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I feel like we’re always talking about Tony being bad with emotions but like
  • give me Rhodey I’m-gonna-hug-you-and-drink-a-beer-with-you-but-if-you-start-talking-emotional-issues-I-gotta-suit-I’m-not-afraid-to-flee-in Rhodes
  • give me Natasha shoot-at-your-problems-until-you’re-sure-they’re-dead-than-cut-off-their-head-just-in-case Romanov
  • give me Clint I’ll-turn-everything-into-a-joke-to-avoid-a-honest-conversation-even-if-it-kills-me Barton
  • give me Bruce You-wanna-talk-about-feelings-take-it-to-the-Hulk Banner
  • give me Steve Listen-we-can-talk-about-anything-but-if-it-involves-feelings-I’ll-throw-myself-out-of-this-plane-parachutes-are-overrated-anyways Rogers
  • give me Thor I-totally-just-happen-to-shortcut-every-phone-when-you-mention-anything-deep-and-substantial-on-accident-and-could-you-explain-that-toaster-to-me-one-more-time-I’m-confused-about-the-single-button-I-have-to-press

Just give me Tony as a reasonably well-adjusted person for once, someone who is secure in his relationships and his own worth. And give me everyone else as, well. As themselves.

Here’s the thing guys, here’s the things that gets me. Vex had already fallen so hard for Percy and she fully believed he was indifferent to her in that way. Vax could see that they were both crazy about each other, specifically in the way that Percy always listens to Vex’s advice and no one elses. The conversation Vex had with Vax breaks my heart because she really doesn’t think that Percy could see her in that way, she’s so insecure .

and THEN, the morning after her talk with Vax she has a heart to heart with Percy. Showing him once again how much she believes in him and his humanity and ability for change, and yet can’t bring herself to tell him how she feels because she’s certain he doesn’t have feelings for her. For him to then go right ahead and shatter her insecurities once and for all with the loveliest kiss. 

I just, I love them so much.
I love how they help each other grow and change and become better versions of themselves. I love how the progression of their relationship was sweet and slow. With him making her things and building up her self-confidence and her pulling him toward the light and reminding him of his humanity. That they have slowly started to realize how important the other has become to them.
I love these characters. I love this ship. I am dead. send help

Imagine: Peter can’t stop flirting with you, in front of Hook.

Warning: extreme leaves of sass

“You’re cute.”

“Well, thank you?”

“Can I keep you?

“N-no!”  You had only been on Neverland for five minutes and Peter has already managed to make you feel small and strange.  Not that it took much, it was easy for others to make you feel insecure and when you did you became defensive and sassy.  Most girls would think it was a cute attempt at flirting but you knew better.  You knew no one would ever think that you were attractive.  Although you looked confident your Captain could see your change in mood and stepped in.

“Pan, my crew and I are done here we just need permission off the island.”  You smile glad that Hook diverted Peter’s attention away from you.

“Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?”

   “Cute, but no.” you couldn’t help the words that flowed from your mouth.  For a second you were afraid Peter would get mad at you.  Or at least until you saw him smile.

   “Fuck me if I’m wrong, but do you want to kiss me?”  You could hear Killian beside you groan, probably feeling extremely awkward and just wanting to leave.  For a second you panicked you couldn’t say yes or no.  But what else was there to say, unless.

   “Maybe, I always keep my options open.”  

“There is definitely something wrong with my bed.”  You look between Peter and Killian trying to understand what is even going on.  Peter is smirking waiting for a response, and Hook is rubbing his eyes with his hand clearly annoyed.

“Are you seriously just going to stand there until I ask what it is?”  He continued staring at you.

“Just get it over with, I want to get out of here,” Killian has lost his patients with Peter and hopefully not you.

“Fine, what is wrong with your bed?”

“You’re not in it.”

“You are impossible Peter.”

“Did you buy your pants on sale because at my house they would be 100% off.”  Okay now he has gone beyond making you uncomfortable.  You were getting mad.

“Screw you, Peter.”

“That is a terrible idea, let’s do it.”  All of your brilliant comebacks flew out the window.


“Why?  I am sure I could make you very happy.”  That stupid smug smirk.  It’s infuriating.

“How, are you leaving?”  There was that comeback.  Where the heck did it go a second ago.

“You won’t get rid of me that easy.”

“You must be the Pied Piper then.”

“Why is that, love?”

“Because you are a massive douchebag and I want to punch you in the face.”  Not as clever as you could have been but still it got your point across.

“What is it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“What is it like being the biggest liar in the world?”  He could at least try to be believable.

“Stop being shy go on and ask me out.  You know you want to.”

“Okay.  Go out.”

“Ouch that hurts.

“I hope it hurt as much as when you crawled out of hell, bloody demon.”  He paused and simply looked at your face.  You would think he was thinking of a comeback except he seemed to be studying you.  When he looked back into your eyes you were certain he had you memorized.

“You are perfect.  Where have you been all my life?”

“Hiding from you.”  you smirk hoping you won this stupid little argument.  But Peter continues to act as cocky as ever.

“What are you doing this Friday night?”  You pause taken aback by the fact that he is actually asking you out.  For a split second you almost consider his offer before you come up with a brilliant comeback.

“Not you.”  Simple sweet and ego destroying.
“Are you two done?  I honestly want to go home now, so can we just leave?”  Hook tapped his foot in annoyance.

BTS Reacts - You’re Insecure About Your Accent

Park Jimin: Jimin can’t believe you’re saying this for the millionth time. He’s not tired with your lack of self-confidence in the way you speak, but he really wishes you could take more pride in it. He’s said it many times, and he’ll say it again: you underestimate how many people admire the way the way in which your voice peaks at certain words, how it mellows when a sentence ends. He stares at you when you tell him once more about your insecurities, as if trying to send a message right to your heart - that you have nothing to be ashamed of. He’s backed up by two rays of sunshine - Hoseok & Taehyung - who sign a heart to you (they adore your accent) as Jimin says:

“Your fanboys here seem to think otherwise about your accent, you know, including me.”

Jung Hoseok: Hobi really likes listening to you speak, but he knows he can’t deter you feeling embarrassed about your accent, especially since it’s a problem that stems from being insecure - he can flatter you all he likes, but he knows you’ll start feeling the same way soon enough. Instead, he’ll do what he can to distract you by making you laugh. When you’re at Bighit, you stay relatively quiet because you’re shy, but when you do talk, he makes sure he has an award they’ve won, ready at hand, to be picked up. He fakes his tears, howling on about how your authentic you sound. He’ll do this until you can understand: it’s okay to want to hide it, but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel forced to all the time.


Kim Seokjin: Jin is supportive, so he’ll probably want to help in any way he can. His mature mind knows that you’re old enough to make your own decisions, so if you feel like hiding your accent would make you more confident, he’d back you up, but he always makes sure that you know that the way you enunciate your words isn’t a problem with him. He would think that you’re silly for fussing over something so small, but he knows it matters to you, so he doesn’t give you much opinion on the subject. While he may show a slight sign of disapproval, somewhere deep inside, he’s kind of glad you want to stow it. He’s always worried how your accent might draw attention that you don’t want, particularly because you’re nervous about it.

“I guess it’s good you want to hide it - I’ll help teach you how to pronounce certain words better.”

Jeon Jungkook: A member that probably wouldn’t pay any mind to how self-conscious you were when it related to your accent. He would know and try to sympathize, of course - but he just wouldn’t hold back punches just because you were unconfident about your intonations. He’d treat you just like anyone else he’d make fun of, and that in itself is a testament to what he thinks about the way you speak. He doesn’t feel like it should set you apart from anyone else, and if they did ever poke fun at you for it, it wouldn’t be because you sounded distasteful - he actually thinks quite the opposite. You’re talking to Park Jimin about plans to hang out with the maknae line later in the day, when Jungkook interrupts upon hearing your pronunciations:

“What was that? Can you say that again for me to hear?”
( You elbow him in his stomach, and Jimin glares at the maknae. )
“But it’s funny!”

Kim Taehyung: Tae is no stranger to masking his accent (like his other fellow members from Busan & Daegu), but he’s definitely much more rehearsed in it because he’s trying to become an aspiring actor. When he hears you trying to do the same, he can’t help but laugh - your Seoul dialect isn’t exactly on point just yet. He asks why you’re trying to change the way you speak, and you tell him it’s because you’re hesitant to talk with your existing accent. Tae thinks you’re cute for being so embarrassed. The two of you are talking a walk by a riverside in the cold; he turns to you and places his hand on your cheek when he notices a fleck of snow close to the edge of your lips, wiping away at it while he reassures you.

“Yah, stop being so ridiculous. No one’s judging you; if anything, it’s unique - but if you really want, I can show you a few tricks to having a Seoul accent.”

Kim Namjoon: After a lively dinner with the boys, you and Namjoon walk behind the group. He starts to talk to you, and you reply in short, concise phrases. After a while of conversing, he can’t help but feel like you’re holding back from chatting freely with him, which results in him asking if you’re uncomfortable being in his company. You shake your head, confessing that you’re self-conscious about the way you articulate your words. This surprises him, so knowing now that you feel held back because of your accent, he’s set on getting you out of your shell. He would want you to be able to be yourself around Bangtan, especially him. He’s not usually one to be this forward, but he feels you should probably hear the truth behind his thoughts:

“You really feel that way? Well… I personally think your accent is kind of hot.”

Min Yoongi: You’re sitting wordlessly in Bangtan’s dressing room, before the shooting of one of their music videos. Hoseok and Yoongi are talking amongst themselves, and the Daegu boy occasionally throws suspicious glances your way, attempting to be casual by smiling when you meet gazes. You’re not sure if he’s asking you over, so you make your way to them just in case. You don’t say much, timid because of your accent - but the both of them still wait for you to say something, anything. Yoongi bites his lip in expectation, eyeing your own supple lips, as if unable to wait any longer for you to talk.  He’s always enjoyed having you around, even though he tries not to show it too much; he’s shy to admit your accent intrigues him.

“We were just talking about you, actually - Yoongi-hyung said that he thinks your accent is really -”
( Yoongi cuts him off. )
Yah, Hoseok!” 

I hope you like this react, anon! I have an accent too, but I’ve learned to cover it pretty well, so whenever I speak English, I sound relatively (?) American. However, when I’m with my fellow friends from home, I don’t restrain myself from switching back to my regular accent - but I could care less, because I’m enjoying talking in my native dialect so much! So, what you’re feeling is completely natural, but don’t worry too much about it, okay? <3

Once Upon A Time works on spiral/chiasmus kind of story structure which means that the characters will continue to confront similar issues and situations over and over and with each confrontation develop either positively or negatively. It’s easy to see in flashbacks where the characters make one choice in the present and the opposite choice in the past.

It’s why people get annoyed with certain characters or arcs because they feel like the character has already overcome this or that challenge and “why do we have to do it again?” And for me it’s part of their upward or downward spiral and so the repeat is necessary (and come on in real life you don’t conqueror a fear or insecurity once and never have a problem with it again. That stuff has to be constantly confronted).

We saw it last night with David with the present day episode covering a lot of the same ground as in S2 when he was also full of fear and doubt, also without Snow, and also on the brink of murdering King George only to be talked down by a friend. We have seen it with Emma and her deciding to punch back against fate in multiple seasons. We see it with Regina. We are going to see it with Rumple and Gideon and the Black Fairy. And we are seeing it with Killian’s current storyline as he moves upward on the spiral.



HLITF - Her Love in the Force - Ayumu Shinonome
Last Mission - Our Graduation - My thoughts

How I enjoyed reading this story! It was funny, and exciting and so much fluff. The best thing about Ayumu’s story is definitely MC X Ayumu, they make the cutest couple ever, I absolute love their interaction and how far it has evolved from season 1 to season 2. MC is just this bubbly character who has grown so much from that once very insecure rookie, thanks to Ayumu’s tough “training” if you know what I mean. XD One thing that I love about HLITF, which it has much in common with MPDCTY, is how they intertwine the internal conflicts of each character as individual and as a couple with the investigation and how events prompts plot development. I felt like Voltage has lost some of that edge recently but I saw a comeback in this story.

Nothing like a life and death scene to amp the drama and push a character to show their true feelings for each other. (Especially the one who never express his feelings! Like come on guys, do we have to be dying to get you to open your hearts? Yes I’m looking at you Kaga and Ayumu lololol) It happens again in last mission and it still makes my heart flutter and root for them, especially when it creeps up when you least expect.

But alas we still have to wait for the next chapter to see when this couple will eventually consummate their love! Poor Ayumu only got his hair pixelated this time lmaooo.

Still, Love Mission is definitely worth the wait and highly recommended for all Ayumu’s fans! It’s no wonder Ayumu has risen as the top HLITF character in the Jp elections recently.

Pack Mom:Part 5

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Peter, Jordan, Scott, Kira, Allison, Isaac, Lydia, Jackson, Malia, Stiles, Aiden, Ethan

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1844

Warning: Slight angst. Insecure Liam once again. Cute protective Derek. Little mentions of sex. Stiles being a moron.

Summary: Pack night. What could go wrong?

A/N: Also read my other series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below


Pack night. The night y/n loved and hated. She loved having the entire pack over, including Jordan and Peter when he decided he could be bothered. But she was a perfectionist. A pleaser. While this was great for Derek in the bedroom, he hated it anywhere else. She would run herself ragged trying to get everything right, every snack and every type of food people could ask her for. She knew she should slow down, but she couldn’t.

So here she was, making a few different dishes, baking cookies and brownies and plating up the food. Derek was just watching her run around. She always did this and she always ended up exhausted. So he got up and took the oven mitts out of her hands.

“Go sit, I’ll do this. You can watch my fine ass, I know how much you love that” he said, winking at her. She giggled. She did love to look at his ass. Firm and hard, but still soft at the same time. She loved wrapping her legs around his waist, her feet touching it. She shook her head, pushing the images of his ass to the back of her mind, this proving difficult seeing as Derek just bent over, shaking his cute butt a little as he got the cookies and brownies out of the oven.

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Monsta X Reacting to their S/O getting insecure about their body before having sex.

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Shownu - Shownu was a little lost when he heard you speak up. He had been so caught up in the moment and didn’t expect it. He was scared he did something wrong, but once your insecurities were vocaled he understood. Making sure you were comfortable, he’d lay you on your back, pointing at every part of your body and describing how beautiful they were.

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Wonho - Wonho had always tried to make sure you felt beautiful, and hearing your insecurities would slightly shock him. He’d feel guilty that you felt that way about yourself, but that wouldn’t hold him back from complimenting you. He wanted you to know how beautiful you were, and he made sure to show you that night.

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Minhyuk - Minhyuk had always known about your insecurities, and he instantly knew why you stopped him. It would only take a moment for him to switch into a cuddly position, listing off each and every thing he loved about you. He wanted you to feel good about yourself. So he’d start off by making sure you knew how much he loved you.

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Kihyun - Moments like this were special to Kihyun. You meant the world to him, and he was nervous about having sex in the first place. Once you pushed him away, he had instantly thought he’d done something wrong, but when you told him about your insecurities, he wouldn’t waste a second before telling you how beautiful you were.

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Hyungwon - Hyungwon would understand where your insecurities. Being a model, he knows how high the bar is set, and how easy it is to feel like you’re below it. So he’d make sure to worship your body, always saying flirty little things in your ear just so you’d know how beautiful you really were. Giving you a teasing look every time you would get flustered.

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Jooheon - He was slightly hurt when you had stopped his hands. He had thought the worst, thinking that you didn’t want him. Upon hearing your actual thoughts, he’d be slightly relieved. He himself has insecurities, and he completely understands where you are coming from. He’d bathe you in compliments, patiently waiting until you were ready to carry on.

I.M - Changkyun would be a little awkward with his movements. He’d be slow and nervous and wouldn’t know where to touch without going too far, and when you admitted that you were insecure about your body, his hands would go everywhere. Denying any insecurities that you thought you had, all the while placing kisses on every uncovered part of your skin. 

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I repeated my mother’s last words as she’d walked out this same door so many years ago. I said them as angrily as I could manage, and I threw the door open. My cruel words did their job Charlie stayed frozen on the doorstep, stunned, while I ran into the night.