once upon a time: the untold stories

First Love Part 1

Hey, guys! I was bored at work so here’s one! Okey, so this is just the first part. There will be a continuation to it. Sorry for the very long imagine! That’s me, being so long-winded.

In addition to that, I’ve decided to change to a 3rd point of view for my imagines, to make it feel more personal. Are you guys still in love with Pan/Robbie? I still do. ^.^

Happy holidays to all!! May you guys have a great year ahead! Enjoy the awful imagine, yeah?

“Welcome back, Pan.” A gruff voice welcomes you and Pan to Neverland as soon as you touched its soil. You looked to where the voice came from, only to see a boy with blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing a black cloak with the hood down.

“Hey, Felix.”

“Who do we have here?” Felix said, amused. His face says it all. Looks like Pan wasn’t lying; you are the first girl that Pan has ever brought to this island.

“Felix, this is y/n. She will be part of us now.” You put out your hand for a handshake as a gesture of courtesy, only to be pulled by Felix as he placed a kiss on it. Your heart flutters as he showed such chivalry to you.

“Y/n, this is Felix, my right-hand man; and my second-in-command.” Felix took a step back as you nod at him.

“Come, let me take you to the boys. They will be eager to see you.” Pan added as he walked towards the dark jungle.

You stopped as you start to think to yourself. Eager? Have they been waiting for your presence? Not wanting to be left behind, you quickly pushed those thoughts away as you run and wrap your arms around Pan. It was nothing special but being new on a strange island, Pan is the only one that you can trust.

Oh, so you thought.

Soon, the three of you reached the edge of a camp. Not too far in the distance, you could feel the heat from the fire that was burning from the middle of the camp site. As Pan pushed the tree branches out of the way, a group of boys of no more than 10 were throwing knives into the tree that stood nearby.

“Hey, boys!” Pan called out to them. They all turned to look at him with their face soon turned from calm to surprised as they saw you standing beside Pan, still with your hands wrapped around his. Starting to feel awkward, you pulled your hand away shyly. “I would like you to meet our newest member, y/n!”

Pan raised his bow that was hung across his shoulder and the boys cheered on. Not long after, you could see two boys walked over played a unanimous rhytm on the wooden drums. One by one, the lost boys danced to the beat, circling around the fire. You smiled as you see how happy the boys were.

Not long after, one of the lost boys pulled your hand in, asking you to join the celebration. You turned to look at Pan, not knowing what you should do. Pan let out his hand, gesturing you to join in the fun. You turned your head back to the lost boy and followed him into the circle. Slowly, you let your heart feel the rhythm and move your body to the beat. You let out a hearty laugh as freedom fills you up.


After seeing you feeling comfortable with the rest, Felix pulled Pan into the jungle, but not too far off from the camp site.

Pan looked at him with confusion. “What the hell?”

“What’s with the sudden change in the recruitment?” Felix asked while pointing his head towards you. Too busy dancing around the fire, you didn’t take much notice of their disappearance.

“Can’t I bring a girl in? It’s time for a change here.” Replied Pan as he shrugged his shoulders.

“There’s always something up with you, Pan. I’ve known you for hundreds of years. You think I would believe you that you bring her here just because “it’s time for a change”?“

Despite Pan’s authority in Neverland, he had never felt that his pride was challenged if Felix were to doubt his judgement. He knew that Felix had become more than just one of his lost boys. He became his best friend; someone he could always count on. When in doubt, it is Felix that he always look up to. Felix always make sure that Pan always wins. Always.
Silence fell through. For the first time after centuries, Pan was speechless. He always had an answer but for the first time tonight, he did not have the words to explain his actions. Without you realising it, he turned to look at you and slowly, he grinned as he watched you dance happily. Reading from Pan’s expression, Felix knew exactly what’s going on in his head, or his heart.

“Don’t tell me… you… liked her?” Pan looked at Felix with wide eyes, shocked by his statement. Could that be true? Is he really starting to fall for you? “Pan, you’ve been tailing her for years now. You even asked your shadow to keep an eye on her. Doesn’t that mean something?”

Pan grabbed Felix by his shirt and whispered close to his ear. Not sure of his own feelings, he could only say, “No one can know about those years.” He then let go of his grasp on Felix and brushed his shoulder; his way of saying sorry.

After dismissing his anger, he continued.“I need you to help her out; be her buddy. Tell her everything that she needs to know.”

“Got it.” Felix paused for a moment. “Where will she sleep?”

“Give her a new tent, slightly further from the boys. But not too far. Just enough to give her some privacy.” Felix nodded.


You watched as Pan and Felix came back from the jungle. Starting to feel a little thirsty, you withdrew yourself from the party and looked around, trying to find something to drink.

“What are you looking for, love?” Pan’s voice startled you. You placed your hand on your throat as your eyes roam around to spot anything that can quench your thirst.

Pan laid out his hand. In the blink of an eye, a cup of water appeared in his hand. Your once narrowed eyes became wide as you watched the little magic show.

Seeing how surprised you are, Pan spoke up. “Y/n, Neverland is a place which runs by imagination. All you got to do is think it..” He laid out his hand once again and an icy cold water appeared. “…and you will have it.”

“Here.” Pan added as he handed the cup to you.

Realising how thirsty you are, you gulp down the water and felt its coolness running down your throat.

“Better?” You nodded to Pan’s query. “Felix!”

Felix ran to Pan as his name was called out. “Yeah?”

“Y/n, Felix will show you your sleeping arrangement. Your tour around the island will start first thing tomorrow in the morning. If you need anything, you know how to call me.”

Before he left, he pushed your chin up and placed a kiss on your cheek. Feeling embarrassed, your eyes were on Felix who is looking a bit worried; not the kind of reaction you would expect.

I feel like i’m about to lose followers or whatever but you know what I don’t care

shit like this is why stay out of the tags near the end of the season, so what if Wish Realm!Hook looks/acts nothing like real Killian? IT’S NOT THE REAL KILLIAN so why should it matter what he looks like or how he acts? it has nothing whatsoever to do with the real version of him back in SB so why should this really matter? because it ruins some people’s head-canons or makes the whiny bratty haters feel good?

it’s honestly exhausting that some people are so upset and obsessed over something from a realm that probably won’t last pass the episode and will probably/more than likely be forgotten when Emma gets home because she’ll have something more serious to worry about than how her boyfriend looked in a pretend realm, so why are people putting so much stock into it?