once insecure

*to the tune of I Hate Men from Kiss Me Kate* iIIIiiIIIIII HAAAATE TEENAGERSSSS 

(read the tags for my rant on why!)

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BUT THIS IS WHY I CANT WAIT TO MOVE AWAY FROM HERE, I CAN GO TO SHEFFIELD AND HAVE A FRESH START? Like I wanna be the best version of myself before I go to uni, I wanna lose a bit of weight and tone myself up.. I wanna better my mental state, just better myself in general.. the guy from the shop was hot, it would’ve been great if I did initiate something, but before I even think about having a partner, I want to get myself in order.. people use holidays and summer as a target to get themselves in shape, but for me my motivation is uni

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Your Snow is one of the sassiest I have ever come across and I love her so much/missed her omg


I don’t know if anyone here really cares but…I’ve been thinking about getting back to using twitter again. Mostly because I have space on my phone and I want to get back to socializing with people, you know? There’s quite a handful of people I know as aquaintances but who I’d like to talk to more often…if that’d be possibly…hah… Also twitter is more…’easy’ for sharing every day stuffs, I guess. or doodles, or whatever.
It’s probably been enough time and I think I can…One day I would’ve, either way. But I honestly didn’t think it would be this soon, but oh well.

I would probably make a new one (I have a private one right now I made just in case but I feel like having a fresh start is better/cleaner), delete that one old one I used to use before I left.
I was just wondering (for some reason) if I should? I’ve kind of been in a dilemma about this for whatever reason. (orwell,Idid’leave’forareason)

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Frank being upset and IG comforting him? Telling him "it's alright" and giving him a friendly smooch? Idk, I always imagined them as the type of friends that would talk about there feelings very openly to each other lol

Frank’s method of comfort is ‘listen to her rant and threaten to cut off dicks’ whereas IG’s is ‘if i smooch him, he’ll forget what he as sad about in the first place’. Both methods work 50% of the time and are surprisingly effective.

The other 50% ends with things on fire, sometimes it be like that.

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(1/2) You ever find that the way you write about characters changes as the real-life SHINee members develop and change themselves? Like remember super old school OG SHINee fanfiction with the hardcore stereotypes of taemin as this girly boy and jonghyun as this jock-type dude. And as they grow and come to dismiss the SM labels they kinda cultivate their own person so the fanfic versions of them change too? Like fanfics always carry a touch of true personality in them I find and isn't it wild how

(2/2) our fanfic versions of them - despite us getting to create our own characters with diverse personality traits and mannerisms - always seem to grow and change through the eras of story writing the same way the real life members change through different eras in their lives/careers? Fascinating isn’t it. (I’m a little high sry)

yes hello i think it makes sense tbh?? like fics are based off of the things they do nd more recent things are fresher in our ~memories~ so it makes sense that fic portrayals curve with how they grow as ppl

tho it is kinda funny that u say that Now bc i just started getting back into finishing hello baby au which is,,,,,,, rdd era,,,,, and let me tell u writing jonghyun as a teenager when he was still pouty and demandy but before he learned how to be a Soft Brat ™ and just at the beginning of his descent into hypermasculinity is. Wild. he was such a tool sometimes lmao

but ye they’ve always been their own People but people Change so it makes sense that fics change too

though there are still somehow gremlins out there that Still unironically write jongho as super jocky dudebros and taem as like a Child and kibum as the Overly Flamboyant High School Gay Kid Stereotype and jinki as a walking trainwreck but i mean those people can live in squalor on their own lmao