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Last night I, a long with many other people, saw Jennifer Morrison retweeted an article about the LGBT episode on twitter. Then I read people’s reaction to her doing it, and they were, let’s say, not in Jennifer’s favor.

Now, I’m of the belief that Jennifer Morrison is a very smart person, she mostly chooses her words very carefully and if willing to analyze them, some very cool info come out of it.

So I read the article. And it is indeed interesting she chose this article to retweet when there have been many to choose from, including those media OUaT bosses usually favor.

So. I’ll look at it from a different angle than the one I saw assumed on twitter. 

That is how the tweet looked. You can see the tweet here and the article can be read here

First lets take a look at the headline. That headline invites the reading that there will be more LGBT couples on the show. A headline without that invitation would have looked like this:

  Once Upon A Time bosses on that LGBT reveal This one is still ambiguous but much less and doesn’t invite a read for more. To me, this headline can even be read negatively. This is the news outlet A & E use most frequently.

So Jennifer Morrison chose one of those that invites more.

She also chose one that doesn’t know anything about Once Upon A Time which is very clear in their first sentence. First. Sentence. OUaT is in it’s 5th season, not 6th. 

So why choose on that knows little of Once Upon A Time, if not because of the content?

The article speaks very highly of it as a “very special episode” which would have been annoying if they hadn’t put in a “finally” and also for the rest of the article:

“We can’t wait to watch the excitement unfold between Ruby and Dorothy!” Jennifer Morrison chose an article that expects and assumes we get to see Ruby and Dorothy’s relationship develop. An article that positively assumes we get to see more. This article holds expectations for OUaT, expectations that won’t be met unless another storyline goes text. 

Jennifer Morrison retweeted an article that said “finally” about LGBT inclusion and has expectations for more. Jennifer Morrison either knows there will be more or she knowingly put her bosses in an unfavorable light.

Lastly I want to express my opinion of her retweet, and I’m going to make assumptions about Jennifer Morrison that I have no basis for because I don’t know her. But this is what it looks like to me.

Who do you think are Jennifer Morrison’s primary followers on twitter? Jennifer Morrison is a very beautiful woman who plays a Disney princess. She has long blonde wavy hair, the character she plays has a boyfriend. Her character’s parents are Snow White and Prince Charming.

Her followers are the facebook homophobic parents. Her followers are the children of the facebook homophobic parents. Her followers are the wine moms, the church people, the teens, who have no opinion on this, and the homophobes. She has those followers for the character she plays, not for the person she is.

Her followers are the ones that need to be told LGBT is okay. LGBT people don’t need to know that, we know we are okay.

By retweeting that article Jennifer Morrison took a stand and reached 718000 people, telling them she supports LGBT. That she thinks this was a “finally”. That she positively expects more.

Just like Red Kansas wasn’t for me, this tweet wasn’t either. Red Kansas and this tweet was for the young girls whose parents immediately shut of the tv, said gay is bad, and then went on to facebook to rant about the wrongness of LGBT. 

Those girls knows their favorite actress supports them. Those girls know two girls can have beautiful true love just like Snow White and Prince Charming. Those girls know that the Disney princess on tv thinks they are okay even if their parents doesn’t.

This tweet was for the people who were indifferent but who look up to Jennifer Morrison and goes “hey if she thinks this is cool, then it probably is”. For the wine moms who meet to gossip, for the teens in the court yard, for the people who meet after church, and start talking about this as something to support and include instead of ignoring or being indifferent.

So contrary to the opinions I saw one twitter, I’d like to think Jennifer Morrison supports the beginning of LGBT inclusion on Once Upon A Time, not the end.

anonymous asked:

doesn't it suck being a sq shipper and a jmo stan when she refuses to even acknowledge your presence as shippers, completely disregards sq as a ship, and is homophobic on the low?

ah, yes. the classic “jmo hates the gays” ask. it’s funny because i knew when posting a happy birthday gifset for her, i’d get at least one person mentioning this. so congrats. i completely predicted this. now you can just see me make a long post for your dumbass question :)

first off, this whole “jmo ignores SQers” is completely false. she signs autographs, has conversations with us, takes funny pictures with us, etc. she’s gone out of her way several times to make sure we have a good time, an example signing a poster of a lesbian character she had played and signing it with “i bet she’d love swan queen!”. doesn’t sound like a refusal to me.

next, it’s hard to tell what’s PR and what isn’t, especially with once upon a time, and especially with jen. jen’s a private person; she’s your run of the mill introverted book nerd. she just… happens to also be a celebrity. and it’s one of the main reasons it’s illogical to compare her with lana (because when you insult me on why i hate a person who “completely disregards” me, who else could you be comparing her to?). could you really imagine jen as the type of person to talk about the personal aspects of her life at cons? to get a snapchat and post videos of her and her close friends/family? lana is an extrovert; she loves being with people. jen would rather stay at home and read next to the fireplace.

it’s also hard to compare them because of their PR. jen has had to sell CS as ouat’s main ship for a good two years. she doesn’t have as much wiggle room to play on fanon ships. combine that with the fact that she’s too private to really want to do much out of protocol, and, well, she’s not gonna take the initiative to talk about things she doesn’t have to. and this isn’t to say jen hates CS, because it’s obvious she likes it. but assuming she hates the others just isn’t true. many actors don’t have any ships they dislike greatly unless they’re just absolutely immoral (like, say, romantic henry/regina). actors aren’t immersed in ships like the fans are. jen’s number one priority is emma swan. as it should be. and she can love CS, SQ, SF, or any combination of romantic ships, and not really think about “fandoms” like we do. she just loves everything related to emma swan. this is how a lot of actors in television are.

look at lana. SQ, OQ, DQ, she loves them all! but she has a LOT more wiggle room to talk about them. not only because she wants to take the initiative to talk about them, but because OQ isn’t trying to be sold as the Main Ship of the show (especially with robin dying… but, this was before that, too, lmao). lana, like jen, loves all of her ships; the only difference is her personality in which she loves to talk about them, and the amount of freedom they have when expressing their opinion. jen doesn’t do much more than what she’s supposed to. and i’m not saying jen hates her job and lana loves it; they’re just apples and oranges, they’re different people, and they tackle their jobs differently. and that’s okay.

i don’t think jen is trying to make her actions homophobic. i think she feels like she’s doing her best. and while i personally think there are better ways to handle some things, i can respect her in what she’s doing. but while i don’t think jen purposefully gives off a lowkey homophobic vibe, i can’t forgive her for making a lot of LGBT people feel like shit. there’s no excuse for that. the most i can hope will come out of this is jen, when leaving ouat, will make better decisions in the future.

i’m not mad at jen. i can’t forgive her for some of the choices she’s made, but at the same time, she’s only the messenger. there are bigger and more powerful people out there who should be making better decisions so jen doesn’t have to make these hard ones in the first place. i can’t get mad at jen for trying to do her job as best she can. i can criticize it, but nothing will be done about it. i’m sure jen’s figured out by now that coming out and saying “i actually don’t hate swan queen, my PR agents are just making me seem like a dick so the writers don’t have to worry about getting a bad reputation!” would only get her fired, and then, where would emma swan and swan queen be? jen, in her mind, has chosen the lesser evil. and honestly, i don’t know which situation would be worse… but hey, i’m not the one making the hard choices here; jen is. 

and that’s why, while i’m disappointed in her at times, i still root for her. i know that deep down, jennifer morrison is an amazing and joy-filled person with the want to make everyone happy. i think she’s a good person. and that’s why i love her. so you can suck my ass.