after getting some good advice and thinking about it for awhile ive decided to have a mini hiatus from working on comms and im going to spend the next two weeks trying to fall back in love with drawing and to enjoy my work again. 

“ I know how overwhelming everything can be, and how guilty you can feel when you go to make art and you think to yourself, “I can’t be drawing this, I have so much other art I ‘should be’ making, how unfair to make them wait even longer!” so you try to make their art and then you get stressed and nothing is working so you stop. You make deals with yourself, “Alright, if I do one art that I owe, then I do something that I want to do” but the same thing happens and as more time passes, you start finding more things to do instead of art. “Well, maybe I’ll be able to art if I clean first!” “I know, I need more real life inspiration!” In the end, you realize that all the fun art used to be has been replaced by fear and dread. “ - a kind follower (not sure if they want to be addressed) 

when they reached out to me they actually put it into words what i was feeling and it really gave me some perspective about how i was feeling and what was really going on in my head, so i will take this time they have suggested to myself. 

**** i am not going to be inactive on this account, for the next two weeks (may 7th to may 21st) i will be posting whatever it is ive been drawing or doodling. i know that some of you who have already been waiting might hate the idea of waiting even longer for what you paid for but PLEASE bear with me! i want to give you a product that you and i will both end up loving and being happy with- i hate to half ass my work and it just screams disrespect if i dont put in my all. 

thank you so much for being understanding and leaving me kind messages.   

3:00 am

Genre: Angst, slight smut

It was 3:00 am in the morning and it was freezing cold. It was nearing winter in your South Korea and you were having a love-hate relationship with the weather. The sky is twinkling with thousands of stars. It was as if they were twinkling just to praise the moon. Although the cold breeze is nipping at your nose, you continued to stay with Zen to admire the view on his apartment complex with a beer in hand. 

You both were sitting down on a thick blanket, talking about random stuff in your life. You talked about his past and upcoming projects, the RFA, aliens, and the people who lived in tall buildings. 

“Can you imagine who is living in that room?” you pointed to a window where the lights are still on. 

“Hmm,” Zen started. “I imagine a teenage boy pounding meat.” 

“Zen!” you laughed. He chuckled a bit and drank a bit of his beer. “I’m kidding.” He said. 

“Yeah. I know.” you replied with a giggle. “But, I imagine the person is either lonely or in love.” You sigh. Zen chuckled again. “MC, you’re so poetic.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Says you. You’re an actor, i’m reminding you in case you forgot.” A cold whiff of air suddenly came. You pulled your coat tighter around you and shivered. Zen noticed this, taking your hand in his. “Do you wanna go inside my room? It’s getting a lot colder.” You intertwined your fingers. “I would love that.” 


A moan escaped your lips while Zen is kissing your neck. His hands are caressing your clothed back. “You’re so beautiful.” He said, still kissing your neck. Your coat was discarded long ago along with Zen’s shirt and coat. You felt his lips linger on your neck before he pulled away. 

He laid you down his bed and kissed your lips. You can taste the beer that he drank before but that didn’t bother you a bit. You grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to get more friction between you two. Zen groaned. He pulled away to catch his breath but it was quickly taken away when he looked at you. God, you were so beautiful. You looked like an angel. Your hair was disheveled and your lips were parted as you were catching your breath too. 

Zen took a hold of your sweater and took it off you. He kissed down your breasts, stomach, and he finally reached your jeans when you stopped him. He was confused.

“We should stop here,” You sat up and hugged your knees, looking down onto his sheets. 

“Why?” He asked. 

“You know why, Zen.” You looked up at him. 

“Does he really take care of you?” He asked. “W-what?” You stammered. 

“You heard me, MC.” He looked straight into your eye. You didn’t reply. You just stared at his eyes. He already knew the answer. You both sat in silence for a few minutes until he spoke up again. “MC, let me fill his shoes, please.” He started. “I can love you better than he does. Hell, I can do whatever you want, MC. I know he’s been neglecting you for work.” He came closer to you. “Please just let me.”

You looked at him and opened your mouth to say something but before you could you were cut off by your phone ringing. You grabbed it from the nightstand and looked at the caller id. “It’s him,” you told Zen. He shut his mouth immediately.

After a few rings you answered the call. A deep voice greeted you. “I’m sorry for calling you so late, MC.” Jumin said. “I wanted to hear your voice since I was busy the whole day. I also want to tell you something.”

“Oh. That’s fine.” you said while looking at Zen. 

“How was your day?” Jumin asked. “It was boring. I just stayed home.” You answered. “What is it that you want to say to me?”

“Come to my penthouse tomorrow. We’re spending the whole day together since all of my work has been taken care of.” Jumin replied. “Sure.” you answered. “I’m about to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay then. I love you,” He said. 

I love you too,” you hung up and looked down.


The overall score in the Voting Gauntlet is just under 6.1 billion points (as of 2 am eastern at least), but as of 5:30 pm eastern, Lucina’s army has 3.8 billion points, meaning Lucina’s army accounts for over /60 percent/ of those points


AU: Fans first got the idea of Harry’s hate for you through the annoyed looks and nonchalant/sarcastic replies to whenever your name was brought up. But then after you join the band on tour, you and Harry begin to spend more time together and let’s get it clear - you never hated Harry, and it sure took some work but after a while you two were on good terms. Those good terms turned into hand holding and then some kissing even, which photos quickly leaked onto the internet and fans figured it out. Harry went from being clear about his dislike towards you, to blushing whenever your name came up. *requested by anon*

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