CS Finale GTKY!

A while back I mentioned coordinating a finale GTKY (Get To Know You). Well folks, the finale is a week away apparently… So let’s plan this.

Dates: Saturday May 9, Sunday May 10

Tags: cs gtky, cs finale gtky

Bullet points:

  • Favorite Season 4 CS moment
  • Favorite Season 4 non-CS moment
  • Favorite episode of Season 4
  • A fun fact or two about yourself
  • Can someone message you during the summer hiatus to talk about the lack of CS currently on their television?
  • A selfie (if you are cool with that!)

So let’s do this fandom! I think the last one was really successful!

anonymous asked:

what do you mean it's easy to fake things?

My point is, Nonnie, that while the message (once you post it) won’t change, imagine screenshotting that. Now imagine the question wasn’t anonymous – you could make it look like anyone said anything. It’s exceptionally easy to fabricate a lot of the ‘evidence’ that’s been going around, these days. Don’t just believe everything you see; check the integrity of the sources you’re getting this ‘proof’ from and make sure you evaluate it for yourself.

lesteedraws asked:

Hi Peachie! Congrats on succesfully moving! I'm sure all of your followers wish you many many happy years with your boyfriend, and that you enjoy living in your new home! I know it might take a while to get fully settled in, but once you do, will you give us a tour of your kawaii room?

Thank you so much for the sweet and supportive message! <3 *__* We are so, so happy here and life is finally falling into place. :’)

I do want to stress to people that a new kawaii room tour won’t be happening for a long, long time. It’s going to take months and months for everything to be complete, possibly a whole year. So I’m not going to promise a new room tour video for now. Sorry!

Toby has a lot of anxiety issues attached to his cell phone since it’s his relic but maybe Emily gives him cute little phone charms every once in a while and he’s just like “God. Look at this. It’s a happy ice cream cone. Christ” and he just like timidly plays with the charms when he’s upset

urata making fun of sakata’s “fatness”

sakata “…”

urata “Please stop it!”

(shima tries to continue talk)

urata “Ah- please stop it! w”

shima “Stop flirting!”


    Dull footsteps sounded as the young blond moved across the dew-coated grass. Feet quick and nimble as he approached the familiar house. Arthur came to a stop as he reached the end of the woods, his friends house in clear sight. Green eyes flickered across the backyard, before falling onto the larger figure that he recognized as Peter’s father. The older man seemed to have been relishing in the forests music, a porcelain cup filled with a steaming liquid in hand.

    Silently, Arthur approached the fellow blond.

    “Ser, is Peter home? I would like to talk to him, please.”


An actual cool interview with Martin on The Hobbit DOS and Sherlock. With bonus shop talk on his kids and Christmas :)

You’ve read the books?”
“I’ve seen the movies.” Cath rolled her eyes so hard, it hurt.
“So you haven’t read the books.”
“I’m not really a book person.”
“That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me.
—  Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl