once you start the rest wants to follow~

SW: 203 lbs
CW: 170 lbs
GW: 150 lbs
Started in late August (roughly have lost about 6 lbs a month)
I workout 6 days a week: 2 days of personal training, 2 days of HIIT (classes) and 2 days of working out on my own (a mix of weights and cardio)
I’m 5'6" (people always ask aha!)
I eat HCLF vegan 🌱

I truly did not start losing weight until I began to love my body no matter what. My whole life I have been overweight and only had ever wanted to lose weight from a negative place of hating my body. Self love has been the biggest factor in my weight loss.
Stop telling yourself that once you’re “skinny” you’ll go out and have fun and meet new people. Start living that life NOW and the rest will follow.
I have never been more proud of myself and every day is an exciting one, eating healthy foods and seeing what my body can do physically at the gym. It’s genuinely fun for me now! Stick it out, it takes a bit for you to get used to everything but you will and you will fall in love with it 💕

The Nohr royal retainers from Fire Emblem Fates Conquest! These designs are now up at the shop, with the rest of the Nohr cast soon to follow :D. Also, celebrating 300 followers! Thank you guys, I want put out more stuff once I’m out of school, and can’t wait to start selling at more conventions.

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