once upon a time poem

Just a Dream (poem)

There’s a place I visit in my dreams,

Though it isn’t as joyful as it seems.

I’m queen in this unforgiving place,

My king, I’m sure, thinks I’m just a pretty face.

In this land of imagination,

All I want is an explanation.

I’ve been here for countless years,

Every night my eyes full of tears.

Why cant he set my mind free?

Why did he even choose me?

I’m caught in this world of pain’

What can he possibly hope to gain?

All I want is for my mind to awaken,

If he thought I was his toy, then he was sadly mistaken.

And as I stand on the cliffs edge, ready to go,

He appears, his teary eyes screaming no!

But its to late, I jump and I fall,

I realize this wasn’t a dream at all…

Once upon a time…
there was a girl, who was all alone
there was a boy, who was bullied everyday

Once upon a time…
the girl befriended the boy
because she wanted him to have a friend

Once upon a time…
the girl abandoned the boy
because she had fallen in love with someone that wasn’t him

Once upon a time…
the boy became a guy
and the guy befriended the girl again

Once upon a time…
the girl fell in love with the guy
but was too scared to show him

Once upon a time…
the guy and the girl were in love
and thought they would be forever

Once upon a time…
the girl’s friends hated the guy
because he wasn’t one of them and he smoked

Once upon a time…
the girl was fed up with having to defend the guy all the time
so she walked away

Once upon a time…
the guy didn’t understand and wanted a answers,
but he didn’t get them and he moved on

Once upon a time
there was a girl and she realised she made a mistake,
now she’s sorry and wants him back

but it’s too late

—  Once upon a time
Peter Pan Poem

Neverland is a place where dreams come true,

But be careful what you wish for, or evil will find you.

The island is ruled by a boy who doesn’t age,

Not even his darkest secretes are written on any page.

His lost boys stand with him, through day and night,

But if you dare cross him, then be prepared for a fight.

No one can beat him, hes to cunning and skilled,

Those who go against him, end up killed.

Hes nothing like those stories and fairytales,

Because in this reality, Peter Pan never fails…

Originally posted by pan-imagines


There’s a million things I want to tell you
But I faced reality, you’re not here
Not a sight near & Its pretty clear
I can’t share everyone emotion & news with you
You don’t have a clue how much I miss us
From Falling sleep next to you To waking up next you
Who knew, this could be this hard
Shit even writing this & Im falling apart

My Worst Nights

The tree looms overhead

The moonlight peaking through 

The warm glow caressing my face

As the memories wash me away

The tree cradles me in its trunk

The leaves wrapping me in a cocoon

Protecting me from the bitter night

The cold air stings my lungs

But it’s nothing compared to the pain in my heart

This tree whispers to me

Softly reminding me of my dreams

A place once full of such wonder

Of hope and adventure

A place where I fell in love

Now a place where I go to cry

You left me all alone

Forever haunted by your memory

The way your smile lit up the air around me

Electric currents zapping off my skin

Your eyes so bright no sun could ever compare

But I always couldn’t help but stare

Forever lost in the trance that was you

This tree once our home

Now a hallowed out place devoid of our love

It continues to hold me

To protect me on my worst nights

Because you are no longer here to do just that

Be the person you needed when you were younger.“ 
And so I never give up on anyone and fight for what I believe in. I hold onto the good I see in people and help them believe in themselves. I share a gentle, kind love that, hopefully, helps heal peoples’ wounds.
—  Because that is what I needed, once upon a time - Jess Amelia 

It’s sad to see you go
Maybe once upon a time
We could’ve been something
Maybe you could’ve been mine

You were never mine
For we were never a “thing”
And maybe we could’ve been
More than a quick fling

But now you have her
And I hope she treats you well
Even though she should be me
I’m sorry I fell

I saw her post
You seem happier with her
I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy
Maybe in this some feelings will stir

I’m trying to move on
It’s not going very well
And my friends tell me I’ll get over it
But they don’t think so I can tell

I think I’m done
I think I’ve moved on
For I’m not that sad that your with her
I think the feelings are gone

I lied
I’m still in love with you
Why do I put myself through this
I wish I knew

Your mum called today
She was crying and she asked me
Why I let you go
Honestly why doesn’t she see

I never let you go
You let go of me
And honestly I want to know
Why she hasn’t learned this fact you see

I asked why she liked me so much
For I was never yours
Apparently I made you happier
Doesn’t she know about the wars

So I’m sending this to you
And hoping you can answer
Tell me if I made you happy
Please just give me an answer

—  Once upon a time( maybe you could’ve been mine)