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“Focus,” Regina instructed. “Magic requires a lot of focus, especially in the beginning,” she was saying as you absentmindedly twirled a strand of hair around your finger. “Are you even listening,” she asked.

“Yes,” you replied weakly, both of you knowing it was a lie.

“Please, just concentrate,” Regina said. “We can go to dinner afterwards.”

“You mean like a date,” you asked. Regina looked surprised and you instantly regretted saying anything.

Then her features softened into a sweet smile. “You want to go out with me,” she asked.

“Yes,” you admitted shyly.

“Then consider it a date. Just promise you’ll try and pay attention to the rest of the lesson.”

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Imagine meeting a younger Henry, your father (Henry Mills x Reader)

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“Woah, you’re young.”
Henry turned as you giggled.
“Who are you?” Henry asked.
“You’re my dad.” You shrugged in response.
“How did you…from the future?” Regina looked you up and down.
You nodded.
“Apparently being the author has some perks, dad. You saved my life-kinda. I’m not allowed to know too much about it. We don’t want me losing it now, do we?”
“but I don’t understand… you’re not in the book.” Henry shook his head.
“People have lives before and after their appearance in that book. The old lady who lived next to Rumplestiltskin doesn’t appear in the book now does she?”
“Time traveling in such a way is near impossible. Nothing about this makes sense!” Regina said louder.
You laughed, pointing at Regina. “That’s such a classic (Y/N) line! Wow, I said that a lot.”
“No more games! Tell us, now.” Rumple demanded. 

You seemed to lose all confidence towards your great grandfather, your confident demeanor crumbling away.
“There’s still a lot of things I don’t understand.” You fidgeted with a wide eyed expression. “I can’t ask questions. My dad told me about can’t know how he did it. He said if it knew it would destroy my mind, tha-that it was better off if I didn’t know.”
“Then tell us why I did it.” Henry took a step forward but Regina stopped him and held his hand.
“I…I died. You lost me so… you brought me back but you knew I couldn’t stay. I appear in random places for a while until I leave. It’s beyond my control, it just happens and I rarely appear at the same place twice unless it’s decades upon decades apart. That’s all I know.”

Friend : Ugh all the men I like are 10 years older than me

Me : *laughs internally thinking about the 20-1000 years difference of the men I like*


What the Instagram of the Emma Swan and Killian Jones daughter who is dating Peter Pan would include. Y/n Swan-Jones lives in Storybrooke with her family and Pan pays a visit far too frequently for her parents liking. 


  • You help him lead the Lost Boys
  • But you’re also like a mother to them
  • Lots of kissing
  • Heated arguments
  • But him passionately kissing you during a rant and you forgive him
  • Him teaching you to fight and thinking you’re weak until you prove him wrong
  • Fixing his broken nose after you punched him
  • And him realising he loved you in that moment 
  • Him knowing you can protect yourself
  • Stealing his flute and playing it 
  • Making him softer
  • Him looking at you like you’re his whole world, when you’re not looking
  • Teasing each other a lot
  • Him getting jealous really easily 
  • Living in a treehouse together
  • Waking up with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist
  • Reading bedtime stories to the younger Lost Boys
  • Heated make out sessions in the forest when he’s meant to be teaching you how to fight 
  • Pan usually having a hand resting on the small of your back
  • Being close friends with Felix
  • Being Pan’s only weakness
  • But also being his biggest strength 
  • Midnight walks through the forest
  • Unexpected kisses
  • Being really competitive with each other
  • Him winking at you from across the campfire 
  • Him watching you do something even if a Lost Boy is talking to him
  • Distracting him 
  • Picnics in the forest
  • Being a dynamic duo
  • Becoming good friends with Tink 
  • Him being really flirty
  • “Peter, that’s my ass”
  • “Trust me Love, I know”
  • Playing with his hair whilst lying in bed
  • Whispering ‘I Love You’ in late night conversations 
  • Telling him the story of Peter Pan
  • “Does this mean you’re my Wendy?”
  • “No, because I’ll never leave you”

Mum : *walks into my room* What are you doing?

Me : *scrolling through Netflix* Looking for something to watch

Mum : What happened to the TV show you started watching last week?

Me : I finished it yesterday

Mum : But it had 10 seasons

Me : And?


- Daizy xx



(Y/n) twirled her dagger in her hand a few times, trying to get used to the feeling once again. After arriving in Storybrooke with her father, almost everyone had asked her to stop carrying it around. They knew the rumours about the vicious pirate’s daughter, she wasn’t nicknamed ‘Red Handed Jill’ for no reason. But when Henry was captured by Pan and brought back to Neverland – the place she had visited many a time, but at much younger ages – she knew it was again time to bring it out.

               She practiced a few swipes, eyes narrowed in concentration. She adjusted her balance, rolling her shoulders and beginning again. She had never Pan but she knew from her father’s stories he was tricky demon. He looked like a harmless young boy, but he was much more than that. She understood that on some level, everyone was always underestimating her. Then she’d pull a knife on them and their opinion would change very quickly.

               “What’re you doing out here all on your own, love?” she froze, listening as the figure emerged from the bushes behind her “Didn’t anyone warn you, it’s dangerous here at night. There are many monsters”

               “I know of only one monster” she spun round on her heel, cocking her head to the side “And he’s standing right in front of me”

               Peter looked taken aback for a moment but quickly regained composer, sauntering toward her.

               “Now that wasn’t very nice-“

               “Not a step closer or I put a knife in your chest”

               He froze, watching the calm determined look in her eye. There was no way. She was no older than he was – well, what age he appeared to be. She was bluffing. She had to be.

               But there was something unnerving about those (Y/ec) eyes. She was so sure of herself. He wasn’t going to deny he found that attractive.

               “Who are you?” he asked, a slight smirk in the corner of his mouth.

               “Why would you like to know?” she countered, holding his icy stare easily.

               “You interest me” he confessed “You don’t look like the killer type, yet you hold that knife with years of practice in your hands”

               “We both know not to judge a book by its cover, Pan”

               “I suppose so” He nodded his head, slowly.

               The two were silent for a few moments, before Peter let out a light chuckle. He now recognised her. The Captain’s daughter, the little child who had toddled around Neverland’s most dangerous parts as if it were nothing but a simple playground. He had always found it very amusing, but had never confronted her until now.

               “What?” she snapped, not liking the way he was acting.

               “Oh nothing (Y/n)” he sighed, cracking his neck “Now, shall we get this over with”

               Without hesitation the girl lunged for him, foot work perfect. Her dagger just brushed the material of his shirt before he disappeared before her very eyes, reappearing behind her. He promptly wrapped his arms around her, nose brushing against her neck. He could feel her racing pulse, making him grin.

               “How-“she took a moment to calm down, still in shock “How do you know my name?”

               “Oh I know all about you, Red Handed Jill” Peter whispered, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end “The small girl, who never knew her mother was. The innocent child who became a bloodthirsting legend”

               “You only think you know me, Pan”, she slid her hand down her thigh, grabbing at her secret knife “That is the mere tip of the iceberg, monster

               She spun out of his grasp quickly, aiming the knife for his eye. Naturally he caught it, but he held her arm there, staring straight into her wild (Y/ec) eyes.

               “Aren’t we full of surprises?” Peter licked his lips out of habit, keeping a steady hold on her wrist.

               “I could say the same about you” she snorted “You did just teleport after all”

               “That is the mere tip of the iceberg, love” he mimicked, making the girl roll her eyes.

               He trailed his free hand down her face, playing with a strand of her (Y/hc) hair.

               “Until next time, sweet (Y/n)” he pushed her back – gently than he normally would – before walking off back into the bushes.

               (Y/n) blew him a sarcastic kiss, throwing her knife this time, so it landed just at the side of his head, stuck deep in the bark of a tree.

               “Next time I won’t miss”


After a long series of events, (Y/n) had agreed to take Henry’s place, meaning everyone else had left for home. Her father was very against the trade, however, she had promised she would escape somehow. But, the more time she spent on Neverland, the less likely that escape plan became. She was enjoying herself far too much.

               She sat with Felix, sharpening her knife and making small talk. But she could feel the pair of eyes burning into the back of her head. Peter was here. Peter was watching.

               He was always keeping an eye on her, always looking out for her. In a way she appreciated it, but she always wondered why.

               Well, now she was going to ask him. She had had quite enough tiptoeing around the situation.

               She sauntered over to the tree he was leaning against, eyes narrowed.

               “You got a problem, Pan?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

               “No” he frowned “Why?”

               “Just from where I was sitting you looked a little jealous” she smirked, raising her eyebrows “You got something you need to confess to me”

               “Don’t be ridiculous” he snapped, rolling his eyes “I am not jealous because you were talking to Felix”

               “Oh really?” she drawled “So you wouldn’t mind if I go back over there, and, oh I don’t know, kiss him”

               She watched as something snapped in his eyes. He said nothing for a few moments, trying to suppress his anger.

               “Fine” Peter shrugged “If you want to so badly, who am I to stop you?”

               “Okay” she grinned cheekily, barely moving two steps before he grabbed at her.

               “Not so fast” he growled, latching onto her upper arm “I have a proposition”

               “Go on” she grinned, not minding how close he pulled her.

               “You will be known as my Queen, you will help with all major decisions on the island…”He suggested.

               “But” she narrowed her eyes “Come on now Pan, there must be a catch”

               “No kissing the other boys”

               “So you were jealous”


               “Yes you totally were”

               “Is it a yes or no?”

               “Hmmm” she placed a finger on her chin dramatically “Do I get to leave if I want to?”

               “I suppose”


               She reached up at placed a kiss firmly on his cheek. (Y/n) snorted at his shocked expression, pleased the reaction she had gotten out of him.

               “You never said I couldn’t kiss you” she sang, skipping away.

               He watched her go.

               The Queen of Neverland. The Queen of Sass. The Queen of his heart.



Jefferson | Once Upon A Time

Y/N: “Trick or Treat!

Jefferson: *Laughs* 

Y/N: “What? Don’t you like my costume?

Jefferson: “Of course not, it’s very sexy… It’s just… Never mind, you wouldn’t understand.

Y/N: “You know, maybe you should be the one wearing this costume. You are clearly more mad then me.

Jefferson: *Laughs Harder*

Y/N: “WHAT?!”       

Me when someone dies in a TV show : cries for ages and feels like my heart has been ripped out my chest and crushed

Me when someone dies in Supernatural : *laughs while eating Ben & Jerry’s* they’ll be back

#25: Peter Pan x Reader

You hadn’t been in Neverland long and you were still learning everything you could about your new home. The first thing you had noticed was that while most of the boys were happy with their life here, there were some who would rather be anywhere else. Everyone, even Pan, was aware that these few boys had been planning an escape for years, despite the many dangers keeping them on the island. You had happened to be walking through the jungle near one of those dangers when you saw a Lost Boy acting suspiciously. 

You knew the boy’s name was Eric, but you didn’t know anything else about him. You wondered what business he had with the Dreamshade plants, the deadliest poison on the island, and why he appeared to be extracting some into a canteen. 

“Eric?” you asked, approaching him carefully so as to avoid getting nicked by the thorns. “What are you doing?” 

Eric jumped at the sound of your voice, closing the canteen and putting it behind his back. 

“I’m on my way to the spring to get water,” he told you. You would have known he was lying even if you hadn’t seen what he was doing a minute before you got there. 

“No you’re not,” you said accusingly. “Why are you filling your canteen with Dreamshade sap?”

Eric cast a nervous glance around the jungle before he answered you, fearful that someone would overhear you all the way out here. 

“We found a way to escape,” he told you. “All that’s truly standing in the way of us escaping is Pan. If we can get him out of the way, then we’re free.”

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The Only Marks You Need.

could you do a Peter Pan one where Felix gets mad at [yn] and slaps her bruising her cheek and Peter finds out and fluffy smut after? thanks xoxo

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TRIGGER WARNING: The following imagine will contain physical abuse/ assault.

WARNING: The following imagine will contain minor graphic sexual material. 

[yn] = your name

It was supposed to be full on smut, but I’m not completely comfortable writing smut yet… Sorry, I know everyone wants it, I want it too! But I’m not there yet. :)


I wiped the tear that slide down my face as I stood over the steaming pot. I flinched when I touched my cheek. It hurt and it felt like it wouldn’t stop hurting for a while. “[yn]!” Felix’s voice shouted as I chopped up some carrots. I turned around to look at Felix. “What is it?” I asked confused, his face was red and his nostrils were flared. “One of the lost boys said they saw you take some bread.” he sneered as he stepped closer and I scrunched my face. “I took bread for-” I started but was cut short by the slap of Felix’s hand. The impact made me stumble and I was too in shock to say or do anything. Felix grabbed my shoulders and got in my face. “If I hear you're taking any more food, it’ll be more than a slap” he hissed and pushed me to the ground. 

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Henry: Y/N are you okay?
Y/N: I could do without pretty boy over there staring at me
Henry: *looks and sees Pan staring at you* Oh My God!
Y/N: What? What is it?
Henry: He has a crush on you!
Pan: Hello lovely *smirks at you* enjoying Neverland?
Y/N: I could do without all the creeps staring at me
Pan: Wait who’s staring at you?
Y/N: *shakes head* wow you really are dumb, I was talking about you! Geez
Pan: Well trust me, soon enough I will get you. Peter pan never fails
Henry: Wow
Y/N: I’m going to kill him