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9/8- It looks like the video was removed. I’ll repost if I can find it again somewhere else.

***SPOILER ALERT to anyone to was living under a rock last spring during the series finale for How I Met Your Mother. ;-)

The alternate ending (really an alternate cut of the ending) for How I Met Your Mother which was promised for the final season DVDs has leaked and I have to say that this version makes me so much happier about my long time investment in the show.

Sure it provides much less of a twist or surprise and maybe I shouldn’t have wanted the ending that was expected for this show, but I REALLY REALLY did.

Especially considering the opportunity the writers gave us to fall in love with the relationship between Cristin Milioti’s Mother and Ted throughout the last season, watching this love story be written off so quickly in the finale in favor of the one we were told in the very first episode NOT to invest in, was jarring to say the least.

I did wonder at the time of the finale if the ending would have upset me as much had The Mother been played by someone other than Cristin Milioti…She was fairly unknown in Hollywood terms before this part so it is possible that most viewers of the show were not overly attached to her, at least not in the way musical theater lovers who knew Milioti from ONCE were.  Perhaps with different casting I would have been rooting for the Ted/Robin romance but as it was I found the “real” ending of the show pretty devastating.

Maybe there is something to the original wrap-up that rings more dramatic but after 9 years of watching Ted struggle with romance, this alternate cut was the beginning I wanted to see at the series end.


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