once upon december


Things my heart used to know. Things it yearns to remember.

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Some melodies have soul in them, don't they? What you listen to in instrumental music or classics that has the same feeling? I absolutely loved Petricor that you recommended.

Oh, I do.

Beethoven, Für Elise
Two Steps from Hell, Big Sky
Debussy, Clair de Lune
Chopin, Nocturne op 9 n°2
Bedrich Smetana, Vltava
Ludovico Einaudi, Eros
Ludovico Einaudi, Divenire
Ludovico Einaudi, Primavera
Ludovico Einaudi, Nefeli
Philip Glass, Duet
Erik Satie, Gnossiennes
Dario Marianelli, Dance With Me
Dario Marianelli, Atonement
Dario Marianelli, Cee, You and Tea
Clint Mansell, Lose Yourself
Tom Tykwer, The Escape
Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas Finale
Yann Tiersen, Summer 78
Hans Zimmer, Cornfield Chase
John Wasson, Caravan
Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Swans
Tchaikovsky, Waltz of the Flowers
Prokofiev, Dance of the Knights
Craig Armstrong, Opening
Adolphe Adam, Dance of the Willis
Philip Glass, Morning Passages
Zoe Conway, Half Day Road
Joe Hisaishi, Dragon Boy
Martin Phipps, Saint Petersburg
Emile Pandolfi, Once Upon a December


Jackunzel AU: Once Upon December

Chapter Four: Lights of a Dream

Of course a princess should know how to behave properly, Jack started making exaggerated gestures while Punz and Aster watched him sitting over some rocks near the bridge they had crossed-Most are pretty boring, but we are not currents teachers.

-And where shall we start?-she asked, jumping up, watching the two young men stood in front of her.

-For the position-Aster said, standing behind her, straightening her back, stretching her arms, making the girl seem to be nothing more than an automaton devoid of any natural gesture-You must walk straight, complementing your weight on both legs , feet turned out … not so much. Head up, eyes forward.

Punz nodded, trying to remember all the instructions and carry them out with her body, all at once, but realized that it was just ridiculous. Maybe she did not know how the princesses moved, but if they were a symbol of grace and elegance, it was clear that they did not do any of that. She breathed deeply, each of those disobeying orders, walking just how she felt she must do, feeling that she must seem floating in the air … She felt that she was getting. Jack could not help laughing to see the face of his friend, it was clear why they ignored his instructions did not like him at all, but it was a little payback for having made that comment in the castle and the good thing was that he hadn’t to mediate a word. But watching her, it was as if her feet barely touch the ground, as if she was floating in her little world, walking how that brown haired girl who seemed to be running around. He looked down, biting his lip before following as if nothing had happened, hitting Aster in the elbow while Punz turned to them, making a mock bow before running towards them.

- What else?-she asked impatiently, smiling as her tutor shook his head, shrugging as he extended his arms to let Jack take his place-What are you going to teach me? It doesn’t seem that…

-Please majesty, your lips do not mess with these words-starred Jack, imposing a finger over her lips. Punz felt uncomfortable, before outlining away comical smile on his face. It was impossible to take anything that Jack says wrong she was … simply unable-Well; get ready to become a true princess of Corona.

Punz was almost unable to believe that anyone could assimilate so much in so little time, but it was possible, and she was checking. While traveling, as they followed a path unknown but she did not care, she had learned things she never could have imagined, experienced and knowing just things that she didn’t want to stop do. Learning to ride a bike was fun. The three had rented them in the village and followed a small path between fields. Punz was rising, clinging to the handlebars while Aster explained her how stem and the basic movements, holding the structure lacking the minimum balance. Then the white-haired boy appeared behind them, starting to push the bike as the girl closed her eyes, feeling like the wind impacted on his face before open them a few, then, she was unable to close them again.

-Start pedaling-Jack said to her, laughing as she coordinated their feet to get to the first turn, then kept doing it, laughing as she felt the bike was beginning to get its balance-Punz right, keep it up!

She screamed, laughing, still pedaling, staying silent to see how Jack’s bike was placed at her height, with the young smiling as he gave off one of his hands from the handlebars.

-Jack …?-she pronounced his name, trying to find strength in it. She was not even sure how she could go about that wooden structure. She was scared, but not to fall, only to not  achieve it, of being unable to control that-I am not going to be able and …

-Never say you cannot-said the young making Punz stop talking when she saw the decision in his eyes blue as ice- Because I trust in you and I know you can do anything, just keep trying, okay?

She nodded, smiling as she continued forward, watching the world go below those wheels, unable to distinguish the limits of it. Now she understood what it was to be free, to be unable to see the boundaries that nobody has imposed. She looked up, laughing before feel her vision began to turn things around. Before she could react her body would hit the ground if someone had not pushed her into the grass, giving his body how to shock . She groaned, anticipating pain that she did not feel in all its intensity, opening her eyes to see her head rested on Jack’s chest, feeling young man arms had wrapped her body getting almost all the hit for her. Punz rose quickly, watching the young man as she tried to incorporate him.

- Jack…?

-Heey, are you okay?-laughed Jack, hiding very bad a voice denoting something hurt. Punz realized that, she knew too well that shade difference, but no one had tried to protect her from being aware of it. She took one of his hands, unable to mitigate the guilt which stifled her chest. If she had not gone up, if she had been more careful, she had to have fallen alone, not Jack-It’s anything.

-I can fall on my own-smiled the girl, standing behind him as she extracted a bandage from her pocket, Jack’s shirt up to clean the little spills of blood that stained his skin with special attention to all of them and then ask him help her pass the band around his torso. They had been a gift from his new family, and she was smiling to be able to use them. When she finished helped him up, putting his arm over his shoulders as she returned their feet to the road-Thanks.

-It is better to fall with someone who just let him fall alone Jack said, making the girl look up to encounter his eyes lost in the horizon-Although there are some people who worth fall for more than others … If it were Aster, to that yes he had dropped only.

- And that because…?

-Have you seen him?-he asked, exaggerating quite-He is huge, he would have crushed me!

Punz could not help laughing, hiding her face in the young man’s arm, securing him well before start walking, watching that even Jack not exceeded greatly in size, the two seemed to have no a good balance, deviated quite, but laughter did not stop to resonate around. Aster watched them most of the time, distinguishing the voices of both, their laughter, the girl’s body safe and determined holding the Jack’s one, simply trying to escape the law of gravity. But he never failed to keep in touch with her, never failed to separate them more than necessary. She was his anchor to the world, and it seemed that unconsciously he was getting were too.

Shortly after he watched the girl checked his wounds, disinfecting them and putting an appropriate bandage. Punz had discovered that she had a natural talent for healing, as if the mere touch of her hands was sufficient to mitigate any pain. She was a skilled healer, perhaps more than what they could see. After sleeping that night in the inn they continued, sitting in the back of a truck while transporting them for quite this part of the journey. In that area, the mountains were close and snow was still visible, for Jack was somewhat reassuring. She looked to the sky, letting out of her mouth small clouds of steam that used to follow small tremors throughout her. Her golden hair was pulled back into a side braid with a small intricate braids meeting in a larger one. Jack had completely sheathed his hat, hiding even the smallest strand of white hair. Aster reviewing notes Punz used to happen to her all day, watching with that eagerly with she studied how the questions that she made him almost were complicated for him to answer. But what surprised him was fluidity and speed of her reading, how she understand almost all the meanings, how simple was not limited to basic knowledge. If it was true that she came from an orphanage, how could she have learned all that? In any case, there was more than a little luck, there was nothing behind, it did not mean anything. Jack had something in mind. Punz could see the shadows, something he thought he was the only capable, but he had seen it, she had amply demonstrated. And not only that, she also had a power, a weapon against those specters, still not sure how or what forms manifested could take, but she had. And possessing it, only increased the insistence with which they would try to catch her, but at the same time would provide her security and power necessary to deal with them. The white haired boy wanted to show her everything he knew, help her find the nature of her gift that she knew how to use it. He did not know how it’ll materialize, which would confer capabilities but that unpredictability endowed him, and all that is to come out of the parameters of the monotony was something that was worth a try.

After several days of travel they arrived at a port city, where as they have explained to Punz would catch a boat that would take them to their next destination. She almost could not help the thrill of getting on that transatlantic, balancing on railings, letting the wind undo her braid when they began to ride the waves. Aster and Jack were watching her from behind, smiling as if they were seeing her little sister, getting used to her everything was new, everything was a first. When those green eyes turned towards them with a glowing smile on his face, the white haired boy felt something he never felt before but that made him lose his breath.

I’m going to settle us in the cabin, stay with her ​​for a while, ‘he said, nudging before the young man could react, complaining before returning to contemplate that golden hair waving in the wind. He smiled, and then blowing a weak current handle with the fingers, making those golden threads among the air. He leaned close to her shortly after, smiling when she did. The sea was wonderful, always been too untamed and unpredictable, and that was something that could define Jack.

-Punz, I’ve been thinking about something he began Jack, catching the attention of those forest-colored orbs, hesitating before speaking-I know you can see the shadows and even you can defend yourself against them, wish I could help you control your powers it would be great to do it … but only if you want.

-I’d love you to teach me, Jack, the young girl smiled before taking a serious expression as her eyes lost in the vastness of the ocean-I was afraid of being different all my life, that people hate me and leave me alone … but you and Aster have not done it, and I think, that I’m not scared anymore.

-Do you want to go now?

-Can we stay a little longer? She whispered in a sweet appeal. Jack nodded, smiling at seeing how Punz again concentrate on that new horizon. He was going to make her a person able to write her own destiny.

Punz supported stayed near the door of their cabin, waiting for someone to appear, actually that Jack did. He had said he was going to get something and her curiosity was about to explode. Aster unknown where he was and did not lack a hurry to leave her alone in that corridor, and that she simply waited.

-Hey, did you miss me?-Jack’s voice startled her, causing her to turn around to see him holding something made ​​of fabric, in shades of pink and purple, but what it was she was not sure-It is a gift , a dress.

-Thanks … -she whispered almost as if she couldn’t believe it, touching it while Jack was let her holding it. Then Punz bit her lip-And … for what is this?

-For you to put it on I do not think you can do much more with it … or will you? Sorry, I’ve never understood women’s issues-he scratched his head, tearing the girl a laugh as she covered her mouth, putting the dress in front of her body, playing with the folds of the skirt-Well, I hope your size, I … I’ll be on the cover. Meet you there.

Jack said goodbye going up the stairs without dedicating a comedian greeting, making Punz stop talking when she saw him, imitating dismiss him as she could not wait to see what that gift was. She had never had any like it.

-So you’re going to teach her to use those powers?-Aster asked, leaning close to her brother.

-Those shadows will always continue chasing her-Jack said, grabbing one wrist-I know. So she needs to know how to defend herself, to not have to live in fear, so she can lead a normal life.

-But lose your status of knight … umm; it will cost someone to reconsider that…

I do not care, I’ll teach her anyway-laughed Jack, shrugging-Also I don’t need another princess in distress.

Aster was about to take it under his arm like when they were children when their laughter was interrupted by a figure emerged from the stairs of the boat. Jack was about to seize the moment when he saw what his friend’s eyes were watching. And soon could see he was much more vulnerable.

Punz was still trying to keep her balance. Her blonde hair fell down her back, twisting a few strands in a braid around her head. Then a bra fit over a shirt and then a light skirt dropping over the body of the young woman, exposing most of her boots. Was flooded by a sea of ​​violet roses with small waves foaming on the surface . She had doubted that she was her when she saw her reflection in the mirror, even now still cost her realize that it was she who was standing there with that beautiful dress. She smiled, running towards them for almost destabilize with her embrace, noting how the two surrounding her. They were her family, every moment spent with them realized that they were, they had always been intended to be and doubted she couldn’t have found anyone better to make that unity.

-Thank you-she smiled, noticing as they watched, with a twinkle in their eyes profiling that reminded all that she had dreamed about how their parents would look at her. They were doing even better, with a warmth that enveloped her in its invisible hug-How do I look?

-Perfect Princess-Jack smiled, bowing as he nudged Aster, making him imitate him-You honor us with your presence, Highness.

-The honor is mine-she bowed as she accompanied her motion with the skirt of her dress. The three sat at a table near the railing, discussing things, talking about anything that they pass through their minds. Jack began to explain to the girl the guidelines to be followed to determine what kind of power she had and what was what triggered and how to get her to be able to control that urge. Both remembered a light and incandescent sphere shine in one of his hands, but that’s how far their knowledge goes. Punz had said that the train had been aware for the first time that she had those powers and also no one had ever persecuted or tried to hurt her. The young man suggested that perhaps it was due to her powers had not matured by the simple fact that she had not needed to use them but even if it was doable, he and Aster knew that theory was limping. Whether you have never used or do not glisten with all its potential, even at its lowest intensity the shadows would be able to detect them.

-And what if my body suffer amnesia?-then asked the girl-I know that such memories or abilities are blocked by the disease in a person, so why could not the same thing happen with my powers? Blocked, completely forgotten by my body would be almost as if I had lost them, right?

-But what would be able to break that barrier?-reflected aloud Aster-That would have to be very strong and certainly something that coincide with any of your memories.

-As a reminder using those powers-said Jack, pointing a set of symbols in one of the notebooks that rested on the table -The train situation you had to remember you something very similar that happened in your childhood, in the period of your life you cannot remember.

-So that could unlock my powers?-whispered Punz-My memories could be the key we are looking for…?

-Very likely, but we cannot be too sure, also-Aster said, pausing before continuing speaking-If your memory was plunged herself into that state of ignorance means that something very painful and incomprehensible happened and it would be preferable that does not return to haunt you if your body isolated from it once. I do not think it could do it again.

-But still…-hesitated the girl, reflecting on what he had said the green-eyed boy. His words made ​​little sense and feared what he had revealed. If her body had isolated from those memories, what was it that had happened?-…I want the power to serve me to protect you two.

-Do not worry, we are also here-Jack smiled as he rested his hand on her shoulders-We can protect ourselves and that’s why we can protect you. You can take all the time you need to find out who you were, even not. Besides, who says that your memories are the key to these powers? It’s a possibility that does not make it unique.

Punz nodded, smiling as her friends sighed with relief. They knew that the life of her new friend had not been easy; they did not want what was beginning to build it aimed saw the same pattern. Aster rose, apologizing to go to leave the notebooks and notes in the cabin while the two youths followed his figure until it was lost by the stairs. Both were watching the sea when a cheerful and rhythmic music flooded the deck, making the girl direct her eyes to where it was playing. Some of those musicians had gathered a large group of people, who danced circling, following a complicated choreography. They looked happy, looked fun. Jack reported how the young girl was staring at the crowd, unable to control that gleam which was reflected in the two green crystals.

-Do you wanna dance?-asked the young man, holding out one hand while the young woman looked at him uncertainly-Come on, it’ll be fun.

-Nobody ever asked me to dance with him-smiled the girl, even his hand did not close around the young-That’s why I’ve never learned to dance with someone, I don’t know how.

-I do not remember much … but that’s okay-laughed, looking away before nailing in his deep blue eyes-We can improvise together.

-Okay-said the young girl, clinging to his hand as he dragged her to the dance floor, but they stayed a bit separated from the people, mostly to avoid tripping-Now what do we do?

Jack shrugged, grabbing her hands as they began to turn in circles, occasionally changing the position of the arms, laughing while their movements were beginning to be freer. She started with her feet pacing increasingly difficult steps, as if she were just remembering something that did not remember unconsciously she can do. The young man tried to follow her, turning occasionally around, jumping at his side, sometimes propelling her. When the last chords were about to end, Jack was turning himself before finishing in front of the body of the girl, grabbing her hands while she was smiling, laughing while her fingers followed intertwined with the young. Punz felt that she didn’t want to drop them, that unconsciously she wanted to stay like that. Jack felt he could not leave to soak in those two green wells, in the eyes of a person who did not want to let go, which did not want to lose. The applause for the musicians made ​​both separated.

-You did great-Jack smiled, making the young girl come down the gaze-I cannot believe you did not know dance.

-I guess, I’m starting to question it-she laughed, making Jack imitate her. The young man was to answer when he saw the young girl ran to the side, clinging to the railing in front of him while the most wonderful sunset the boy had ever seen waves stained red and gold. But what the star was shining like the hair of the girl, her back to him, reflecting all the glitter of the afternoon. Jack approached, standing at his side while her Rapunzel, no, Punz turned to him, feeling how both approached, standing a few centimetres, showing that Jack was still overcome by more than three centimetres.

Jack felt his head down the little that separated it from that of the girl, how his lips were looking for hers. Punz felt that, she realized and felt not fear of what was going to happen, not going to run, she wanted it to happen. She began to close her eyes, feeling that cold breath next to her skin, raising her head before a sound made both turn. She turned to Jack, but could only see confusion in his face, causing her eyes see how he ran under cover while she stand on the deck.

Anastasia starter meme
  • “In the dark of the night terror will find her”
  • “I was once the most mystical man/woman in all of ___”
  • “I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!”
  • “Revenge will be sweet when the curse is complete!”
  • “Soon she will feel that her nightmares are real.”
  • “My dear here’s a sign its the end of the line.”
  • “Come my minions rise for your master.”
  • “Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember.”
  • “Someone holds me safe and warm.”
  • “And a song someone sings, once upon a december.”
  • “Far away, long ago glowing dim as an ember.”
  • “If I can learn to do you can learn to do it.”
  • “I recall his yellow cat!”
  • “I don’t believe we told her that.”
  • “Don’t know how you knew it.”
  • “I simply knew it.”
  • “____ You’re a dream come true!”
  • “Dasvidanyia, your grace.”
  • “___ holds the key to her/his past.”
  •  “___ holds the key to your heart.”
  • “Courage don’t desert me.”
  • “Don’t turn back now that we’re here.”
  • “People say life is full of choices.. No one ever mentions fear.”
  • “I know someone’s waiting years of dreams just can’t be wrong.”
  • “I’m learning fast, on this journey to the past.”
  • “Home, love, family. There was once I time I must have had them too.”
  • “I will never be complete until I find you.”
  • “Who knows where this road may go?”
  • “Let this be a sign, let this road be mine!”
  • “Bring me home at last.”
  • “You rode horseback when you were only three.”
  • “Was I wild?”
  • “You’d behave when your father gave that look.”
  • “I feel a little foolish.”
  • “Follow in my footsteps shoe by shoe.”
  • “I never cared for stroganoff.”
  • “Pull yourself together and you’ll pull through it.”
  • “Tell yourself its easy and its true.”
  • “I hear he’s gotten very fat.”
  • “Suddenly I feel like someone new!”
  • “Unexpected, what you did to my heart.”
  • “Life is a road and I wanna keep going.”
  • “I’ll be there when the world stops turning.”
  • “At the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you.”
  • “We were strangers on a crazy adventure.”
  • “Nothing’s gonna tear us apart.”
  • “I taught her well I planned it all, I just forgot romance.”
  • “__ how could you do this? How will we get through this?”
  • “I never should have let them dance.”
  • “She’s radiant, and confident and born to take this chance.”
  • “I found you at last.”
  • “No more pretend, you’ll be gone, thats the end.”
  • “Kind of lightheaded? Me too.”
  • “You are dressed for a ball, and you will learn to dance for one as well.”
  • “It’s 1 2 3 and I see it at a glance.”
  • “I just want to know if I belong to a family.”
  • “Soon you’ll be, home with me.”
  • “Oh? And I suppose the money doesn’t interest you either.”
  • “I am tired of being conned and lied to.”

I have to feature this song every once in a while. I love it so much.


Hello everyone! I have wanted to create video about Anastasia for few years. My wish was to connect real Romanov tragedy with story from animated film “Anastasia”. And now I have finally done it! In the beginning I could not even imagine that it would be so difficult. I hadn’t got enough material for this video, but now I am almost satisfied with the result. I hope you’ll like it!
Videos used: War and peace, Admiral, The princess diaries, Mathilde, Nicholas and Alexandra, Downton abbey, The lost prince, The Romanovs: An Imperial Family, Rasputin, Russian ark, Romanovs, Grigory R.
All sounds from “Anastasia”

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I don’t know why I thought this but for some reason late one night I thought that this song kind of reminded me of Loki. Mainly because he’s a Frost Giant and when he was a baby he was found by Odin (*cough* WAS KIDNAPPED *cough*) who took him back to Asgard. Then grew up with Thor blah blah mother’s love blah blah tried to take over Midgard Blah shanked Phil Coulson and well we pretty much know the rest. Anyway I think mostly it might have been the lack of sleep that made me think that but whatever.

P.S. This Once Upon a December is from the movie Anastasia. Also it may look like a Disney movie but it isn’t. IT IS MADE BY 20TH CENTURY FOX. I don’t why I get so mad when people think’s she a Disney princess.

Jackunzel AU-Once Upon December

Chapter Two: A song someone sings

A tall, highly stylized, black curly hair woman pushed a young girl with blond hair braided out of an old building with lots of windows with faded colours impregnating the wood from which it was built, with the cold of the snow coming in each one slit while letting out the chimney soot laden clouds with a pungent smell of wood.

-I have found you a work in the fish factory, low this road until the crossing of the road and…

-Goodbye-the girl smiled as he answered with her hand to the thousands of heads that came through the windows of the orphanage, dismissing her not knowing what to put in their voice tone-Bye to everyone.

-Are you listening?-stared at her the woman, making the girl came down looking to encounter the angry face that never changed in all the time she remembered.

-Yes, Madame Gothel-nodded her head, squeezing a hem of his coat between her fingers, unable to know how to react. It was the last time it was under her charge and yet still was not sure how to deal with it.

-Since you were brought here you’ve been the insufferable perfect little girl, acting like a princess when you’re just a nameless nobody-she stopped, smoothing her skin as she walked toward the gate that marked the outside world, the limits that Punz would cross for the first time how a person owner of her own life. She stayed behind, raising her eyes, trying to hold on. Just a little more …-During the last ten years I have fed you, I dressed you; I have been insufferable, darling. And you yourself always limit with that unbearable smile nod, accepting all that I said, without question. I expected a bit of hate sweetie

She froze, unable to know how to react, how to act. She’s never hated anyone, never been able to; it was just something that did not come out. She pushed some snow with the tip of her boot, following the rhythm of the snow while the metallic screech of that gate broke completely her chords. For the first time she was unable to start running towards the world outside of those iron bars, unable to leave the edges of all she knew, of a world in which she would no longer have the safety to return and hide under her bed.

-Come on, I’m freezing out here-she urged bordering on hysteria, causing the young girl to hurry up to the door, her hands clutching the string lit on her chest since she could remember, and think you’re just a poor forgetful, with nowhere to go.

-Yes I have-Punz replied for the first time in her life, pointing with look at the chain that had saved from the greedy hands of that woman every day she remembered-This has to mean something, I know it have to.

-A shabby little chain? Hah!-she laughed with malice pinching her cheek, making the golden haired girl noticing how the heat was starting to stain down her cheeks-Punz, don’t be silly. It’s time to take your place in life, and you can be grateful.

The sound of the gate closing was the moment when the invisible connection that linked her to that place was broken, returning the possession of her soul to the world, to herself. She started walking, stopping at the convergence of two roads, facing the decision that could change her entire life. The doubts were growing deafening, causing her fall ceased on the snow ceased.

-What if it’s just a simple little chain?-she wondered aloud, talking to someone how she used to do when the other children left her alone in the room. She put her hands over her face, shaking it, trying to silence those thousands of voices-This is completely crazy … but …-she hesitated as she held the pendant between her fingers-the person who gave me this must love me, right?

She looked around, seeing how the wind made the snow spirals, stirring her hair, telling her a completely opposite that they had chosen for her. She had always felt warm to touch snow, always had been unable to keep from crying out to see the first flakes fall behind the glass of the window. When she saw the reflection of the sun sparkle on ice how thousands of diamonds, she couldn’t help to feel that an invisible embrace around her. She remembered nothing before arriving at the orphanage, but there were times she felt things, things that her unconscious recognized even though she could not locate them, but it was comforting to feel them close. And the wind had always whispered her things, things that had always gone well, why would it be different now?

Heart do not fail me now

Courage do not desert me

Punz put her hands to her chest, looking around as he began to follow the direction that marked the wind.

Do not turn back now

That we’re here

People always say

Life is full of choices

No one ever mentions fear

Or how the world can seem so vast

She looked around with fear at how small he was, or to the terror that wanted to take over his body.

On a journey to the past

The tinkling of a horse-drawn sleigh made ​​her turned from trying to escape the snow that came in both directions, laughing as she shook the remains that had been attached to his coat. Her boots were straight line skates, balancing before these started to push the white layer leaps.

Somewhere down this road

I know someone’s waiting

Years of dreams just cannot be wrong

Arms will open wide

I’ll be safe and wanted

Finally home where I belong

She closed her eyes, hugging herself as her smile flashes began to fill these two green orbs that flashed in his face.

Well starting now I’m learning fast

On this journey to the past

A house on the road let out the laughter of little children, the young ranch tarried to see how they played with their parents, how they seemed happy with them. She waved her hand while they imitated her. Punz could not help but feel nostalgia for something she had always wanted; looking at the sky while her eyes became wet.

Home, love, family

There was once a time

I must’ve had them too

Home, love, family

I will never be complete until I find you

Then she started to run, to let sparks jump out snow underfoot, to circle on that white stage as she played with the trees, hopping on one cut down, crossing it in balance, laughing as her breath simply let out sweet clouds of steam.

One step at a time

One hope then another

Who knows where this road may go

Back to who I was

On to find my future

Things my heart still needs to know

Yes, let this be a sign

Let this road be mine

Let it lead me to my past

And bring me home

At Last.

She finished, smiling at the city that lay beneath her feet, covered with snow, with smoke from the chimneys competing with white snowflakes falling ashes dodging clouds of steam. A forest around it how a protective barrier. She smiled to herself, clutching the pendant between her fingers as she threw a race to the wind, continuing a path that would trace her steps never to stop


Two men left the station wrapped up in their coats, leaving behind them footprints in the snow while lost themselves in the labyrinth of people, maybe too much, ice and steam. One of them hid his face under a hat, pressing his face against his faded blue wool coat as he and his partner tried to break through the crowd that came to be annoying. When they got out, they both began to walk down a path that no one had used for more than ten years.

-Jack, you know this can’t continue like this-said his companion as he rested his hand on his friend’s shoulder. Was significantly higher, also older but neither of them exceeded an average age-You did your best, they would have understood and…

-I broke my promise Aster, do you not understand?-shout the young man while  he put his hands to his face, trying to hold back the tears who did not know if they were caused by guilt or the rage I promised, she trusted me and I was not able to protect her.

-You did more than any of us could!-roared the other, making although repenting to back down, breaking eye contact of both. The young blue coat instantly regretted having shouted, remembering the hell his companion tortured. He had agreed to accompany him despite everything that awoke in him that place was the least he could was thank him, do not jump to with a low for something that just was not his fault.

-Sorry, I didn’t mean …-he stopped when he saw a hand ruffling his cap, while Aster started walking, making a motion with his arm as Jack smiled, following him. He had always been like an older brother that had taken care of him when neither of them knew where to go. Then Jack simply had proved that he was much better taking care of them.

-What do we do now?-Asked as obvious response was drawn in the blue eyes of the boy.

-Keep searching.


She was unable to stop; her eyes were unable to keep still while she watching that surrounded her. She started asking people if they knew that was what the meant of that pendant if there was a place that had that symbol, if they could tell what it was. A few shook their heads politely; most screaming at her to turn from their way or departed from a push while the people who watched it look at her like a lunatic. Punz stood in the street, in the middle of those streams of people, looking gaunt, feeling her strength began to wane. She shrugged, ready to leave when some sounds made her direct her gaze to an alley, watching an old woman who seemed to be the source of those hissing. The young woman pointed to herself, approaching when the woman nodded with her head. She squatted in front of her, waiting for her to say something.

-What were you showing to these people?

-This pendant-sweetly said as she pulled it out of her coat, standing it on the open palm of his hand as the woman approached a bony finger at it-You know what it is?

The woman looked at her with her ​​dark eyes furrowed with wrinkles, studying that symbol as his sweet fractions changed to leave on her face ones that she was unable to identify. Finally, the old woman smiled again, making the young woman relax while Punz waited anxious to whatever the woman can tell to her.

-It have been more than ten years since I saw this symbol-started, stroking lightly that chain hanging on-I’m afraid you will not find anything in the place this sign comes from, sorry.

-Even so, where is that place?-she asked not giving up, unable to leave just now that she was beginning to find answers. She felt the old woman reflected a frowning, withdrawing her eyes before telling Punz to help her to get up, clutching her arm as she led her to the limits of the village to the main road. Then she said to follow it up to  the train station, quite a distance and that in there take the only road into the forest is. She hugged her, thanking that as she began to run track in the snow, moving the arm until the town was in just a point between the white monotony. The station was away, but that would not stop her, she doesn’t get so far to give up now, right?

Took two days to catch a glimpse of the figure of the station She had followed the rails, balancing on them when she was sure that no train was coming, laughing, sometimes marking the passing of some curious animals circling between her feet. It was how simply nothing of that girl could scare them, would have been impossible. Her gaze dyed pure limpid green grass and the smile that was reflected throughout her body became a simple light in the dark. She had found some plants that she ate with some deer who followed in the distance, throwing races, coming when the young woman unearthed something. She had slept among the roots of the trees, waking up with some squirrels huddled against her coat and tangled in her hair. When she saw the station, that building could not look more impressive. Some arches covered by vaults, brick impregnated with the passage of people, of life, of the beginnings and pauses before drawing a new beginning. She stood before the glass, feeling a pang that made her fall to her knees, out of breath while her vision clouded, looking around before the light returned to flood her eyes She shrank against the wall, trying to understand what had happened, why she felt that she did not understand. She started running, not knowing where simply following the forest road. She could feel the branches struck him on the face, causing the pain did her run more, starting to see shadows around, trying to escape from them until her boot caught on a root, tripping her as her body slid down the frozen ground. Punz rose on her arms panting looking back, with the braid undone while small pieces of snow slid between strands of blond hair. She turned to stand mute, watching the silhouette cut out the sky, which stood towering over the lake.

-Corona … -she sighed, leaning on one knee to lift your entire body, walking to the shores of the lake, while brushing snow stretched invisibly fingers to rub the towers that had gone long ago. He saw his body reflected in the ice, an image that had been changing throughout his life. He remembered how Gothel said: “The hair darkens with age, it doesn’t become clearer” But it had each passing day increasingly lost its brown colour to be golden yellow that, how the sun’s bright the young woman never understood it, but she had accepted, had had ten years to do so. She shook the snow, smiling, starting to run up the main bridge that was born from the depths of the lake to go into the bowels of the kingdom abandoned. Tickled pavers underfoot, the echo of her steps was what all she could hear. She looked around, clutching her pendant, retreating to see what those walls had witnessed. Broken glass, burned houses, things that nobody had bothered to fix, places that had not seen anyone. A hung flags burned through the streets, with the symbol she had recorded in her pendant. Her boots were met with one, making the young woman take it in her hands extending it, feeling a few tears further darkened the faded purple cloth. She did not understand who had done this, or why he had done, could not understand how someone could cause that consciously. She kept walking, stopping at places to touch the burned wood or just shrink to cry in a corner. It was as if each tile would convey the horror that had passed over them, making her green eyes were unable to shed no tears that they could not, sometimes she would see in the broken glass, in corners, images that she believed that belonged to her She started pursue them to turn on each street that they pointed, stopping when she arrived to the limits of the castle. She looked around for any entries, running into doors boarded up with wood, as if they had done that for be sure that a thing have been inside don’t ever get out of the walls. Punz began to border around the perimeter, hitting the barriers, smiling to see a hole in one of them She pulled her hair into a quickly braid, dropping it down her back as she strokes to widen the hole, do give in to that part. She pulled away, taking a run before jumping in with all her weight against the boards. Not take long to give with her up, spreading across the floor.


-Did you hear that? Jack asked, getting up from the chair where he was sitting-Aster…

-It have collapsed something, do not give bad laps-tried to downplay it, but he knew that it was not going to persuade Jack. He had already decided to go find out long before even himself knew-Here we go again.

-Oh, come on …, you know that deep down you love it- laughed mischievously as he gave the young man in the arm, turning to switch to a fixed someone’s face to discover that.


Punz started up the stairs, running his fingers over the stone railing, watching the stillness of a ghost. Although that place doubt anyone could do, she just feel that there was is nothing safer in this world. She turned her head to take a different path, following with her hand the touch of the wall, stopping to admire the objects which rested on the ground, sometimes at her reflection in crackle glass to pieces. Dust clung to her fingers, as if the thousands of images, memories and treasured those specks colours they wanted to be part of it, how if trying to fill the huge space where there was nothing. No memory before waking up on the train tracks snowy, eyes blurred, distinguishing only patches of light and how echoes sounding voices, ringing in your ears, amplifying that until her body was unable to continue holding her, driving her into a infinite sea of ​​darkness. She was six when it happened, without memory, without being able to remember even her name. Just remembered a distant echo, calling her from the past, which tended an invisible hand she had never achieved. Punz was all she could understand, the only thing tirelessly repeated for that voice before completely muted. All she had in her past were her pendant and that name But it would no longer settling for what she wanted to know who she was, recover her memories, find her … family. She stopped at a dusty room, with the remains of what looked like a dining room, stopping to blow on one of the dishes. An image reflected moments instead of her face, making rocks the head as she left on the table. Her instinct led her to the doors opening at the end, resulting in a huge ballroom. She did not understand why everything around her was so familiar, why she felt she was reliving a dream he could not remember.

She started down the stairs, staying in a position from which she was the centre of that huge conservatory. She started walking, running his hand over the side while her eyes stopped at the table which stood behind her.

Dancing bears

Painted wings

Things I almost remember

And a song someone sings

Once upon a December

She removed her coat, dropping it on the carpet as she leaned on the end of one of the rails , running her fingers through it before returning to the centre of the stairs.

Someone holds me safe and warm

Horses dance through a silver storm

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Light figures started coming out of the pictures, couples dancing in the air , falling to the ground how small lanterns, lights illuminating happened that dark room , erasing the pain they had witnessed their walls. She began to bow to the ghosts that passed her by, smiling as her feet unconsciously down the stairs, dodging the dancers as her body followed his makeshift steps, stopping in the centre as her arms embraced.

Someone holds me safe and warm

Horses prance through a silver storm

Some girls her age began to surround her, smiling, turning around as one of them put a collar on her chest. They held hands before departing , leaving a space as light flows around the young girl, making the tip grab hold of her dress to start spinning , noting how his clothes began to change . The girl appeared to fade glare had blond hair loose, snailed, down her back as a dress fabric beneath it glowed blue. The dress had a neckline that ends in a tie below her chest, leaving the fabric layers fall freely to the ground, one embroidered with silver threads that gave off little flashes. The sleeves came out from the neck, above the elbows, with adjusting buttons. Small braids hidden in the sea of ​​gold fastened a small silver tiara. Punz started spinning, releasing thousands of blue flashes, smiling when confronted with the hands of a man who danced a few steps with her before let another take his place.

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Far away long ago

Glowing dim as an ember

Things my heart used to know

She smiled as she turned in the middle of the floor, making her dress turn to be transformed into a sea of ​​gold and water.

Things it yearns to remember

She stopped to see how a tall man with a brown beard and a crown fixed on her deep blue eyes, eyes that conveyed a unconditional love would, making she feel uncomfortable to see how his hands caressed hers as he danced with her .

And a song someone sings

Both stopped. The king placed a kiss on the forehead of the girl, causing it to refuse to release his hand when it began to let slip her fingers, extending the arm while the young woman looked into his eyes, trying to find answers. A dumb please is outlined on her lips, begging not to leave her alone.

Once Upon a December

She began to run when a voice completely paralysed, making everything around it faded how a light mist.

-Hey, what are you doing here- shouted a voice that made her run around, feeling two steps were following her the race. She doesn’t know who they were, all she cared about now was to get away from them and the good thing was that they did not know she was very fast. She climbed the stairs without looking back, picking up her coat from the floor before disappearing down the hall through which she had entered, hiding behind the curtains, climb to the window. She breathed deeply, sticking as she could touch the cold glass. She did not know why they were there and although she sensed that they were so right to be how she preferred not to have any contact with them. They were two men, though he had spoken had a high voice, so he was young, as for the other, she could only say it was great, the sound of their footsteps did not sound that hard by accident. She shuffled her chances, glancing over her shoulder to see what lay underneath the window. In the latter case she could jump…

-Hello?-asked the same voice, making the girl’s body completely tense-I’m sorry, I did not want to scare you, if you go out I promise I will not do anything.

-Dude, you look like you’re talking to a dog-laughed a second voice, revealing a perfect grave with a note of sarcasm. Punz could not prevent a smile escape him but still did not trust them-why not pass offer her a cookie?

-Why do not you shut up?-reproached the other, showing that the first had obviously hit a nerve. She shrugged, leaping out of hiding with a silent bounce on the floor, walking quietly to be with the body close to the limits of the glass doors. He was afraid but still, curiosity had always been screw, quite often. Could not be sure that they were good people, but she could always escape again, right? Still, her hands clutched at a poker gave her showing to an aura maybe too much, strange.

One of them was leaving, but I could not tell which. Even so, swallowed, sliding to the corner, where a curtain and the layout of the room made ​​her a perfect convergence of shadows. From there they could not see her, could go without even knowing it but the side that used to always win doubts told her to leave view and knew those people. Maybe after its logical part possible rid her out of the mess, but still, was always secure depend on that reasoning? Maybe not, but this wasn’t the time to change.

-Who are you?-she ventured to say; unable to keep the fear to sneak between the words she had spoken. She turned her head to see how they had stopped, although only large one had turned his head towards the direction of her voice, the other, the cap one, stood still at the foot of the stairs, with no sign of going to rotated. She take a deep breath, holding on the poker with one hand while the other briefly fiddled with her ​​necklace, dropping it over her chest as the girl began to move toward the light.

A voice stopped them, making Aster directs his gaze to a corner in the shadows, divining the contours including a girl, at least that betrayed her voice. He glanced at his companion, seeing how this was refusing to look where he was doing. Before he could say anything, the girl began to move, letting the light illuminate its fractions increasingly to simply illuminate the room with his presence alone. Her body was covered by a two-piece dress with a cream bodice tied with a blue buttons, like the tie that matched the height of her waist. It was also open below the shoulders, revealing sleeves that covered her arm up above her shoulders. Then the dress dropped a green skirt did not cover her feet, revealing the tips of boots.

-Jack … -he began to gesture the young man, causing the second boy give back just to witness how the light flooded the face of this stranger. She had blond hair, pulled back in a thick braid that fell apart on most points, leaving loose strands framing a rounded face, sweet with a small upturned nose covered with freckles. But what made him start moving was the colour of his eyes. Green, green orbs shining how two crystals, how green the grass, glittering how the Sun. As of…

- Who… who are you?-Jack asked, running up to the height of Aster, but was unable to be fixed now in the presence of his friend, could only to continue those eyes staring-Why are you here?

-I can ask you the same question-she said, showing the held between her fingers-If you try to hurt me I’m not afraid to use it, you can be sure-frowned, pointing to him the glowing tip of that gate rod of metal.

-I do not think it takes, is not it?-he added as he approached, the tip of the poker away before realizing that this was brushing her neck-When did you…?

-I told you I was not afraid to use it-she repeated, facing him to see that he surpassed her in height by no more than two centimetres. She looked up to study his face for two wells lost in blue who looked unable to choose just one emotion to reflect on them. Punz felt something familiar, as if it had already seen somewhere … but her mind soon left to focus on that idea to see a white patch of hair out from under the cap, making the young woman start while trying to take it away against his resisted, but without losing sight of the tip of the poker. Aster could not help laughing, seeing how they behaved how two young children involved in a struggle, but it was something that comforted him. From that, Jack had never returned to behave how a child, as if he had suddenly matured. It was something that none might change … but now here he was, resisting how a boy of his age. She was fast, knew how to glide with the wind but Jack also stayed behind. The fight ended with the strange girl with the young man hat in her hands, smiling triumphantly before standing still to study what had been hidden under what is now held between her fingers.

Jack just smiled, running his hand through the strands of his hair messy as the girl approached, studying every inch of that hair colour of snow. She spread her fingers to touch, retreating before a tingle in her skin. The young man looked up to run into those eyes, bright, smiling, too painful.

-You can touch my hair if you want-she smiled as she held the tip of her ponytail, closer and closer until he agreed, feeling a soft golden waterfall running under his fingers-See, and we’re even. I’m sorry, I should not remove it.

The young man just shook his head, accepting his cap as he placed it on his head, revealing pretty white hair. Punz smiled, still holding on the poker but she felt that she would not need to use it, seemed like good people. The second young man approached, displaying his imposing height. He had dark brown hair, cut very short, with sideburns shaved with small motifs that showed his skin. He was muscular, with a shirt rolled up at the elbows, attached with braces to brown leather pants boots ending in. The skin on his left arm tattoo ink guess a bluish, but she would not dare to do to him as he had done to Jack, the height does not help much and even if it was an irrational fear, had to admit that a little he gave. She pressed harder metal rod in her hand, daring to looking up to encounter a hand ruffled her hair, laughing as Punz could not help imitating him, letting her eyes glisten how thousands of green crystals. Seeing them up close, they were much younger than he had been unable to imagine. The young man in front of her was obviously higher, but looked no more than twenty-two. As for Jack, she was pretty sure he was not far from her age.

-As to who we are, I am Aster-said the young man dark green eyes, standing next to Jack to give him a nudge in the shoulder. Even at his side was still huge-And this is Jack.

-Punz-added quickly as she tended them her hands, smiling as both they narrowed-What are you doing here?

-The same as you I suppose-said this time the young blue eyes, his lips shaping a mysterious smile as he crossed his arms over his chest-… What do you do exactly?

-Seeking answers about my past-she said, introducing through the loop of her waist, shrugging as she grabbed the end of the chain through her fingers. She was not sure, but maybe they could help, at least to know what happened in that place, something, whatever-What about you?

-We pass … right Aster?-began Jack, looking at the other as this nod, though it was quite obvious that they were following the stream each other. The white haired put an arm around the neck of his partner, smiling as they prepared to return from whence they came-Making a study of architecture, certainly some good material.

She raised an eyebrow, making Jack felt a twinge, materializing the face of a six years old brunette girl at the gesture. He shook his head, nudging his friend while this nodded, starting to walk before Punz planted in front of them.

-I will not swallow it-argued by removing back the poker from her dress to target them with him. She did not like that, but she sensed it was the only way they reached to take it seriously and she was willing just to get what she wanted-You are going to help, you’re going to say me what this means.

Aster blinked to keep lit swinging pendant chain, holding it between his fingers to his eyes find with the symbol of the ancient kingdom of Corona. He doesn’t know why she had it+ but his mind did not reach farther than the possibility that someone in her family simply had sniffed at that place and had taken it; end of story, there was nothing more to dig there. But Jack’s eyes, those endless blue holes left to guess at them thousands of choices, stories and turns that had how limits infinity. And that infinity could cover the lost princess of Corona.


-Are you thinking what I’m thinking?-asked, making the other one looked jaded, before you begin to imagine what was going through the head of his friend, shaking his head vigorously before seeing how the boy began to turn around the young girl, studying her, causing her to reflect a huff appeared in controllable to the limits-Come on, look at her.

-Why touring around me?!-she asked almost shouting, letting out the anger that had been building in her-Do you were a vulture in another life?

-No, sorry Punzie-smiled, standing as she was unable to know how to react, I felt there was something in him that he knew, but he did not know why but seeing almost rather have forgotten-Come on Aster, do not tell me you do not see the same as me.

The young man shook his head. They had been mistakes many supposed Rapunzel, too many disappointments. He could not let that happen again, he could not return to see his brother’s eyes shut again. He did not know what had happened that night, why he had united in that way to the girl, but whatever it was, it was gone, that princess was gone and neither he or anyone would have stopped it. He had decided to accompany him because maybe if he saw that place again he’ll understand once and for all that she like Corona were gone forever.

Also that girl was not Rapunzel. He hadn’t known her, simply view but that was enough to recall its general features and what most stood out was her hair. The entire royal family was a brunette, and the girl had blond hair you looking where you looking. They may seem a little, but traits were repeated was not something abnormal, it didn’t justify she was the lost Princess of Corona. He looked at Jack, taking his arm to see how this got rid of him, backing up at the height of that gate mysterious girl. She looked at them, trying to understand what was happening, what was her silent conversation was trying to say. She could not help put her hand on the boy’s shoulder, smiling before deleting from her face and make way eyes full of doubts rested on those of Aster. He looked away, thinking about what he could do. Wanted to take care of his brother and feared that this girl prevent him from doing so. She was not to blame; all it had was the blindness that prevented him from seeing reality to the white haired boy.

-What do you want to do?-Asked, making the young man snowy tufts let see the sparkle in his eyes-If you’re right, what do we do?

-Help her, do not you think?- he smiled, putting his arm over the shoulders of Punz, making her feel uncomfortable as the young man dragged her down the stairs, glancing Aster while it exaggerated shrug, following them before that young girl release of the too trusting person that was driving her to a place she had not agreed to go.

-And what kind of help is that?-she asked, causing the black haired boy were laughing, glancing a little haughty to his friend. She seemed to be willing to move until he knew exactly what was going on and also his fingers were playing over the handle of the poker did not help much to ignore that question-Well …?

-We can help you find your past answered, squinting up to a point that she felt uncomfortable but he was talking about help her, to make her remember who she was, where she belonged-Of course, no less for the princess.

-Princess…? wait, what are you talking about?

-Come on Rapunzel.

Jackunzel AU: Once Upon December

Chapter Five: Nightmares

Jack was almost asleep when Punz entered the compartment accompanied by Aster. The black haired boy had noticed how his friend avoided talking with the girl, how she was trying to say something but could not find the courage to do it. Jack was gone almost without trying his food, making Aster could see the pain reflected in the green eyes of the young girl, how her eyes had been fixed on the door of the dining room long after it had been closed. But she acted normally with him, smiling and simply illuminating the room with her presence. They had been talking about addressing the academic subject and the doubts that had arisen from the notes that he had given to her. She had a prodigious mind, curious, able to understand and assimilate, to raise thousands of invisible doubts that few had come to find, trying to solve questions by herself using her knowledge. . Aster had the theory that having no memories of almost eight years, her brain was desperately seeking information with which to fill that void, but that did not belie she was very clever. Jack had left them the cabin berths, snuggling among the baggage. He could hear the door open, but tried to ignore it, closing his eyes. He had spent the whole time thinking what happened on the cover, why he did not been able to kiss her, but really why he was treating her that way. He did not, and he felt like a coward unable to face reality, trying to ignore everything and live in his own lie. He had seen the guilt in her eyes … what was supposed to reflect in his?

Punz sat next to Aster, covering her with a blanket as she felt the fabric of her new pajamas, a pale purple one, with pants and shirt. She had not stopped jumping when Aster had given it to her, hugging him while a part of her also longed to hug Jack.

-Look-said Aster, making Punz spin to see that he was pointing to Jack-That’s what I most envy of him, he is able to sleep anywhere you give it.

She laughed, feeling her older brother stirred her hair.

-Do you think retrieve my memories can really drive my powers?-asked the young girl, looking her hands. That light had come out of them, why she couldn’t make it happen again?

-We do not believe that is at all certain-he said, turning serious in saying that. He wanted to protect her, and he knew that Jack too. He agreed that when somebody suffer those types of amnesia was because the body activated a self-defense mechanism because it could not based on nothing other to non-collapsing-Whatever you don’t remember has to be dangerous to yourself, if you remember it, we aren’t confident that you could handle it. So Jack is trying to find another way, trust him.

-Trust … -she hesitated before nodding her head slightly, pulling her pendant out of her shirt, putting it in her hands-Do you think they will be waiting me out there … is that possible?

-Everything is possible-he said as he shrugged his shoulders, resting his hand on her shoulder before climbing to the top bunk-Prefer the one above?

Punz shook her head, smiling as Aster lay in bed, turning off the light as the girl slid to her bed, covering herself with the blanket.

-Good night.

-Good night, princess.

The cabin was cradled by the waves; the silence was sometimes broken by the creak of wood, perhaps impacting the water against the boat. A sound, like a hiss began to creep under the door while a black sand scattered around the room, surrounding the two young men without any interest, ignoring them to converge on the young woman, creating a halo around her, black, spooky before starting to turn golden with butterflies that made the movements of the young cease, who sank into a deep sleep.

Punz was in a meadow, lying on grass, smiling when a silhouette waved a few feet in front of her, making her to get up to run to grab her hand, smiling as the silhouette of a woman with brown hair and green eyes smiled, leading her down a path that the girl followed simply happy.

She reached out her hand rising from her bed, eyes closed, sleepwalking, with a face that showed he was living a beautiful dream. Some butterflies fluttered around her, guiding her, opening the door when it was an obstacle to her progress. Her body became unable to maintain balance when her feet began to move down the hall. Jack stood up, thinking he heard steps, unable to see anything in the dark until a thunder crossed the cabin.

-Punz! Shouted, pushing luggage to hit the door, turning the handle as the storm lashed the boat.

Punz walked with the woman, smiling until they came to a river. Down there was the figure of a man, smiling while they indicated with his arm to jump, causing the woman did, creating a splash around while the man hold her.

-Jump, honey-said the woman, moving the hand from the water.

Punz was on deck, drenched by rain, whipped by the wind that was doing roaring storm, but she was not aware, she was not aware that her body was playing on the edge of the handrails. Jack went upstairs how he could, shouting her name, being swept by a wave to a place of surveillance, watching in horror how the body of the young girl was preparing to jump.

-Punz! No, Punz do not jump!-shouted, clinging to a rope to jump, closing the distance between them, running to catch up her.

She was hesitant; it was as if her subconscious had been able to hear that voice, making the world where she was just vanished to be a hell of grazing flames and nightmares. The man was transformed into an infinite shadow in a pale, ghostly face that flew to her, gripping her arm, helped by black shadows to push her to the vacuum. Jack scooped her up, fighting not to release her even though she seemed to be fighting for him to let her go. When he landed her on deck got to wake her and hold her to see how her green eyes opened disoriented, how her blonde hair was messy by the wind

-Punz … what happened?

-I don’t know; do not stop seeing faces-she sobbed, barely able to breathe. Unconsciously fled to his chest, crying, clinging tightly to the young man’s shirt-I’m really scared…

-No, quiet, all is going well-said, hesitating before hugging, smiling as she did the same thing-You’re already safe.

The storm subsided as if the beating in Jack’s body had been dissipated. The boy was quiet when a presence made ​​him turn around, peering into the shadows of that ship. Suddenly he noticed how young became a dead weight on his arms, everything went into the background.

Aster stopped when he saw Jack carrying the girl in his arms while gripping him a mute word made ​​the boy to help, watching Punz was soaked and fever seemed to be starting to turn up. Aster carried her to her bed while Jack took his stick, handing it over, causing a blue glow emanating, lowering the temperature a few degrees. A part of trying to create the barrier, was sure that the shadows had something to do, and that exam did nothing but confirm it. He had managed to get to her subconscious, and in her sleep the wall had become much weaker. If he had managed to move at will, which was what he could not do?

-Shadows-muttered Jack, making Aster nod as his face hardened, walking to his briefcase to remove his notebook, writing down what his friend described to him, which only he could see. The icy glow of wood made ​​the air to condense around, producing small clouds of steam when they talked. The white-haired young told his friend that dealt to get some sleep.

-I am the only one who can keep creating ice-smiled while his friend nod-I’ll be fine, nothing happens.

When he had assured that Aster had slept, he turned to the girl, stopping the ice while he took away the frost that had formed in her body from the freezing of water. He touched her forehead, it was not hot, it had started to get too cold. What would have happened if he had not arrived in time? He could not have bear to lose her too, would not have been able to bear that she had left without being able to tell you everything he needed her to hear.

-Hey, Punzie-he whispered, placing a few strands of her blond hair, smiling with a broken smile while trying to say what he needed her to listen, at least without being aware of it. He doubted he could find the courage to say otherwise-I’m sorry, it was not your fault … I just, you know what I mean, right? What I mean is that I can’t lose you, you’re the best thing that happened to me in a long time, and I do not care that you’re not Rapunzel, keep protecting you because I do not care so as not to miss. Because I know, you’re starting to … you know, right?

Jack smiled, tossing her hair as he pondered what he had just said. Not that he were to remember for now he needed not an answer, because it meant that it was too obvious. He leaned against the wall with his stick between his legs, ready to leave not approach any nightmare.

When I was little, the school library had a copy of “The Princess and the Pea” that was illustrated entirely with papercraft images. It was such a beautiful book, and it always made me want to make my own paper princess story. It’s never too late to fulfill a dream!