after getting some good advice and thinking about it for awhile ive decided to have a mini hiatus from working on comms and im going to spend the next two weeks trying to fall back in love with drawing and to enjoy my work again. 

“ I know how overwhelming everything can be, and how guilty you can feel when you go to make art and you think to yourself, “I can’t be drawing this, I have so much other art I ‘should be’ making, how unfair to make them wait even longer!” so you try to make their art and then you get stressed and nothing is working so you stop. You make deals with yourself, “Alright, if I do one art that I owe, then I do something that I want to do” but the same thing happens and as more time passes, you start finding more things to do instead of art. “Well, maybe I’ll be able to art if I clean first!” “I know, I need more real life inspiration!” In the end, you realize that all the fun art used to be has been replaced by fear and dread. “ - a kind follower (not sure if they want to be addressed) 

when they reached out to me they actually put it into words what i was feeling and it really gave me some perspective about how i was feeling and what was really going on in my head, so i will take this time they have suggested to myself. 

**** i am not going to be inactive on this account, for the next two weeks (may 7th to may 21st) i will be posting whatever it is ive been drawing or doodling. i know that some of you who have already been waiting might hate the idea of waiting even longer for what you paid for but PLEASE bear with me! i want to give you a product that you and i will both end up loving and being happy with- i hate to half ass my work and it just screams disrespect if i dont put in my all. 

thank you so much for being understanding and leaving me kind messages.   

hey guys, Im realllly sorry if you followed me expecting arts and stuffs, but this year has been super stressful for me, work, dealing with depression and many other things I feel are to personal atm. I do also admit that ive been playing way to much vidya/being lazy in general.

I do however appreciate all of you who’ve stayed, and it means the world to me! Ill try to focus on art more, and ill probably make a nsfw blog…because drawing lewds is fun B)

Feel free to tell me im a ding dong or a doofus, because I am, and once again im super sorry! Yall have an awesome amazing day! 

Bangtan's MBTI!

INTP: Seokjin

INFP: Yoongi, Namjoon, Jungkook

ESFJ: Hoseok

ENFJ: Jimin

ENFP: Taehyung

UPDATED! Yay!! A lot of INFPs in BTS! I do find what they got somewhat arguable though, considering what ARMYs know, at least

UPDATED ONCE AGAIN IM SORRY So my stupid ass didn’t realise they SCORED the accuracy of their MBTI out of 5.

Seokjin (INTP): 4.5 (extra notes: says he doesn’t really need an MBTI to know himself)

Yoongi (INFP): 0.5 (tbh)

Hobi (ESFJ): 4 (extra notes: says he needs to translate his creativity to something concrete)

Namjoon (INFP): 4 (I can’t get over the fact that Joon isn’t actually a Thinker)

Jimin (ENFJ): 4 (extra notes: says he likes people and is an optimist, how cute (^ν^))

Tae (ENFP): 5 (of course)

Kookie (INFP): 3 (extra notes: relates due to the fact he dislikes rules and monotony)

OKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT– Jake and Amy’s wedding stretches 2-3 episodes, with the last one being the season finale

after the wedding ends and Jake and Amy head back to their room, they’re so drunk that they enter the wrong room- which happens to be ajar for reasons

it’s Rosa’s room, and she’s tucked deep under the covers, claiming to be in this strange position because she’s sick. they’re super apologetic, and also very drunk so they leave quickly because post-wedding sex waits for no one

after they leave, Rosa heaves a sigh of relief, and Gina crawls up from under the covers

“Do you think they saw me?”

*roll credits*

credit: @evilduckling who came up with this concept!

3:00 am

Genre: Angst, slight smut

It was 3:00 am in the morning and it was freezing cold. It was nearing winter in your South Korea and you were having a love-hate relationship with the weather. The sky is twinkling with thousands of stars. It was as if they were twinkling just to praise the moon. Although the cold breeze is nipping at your nose, you continued to stay with Zen to admire the view on his apartment complex with a beer in hand. 

You both were sitting down on a thick blanket, talking about random stuff in your life. You talked about his past and upcoming projects, the RFA, aliens, and the people who lived in tall buildings. 

“Can you imagine who is living in that room?” you pointed to a window where the lights are still on. 

“Hmm,” Zen started. “I imagine a teenage boy pounding meat.” 

“Zen!” you laughed. He chuckled a bit and drank a bit of his beer. “I’m kidding.” He said. 

“Yeah. I know.” you replied with a giggle. “But, I imagine the person is either lonely or in love.” You sigh. Zen chuckled again. “MC, you’re so poetic.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Says you. You’re an actor, i’m reminding you in case you forgot.” A cold whiff of air suddenly came. You pulled your coat tighter around you and shivered. Zen noticed this, taking your hand in his. “Do you wanna go inside my room? It’s getting a lot colder.” You intertwined your fingers. “I would love that.” 


A moan escaped your lips while Zen is kissing your neck. His hands are caressing your clothed back. “You’re so beautiful.” He said, still kissing your neck. Your coat was discarded long ago along with Zen’s shirt and coat. You felt his lips linger on your neck before he pulled away. 

He laid you down his bed and kissed your lips. You can taste the beer that he drank before but that didn’t bother you a bit. You grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to get more friction between you two. Zen groaned. He pulled away to catch his breath but it was quickly taken away when he looked at you. God, you were so beautiful. You looked like an angel. Your hair was disheveled and your lips were parted as you were catching your breath too. 

Zen took a hold of your sweater and took it off you. He kissed down your breasts, stomach, and he finally reached your jeans when you stopped him. He was confused.

“We should stop here,” You sat up and hugged your knees, looking down onto his sheets. 

“Why?” He asked. 

“You know why, Zen.” You looked up at him. 

“Does he really take care of you?” He asked. “W-what?” You stammered. 

“You heard me, MC.” He looked straight into your eye. You didn’t reply. You just stared at his eyes. He already knew the answer. You both sat in silence for a few minutes until he spoke up again. “MC, let me fill his shoes, please.” He started. “I can love you better than he does. Hell, I can do whatever you want, MC. I know he’s been neglecting you for work.” He came closer to you. “Please just let me.”

You looked at him and opened your mouth to say something but before you could you were cut off by your phone ringing. You grabbed it from the nightstand and looked at the caller id. “It’s him,” you told Zen. He shut his mouth immediately.

After a few rings you answered the call. A deep voice greeted you. “I’m sorry for calling you so late, MC.” Jumin said. “I wanted to hear your voice since I was busy the whole day. I also want to tell you something.”

“Oh. That’s fine.” you said while looking at Zen. 

“How was your day?” Jumin asked. “It was boring. I just stayed home.” You answered. “What is it that you want to say to me?”

“Come to my penthouse tomorrow. We’re spending the whole day together since all of my work has been taken care of.” Jumin replied. “Sure.” you answered. “I’m about to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay then. I love you,” He said. 

I love you too,” you hung up and looked down.

lord-potatoe-101  asked:

I'm pretty sad rn got any really cute fluffy fics? (You guys once again are awesome 💙)

im sorry to hear that you dont feel great :(( ily <3333333 - Karri

fluff tag

Sweet Tooth by AmbitiousSkychild (1/1 | 7,276 | General)

Lance has to go to the dentist for a root canal and knows they’re gonna give him the happy gas. He’s got a secret, and a general knowledge on what usually happens to secrets when happy gas is involved, so his one request is that no one tells Keith.

Of course, Hunk tells Keith.

tattoo me like one of your french girls by ireallyshipthat (1/1 | 1,717 | Teen And Up)

“I can’t tattoo my name on your ass while you’re drunk, come back tomorrow if you still want it,” Keith frowns.

And attempts to ignore Pidge and Hunk cracking up in the background.

//mentioned shallura

Clingy by PaladinAzul (1/1 | 1,592 | General)

Urban Dictionary;

Clingy: When an adorable lovable person constantly touches you to show that they’re compassionate & care about you.

Monsta X getting a lap dance from you:

Anon ask: Reaction to you giving them a lap dance?


Originally posted by wonhontology

  • gets super giddy
  • “What’s gotten into you?” 
  • freaks out a little when he feels you on his erection
  • gets incredibly sweaty and horny ;D 
  • heavy breathing
  • gets handsy
  • gets impatient because you only want him to watch
  • “You can’t tease me like this!”
  • has had enough
  • carries you to the room
  • coitus is ROUGH AF


Originally posted by kihyuon

  • turns into a diva
  • “you dance like I.M!”
  • makes you sit down
  • gives you a lap dance instead
  • gets so into it that it just turns into a lot of dry humping xD
  • gets more turned on than you
  • takes you right there on the floor
  • #worth it
  • “and that is how you give lap dances” ;D


Originally posted by shouwnu

  • super shocked about what’s happening
  • O_____O
  • “What do I do with my hands?”
  • keeps asking if you’ve done this type of thing before
  • gets a SUPER erection
  • tries to calm himself down
  • almost jizzed his pants 
  • TWICE!
  • feels disappointed once it’s over
  • “that’s it?!!”
  • semi-rough after sex


Originally posted by wullahs

  • looks to the sky and thanks the lord for this moment
  • “there really is a God”
  • “I don’t deserve you”
  • “never mind. I work hard.”
  • “i do deserve this”
  • also breathes heavy
  • holds back the urge to take you
  • is also super handsy
  • but mostly sits back and enjoys the show


Originally posted by daehyunssexface

  • can’t believe
  • “she’s all on me~ man I think she wants me~”
  • enjoys it for like 30 seconds
  • “Why’s she doing this?”
  • thinks that you’re up to something
  • isn’t really enjoying
  • mostly because his brain is somewhere else
  • makes you self-conscious when you realize he isn’t paying attention
  • “Huh? No… what? Keep doing what you’re doing.”
  • is confused when you storm off
  • MAKE UP SEX!!!!


Originally posted by jooheonbebe

  • forever staring at your butt
  • guides your hips
  • “just like that~”
  • makes sure your always brushing up against IT 
  • basically dry humping
  • very patient
  • enjoys the tease
  • stops you
  • faces you towards him
  • vulgar language
  • think of the smuttiest things you’ve read
  • times that by x657137783467461837613764378425


Originally posted by ijustlovethemx

  • “OHHH YEAAAHHHH~!!!!” 
  • puts his hands behind his head
  • bites his lip
  • total perv about it
  • gets handsy
  • doesn’t stop touching you even when you smack his hands away
  • “come on! you can’t expect me NOT to touch you!”
  • “do you see what you’re wearing?!!”
  • “i can’t take it anymore”
  • scoops you up aggressively

a/n: Once again, I got lazy. IM SORRY ANON!!!! DX I hit a block in my creativity and couldn’t write anything else but this. The upcoming fanfics are just draining my soul. :/ 

I Do not Understand-Pennywise X reader part 4~

Well! Ladies and gentlemen~ Looks like you’ve found yourself beneath the clown! I hope you all are proud of yourselves!


For those of you that are taking this sin train with me, welome aboard! I hope you all have a pleasent ride~


“So.. you live here?”

You asked, twirling around in the living room of the Neibolt house as you took in all of the-um- charming, decor. Just as the outside, the inside of the abandoned house was eerily and hauntingly old. What was left of the once pastel floral paint now hung off the walls in stips, the old rotten wooden beams that supported the walls now creaked with both age and weight. It was certainly a spooky place, but one that Pennywise seemed pleased enough to reside in.

“I guess you could say that”

He chuckled, smiling as he watched you from a seat near the door. He seemed to be lost in thought, a soft smile spread across his red lips as his eyes lazily observed you. Although the room was dusty and spiderweb ridden, you thought it had a small amount of charm to it, or perhaps that was just your optimism. What you did amire with certainty was how well Pennywise himself matched the house and its vintage decor, you wondered if he liked it that way to. You turned to the clown and smiled, walking up to him as you spoke.

“Well, I like it! Thank you for inviting me over Pennywise.”

You said happily. The clown grinned and reached out to gently take hold of one of your hands, pressing his lips into your knuckles before looking back up at you.

“I am very glad you like it, you may visit whenever you may like”

Your heart melted at the smoothness of his voice, his bright blue eyes like sapphires dancing amongst the shadows of the room. Sure the initial arrival at this house was a bit rough but now that you were here with him you felt strangely safe, as if nothing in this old house would dare rest a hand on you while he was here.

Penny’s words buzzed through your skull as you contemplated visiting. Though you’d love to, the creepiness of the dusty walls and scratched up floors still unsettled you. Maybe a good dusting or vacuuming here and there would help, or maybe the place just needed some light. Your eyes brightened as an idea blinked across your vision and you excitedly grabbed onto Penny’s gloved hands before he could pull them away.

“I’d love to Penny! But if you don’t mind, i’d like to bring some things over to make it feel more like home. Is that okay?”

The clown stared at you in confusion but at seeing how happy you were, he quickly nodded with a smile.

“Of course dear, that is fine with me!”

He said, and you giggled before leaning in a placing a kiss on his pale cheek. A full body shiver ran through Penny’s slender frame as you pulled away and ran out the door, skipping happily down the steps.

“Thank you! I’ll be right back!”

You called and the clown could only watch you go with a blush creeping over his face.

You hastily rushed into your house, grabbing a few throw blankets off of the chairs and couches as you did so, not bothering to straighten up the pillows you absentmindedly spilled across the floor. Your hands traced the many drawers and cabinets, searching endlessly until you found your family’s box of christmas lights. It was a tad bit heavy to manage but excitement pushes you onward, grabbing a few pillows on your way out of the door.

As you hauled everything you had gathered back to the Neibolt house, Pennywise watched you very closely. He sat and observed as you placed the large plastic box of lights down in the center of the room and started to quickly unravel them, admiring the patients it took for you to do so and not even noticing how angry you got halfway through. His eyes followed the seemingly endless strands of colorful bulbs as you hung them around the many rooms, curling the wires around vacant nails and shelves. After a little while at work, you found yourself balancing precariously on a chair as you hung one of the smaller strands close to the ceiling. Just as you felt gravity threaten to drag you down, you felt a pair of large warm hands curl around your waist and hold you steady you.

“What are you doing?”

Pennywise asked you. You giggled and thanked him, refusing to answer his question until the very last of the lights were hung. Now with Penny’s help, the lights were hung twice as fast and soon you were close to finishing. Near the end, you laid out your pile of blankets on the living room floor, using the pillows and cushions to create a little nest. Pennywise cheerfully took a seat against the collection of soft materials and you walked over to the wall, preparing to plug the lights in.

“You ready?”

You asked him, to which Pennywise nodded, not really sure of what to expect. You plugged the lights into the extinction cord, and as the tiny bulbs flickered on around you, you witnessed your monster’s eyes expand tenfold.

Soon the house was full of vibrant rainbow light, illuminating the many darkened halls with a calm colorful hue, and not a moment too soon as the sun outside started to set. Finally, you took a seat next to him and exhaled a very long breath, looking over to Pennywise who was completely astounded. His head was craned up with his eyes wide open, staring at the lights as a playful smile danced along his lips.

“Do you like it, Penny?”

You asked, a little worried. The clown slowly looked back at you and leaned in, locking eye contact with you and closing the distance between you both until he was only mere inches away. In a hushed voice, he said

“This is your last chance, little one”

You swallowed and felt heat rising to your cheeks, nervous about the sudden loss of distance and the close proximity the two of you now shared. You shuddered but replied

“Last chance to..what?’

Penny smiled, reached a hand up to cup your cheek. Everything seemed so hazy in this moment, you were unclear of what to do or say and so you did all that you could,  you watched him.

“Why, to run away of course”

He said. You felt excitement buzzing in your chest along with fear as you tried to understand what he meant. The clown had a look on his face akin to that of a wolf staring down a rabbit, and it scared you in all of the right ways.

“Why would I want to do that?”

You asked. The clown’s eyes traced the corners of your mouth, the curve of your lips, before looking back at you. Your heart skipped a beat as you realized the two things that might happen depending on his answer. This room, his face, might be the last things you ever see. WHat made it worse was that you weren’t sure if you were disappointed about that.

“Because now, you’ve done it. If you stay now, I am never letting you go”

His words cut deep, soft yet oh so deliciously sharp. You wet your lips and gently leaned into him as you replied, feeling no shame in admitting to the sick feeling of heat that pooled in the pit of your stomach.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me then”

Before you could even blink, he was on you, the full weight of him pushing you back into the pillows. You suddenly felt his lips against yours in a flurry of heat and desperation, His hands holding tightly onto your shoulders and strongly pinning you down. A primal growl purred deep within the center of his chest as you eagerly moved your mouth against his own, trying desperately to wrap your arms around him. As the clown ground his body harder against your own, His hips pressed hard in between your legs earning himself a moan from you in return. As the two of your broke the kiss, your breath hot and frantic as you tried to catch it, Pennywise leaned down and whispered in your ear

“Such a silly thing, Why must I love you so?”

Before his mouth was on yours once again.


*Whistles* WOW~ Im so sorry to cut it off there lovlies, but don’t you worry, part 5 will be here soon! 

Part 1- 


I want to thank you all for the amazing support! I love each and every one of you so much! If you would like to request anything from me or just let me know what you thought of this story, drop me an ask in my inbox and be sure to leave a comment! 

Thank you everyone, i look forward to hearing from you! 


The overall score in the Voting Gauntlet is just under 6.1 billion points (as of 2 am eastern at least), but as of 5:30 pm eastern, Lucina’s army has 3.8 billion points, meaning Lucina’s army accounts for over /60 percent/ of those points