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summer 2016: get outside and actually exercise for once!!! pokemon go is here and you can actually live out your childhood fantasy by catching pokemon and becoming a gym leader!!! whats that??? you can also join TEAMS with hot-looking leaders with just enough basic traits to make you want to dedicate the next three weeks of your life to them???? wow!!!!!

summer 2017: fulfill your dream of becoming a hot dad so you can date other hot dads

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ive never written anything w this relationship so i am pleased as punch and kinda wanna live in this world for a little while so i might post more

words: 2k

warnings: parent death ment

feat: everybody except scott and thor. i’ll probably find some way to work them in though.

a/n: bucky’s gonna b a bit of an ass

You were practically jumping up and down in the elevator because of how excited you were as the doors slid open. It’d been almost 6 months since you’d last seen Tony which was without a doubt the longest period of time you’d gone without seeing him in your life. Things had become chaotic in your life and his but the two of you still talked on a regular basis. You were his one sense of stability at this point in his life and he had proven time and time again that he would do anything to keep you safe.

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I've noticed you haven't drawn the two pokescience nerds being as affectionate as you have with Grim and Cynthia! I think a lot of us would love to see that sometime c: They're just too cute

Oh, dang you’re right, anon! tbh I’ve been wanting to draw something cute of those two nerds but I worry about making them look too out of character, but EH, you only live once!

Here you go!

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wait, what's the difference between Cassian's real age and the age they say he is?

I’m assuming this is in response to my tags about the amazing @notbecauseofvictories thing I reblogged about Cassian and Mon Mothma, because I vaguely remember typing something like that, but it might not have been; regardless, if anyone reading this diatribe hasn’t read it, they should go do that. 

Diego Luna is 36. 37 now. Born in 1979, just like me. Look at him, look at his face as he plays Cassian; he has creases around his eyes and the bones of his face are sharp in a way they weren’t when Diego Luna was in his mid-20s. He’s beautiful, he’s not young, he’s weathered and sharp and his life is engraved on his face. He’s not old, but he’s not young. I can’t find the still I want: it’s when Jyn has the blaster and he tells her to give it to him, and she slyly says “Trust goes both ways” and he stares at her for a moment. Every minute he has lived shows in his face in that shot, every moment of pure agonizing bullshit he has ever weathered is just right there to see, and it’s fucking amazing. It’s like a half-second acting clinic in Having A Face While Being In Your Late Thirties And Having Seen Some Shit. It’s absolutely what I wish I could do with my face. (I can’t. I have zits and wrinkles at the same time. No one takes me seriously, I get carded for booze, and I’m also old enough to be invisible. it’s amazing.) I can’t find it, so have this still instead. 

According to Wookieepedia and various promotional materials, Cassian Andor is 26.

It’s not… impossible… for a man of 26 to look like that but… why… 

I’ve just done the Extra™ thing and looked up what Diego looked like when he was 26.

As someone of Diego’s actual age, I feel like that matters. I understand, Cassian would lead a more weathering life than Diego presumably has (I actually don’t really know his RL business but I’m assuming it involved a lot less murder and espionage, and I’m super sorry if that’s an incorrect assumption, but come on Diego is a human sunshine muffin I’m not drawing this out of thin air here).

He’s still not a baby in this photo, of course. He has lines around his eyes, a little bit. Probably if he were frowning his forehead would have some of that crease in it that Cassian has in every frame (because he is frowning in every frame, but, you know). But his cheekbones are still smoothly hidden under softness, there are no hollows above his jaw, he’s soft and smooth and pretty and it doesn’t take anything away, he just doesn’t have as many lived moments in his face to turn wearily on Jyn and visibly decide that he just has no fucks left to give over whether she shoots him or not.

Anyway! A bunch of us writer types were sort of just assuming that Cassian was played by an actor about his age, and have constructed headcanons accordingly, and they are way more interesting headcanons I think than him being a murder baby! It’s the sort of thing, I admit, that at 26 I would have been like “what does it matter” but now that I am 37 I am like “no it matters a bunch, honey”. 

ALSO FELICITY JONES is 33 and I was SO EXCITED that they had a heroine over 30 but NO, Jyn is supposed to be like 20 or whatever, WTF. WTF! WTF! Ugh. COME ON, LET WOMEN AGE. It’s bad enough the only women in star wars have to be under five-three and brunette with large eyes and wide mouths but now they also have to be under 30 whether or not their actress is. (CARRIE FISHER WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME.)

Obviously the casting people weren’t really thinking “not every adventure has to happen to Very Young Adults” which is what I was so excited about, they were thinking “These Hot Young People Should Be Played By Hot Slightly-Older People Because Adventure Makes You Look Slightly Older Than You Are”, which is bullshit


These men who brought me here today do not fear me. They brought me here today because they fear you. Because they know that my voice, a voice that refuses to be enslaved, once lived in you. And may yet still. They brought me here today to show you death and use it to frighten you into ignoring that voice. But know this.
                             W e   a r e   m a n y.    T h e y   a r e   f e w.

Chapter 55 - Rhys POV

Last week, a kind soul asked me to write Chapter 55 from Rhysand’s POV and although TERRIFIED of the idea, I’ve had so much fun writing these fics that I figured, why the bloody hell not? Heh, you only live once…

So here it is! Obvi NSFW. I hope any of you brave souls reading it like it. As always, I think it’s awful and I struggle to get the voices right at all, but I had fun writing it and welp, here it is.

I take NO CREDIT for the dialogue written in this fic. All of those beautiful words and the ideas for the scenes themselves belong 100% entirely to the talented Sarah J. Maas.

Chapter 55 (Rhysand)

It was about half a millisecond before I grabbed the spoon and started eating. I would never look at soup in the same boring, bland way again.

Feyre was accepting the bond. She was choosing me.

But she hadn’t said anything and it took every ounce of power I possessed within my 500 year career to steady my hand as I lifted each spoonful to my mouth and watched her from across the table.

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Time = ________

Building everything takes time
Unlike this short cryptical rhyme,
It was snappy.

I’d like to have much more time
Without having to say so in rhyme,
To be sappy.

Does your watch have the time
To tell my heart’s rhyme?
I’d be happy.

Where goes all this time
To change my actions and rhyme,
Dear chappy?

Sign of the times-Part 1 (Grayson)

Summary: Finally able to move out on your own with the money you saved up from working at the library and doing photography on the side. You moved into your new house with the help of your friend, soon both of you discover an Ouija board in your basement and decided to play it. After playing strange things start to happen in your home, soon you encounter Grayson. A man who is not alive and needs your help.

Warnings: Ouija board, paranormal stuff, a swear word, some sadness, and this being long for no reason. 

A/N: I honestly don’t know where this idea came from, I guess from rewatching Bleach. I do like supernatural stuff, is that weird? But anyways Grayson is well… not alive in this imagine. He’s a ghost that only you can see. In real life, Grayson is a healthy guy that just needs some sleep. :)

 Autumn was my favorite time of the year, the leaves changing color falling off the trees. Wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.  

I was moving into my new place, after turning nineteen I decided to move out of my parent’s house. Living under their roof I still had to listen to their rules and I did not enjoy it that much. So, I saved enough money and found a decent price for a small house. I work at a library and did photography on the side. 

 I wanted to be a professional photographer, always wanted to be since I picked up a camera in middle school. Taking random photos of family members and friends going on vacation or just the scenery that was around me. The world had interesting things that needed to be seen and I wanted to capture it. 

“This is the last box from the truck,” my friend Vanessa called out. She was carrying a huge box struggling until she sat the box down next to the couch.  

“Thank you so much for helping me Vanessa,” I thanked, grateful for having a friend like her. 

“No problem, but you do owe me dinner,” she said.

I laughed. “Of course.”

I looked around the living room with the many boxes that filled up the room. Some needed to be in the kitchen, bedroom, and a few things in the basement. I decided to start with the kitchen and basement. The basement was going to be my photography room. 

“Let’s move some of the boxes that are labeled photography to the basement,” I announced.

She nodded and grabbed what we needed heading towards the basement. I turned the light on with my shoulder. We walked down the stairs making sure to peek behind the box so not one of us would miss a step. We made it down safely setting the boxes down.
The basement had wood paneling, cream colored carpeting, and six windows. Once there was furniture down here in it would be cozier. It could be my secret hideout. 

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Hi! My birthday is on 28th of March and I would really love a non-reaped!Everlark story (or one where the Reaping doesn't exist, whichever comes easier). You can sprinkle in some smut if you want (though it's not necessary). Thank you!!!!!

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Happy, happy birthday!!! Your story was submitted by the awesome @pagedancer87 and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do! Have a wonderful day! EBD

Title: Selfish

Summary: “It’s really okay for there to be times when you stop putting everyone else first, and just do what’s best for you.”

A/N: All errors are belonging to me. Happy Birthday!


As a rule, Katniss Everdeen didn’t allow herself many things.

The first and last time she had asked for something, was the one thing she had ever regretted: to selfishly have her father with her on her birthday. It was a request shyly made, and gently denied, but he had wanted to surprise her. It had him going to work on a day he normally had off, which ended up being the day that he died. At eleven, watching her mother spiral into grief driven madness and her younger sister nearly starve to death, she blamed herself. From then on vowed to put her family first.

It became the way she lived. Everything she did and every choice she made was for the benefit of her younger sister. Not only did it make her happy, it was also very easy.

Once in awhile, something came up that made her choices not so black and white.

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The Arrangement: Chapter Nine

Author’s Note: Soo this chapter is hella unedited but I’ll read over it asap, I just wanted to get it uploaded for you lovelies! Also, most of the info I got about the planet in this chapter is from Wookiepedia but I might have added a bit extra for Drama haha

Feedback is always appreciated, hope you enjoy!


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“You’re… scared of losing me?”

“You’re my apprentice… and Snoke would kill me if anything happened to you.”

You huffed. Of course that’s what meant. You were foolish to have thought differently.

The Command Shuttle jolted slightly.

“It’ll be a bumpy landing!” You heard James shout out from the cockpit.

You turned back to Kylo, who was already moving, “Strap yourself in.”

You nodded, following him back to your seats.

Hux was already buckled in, gripping the sides of the chair tightly.

Cheer up, General,” you smirked as you echoed the words he had spoken to you.

You sat down just before the Shuttle dipped downwards at a steep angle. You also found yourself gripping the sides of your seat as you readied for the landing.

“Landing in 10…9…8…”, James’ voice drowned out as fear suddenly took over your entire body.

“What’s wrong with you?” You could hear Kylo faintly speaking to you in the background. But at this point, your eyes were drooping and your other senses were weakening at an alarming rate.

Then, complete darkness.

“Wha… Where…,” you struggled to form a coherent sentence when you came to your senses.

You could hear Kylo let out a sigh. You saw that his helmet was now off. “Stop trying to speak.”

Your eyes moved around slowly and you soon noticed that you were still in the Command Shuttle.

“We landed… fairly safely,” Hux said, looking disapprovingly at James.

“H-How…How long…”

“Barely an hour,” Kylo responded, having a good guess of what your question was. “You fainted before we landed.”

“I suppose I wasn’t the most terrified after all,” Hux said. He was obviously enjoying this.

You groaned, sitting yourself up slowly. You actually felt fine now, as if you were only waking up from a nap.

“Do you feel dizzy?”

You shook your head at Kylo as you stood up.

“Good. Be outside in five minutes.”

“What for?”

He stared at you incredulously, “Training, what else?”

You let out an exaggerated sigh, and you heard Hux snicker.

“Have you sent out a distress signal?” You turned to James, ignoring Hux and Kylo.

“Yes, Your Highness. No response as of yet, but it shouldn’t be long.”

“Good,” you mumbled, “The sooner we’re off this planet the better.”

You pushed passed Kylo as you walked down the ramp of the Shuttle, which was already open.

You immediately regretted your decision when you were met with a freezing cold wind. You blew away a snowflake that had landed on your cheek and frowned. It was like an even colder Starkiller Base.

“Where in the galaxy are we?” You muttered to yourself as you looked around. It looked barren, perhaps completely uninhabited. It was completely blanketed in snow but in the distance you could see the faint flow of lava sprouting up from the ground. What an odd planet. 

“Welcome to Ilum, Princess.” You hadn’t noticed Kylo come up from behind you.

You had felt a strange sensation as soon as you had stepped foot off the Shuttle, and it hadn’t gone away. This planet had a certain kind of… pull. That’s when you remembered. “S-s-so t-this is t-the J-edi’s f-f-famous p-planet?” Your teeth chattered through the entire sentence. You were freezing.

“What’s left of it,” he was clearly unbothered by the cold.

You raised an eyebrow, waiting for Kylo to continue.

“The Empire laid waste to it a long time ago. Stripped it for its resources.”

“What resources could the Empire have wanted from a sacred Jedi planet?

"Kyber crystals.”

Your eyes widened slightly at that, “They’re the ones that are used to power lightsabers, aren’t they?”

Kylo nodded, “But any that grew on this planet were harvested many moons ago. This is a wasteland now.”

“Then why were you so against coming here?”

Kylo paused for a moment, you could see that he was hesitant to continue, “You felt it too didn’t you, the moment you left the Command Shuttle? It’s a pull to the… to the Light.”

“Ah, so that’s what that nagging feeling is,” you half laughed, trying to diffuse the tension that had suddenly fallen between you.

“The Empire may have claimed this planet decades ago but the legacy of what it once was lives on. That’s why I didn’t want to bring you here, not when you’re still training. The very ground we walk on is steeped in remnants of the Jedi Order and the Light Side.

"How do you know so much about this planet?”

“…Someone told me…once.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Snoke?”

He shook his head and remained silent.

“Who then?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Promise I won’t tell anyone,” you said light-heartedly.

“Y/N…” He warned.

“Kylo…” You matched his tone.

He sighed, “My… uncle. Now that’s the end of it so don’t–”

“Luke Skywalker,” you whispered.

His head shot up, suddenly curious, “How do you know that name?”

You shrugged, “I-I don’t know, I just sort of felt it.” Certainly, you had heard the name before, but it was as if someone had just whispered it to you in that moment. You felt compelled to utter it aloud, like something was urging you to.

Kylo furrowed his eyebrows, “Get back into the Command Shuttle, we will train inside.”


Now Princess.”

Kylo hid his emotions well even without his helmet, both physically and mentally. He couldn’t have you sensing his concern. 

It was as if this planet was speaking to you. Willing you to uncover his past with the Light Side. A past that he had been trying for so many years to bury. He knew of this planet’s power. You were on the verge of finding out and Kylo wouldn’t have that. He simply couldn’t.

You felt strange. The same voice you had heard in your head moments ago had dulled down to a low murmur. But you could still hear it clearly. He’s lying to you, Y/N.

“What are you hiding from me?” You stopped in your tracks before you could reach the Shuttle’s ramp. 

“Excuse me?”

“You’re keeping something from me. Something important.”


“Kylo this planet… it’s like I can hear its thoughts,” you told him, almost in awe.

He scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

You shook your head, “You know I’m telling the truth. You’re hiding something from me, I can feel it.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he huffed. He needed to get you off this planet for good, “Now get back inside–”

“You weren’t scared that I would leave you for Light Side if we came here, you were scared that I would find out the truth, weren’t you?” You were half shouting now.

“The truth about what exactly?” His voice rising too.

“I don’t know!” You threw your hands up in defeat, “Something you should have told me a long time ago, I can tell that much.” You were certain of this.

“I owe you no truths!” He snapped, roughly grabbing your forearm, “Now get back into the Shuttle before I make you.”

In that moment, you heard another delicate whisper in the back of your head. As if someone… or perhaps something on this planet wasn’t going to leave you alone until you heard it. Only, this whisper was different, it was the same word over and over again. It kept getting louder until finally it screamed throughout your mind. And that’s when you heard yourself saying it out loud.


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When Tomoyo was revealed as the Other Saboteur I feared it was because she was ensuring Sakura would win, and that Sakura hadn’t actually earned the victory that she so sorely needed. More than that, Sakura was asleep, and I thought she would miss out on the plot explanation and not get to say goodbye, as per usual. 


Tomoyo was protecting her, not letting her win. Sakura won on her own merits and nothing from this plotline is going to discount that. 

Even better, Sakura gets to hear this from Tomoyo directly and ACTUALLY GETS THE CLOSURE HERSELF FOR ONCE. 




post card - bonnie/damon - 1/1

prompt: please, come with me

read: ao3 | ffnet
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It was always coming to this. She knew it. He knew it. Anyone who ever met them knew it.

“You’re leaving.”

Damon’s luggage is by the door. He’s not taking much with him, but it’s enough to say that he’ll be putting Mystic Falls behind him for a while. Maybe even permanently.

He looks up, watches her walk down the hall, her arms crossed loosely over her stomach. “Figured it was time. Stefan’s pretty much over the whole ‘killed a small village’ thing and Caroline’s getting pretty good at playing the supportive wife. Think newlywed central might need some Damon-free time.”

She stares at him searchingly. “How long is that supposed to last?”

He frowns and drops his gaze to the floor. “It’s too much, Bon. Too many memories, too many mistakes… In a few years, they’ll move on, too. And they should. We all should. Because whatever mojo this place has, it isn’t good. Once it gets inside you, it’s like an infection. I’m tired of letting it twist me up.”

She nods slowly. “So, that’s it? You’re just gonna run away again?”

“I prefer to think of it as a slow ride toward freedom… Might hit up a few sandy beaches, set down roots somewhere with a few less ley lines criss-crossing all over town.”

“And, what, just send a post card every once in a while? Dear Bonnie, living the good life. Wish you were here. –Damon.

“Not exactly.”

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Imagine Dean comforting you....

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The fuzzy, red, glowing numbers told you it was 5:30, through the window of the motel room you could see that the sun hadn’t even begun to rise yet, and the two men you were sharing a room with were still fast asleep, both looking so peaceful for once. And here you were, living the life you love, with the brothers you love, crying softly at 5:30 in the morning, with no idea why. 

For the past couple days you had just felt numb to it all, to life, to the boys, to yourself. In your head thousand of inner demons whispered in your mind, and made it so that you questioned everything, and everyone. You just felt empty… But I guess that is what happens when you struggle with depression every day.  

The boys knew you had it, and both understood when you were going through one of your down spells that the best thing to do was to not push you to do anything and give you space when you needed or wanted it. The only time you were denied space was at night, when the brother you called lover wanted to hold you close, to remind you that you aren’t alone, and that whatever is swimming in that beautiful brain of yours is all lies and nothing more. So it didn’t take long for Dean to become alert to your silent sobs, against his chest he could feel your back occasionally quiver with a silent sob. 

You knew he was awake the moment he ran his hand through your hair and started silently humming Hey Jude, something he always did when he found you like this…. Your body turned, and your head now curled into the crock of his neck, the tears still flowing as he moved one arm securely around you, as the other one still flowed through your hair. Not a word was said during this time, you just softly listened to his hums harmonize with his heart beat, and soon you were back to sleep, tears dried onto your face as Dean continued to play with your hair, and wonder how a woman as incredible as you, could be so broken.

Being Human ||Seventeen 95line Au Part 1

{A/N} Hey guys, so this fic is partially based off the tv show Being Human, but mainly the only thing that’s the same is supernatural beings sharing a house in an attempt to try and appear normal to the outside world. There is a werewolf and a ghost like in the show, but the other two are something else that will be revealed later. 95line will be the main characters, so you will see them the most, but the other members will pop up occasionally. Also I know the picture has Jeonghan’s shorter hair, but in the story he still has his long hair.

You stared at the door. You had to try again. It hadn’t worked yet, but you needed it too. You needed to believe that it would work because the alternative was too painful for you to bare. You took a deep breath. (Well technically you did. Breathing isn’t exactly something you can do anymore, but you can still do the action and somehow it still feels like you are breathing even though it’s physically impossible) It gave you enough confidence to make your way across the room to the door. 

Standing just a few feet in front of the door, you began to raise your hand out in front of you. You watched as your hand disappeared through it. This is a good sign. Although, it has happened before and it still didn’t work. But, you couldn’t think of that right now. You needed to focus on this. You took a step forward and your foot disappeared through the door now too. 

“Here goes nothing,” you say out loud. It didn’t matter that Hoshi was sitting on the couch 10 feet from you. He had never heard, or even seen you once in the years that he has lived here. So you paid no mind to him and whatever he was watching on the TV. You walked the rest of the way through the door.

OH CHEESES!” You found yourself, once again, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Any time you try to leave the house you always end up back here. At the spot where you died. You don’t remember exactly how it happened, you just remember falling. Then it was like you woke up, except you weren’t ever asleep. It was like you woke up from living. You know you had hit your head though, that’s what actually killed you. You saw your own body, lying there dead on the ground, until people came and took it away. You watched while your mother sat next to your body crying and then cowering in your step father’s chest, unable to watch as they stuffed you, her eighteen year old daughter, in a black bag and took you away. 

They moved out soon after and there have been several people to live here since then. Although they all left not long after moving in because they claimed the house was haunted. Not that they were wrong, the house was haunted. By you. But it’s not like anyone in the real world had believed them. You don’t know why they were so upset either. It’s not like you ever hurt anyone, you would never hurt another living creature. You just wanted to be noticed, be touched. You just wanted to feel something, some connection of any sort with someone, you didn’t even care who. But that would never happen. You are a ghost. A ghost who can’t even leave from the house she died in. Even if there was a way for a ghost to have that connection with someone that you so desperately craved, you would never be able to find it while stuck in this house. This house. Where the only people you saw were the occasional new residents, oblivious to anything even being there, until they were scared out of their minds that the lights would start switching on and off or the house would lightly shake like there was a small earthquake occurring. 

Hoshi had been around the longest, but that’s just because he’s the house’s landlord now. He bought the house from your mom and step-father after your death and now he rents it out. So, he’s not around enough to be scared off by you and this house, although, you’re sure it must be frustrating for him to be constantly going through tenants because they get scared off all the time. You feel bad, but you can’t help it. You just want someone to see you and you aren’t going to give up hope that one day it could happen, so you keep on trying. 

Hoshi checks the time on his phone and a look of worry comes across his face. You have to admit he is very adorable, but also attractive aswell. You’d think chubby cheeks wouldn’t be attractive on a man, but oh lord does he pull it off. You never had a boyfriend when you were alive, not even a first kiss, which makes your desire to have a connection with another person so much more powerful. You were shy, a bit naive, and quite sheltered from other people when you were alive so it made connecting with other people hard, but you wish that if you had had a boyfriend when you were alive that he would have been like Hoshi. He was cute, happy and from what you have seen he’s one of the sweetest boys you’ve ever seen, even if he wasn’t always truthful, especially when people come to look at the house before they decide to rent it or not. 

While you were daydreaming about him, Hoshi had turned off the Tv and begun cleaning up the room. 

“I should’ve been paying more attention to the time. They are going to be here in an hour and I still have to make sure the pipes are still working properly.”

Whoops. Okay maybe you had gotten really frustrated last week after trying desperately to communicate with the last tenant and maybe several of the pipes all over the house had burst, as a result. Atleast no one was hurt. Just one really freaked out tenant who left the next day. Wait, did he say someone’s coming? You’re surprised. Usually it takes him a bit longer to find someone interested in renting the house. 

You leave Hoshi downstairs to finish his work, while you wander upstairs to sit by your old window. The view is of the front of the house. You can see the road, a few neighboring houses, even part of the sky. Since the house is near the main part of the city, most of the houses are crowded close together here, so the houses across the street block the rest of the sky from your view. You can’t even see the sunset in this house because of them. 

A car pulls up on the street in front of the house and parks. You assume it’s the new tenants that Hoshi is expecting. The house doesn’t have much of front yard, so the street isn’t far from the window. You see three figures emerge from the car, all guys. One has short black hair and is in a simple T shirt and some jeans. Another has long black hair and is wearing a hat, so you can’t see his face. You can’t see the face of the third one either. He is in a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, but you can see bits of brown hair peaking out from under his hood. 

You head downstairs. You like being there for the house tour. It gives you the chance to get to see how the new tenants are and to backtalk Hoshi when he lies to the tenants to make the house look better than it actually is. You would never have the courage to speak to someone in real life like you do to him and the tenants, but since no one actually can hear you, it doesn’t bother you and it even gives you a little entertainment in your otherwise boring existence.

You stood at the bottom of the stairs playing with your sweater paws in your over-sized sweater that you died in, so it’s now a permanent part of your outfit for the foreseeable future. The doorbell rang and Hoshi answered the door. 

“Hi, I’m Hoshi, the owner. Please come into the livingroom.” The three stepped into the livingroom and their eyes scanned what they could see of the house. When their eyes looked in your direction, you could’ve sworn that you had made eye contact with each of them for a second or two, but you knew better than to jump to those conclusions. No one else could ever see you and these boys are no different. 

“Hello Hoshi, I’m Jeonghan.” It was the one that was wearing the hat. Wow, they were all very nice to look at. So nice that you didn’t want to remove your eyes from any of their beauty. If looks could kill the dead again, you would be a goner just from a glace at one of them. Jeonghan’s face was very fair and his hair looked so shiny and smooth that you bet it feels like silk; you wanted to run your hands through it. He even has a kind of heavenly glow coming from his skin. “That’s Seungcheol by the door, but we call him S. Coups.” He gestured to the man with the short black hair. Now that you can see him closer you notice his muscles. They are huge and they look amazing peeping out from under his shirt sleeves. “And this is my brother, Joshua” He gestured to the one in the hood, who was currently standing off to the side of the room, just out of reach from the sunlight. If you were alive, looking at Joshua would have made your heart stop. He has a fair face just like his brother, only instead of a heavenly glow it was almost like he had a dark aura surrounding him. Although that was overseen the second he gave Hoshi a smile and a slight head bow. His smile was addicting to you, no it was more like a magnet. It attracted you to him, made you want to come closer, even though his smile obviously wasn’t directed at you. You stayed where you were and Hoshi began his tour. 

He took them through the kitchen and the dining room which where the only other things on this level other than the living room and a bathroom.

“This is the kitchen, it has tile counter tops and its cupboards are oak wood. The last tenants had me replace the fridge so this one is brand new.” He said as he tried to direct their gazes around the room. 

“Ha! New. That’s funny Hoshi. New to the house, yes, but I wouldn’t count a fridge you bought off the street for probably 50 bucks as actually new.”

Hoshi had kept his tour going, oblivious to you or what you had said. You were to his side sitting on one of the counter tops. The three other guys standing not far to your other side. While you were talking, it seemed like their eyes were flashing over to you occasionally, then back to Hoshi or other places around the room. S. Coups even took another look at the fridge after you had mentioned it. That’s a weird coincidence. Maybe they are more open to presences than other people and can somewhat like subconsciously sense you and what you say. Hopefully you can manipulate this a bit more before they decide to move out like everyone else, that is if they even decide to stay in the first place. 

Hoshi led them back into the living room and to the bottom of the stairs. You stayed just to his side as you were before, only now the three guys were standing to your side, while the stairs began at your other side. They had a great view of your death spot from where they were standing. 

“Ah yeah, the tile on the stairs is broken here at the bottom. The owners before me were trying to take some furniture up the stairs and one fell back down and broke the tile there. I haven’t been able to fix it, yet. Sorry.”

“Pffft furniture. I didn’t realize a daughter was a piece of furniture, Hoshi. Also aren’t you legally supposed to disclose when a death happens on the premises? If anyone ever found out about you hiding my death from them before they move in, you could end up in alot of trouble” You turned to look back at the guys. They were all staring at you, wide eyed. You. Not behind you. Not at Hoshi to the side of you. At you. You were shocked. 

“Omigod, can you guys see me?!” You walked a little closer to them and all their eyes left you and were obviously trying to avoid you. They were trying to look at Hoshi and listen to whatever he was talking about at the moment aswell. But, you couldn’t care less what he was talking about. THEY COULD SEE YOU! How?

“Hey, I know you can see me. How can you see me? No one else can. Hey, don’t ignore me. I don’t care if Hoshi is going to think you’re crazy. Someone answer me. Please?” They still tried to avoid your eyes and focus on Hoshi, who was apparently the only one in the room who didn’t know you were there. Actually, the other two avoided your gaze, but Joshua, he looked you right in the eyes. But, it was only for a moment. Then Hoshi was leading the three of them up the stairs and he broke the eye contact to follow, just behind Jeonghan. They all made extra care to avoid the dent you made in the floor when you died, except Hoshi, he, as always, just walked through it. Finally, someone has seen you! You’re not going to let this chance just slip through your fingers. They need to become the new tenants. They just have to.

[a/n]- The idea for these characters came from reading stories on the account @95boysbe. I love all her writing and while I was reading her newest series I got the idea to make this series.

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 3

a/n: hiii here it is, its like a lil bit fluffy, they basically only talk and such so yeah :) hope you like it

characters: joker, reader

warnings: mention of & nudity, lil bit swearing, daddy kink, kisiing, implied smut

*next morning*

I woke up from a cold breeze hitting my back and groaned. Why was it cold? Where was I? What day was it? What’s the time?

I opened my eyes slowly, feeling light shining from a small window. I flinched a little and sat up from my horizontal position, my back was pressed against a silk-like surface. This isn’t my room, was the first thing that came to mind. I then glanced around the bed I was in - there was a pale white back facing me, tattoos covering it. 

Wait a second. Was it…? Oh, God, it’s him. It’s my boss there, the Joker, laying under the covers next to me. Was he… naked? Was I? I took a look under the blanket I was covered in - I was completely naked. Did we…?

And then memories of last night came back to me. Oh, we really did do it again. Was it a mistake? Did somebody see us? Will it happen again? I needed so many answers. I needed to talk to him.

Was he awake? Wait, what day was it? If yesterday was Thursday, then today it was Friday. Ah, thankfully it’s my day off-work. I looked at the digital clock on the night stand - 10:43am. I sighed in relief. I hoped he didn’t have any plans for today, especially in the morning, because I really needed to ask him about.. well, this. I’ll just have to wait until he wakes up, by himself. God knows what would happen if I disturbed his slumber. 

I stood up from the bed and with a blanket wrapped around my naked body, I tiptoed into the bathroom. I sighed once in ‘safety’ and closed the door to the point that only a small crack was open. 

I dropped the blanket and looked at myself in the mirror. I had so many hickeys all over my neck, and some bruises around the hip region. My casual makeup was a little bit smudged and my lips were redder than usual. I didn’t put on lipstick, ever, so I guess it smeared off of him. There were also red lip marks around my collarbones. Jesus Christ, am I sinning.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and took off the makeup that was left. I sighed again and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed. I turned on the shower and there was already hot water running down my body. God, it felt relieving. I closed my eyes at the good feeling and tilted my chin upwards. 

I still felt his touch on my body. It was like… a craving that nothing could wash away, not even water. His touches were rough, powerful, but passionate. They sent the vibe that he liked to be in control, dominant, the one in charge. 

Not really giving thought to it, I started quietly singing to myself.

Are we awake?
Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start?
They played a part, for goodness sake
I wasn’t told you’d be this cold
Now it’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart                                I’ll quote on the road like a twat and wind my way out of the city
Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard
Oh, I just had a change of heart                                                                         You smashed a glass into pieces
That’s around the time I left
When you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette
You said I’m full of diseases
Your eyes were full of regret
And then you took a picture of your salad
And put it on the Internet

While singing, I finished showering and turned off the running water. I pulled open the curtain and saw what I wasn’t expecting. There he was, standing in just some sort of sweatpants, facing me, but looking at the floor with something in hand. I couldn’t help but to gasp as he startled me, all of a sudden being there. I grabbed a towel from the hanger and wrapped it around myself. He probably walked in while I was showering. How long had he been there?

J raised his eyes from the floor, along with the rest of his face and looked at me.

“No need to cover, doll. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He spoke lowly, barely above a whisper. I just stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. “Come on out, don’t be afraid.” He urged and I stepped out of the shower, following his orders. I didn’t know if he was in a bad mood, but I definitely did not want to make sure he was, so I did as told. He reached out his pale hand to me. “Come to Daddy, doll. I’ve got something for you. Take my hand.” He spoke. With one hand holding my towel, I reached the other and placed it in his and he pulled me closer to him in a second. Our faces just a few inches from each other, he was looking me right in the eyes. Oh, his eyes…

Joker suddenly took me by my sides with a bit force, making me yelp and then put me on the bathroom counter. I was watching him with curiosity as he spread my legs and stood in between them, then looking up at me.

“Let Daddy take care of you, baby girl.” He said. I nodded, waiting for his next action. I could talk to him now, when he’s… calm. Yeah, I’ll do that.

J slowly unwraps my towel from around me and lets it pool at my butt, almost admiring the sight before him. I was completely exposed to him again. 

“Daddy would love to fuck you right now, but he needs to take care of you first.” He says, running his hands up and down my sides and making me shiver slightly at his cold fingers. ”Don’t you love how Daddy’s marked you?” He then took the thing he was holding in his hand and unfolded it. A white, closed button-up shirt. “I’m sure this will suit you.” He said, undoing the buttons. When that was done, J put it behind me and carefully slid my arms into the sleeves of it. Once it was on me, - it felt so big on me -, he did only the bottom ones, leaving my chest partly exposed to him.

“Daddy?” I spoke.

“Yes, baby doll?” He replies, placing his hand on my waist.

“I have a question. Or a few.” I spoke, putting my hands lazily on his shoulders, letting them hang off of his shoulders. 

“Go ahead.”

“What are we?” I asked. “What do we classify as?”

“Well… I don’t think we classify as anything, at least we don’t need to.” He spoke. Oh. 

“But what is this between us, Daddy? You’re supposed to be my boss.”  I stated. “Are you?”

“Must be so.”

“Then what am I to you, Daddy?” I pushed, leaning a bit closer to him.

“What do you want yourself to be to me, angel?” 

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just… don’t want this to be anything un-special, meaningless to each other.”

“Why would you think this could be meaningless to me? Or you?” Anger appeared in his voice. “Everything has a meaning. Including this.”

“And what is this?” I said, feeling tears well up behind my eyes. Joker looked away from me, only a huff escaping his lips. “C'mon, Daddy, don’t you want me closer to you? Always by your side?” I pouted, the tears almost coming out. I leaned very close to his face, looking in his blue eyes. I saw anger in them which made me feel afraid and tears roll down my cheeks.

“Please, don’t cry, baby doll. Daddy doesn’t like to see you upset.” He said, stroking my cheek, which only made more tears fall from my eyes. “Is this what was upsetting you last night?” He asked and I nodded, pursing my lips together, but then letting a sob out. “Don’t cry, doll. Please. Am I upsetting you?” I looked down. It wasn’t his fault I had accidentally caught feelings for him. But it did involve him. “Baby girl, Daddy can make you feel better.” J said, bringing his lips to my neck and sliding his hands further down my body, but I weakly pushed him away. I looked him in the eyes, there was hurt visible. “Don’t you want Daddy to make you feel better?” I shook my head.

“Not in that way.” I said. 

“Then tell me what you want, baby. I’ll do it. Do you wanna go home or stay here or…”

“No, I want you. Here, always, every day, all day.” I confessed. “I want to stay here with you for whatever-how-long. Don’t you want that?”

“Listen, baby girl. Daddy likes you very, very, very much. I enjoy your company and the things you do for me.” He said. “So, if being… with me, mine, whatever, makes you happy, I will do everything to make you pleased. I would do anything for you.”

“Really?” I smiled.

“Yes, my angel.” Joker replied. I wanted to hug him, but knew he wasn’t the 'hug person’, so I kissed him instead. He grunted, but i could feel him smirk. “So what would you want?”

“I… want to live here. With you.” I confessed once again.

“Anything for my princess.” He said and kissed me again. “By the way,” he dragged out the last word, “I love how you sing, angel face.”


Come back, come back, dear friend, only friend, come back. I promise to be good. If I was short with you, I was either kidding or just being stubborn. I regret all this more than I can express. Come back and all is forgotten. It is unbearable to think you took my joke seriously. I have been crying for two days straight. Come back. Be brave, dear friend. All is not lost. You only need to come back. We will live here once again, bravely, patiently. I’m begging you. You know it is for your own good. Yes, I was in the wrong. Oh, you won’t forget me, will you? No, you can’t forget me. As for me, I still have you, here. Come back, all of your things are here. I hope you now know that our last conversation wasn’t real. That awful moment. But you, when I waved to you to get off the boat, why didn’t you come? To have lived together for two years and to have come to that! What will you do? If you don’t want to come back, would you want me to come to you? One single true word: it is, come back. I want to be with you, I love you.
—  Arthur Rimbaud, from a letter to Verlaine