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Loki gazed around the darkly lit dance club. It was like a smorgasbord for the more than a thousand year old vampire. His dark green eyes scanning through the myriad of humans searching for the ripest one. The one that caught his eye. He didn’t just go in for the kill. He liked to play with his food. Get the most out of the moment.

As he moved towards the bar. His emerald gaze fell upon a red-haired woman in a dark green dress. Her long curls falling over her shoulders. A small smile began to form at the edges of his lips as he watched her dance.


Once Bitten, Twice Dead! is a fun new low poly MMO FPS that allows up to 100 people to play together in a large zombie-infested open world.

Combining DayZ zombie survival gameplay with Minecraft-esque visuals, Once Bitten, Twice Dead! bears some similarities to Unturned.  Once Bitten, Twice Dead! feels more geared towards more pure FPS gameplay than the survival-focused Unturned though.

It’s a fun game, especially in multiplayer, perfect for bouts of undead low poly mayhem.

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Being a vampire was never something Elena had wished upon herself. Yes, there were times when she thought about being in an eternal relationship with one of the Salvatore brothers, but there were other things in life that she wanted and could no longer have anymore. The only way to try and figure this out was to leave. She just had to get away from Mystic Falls for a while while she figured out how to deal with this new side of herself before she hurt someone she loved. However, when she was passing through the center of town to grab a cup of coffee, she couldn’t help but notice someone who seemed familiar standing across the street. Of course she didn’t realize she had been staring until it was too late. Elena tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, turned her head away, and began to quicken her pace toward the coffee shop.

The enemy of my enemy - captainbrogers


She hadn’t been home in a week, if it even counted as home anymore. She didn’t think so, and when she’d seen the news about the fire that seemed to be consuming her building, she was glad she’d given in to what seemed like a paranoid choice. She wondered, a little morbidly perhaps, if they’d sent Brock to do it. If he’d seen the pictures and his own things and felt nothing. If they’d had to wipe him again afterward. The last thought made her slump. She could keep up the pretense of not caring most of the time but it was weighing heavy and she was sure that had been the point of all of this.

It had to end.

The thing was, she didn’t have a lot of options on how to end it and most of those options put her and her child–she had to start thinking that way. Her child. Not theirs–at too high a risk. Though, apparently that risk was growing no matter what she did. She needed help and they’d taken the only help she’d ever really relied on away from her. Her own words came back to haunt her. I don’t need a knight in shining armor. Well, now she did.

And that was why she was in Brooklyn, of all places. Because if there was one man she could count on to try and take down HYDRA… well, who better than Captain America?