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I'd like a match-up please! I'm 5 ft 8, bisexual; very shy at first and insecure, but once I trust you, I'll be the complete opposite (like I start swearing like a sailor and become a little loud sometimes (oops)). I play the piano and can hold a tune. Very caring towards others and a dreamer.

So, this is the first time I’ve ever considered shipping anyone with this character (I hope this goes well). I ship you with Reinhardt! In my opinion, this man is just as loud and boisterous as you are. When he first meets you, he finds your shy nature appealing and adorable. The moment you break out of that shell, he is shocked, but he also finds it incredible. Also, he would probably swear as much as you, especially in German. I feel like he’d love to hear you play piano, and he’s the kind to care for his friends.

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I’ve been thinking about you so much even my anxiety is tired of it. Either you’re going to break me or I’m going to break myself. Someone told me once that my insecurities would be my downfall. They didn’t know about you.

The rude (but honest) horoscope

Leo: You act like a fucking diva with people when you’re actually the most insecure. For once in your life stop acting like you were the best, and start feeling like you are the best.

Sagittarius: Is it that hard to show interest towards the people that actually appreciate you for who you are? You will lose them if you don’t.

Aries: You’re so confident while you’re actually so boring in reality, stop being so superficial. You then look dumb when you’re in fact a hard working and very smart person.

Scorpio: How is it that in every relationship of yours their must be so much argument? Aren’t you tired? Look for peace for once. You could be much more happier with the people who cares about you.

Libra: While trying to please everyone, and avoid conflict at all cost, you will lose yourself. Stand up more often! You will lose people at first but who care’s? Bitch you’re a Libra, you will always have friends.

Cancer: Such great potential, such stupid actions. Stop wasting yourself. Also, you can’t fucking keep a secret, you will piss off many people for that.

Aquarius: Despite your great generosity you are mean and have a shitty temperament. You’re smart and will succeed in life but you will always be alone if you don’t quite the attitude.

Capricorn: So good at work, so lame with everything else. Stop being so stuck up with things and people. Let them be and you’ll see they will actually appreciate your personality.

Gemini: You don’t know what you want in life because of your ambigus personality and for that you will never succeed. You’re very superficial but you like smart, confident and original people, therefore you will have the best love stories. Try to think straight for once if you really wanna go somewhere.

Taurus: You are kind and generous but stupid. Stop loving the people that treat you like shit or you will always be sad.

Pisces: You seem cool when you’re actually bothered really easily. Chill out and learn to forgive. Life’s too short to keep being upset and bitter.

Virgo: You’re so nonchalant you often seems boring and cold. Smiling is not a crime, and you should try it because people will be amazed. 

I noticed I like to rant about trivial things when I’ve slept only 3 hours and had to open at work. :-D

Something I fail to understand is females that hate each other. I’m the type that seems like a bitch. I don’t speak unless spoken to, I’m incredibly shy and introverted (it probably comes from a place of fear of being judged/insecurities). Once you get me talking I’m as dumb as a board and bubbly, you wont get me to stop talking. I’m the girl at the party that is usually alone making friends with the family dog or cat and doesn’t feel complete unless I’ve complimented every pretty girl I see. Why? I feel no reason whatsoever to hate anybody that I don’t know, rather I’ve heard awful rumors or know they’ve done things to hurt me in anyway, I still give them a chance until I’m proven wrong. However when I was 16-18 I guess girls didn’t find me intimidating so they were generally nice. Now that I’m 20-21 ‘girls’ compliment me and follow it up with a :

and/or a

and scoff off. Like ‘??????????????’ It makes me even more angry when people say “they’re REALLY nice when you get to know them.” I didn’t need to know them for more than 5 minutes to realize they aren’t nice genuine people. I don’t want your fucking boyfriend or fuck buddy. I’m certainly NOT the flirty type and FAIL to recognize when a guy is interested in me. I don’t gain validation from the attention of men. I gain validation from trying to be a good person and work towards my goals and grow into the person I want to be. Shit like is is so trivial but tbh it’s SOOO FUCKING SUPERFICIAL AND STUPID and I can’t wrap my head around it. If you don’t like yourself and you have to make others feel bad about themselves in the process you should probably change something about your life? Or stop doing coke? Lol ;) I try to stay above this kind of stuff but when I see girls that are this insecure it bothers me to the core. Who hurt u? Pls love urself. That’s all I’m trying to do.

Person: “You’re beautiful.”
Me: *inside* Don’t call me that, I hate myself & I don’t want you to see something that’ll eventually disappear. You won’t stick around once you know how insecure I am.
*Outside* Thank you.

Art is something that resonates deeply with me. In a world full of half-full (or half-empty) coffee cups, pinched feet from wearing heels to a case competition, and hours straining at a computer screen, at the end of the day it is dance that I gravitate towards when I am stressed, dance that embodies a lifting of the spirit and a retreat from the mind. Dance is at once an escape from insecurity and doubt and simultaneously a reenergizing place that I return to, an invigoration of the foundation that has shaped me from a young age and still nurtures me today. The breath released in an extension of the feet, the heart-wrenching reach into space to convey sorrow and loss and doubt—these are the vehicles that say so much for me when I am closed and cannot express the feelings that flutter inside my ribs, the emotions I can’t quite put into words myself.
As a woman and as a young professional, there are so many concerns that drift through the windows of my mind. While at times my visage may seem placid, opaque, pleasant, there can at times be concern and confusion within me that is hard to express. I think this is a place that everyone finds themselves in from time to time; a closed box where the shell of social consciousness bubbles and ripples as it tries to hide the struggle for equanimity within ourselves. My dad once told me, “When you were a baby, I would always watch you carefully when you woke from a nap. Unlike your sister, who was always smiling, you seemed to have a concerned look on your face—so worried, deeply contemplating the world around you.” Order, balance, composure—these are the spaces I feel comfortable residing in. But when I take off my shoes, stretch, and switch on music that speaks mellifluously to my emotions, there is a release that is like medicine to me; calming, emotive, cathartic.

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☯ ❥ ✏

☯ : Do they believe for every darkness there is a lightness? If not, why?
❥ : Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.
✏ : What are their creative outlets?

  { Yes. She’s idealistic with this, however. She definitely has this belief that there are more good people in the world than those that are corrupt and wish to hurt others. Most of the time, actually, she’ll always assume that the other person is good. }

  { She’s quiet by nature and prefers not talking about her insecurities. Once she opens up to someone enough, she’ll usually start seeking out their advice for situations. Tatsu’s quite introverted and private, so if she confesses anything that might be considered important to her, you can consider yourself a person she really trusts. Ah, you might experiences more sass, however. Secrets and sass are the only ways to know verbally if she trusts you. }

  { She’s more artistic with her outlets. Singing, playing music, dancing, building woodcraft or just generally tinkering around with whatever she can get her hands on. She doesn’t particularly enjoy activities where she has to remain still (although, reading is an exception) }

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Do you ever think she ever felt insecure about her body?

Of course, just like any other teenager, I am sure she had some insecurities. I remember seeing something once that she was insecure about a small bump on her nose, which was a result of her breaking it from a fall on the sidewalk when she was really little. 

“Today, young people face tremendous pressures while growing up. Our culture places a very heavy emphasis on physical appearance. Rachel, too, had struggles with self-esteem, even though it seemed that many of them had been resolved in the year or two before her death.
Rachel struggled with her imperfections. She had a conviction that she needed a nose job! Rachel had fallen and broken her nose when she was young, and the accident left a little bump on her nose. I didn’t think it detracted from her looks at all, but she was very self-conscious about it and always wanted to have it fixed. The family teased her about it quite often, and she usually joined in the fun. The family always considered her to be the beauty.”

Excerpt From “Rachel’s Tears”

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“stay with me tonight” - Sin

Who was she to deny him of another night of sleeping together. On the small cot she snuggled next to him still a bit annoyed at past events. Pulling his blanket to hide everything but those huge crimson eyes she looked up towards him. “We stay together almost every night why would I leave you today..” It was during the nights she took her evening hunts either by herself or with Kane but lately she didn’t.. She could feel her insides start to hurt and the voices growing louder picking at her insecurities once more. “Move a bit over you’re taking up the whole bed thingy again.”


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"Psst, Anti. Retreat for now. You can get Patty later. You can't do anything if you're dead. Though maybe instead of a Pat that is driven by happiness, you could perhaps twist it into loss and guilt? I imagine it'd be easy for you to feed into Patty's and even Matthew's insecurities, once the boys stop playing nice with each other. It's only a matter of time, right? Gives you more time to come up with a plan. If you separate them and prevent them from coming in contact with each other, you win."


His lips curled into a smile.

“Thank you…”

Just sad thoughts

Once again, insecurities and anxiety has killed me and possibly destroyed someone’s feelings for me, but that’s okay. No one needs me anyway

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Once again, those insecurities really shouldn't be a thing. You're stunning

Again, thank you for the compliment. But my insecurity is very deeply rooted, and it has been with me for literally as long as I can remember lol like I don’t remember ever not being insecure. Someone in my family was verbally abusive towards me, for years, and that does a lot to a kid. They aren’t like that to me anymore, but that doesn’t undo the damage that those insults did. So it is going to take a long time to fully get over that, ya know.

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Kendal :)_


K. Relationship with my parents? My mom and I are really close, not so much with my dad. 

E. My best friend? I always feel like I like ppl more than they like me so I don’t think I have one. And besides I’m already really close with the two friends I do have so I’m Good™ 

N. Favorite place to shop at? Does gamestop count lol

D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through? My dog’s surgeries 

A. Why my last relationship ended? It was a friendship and she got all cocky bc she was younger than me and in college and had a job etc and we kinda stopped talking. Guess I was too lame to be associated with B)

L. One of my insecurities? Once I get comfortable with someone I have a tendency to talk a lot and I infinity text and I always feel like that’s annoying and that they secretly hate me. 


Why are fitness goals ao hard to maintain?   I ONLY feel the need to work out or work on my physique when I feel insecure.  Then once I realize how I’m beautiful regardless of how much muscle I put on I stop and laugh because I was so foolish.  BUT I do want to gain healthy weight and I do want to build muscle.  It was so much easier when I had someone to motivate me and work out with me everyday,  Of course back then I praactived yoga for about 2 hours a day before I started working.  It wasn’t exacttly hard for me to get up and do something.  I need to figure out why I actually want to accomplish this goal, because just wanting it isn’t enough.  I need to KNOW 100% why it’s important to me.  Until then it’s just going to be something that is trumped by body positivity.