Some lessons from fictional characters

Christina Yang - Never settle for average. Don’t give up on your goals and standards. Be ambitious.

Rory Gilmore - There’s always time for studying. Any place is good for reading. Ignore the world and do your thing.

Hermione Granger - Never allow to others to change you, you do you. Love to learn/study. Always be excited to learn new things.

Elle Woods - Show your potential. Have faith in yourself. Never settle for less than you deserve.

Naruto - Never give up. Keep trying until you find a way to achieve whatever you want. Never lose faith in yourself or your dreams.

Spencer Reid - Be different, there will always be someone who will accept you as you are. Not everyone will understand/relate to you and that’s okay. Every bit of information is precious and useful.

Shizuku Mizutani - See motivation even in failures. Always improve. Learn from your mistakes.

Horikita Suzune - It’s fine to be alone. Have faith in yourself when those around you don’t. Be dedicated to your goals.

Sama Misaki - Don’t allow to others to make you feel inferior. If you want a change, make it yourself. Always speak your mind.

Dr. House - Learn from everything, including failures. Be confident and trust your decisions. Always look for exciting things.

Dr. Lightman - Everyone lies. Being bold and honest saves you a lot of trouble. 

Mulan - You can learn to do anything if you are dedicated and motivated. You don’t need to be like the rest. 

Snow White (OUAT) - Believing is a powerful thing. Everything will be fine in the end. Never lose hope.

Peter Pan (OUAT) - Good and bad are just a perspective thing. It’s easier to hate something than to believe in it. We should fear more those close to us than anyone else, they can hurt us the most. Don’t give a damn about what others think of you. 

Po (Kung Fu Panda) - Embrace your awesomeness. You must be the first one to believe in yourself. Never be discouraged by the unsuccessful first attemps.

Me, every night

Me: I need to go to sleep

Brain: but GIRLS

Me: No, not toni—

Brain: remember that girl who smiles at you in class? She’s out of your league tho. She’s brilliant and kind and hot and you want to hold her hand

Me: no!

Brain: oh yes!! Girls are so wonderful and all you want to do is cuddle. But you are so afraid of getting hurt

Me: brain! Stop that!

Brain: remember your favorite ships and how cute they are? Yeah, you’ll never have that

Me: oh come on brain

Brain: speaking of, just thought of a good plot line or dialogue for a fanfic

Me: great—

Brain: too bad you’ll forget in the morning sucker

Me: shit

Brain: doesn’t matter your writing is bad anyway

Me: you kidding me

Brain: you want people to like you so why don’t you let them in? Don’t you want to be loved?

Me: fuck let me sleep

Brain: how can you sleep when you remember that one time you were so mean to a friend and you think that you’re a horrible person

Me: no pl—

Brain: or how you think you are unfixable

Me: whyyyy???

Brain: you took psych, you know you have an inferiority complex

Me: sleep! Come to me!

Brain: how about… no.