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Do you by chance have an updated list of books that have been published that were originally Swan Queen fanfiction? I can't for the life of me find the original post anywhere. Thanks in advance!

Hi I had to check my tags, and I only had 3 books listed on my blog, and what a nice surprise did I find when I went researching on amazon! 

Swen is so very talented it blows my mind every time!

So here is a list of books by Swen writers that were originally Swan Queen fanfictions: 

feel free to add to the list if I missed any ;)

Popcorn Love by @chrmdpoet

Shadow haven by @delirious-comfort

Flight SQA016 by @a-e-radley

part 1

part 2

Dear Taylor , originally Letters from war by @hunnyfresh

Part 1

Part 2

Meet me halfway by @hunnyfresh

The loudest silence by Olivia_Janae


“Be selfless. She saved us all. I never saw that coming. Just like however you’re going to get out of this.”

Captain Swan was the reason I kept putting off watching OUAT. Now I’m on season 3 and, oh my gosh, I already can’t stand them together. I’m sorry but they are everything I hate in a relationship and I’m just stunned that they canned the beauty that was Swanfire for this. What a mockery of everything. And, yeah, I fast-forward through every one of their scenes which makes watching pretty confusing sometimes, but whatever. Not happy.

What am I hearing?? Regina and the EQ wont be reunited? And the EQ is with fake Robin? The split queen arc was just a ploy for OQ to be together in an AU? If this is true…

I’m so happy I quit watching this hack of a show!

When you think these writers couldn’t ruin their own show any further… there’s always worse!!!

Congratulations @onceabc for officially being the shittiest show on TV

On the inside - Pan

Description/Request : Hi I just really wanted to say I love your writing and was wondering whether I could make a request? :)))) The plot: After trying to outrun the lost boys y/n ends up at a cliffs edge where they state “we’re on an island!? Well you could’ve atleast told me that before I started to run” Knowing they won’t get off the island by force or by running, y/n decides it’d be better to cooperate and play Pan from the inside. Would really appreciate it xx


WARNINGS : none really

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Pan: *to Felix* I love you more than I love my son.

Felix: What?

Pan: *panting* I-I said when I’m BORED… I like to… KILL… for FUN




Pan: *crushes heart* haha that was close