roy’s hand accidentally brushes against her thigh as he moves a coat. He jerks his hand away, but she grabs it and squeezes it.

She meets his eyes meaningfully. It’s alright. We need to keep quiet.

It’s hard to make Roy’s face out in the shadows, but she feels his body tense up like every muscle in his body is coiled and preparing for action. Her breath catches in her throat as his hands move up her arms. She immediately realises what he is doing when he pulls her towards him.

“Is this - uh - okay?” he whispers, his breath hot in her ear.

It takes her a second to realise what he said. She can see the uncertainty in his eyes.

No, she thinks, this is a terrible idea. But yes, she wants to. She’s afraid - afraid of herself and afraid of them. The intensity of her feelings for this man scare her senseless sometimes.

Still, she nods her head anyway and wraps her arms around him.

He’s right though; this is more comfortable than trying to avoid touching each other. It is safer like this, and more dangerous at the same time. Safer because they can avoid moving around, but dangerous because she won’t want to let him go.

If she gets a taste of him, will she still have the willpower to stay away? All this pretending is hard. Not just because she wants him, or because she needs him; she loves him, and as long as she can’t be one hundred percent certain he feels the same way, it’s a lot easier.

Riza wonders if he can hear her heart thudding in her chest, but she supposes he can feel it. They are very close together in a very compromising position after all. If Riza moves even a fraction sideways, she will brush against his groin.

Riza tries to ignore the way her skin is heating up at the thought.

Don’t think about it.

Her gaze goes downward even though she can’t see well enough. Blood is rushing to her face. She’s glad he can’t see the blush on her face.

The rustling in the other room has abated.

“Let’s go,” she hears one of the men say.

The click of the light switch leaves the closet in complete darkness for the first time.

Riza reaches for the door, but Roy catches her hand.

“Hang on,” he says quietly, “we need to be sure they’re gone. Let’s give it a few minutes.”

“So, what do we do if they come back?”

Roy furrows his brow, before breaking into a smile. “If we get caught, we can pretend we’re making out.”

“Nice try, sir, but I don’t think anybody would buy that. Who goes into a closet to make out when there’s a perfectly good desk in the other room?”

He laughs. “Good point.”

Her stomach flutters. Get it together, Riza.

She can feel the intensity of his gaze. She squashes down her desire and tries to get back to business.

“So, do you think there’s any point in looking for intelligence or should we call it quits?”

“He’s probably taken what we’re looking for, but we can’t leave without trying.”

The office door creaks once more. She feels Roy’s body freeze next to her. His hand tightens around her wrist. She moves closer to him almost without realising. They listen to the footfalls which stop just outside the closet door.

The door is about to open, and Riza does the only thing she can think of. She steps up on her tippy toes and kisses Roy. After briefly freezing in surprise, she feels him smile against her lips. The light shines into the closet and after a moment the door closes again.

Riza doesn’t even think about why the person would close the door and leave them there. She is completely lost in the moment. In him. And she knows he’s right there with her. Bodies pressed together, lips against lips, eyes shut.

Heaven. If there is a heaven, this is it.

She pulls back to get her breath.

“Why did they?”

Roy shakes his head, cups her face in his hands and kisses her again. And her curiosity is forgotten once more. Every nerve in her body sings.

Roy. Roy.

She opens her mouth to deepen the kiss. She pulls him closer, as close as she can. The kiss is soft and slow. Gentle kisses that make her hungry for more.

She runs her fingers through his hair and trails butterfly kisses along his jaw. She is intoxicated by the taste of him, how his body feels moulded against hers and how every touch sets her nerves ablaze.

The kisses grow more heated; her skin is on fire. She likes what she can do to him; the way he sighs against her skin and kisses her so hungrily. She moans as his fingers touch her bare skin of her arms before running along her spine, gentle but nimble. Her breaths come out in short pants as his hands explore her body.

I love you, she thinks. Do you want me as much as I want you?

There is something at the back of her mind trying to remind her that they are forgetting something important, but she pushes it away.

Roy manoeuvres them further back into the closet, pushing the coats out of trye way. The material is scratchy against Riza’s bare arms, but she pays no attention as he kisses her neck.

My turn.

Her fingers are under his shirt, tracing the bare skin above his trousers. She knows this is moving too fast, but she can’t stop. Want has displaced logic. She lifts up her head to allow him better access to her neck.

The shadows shift and she sees a smile on his face. Something is poking into her abdomen, and she grins.

“Gun in your pocket, or are you -ah- happy to see me?”

“I’m always happy to see you, but I think it’s my gun holster.”

She lets out a low moan as he kisses behind her ear, and he smothers it with another searing kiss to the lips.

There is a knock on the closet door and a cough. “Boss, the coast is clear.”

Spell broken, they freeze in each other’s arms and they stare at one another mouths gaping. Havoc?

“I hate to break up whatever’s going on in there,” Jean continues from the other side of the door, “but we’ve got to go. Becca must be having a canary out there. I’ve been waiting for you two to come out. I don’t want to have to come on there.”

“Just a moment,” Roy replies.

They reluctantly pull apart and the pair try to straighten up their clothes. Riza’s hands go to her swollen lips.  

What have we done? How could we be so careless? She looks over at his mussed hair. Can we do it again?

“Ready?” he says.

“Was he the one who opened the closet door?”

He rubs at the back of his neck, “I presume so.”

She sighs. “I thought you were going to say that. Best get it over and done with then.”

Roy inclines his head and opens the door. Jean is perched on the edge of the desk.

“We -uh- thought you were -uh-”

Roy’s stammering is rather adorable, she thinks as she steps out of the closet.

Jean’s eyebrow is raised. “I didn’t see much, Boss, but you can consider it forgotten. Don’t worry.”

“It was - we were playing our part and pretending to be -” Roy trailed off. “We thought you were one of the Western soldiers.”

Jean smirks and scoffs. “Sure, and what was all the moaning in the closet?”

Riza puts her head in her hands. Shit.

Roy pulls his shoulders up, but the imposing effect he is going for does not quite work as he’s straightening his suit jacket at the same time.

“Don’t talk about Hawkeye like that?” Roy’s voice is low and dangerous. “I know what you’re implying but you’re wrong.”

“Relax, Boss, I’m just kidding.” Jean holds his palms out. “If I didn’t know you better, I would suspect there was something you were trying to hide.”

“Havoc don’t try me! You don’t want to end up in front of a court martial.”

Jean shrugs his shoulders. “Well, I don’t think I’d be the one in front of a court martial.”

Riza flashes a warning look at Havoc, he’s really testing Roy’s patience; he’s starting to test hers.

Havoc drops his shoulders, “No offence intended to you, or Hawkeye. I’m just teasing. Besides, I didn’t see anything. It was too dark.”

“You can’t tell anyone, not even Catalina.” Glaring at Jean, Roy makes his way over to the desk.

“Especially not Rebecca,” Riza adds.

Oh no, he’s going to tell her everything!

Riza can just imagine Rebecca will never let her live this down ever.

Jean strands up. “I won’t tell her anything, but I’m sure she will put two and two together.”

“Let’s get what we came for,” Riza interjects before the two men can start bickering again.

Jean pats the breast pocket of his suit. “Already beat you to it, while you two were distracted.”

The three of them leave the office, where Rebecca is waiting in the corridor. She raises an eyebrow as they walk down the corridor.

Rebecca grabs Riza by the arm. “What took you so long?”

“We were hiding in a closet,” Riza says.

Rebecca looks from Riza to Roy, and her face lights up. “Oh no, you didn’t!”

“Yes - oh no, we didn’t,” Riza replies. “How did you know where we were?”

“We were walking through the corridor when we heard someone mention leaving the light on. So, Jean went in, and I kept watch.”

Roy coughs, and the two women turn to look at him. “I suppose we should return to the party for a little while. We can meet back at the hotel in two hours.”

“I need to visit the ladies room first.” She looks over her shoulder. “Lizzie?”

Riza just about refrains from rolling her eyes. “We’ll catch up with you at the party.”

She brushes Roy’s hand as she passes and follows her friend. She is not eager to be separated from him, but perhaps it’s for the best. She can get her head together, eliminate the fuzziness from her brain.

After all, tomorrow they have to get back to normal. Somehow.

But if they have two more hours, there might be a chance for one last dance.



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