honestly there is nothing worse than randomly going up a cup size, effectively rendering all of your bras painful and useless? science side of tumblr explain why this happens (and, if you’ve got any sweet sweet  $ patent cheddar $, give me money for new bras)


     Alright i got an idea and @shadowveiined agrees. You see I’d like to pool all of us, likely on skype or something, in one big group chat so we can all discuss our little dorks. See where we all agree for headcanons, where others differ, etc etc.  If you’re interested let me know and I’ll set something up!

Tumblr Fucked up?

OK so I went on my page only to discover that all the customization on my theme has disappeared. Is this the same for other people? This happened once a short while ago, but they fixed it within a few hours…but I have people telling me it’s been like this for days…………………………………should I wait and see if they fix or go fix it now?

US: David and Tea Leoni recently got married. Were you surprised?

GILLIAN: I was and I wasn’t. At that point, I’d met Tea once and I knew just by the way they were together that there was something different about the relationship than there’d been with the previous girlfriend.

So when I heard, I wasn’t surprised they got married. But I was sort of surprised that he didn’t tell me first. But I don’t tell him stuff, either. I mean, he’s a friend, and I care about him. And once in a while we share intimate information. Basically, we just work together.

What I also didn’t expect is that he called me from New York when he was making his “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” calls.

US: How many calls do you think he made before he got around to you?

GILLIAN: I wouldn’t venture to guess. [laughs]

- US Magazine, Oct 1998