once upon a time my colorings were something to be proud of...i want to go back to that time

potential angst starters
  • “please don’t forget”
  • “you know you should have stayed”
  • “you’re cold on the inside”
  • “there’s a dog in your heart and it tells you to tear everything apart”
  • “you ruin everything you touch and destroy anyone you love”
  • “i know that you can’t hear me anymore”
  • “it’s so loud inside my head”
  • “i haven’t been all that you could have hoped for”
  • “if you held on a little longer, you would have more reasons to be proud”
  • “i talk to the shadows hoping you might be listening”
  • “how can i say this without breaking?”
  • “i loved and i lost you”
  • “i don’t want them to know the way i loved you”
  • “i don’t think they would accept me”
  • “your heart fits like a key”
  • “it’s so quiet here”
  • “you said that you weren’t alone”
  • “you still owe me a reason”
  • “i act like i don’t fucking care”
  • “maybe you’re too good for me”
  • “lately colors seem so bright”
  • “i can’t admit that you’ve got all the strings and know how to tug them”
  • “losing you was something i always did so well”
  • “i don’t do anything anymore”
  • “sorry, i nearly lost my head”
  • “this feeling i dread, it makes me wish i was dead”
  • “i’ll be alone instead, i don’t need anyone in this bed”
  • “i come home on my own”
  • “i don’t care if i don’t look pretty”
  • “big girls cry when their hearts are breaking”
  • “i’m in pain”
  • “she gives me toothaches just from kissing me”
  • “i didn’t care much how long i lived”
  • “heaven and hell were words to me”
  • “i need to feel your hands upon my face”
  • “words can be like knives. they can cut you open”
  • “i think i might have inhaled you”
  • “i can feel you flowing in me”
  • “i miss you more than i thought i would”
  • “i never meant to start a fire. i never meant to make you bleed”
  • “i’ll love the world like i should”
  • “the blood on my hands scares me to death”
  • “you took a chance and you took a fall for us”
  • “my love, look what you can do”
  • “i know in peace you’ll go. i hope relief is yours”
  • “was i selfish again? well, i can’t help that”
  • “i pour my heart out on the ice and everyone’s watching but you”
  • “i can’t see you, you can’t see me”
  • “everybody’s watching but you, and i don’t think i want them to”
  • “there’s a bitter storm inside of me”
  • “i do it all for you”
  • “it’s all gone to shit, it’s out of our hands”
  • “if you’re searching for us, you’ll find us side by side”
  • “as long as we’re going down, baby you should stick around”
  • “does any of this love exist or is this just a fire keeping out the cold?”
  • “memories never lie”
  • “tell me that i’m right”
  • “your tired, unfamiliar face says it all”
  • “even though we all grow old, love will never die”
  • “that was long ago”
  • “i used to call you my own, my dear”
  • “now you’re lost and i am drunk alone”
  • “when you said your last goodbye, i died a little bit inside”
  • “if you loved me, why’d you leave me?”
  • “our love was made for movie screens”
  • “i tried to be someone else for you”
  • “i thought that i loved you, but we weren’t love”
  • “there was something that was not there”
  • “i can sleep forever these days”
  • “i believe in anything that brings you back home to me”
  • “there is no distraction to mask what is real”
  • “now you’ll be missing from the photographs”
  • “in my thoughts, you’re far away”
  • “i can picture you so easily”
  • “what’s gonna be left the world if you’re not in it?”
  • “every minute of every hour, i miss you more”
  • “it’s such a shame we have to see them burn”
  • “i’ve lost control of all of my senses”
  • “put me in my place”
  • “i can’t help but think of you”
  • “it’s always been just you and me”
  • “and i’ll hold in these hands all that remains”
  • “i don’t want to rest in peace, i’d rather be the ghost that annoys you”
  • “hold me in your arms”
  • “don’t listen to your friends, they only care once in a while”
  • “it’s pulling me back”
  • “when you go home, everything looks different”
  • “i wish you would tell me how you really feel”
  • “when you leave me, you take away everything”
  • “that’s not our deal”
  • “i want you so much”
  • “i want to go back to the first time, the first place”
  • “my heart is open like a door, but i don’t trust you like before”
  • “you came and took me by surprise”
  • “maybe one day you’ll be the one, but until then…”
  • “now i’m fucked up and i’m missing you”
  • “please just look me in my face and tell me everything’s okay”
  • “i’ll never be like you”
  • “absolve me of my sins, won’t you?”
  • “it hurts me everytime i see you”
  • “i hate that i love you”
  • “you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her”
  • “do you miss me like i miss you?”
  • “wedding bells were just alarms”
  • “you said you wouldn’t but you fucking did”
  • “i guess this is moving on”
  • “you don’t care, you never did”
  • “you don’t give a damn about me”
  • “you’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope”
  • “if you’re looking for love, know that love don’t live here anymore”
  • “i don’t want to see you go, i just want to see you smile”
  • “tell me that now is not the end”
  • “if you’re trying to find pity, then you need to look somewhere else”
  • “i’m a first class let down”
  • “how did it come to this?”
  • “love is a polaroid- better in picture but never can fill the void”
  • “if it’s broken then it can be fixed”
  • “all you need is time”
  • “we promised the world we’d tame it”
  • “i wonder what keeps us so high up”
  • “could there be a love beneath these wings?”

Your Girl

Hi babes! I know that it’s been a long time since I posted a writing, and for that, I’m sorry! But, to make it up to you, here’s a supa long oneshot that I really hope you enjoy! Anyways, this is about Tom and a very shy reader, who suffers from slight social anxiety. Tom keeps an eye on her because he knows how uncomfortable she gets in unfamiliar social settings with new people, and the pair begin to fall for each other! They go out to dinner with friends one night, and the reader ends up attracting some very unwanted attention and Tom gets very protective and then feelings happen and ??? I hope you like it!

Your Girl

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, and then promptly fixing it back to it’s place directly over her eyes, she fussed about with slightly quaking hands. Gnawing on the inside of her lip, she rocked up and down on the balls of her feet, various unsettling scenarios bouncing through the expanse of her mind. The outlines of all the possibilities at hand were making her head spin. She’d been worried about them since she awoke that morning with the intent of traveling down to her local bookstore, allowing her anxiety to conjure up every alarming response that had the slightest half a chance of occurring.

    In the pit of her stomach, fear had poked it’s piercing talons through her skin, dragging up and down and forcing her tummy into knots. All she intended to do was ask a question about a book’s location in the store, but the reaction of the employee she’d be asking was filling her with a sense of dread. The girl understood that it was very likely the storekeeper would even bat an eye, too uninterested into their work to really do anything other than offer their assistance, seeing as she was a paying customer, but she was oh-so very nervous that they’d scoff in her face or roll their eyes. She even wondered if they were allowed to flat-out dismiss her.

    Logically, she understood that all of the rudeness she had created in her mind on the bookkeeper’s behalf were very unlikely reactions. But, the fact that they existed and could happen were enough to keep her inside, curled up in bed, staring longingly her shelf of finished novels.

    Now, she stood by the guidance desk, busying herself with glancing over the classic book corner of the store after she had forced herself up and out of her front door. Each time she psyched herself up to finally speak to the woman manning the desk, her courage evaporated as soon as someone else sauntered up to the counter to ask their question. The girl was so locked in her feelings of utter hopeless that she barely noticed the boy who wandered over to the opposing side of the bookshelf.

    Scrunching up her nose and groaning, she rounded the corner of the shelf to once again glance over the books whose author’s last names began with the letters A-L. She was so focused on forcing herself to speak that she walked straight into the young man’s surprisingly solid chest.

    “Shit, fuck, I mean shoot-” with her cheek pressed against his chest, she could feel the british accent rumbling past his lips, “‘’M sorry that I ran into you, and I’m sorry for swearing. Are you alright, love?”

    She pried herself away from him and glanced up at him with strawberry-red flushed cheeks, and a bashful gaze, “yeah, no problem, totally on me, not you. Sorry I crashed into you, just wasn’t looking where I was going.” Her eyes flickered across the room, she didn’t want to appear psychotic for staring at him too long or anything like that. So far, she’d observed that the boy was very british, and very cute, which was making her stumble over her words more than she already was.

    The boy stared down at the girl in front of him, his brows puckered. She was lovely, and truth be told, he’d seen her circle the shelf about three or four times, and she was biting down on her lip so hard that he was beginning to fret that she’d draw blood. She seemed lost, or scared, either way, something was off with her, he could tell.

    “You’re sure?” He questioned, steadying her in place before him, “you look a bit frazzled.” The girl dropped her eyes to floor once more, her cheeks coloring growing darker than before, and he quickly opened his mouth to retract his previous statement, “no, no! I didn’t mean it like that! You’re still  disarmingly cute, it’s just that you seem a bit adrift. Do you need anything?”

    She opened and shut her mouth, cocked her head to the side and regarded him with the softest voice he’d ever heard, “Just trying to find a book is all, did you really n-,” she started before she cut herself off. She was working herself into a tizzy, first she nearly took a cute boy down, and then he’s complimenting her and asking if she needs anything. The girl was convinced that she could float up into the summer sky’s barely existent clouds and melt into the blue sky forever. Everything felt stupendously surreal.

    “Can I help you look or anything?” He offered, snapping her out of her daydream of evaporating into a mist and flitting around town as she pleased, “my name’s Tom.”

    Now, she was thoroughly convinced that the entire day was a massively wild reverie. Her mind pieced two and two together, and she became very aware that the boy who stood in front of her was no other than Tom Holland.

    “Wow,” she uttered, reaching out to tentatively poke him in the chest, “you’re you.”

    Tom shoved his hands into his pockets and giggled, a soft smile stretching across his cheeks. “Yes, that I am. And may I ask who you are?”

    She rolled her bottom lip into her mouth and stated her name. If it turned out that she was dreaming, she was prepared to accept it wholeheartedly. If Tom Holland decided that he wanted to speak to her, and furthermore assist her in finding her book, than so be it. She was not going to allow herself to muck it all up by saying no, especially when his brown eyes looked so sparkly and kind.

    “Now, what is it that we’re looking for?” Tom questioned, placing a hand on the small of her back to guide her away from the corner and up to the guest’s assistance desk.

    Ever since that afternoon, she and Tom were together, not romantically they claimed, but truly, all that was necessary for the pair’s connection to be deemed romantic was the pair’s confession to one another that they each desired more from their friendship. Tom paid extra attention to her, quickly figuring out that she was painfully shy and teetered away from social situations that frightened her. Tom had made it his mission to check up on her to make sure she was alright  and wasn’t being coerced into activities she didn’t wish to partake in.

    Tom had fell into the habit of ordering her food for her, asking questions for her at the store and keeping a watchful eye on anyone he felt could cause her harm. He was more than happy to help her, and it fueled his self-esteem when she would smile up at him and thank him for easing her anxiety. That was all Tom ever wanted to do.

    In return, she spent a fair amount of time looking after him in less obvious ways. When she felt as though he’d been eating too much takeout and deserved a nice home-cooked meal, she took it upon herself to prepare him one. She learned exactly how he liked his cups of tea, what kind of books he liked to nurture his mind with, and she even knitted Tom a beanie for when he would be away filming somewhere cold. Often times, the girl and Tom stayed up all night talking on the phone, or snuggled up together on the couch in her living room.

    “Darling,” Tom called out to her, “are you nearly ready?” He plopped down on the couch and began leafing through one of the novels that she had currently stacked on her coffee table. Tom hadn’t had as much time to read books, seeing as he was going through so many scripts, but he’d always found that her books enthralled him and would gently coax him back into the bookstore. The book he was currently turning over in his hands was a bright, proud, sunshine yellow. It’s title was printed across the page in red, block letters. “‘Sex and Rage?’” Tom smirked, already preparing to tease the girl he was waiting for.

    They’d been invited out to dinner with some of his castmates and a few other mutual friends, and the girl was presently rushing around her apartment in search of her favorite lipgloss and her purse.

    “I’m almost done, I promise!” Tom heard her muffled response, and then a second later he heard her utter a few choice curse words, prompting him to settle back against the couch because she was clearly not anywhere near being done. He kicked his legs up to balance on her coffee table and opened the novel by Eve Babitz and allowed her to take him all the way back to 1970s Los Angeles.

    After about fifteen more minutes, Tom looked up to find her stood in front of him, blushing profusely when she took note of the book in his hands. Raising his brows and grinning boyishly at her, Tom waved the novel her way. “Interesting choice of reading material, innit?”

    “I-,” she started, and then proceeded to open and shut her mouth, she chose to mumble, “shut up, Tom. It’s a classic.”

    “Yes, yes, love,” Tom said, “sex and rage are quite classic in LA.”  Tossing the book back into it’s proper place, Tom skimmed her frame up and down. “You look,” he almost lost his breath. She was clothed in a silky, sheer, polka-dotted dress, the ruffles dipping low and offering him ample view of the expanse of her chest. The dress’s hem was short and her legs looked just as silky soft as the fabric of her dress. Tom longed to press kisses all the way up from her ankles to above where her skirt ended. “Fucking amazing,” he finished, taking one her hands within his own to press a gentle kiss to the back of her hand. He had half a mind to propose they skipped the dinner all together. Tom didn’t want to share the vision of loveliness that she was with anyone else.

    She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you,” she broke away to look directly into his eyes, “you look like every teen’s dream.” She laughed as Tom let out a chuckle underneath his breath. “Are you ready to go?”

    Tom stepped closer to her, winding a hand around her waist, “been ready, love. It’s you that I’ve been waiting for.” Which Tom thought was true, to be fair. The only reason that he hadn’t showered her in love and adoration was because he wasn’t absolutely positive that she’d want him too.

Although, she’d allowed him to kiss the back of her hand, and she kissed him on the cheek, what would be so different about Tom leaning down and angling her chin up towards him so he could press his lips against her own? But still, Tom waited. He needed to know that she felt the same for him. Tom refused to allow his feelings for her taint their friendship. He’d done everything he could to try and get her to pick up on his emotions, but he’d observed that they went right over her head. Unluckily for him, everyone else had been made well aware of the love Tom had for her. He prayed up to the high heavens that they’d go easy on them tonight.

After locking up her apartment with his own set of keys, and driving to the restaurant, Tom rushed around the side of the car of yank her door open and help her out. “Careful, m’love,” Tom muttered, taking both her hand and her waist in his hands, “don’t want you to slip.”

“Tom, I’m wearing heels, I’m not injured.” She giggled.

It was Tom’s turn to turn the same shade of red the ripe strawberries she’d given him for breakfast were, “I know, just don’t want you to slip is all.”

Together, they walked into the restaurant, Tom heading over to the hostess’s station to inquire about the whereabouts of their table while she strayed a little behind, choosing to stare at a painting that was hung in the foyer.

“Intricate, isn’t it?” An American male’s voice stated from behind her. When she whipped around to face him, she found that the man in front of her was a bit too close for her liking. So close to her that she felt as though the overbearing cologne the man had covered himself in had sprouted arms and was choking it’s way into her system.

“Yes,” she said, smiling as politely as she could. She peered around the man, trying to spot Tom to no avail.

The girl understood that under no circumstances did she owe this man anything, even a conversation, but she’d grown quickly timid of the way in which he leered over her.

“Waiting for anyone?” The man asked, stepping closer to her and turning his head to the side. When he smiled at her, she didn’t like it. This man’s smile wasn’t warm the same way Tom’s was when he directed it at her, and she could already tell that it wasn’t going to be followed up by a laugh. She knew it was wrong to compare every man that she came into contact with to Tom, but she couldn’t help it. He was everything she wanted and more.

“Uh, yeah, actually. I’m waiting for my boyfriend,” she lied, pink spreading across her cheeks. “He’s just making sure our table is ready.”

The man didn’t seem put off at all when she claimed to be there with her boyfriend, in fact, the smile he wore on his lips curled into a smirk, almost as if to say, “challenge accepted.”

“There you are darling!” Tom called, his brows nearly joining together when he saw the man stood in front of his girl. As he made his way over to them, Tom could practically hear the sigh of relief escape her lungs. Curling a protective arm around her waist, Tom came to a halt behind her and leaned down to pepper her neck with kisses. “Who’s this?”

Before she could even think of a response, the man introduced himself, “Luc. Nice to meet your girl.”

Tom narrowed his eyes, “yeah, my girl is very nice.” He tucked her beneath his arm and began leading her towards the door, offering a hasty, “our table is ready,” the man’s way, not bothering to listen for a response.

“What an absolute wanker,” Tom said loudly, unable to stop himself from saying that he thought so before they walked out of Luc’s hearing range, “alright now, love?” He shook his head and glanced back towards where the man stood, “didn’t like how he was looking at you. What right does he think he has? Fuckhead.”

She merely pressed a kiss to Tom’s jaw, “s’alright now. Don’t worry about it. Thank you for pretending to be my boyfriend, I think he’ll go away now.”

“I’ll be your boyfriend anytime you want.” Tom said, guiding her into the room in which their friends occupied.

After greeting their table, smiling and laughing and talking, the pair barely made it through the appetizers without the man, Luc, quickly becoming an issue once more. They’d learned that he too was apart of a rather large dinner party, so their tables were right smack next to each other. When she spotted Luc coming her way, she shrunk so noticeably back into Tom’s chest that Harrison, who was sat across the table from her, took notice too.

Tom scoffed, “for fuck’s sake. He’ll leave you alone darling, and if not, he and I shall be exchanging words outside.” Tom smoothed her hair down and kissed her temple.

“Well, that’s new.” Harrison stated, eyes blown wide open. “Are you two finally together now?” He asked, his comment quickly peaking the interest of the entire table.

“See,” she heard Laura chime in next to her, “told you they’d be official by now.”  

Jacob broke into a grin, “yeah, man! Knew your balls would drop sometime soon!”

She leaned back against Tom’s chest and whispered as quietly as she could, “should we go along with it?” She blinked up at Tom, who’s arm dropped from being wrapped around the back of her chair to securing her further into his side.

“Whatever you-,” his voice trailed off, “you’re joking?” She turned her head and was met with a waiter handing her a drink and pointing Luc’s direction, claiming that he’d bought it for her, and that there was more to come.

Tom pushed his chair out and angled his body towards Luc, “she’s not here with you, mate!”

“Unlikely that she’s here with you either, considering the fact that none of you friends seem to be aware of your relationship.” Luc smirked, tipping his own drink up towards his lips.

“What a tosser,” Harrison proclaimed loudly, already prepared to jump in on his friend’s behalf.

Tom was pulled away from the escalating conversation by an earnest tug on his shirt. “Tom, don’t! It’s not worth it, just ignore it and maybe he’ll go away. He’s trying to start something with you.” She advised, attempting to guide his gaze back to her.

“Bullshit,” Tom mumbled, “like fuck you aren’t worth it! You’re my girl and I’m not going to let him treat you like this.” Anger was seeping into his words and fogging up his mind, so Tom didn’t notice that he’d just uttered a very unfriendly statement her way.

“Tom,” she tried again, “it’s all pretend! It’s fine, just focus on me.”

“No, love. I don’t think you understand,” Tom sighed, focusing his gaze on hers once more. “It’s more than just pretend to me. I want you to be my girl and I feel like I’ve made it all painfully obvious, and you haven’t picked up on it, or reciprocated, or maybe you flat out ignored it. Which is fine, everything about that is fine. It’s just that I care about you and I’m not going to let some fucking dirtbag make you feel uncomfortable.” Tom raked a hand roughly through his hair, “shit,” he mumbled, shutting his eyes, “m’sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable too.”

“Kiss me.” She ordered, ushering Tom closer to her. Taking in his puzzled expression, she added, “kiss me, Tom. For real, please. Kiss me and I’m your girl. For real, not for pretend.”

Tom could hear Luc talking, Harrison retorting and Laura hailing a waiter to ask if there was anything to be done about the seating arrangements, but none of it was clicking in his mind. “What are you saying?”

“Look at me, Tom Holland,” he heard her say sternly. “Don’t let male ego get in the way of this. Don’t look at him, look at me. I wasn’t sure if you were telling me you wanted me, I thought that you were just being nice and you’re too important to me to lose, so I never questioned your intentions. I’m sorry for making you think that I was ignoring you, but I’m not anymore. Please, please kiss me.”

Tom’s head was spinning all across the room. He felt like he was upside down, underwater, sideways and more, but when she finished speaking, his head clicked back into place.

“Please,” she asked softly, tipping her head up towards Tom, who then surged forward, softly stroking over her cheeks and taking the time to carefully align her head with his to create the most perfect of first kisses he would swear anyone in the world had ever had.

A collective gasp fell across the table, and even Luc grumbled a distant, “what the fuck ever, bro. She’s not that cute anyways.”

When the pair broke apart, the first thing Tom could gasp out was, “now you’re my girl,” before quickly swooping down to conjoin their lips once again.

My Boyfriend the Pharaoh

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Ahkmenrah x Reader

My Boyfriend the Pharaoh

As an aspiring actress, it was not easy to find a job in New York. You’d think jobs would be open all over the place, but with an abundance of acting opportunities came an abundance of extremely qualified super-talented people that somehow always stole the spotlight from you. Of all places, you had never expected your first job to be here.

The New York Museum of Natural History was sort of famous for their amazing night program. The museum, as they said, “came to life” with actors and animatronics and all sorts of amazing special effects, all managed by the “Night Guard”, Larry Daley. And it just so happened that you were friends with his son.

Nicky had hooked you up the minute you mentioned a fascination with the 1940’s.

“It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is sing some songs with the other 40’s girls and maybe talk to the guests a little. Nicky said you know a lot about the 40’s right?”

“World War II is my favorite.” You nodded.

“Perfect.” Larry nodded and showed you where he kept the costumes and had you pick a dress that suited you. Surprisingly, there weren’t very many. Just a sparse collection of clothes from specific eras, particularly the ones that were getting new actors. “All right, so, everything starts up an hour after sundown. Just be there like fifteen minutes before opening.”

“Will do. Thank you so, so much, Mr. Daley.”

“See you tonight.”


The Victory Rolls had been nearly impossible to put in, but you thought they looked pretty good, although, at this point, your hair was more hairspray and pins than it was hair. You topped off the look with some simple eyeliner wings and red lipstick and then walked in the door fifteen minutes before they opened for their night session.

It was as though history had thrown up in the lobby.

People from several different eras were walking through the museum to get everything ready. And it took you a while to find a familiar face, but finally, you found Nicky. He was standing at the DJ booth talking to a man wearing a tall golden headpiece and a shimmering orange cape. The moment his eyes fell upon you, they widened. A small smile pulled at his lips.

“Nicky, where’s your Dad?”

“Woah, (Y/N), I barely even recognized you!” He looked pretty impressed. “Nice…hair.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know where Dad went.” Nicky looked around for a second before noticing the look on his Egyptian friend’s face. “Buuut, I can introduce you to this guy! (Y/N), this is-”

“I am Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the fourth king.” He took your hand in his own, and instead of shaking it as you had expected, he brought it to his lips. Your cheeks had never burned so bright. “And it is a pleasure to meet someone so beautiful.”

“Wow, is everyone here so into character?” there was a crack in your voice as you replied. “N-nice to meet you too. You’re…hot. Oh my God, did I just say that out loud?” Nicky smiled, as did Ahk. “I gotta go, byeeeee.” You started to walk away and eventually ran right into Larry.

“You okay, (Y/N)? Your face is all red.”

“I’m f-fine. Where do you want me?”


The night gig was fun, you decided. You got to sing with a 1940’s trio and then teach kids about World War II. And a few hours before sunrise, when the night hours were officially over, you were once again greeted by the handsome Pharaoh.

“Hi there.” You cursed the crack in your voice.

“So how did your first night on the job go?”

“It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun in a long time.” He smiled at your response.

“I hope that means I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Perhaps I could show you around my exhibit sometime.” He suggested.

“I’d like that. A lot.” You yawned and then glanced at a watch. It was waaaaay past your bedtime. “Goodness, I’ve gotta get home and go to bed. But thanks for the chat. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

He smiled. “Definitely.”


Because the night program only ran Friday and Saturday nights, it was with a heavy heart that you started to pack up your stuff after your shift at the museum. The few months you had been working there had felt magical. There was no way to describe it. And now that you had to face another week without him- I mean working, it was bittersweet, to say the least.

One of the storage rooms had become a sort of dressing room/lounge for yourself and the other performers. That was where you were as you packed your duffle bag with your costume and makeup and hair supplies.

“I thought I might find you here.” You looked to the door to find Ahk standing there with a beautiful flower in his hand. “I was wondering if you might want to accompany me tomorrow evening.”

“Me?” You looked around, a finger pointing to your chest. He nodded and took a step closer. His large hand gently wrapped your own around the stem of the flower.

“There is no one whose company I would like more.” His voice was soft, and his eyes were warm as they met yours. He leaned closer to whisper in your ear, and as he did so, his breath ghosted across your cheek, causing a shiver to run up your spine. “Meet me here after sundown.”

“A-all right. Will do. Can’t wait.”

“Neither can I.” He smiled and left the lounge, a proud expression etched into his handsome features. Nicky was waiting for him just down the hall.


“She said yes!” Ahk’s calm and collected demeanor shattered to pieces, and all of his relief bubbled to the surface. He would have been one brokenhearted mummy if you had said no. “Now tell me, what must I do to make (Y/N) happy?”

“Dude, I think she’d be happy watching paint dry as long as it was with you.”

“Perfect. Where do I get some paint?”

“Figure of speech. I don’t know…I could bring you a few movies and you could set up the projector down the hall.” Nick smirked and shook his head as it finally hit him. “I can’t believe my best friend is dating a mummy.”

“But…perhaps we should keep that last part between us for the time being.”

“You got it, dude. But…(Y/N) is smart. She’ll figure it out sooner or later.”


You showed up to the museum the next night wearing something casual and comfy but definitely date night attire. You did not, however, expect Nicky to be the first person you saw.

“Good, you’re just in time.” He said. You looked around at all of the activity in the museum. You had sort of expected the place to be empty, but instead, about 80% of the night staff was here wandering around in full costume.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone here?”

“Um, I’m not sure.” Nicky lied. He punched something into his phone and then looked back up at you. “Anyway, Ahk is up this way.”

“Is his-” Nick looked to you, stopping in his tracks. “Nevermind.”


“Is his name really Ahkmenrah?”

Nicky was quiet for a long moment. This was the first time you suspected something was up.

“Y-yeah. Haven’t you ever met anyone named Ahkmenrah? I know like four of them.”

“Oh. Okay then. Didn’t realize it was that common a name.” You paused. “I guess.”

You followed Nicky up the stairs and into the room where Ahk was waiting. He looked so different than you were used to, dressed in street clothes instead of his very regal Pharaoh garb. His long shimmering cape and colorful beads had been replaced instead with a gray hoodie and some jeans. His face lit up at the sight of you, and he immediately got up from the couch he and Nick had dragged into the room not long before.

“Hi.” He waved shyly. “You…you look very beautiful.”

“Thank you,” You blushed and tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear.

“Nick helped me in selecting some films I thought you might enjoy.” He said, motioning to a small stack of DVDs sitting on the table beside the projector.

“Thank you, Nicky.” You gave your friend’s chest a little shove before taking a few steps toward Ahkmenrah. You looked through the stack and then picked a romantic comedy and popped it in. Ahk sat down on the couch, heart racing as you took the spot beside him. Then, as Nicky had told him to, Ahk inhaled a large breath, stretched, and then wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You leaned into his strong chest, basking in his warmth.

“I like seeing you this way,” Ahk confessed after some time, “you seem more…you.”

“What, you don’t like the Victory Rolls?” you teased, giving him a little nudge. He laughed. “No, I feel. They’re fun, but they’re a hassle. My hair is much softer without all the spray.”

“I agree.” He smirked. “And though you seem quite comfortable on the stage, I much prefer the sight of you in my arms.”

“I do too.” You nuzzled in closer to him.



“There is something I must tell you, but I fear you would not believe me.”

“Okay.” This was the second time you suspected something was up.

“But I swear to you, I would not lie.” His eyes locked into yours and it was as though he was staring into your soul. Your heart fluttered. For a moment, you thought you might explode. The world stopped, and when he removed his arm from around your shoulders to take both of your hands, you could finally see the fear in his seemingly ancient eyes. His fingers wove through your own, gripping them tightly.

“I trust you, Ahk.” You whispered and gave his hands a squeeze. He smiled gratefully. “What is it?”

“The museum…it’s not-” he paused, arranging the words in his mind. “It’s not exactly ordinary.”

“I figured as much,” You chuckled softly. He was quiet for a moment, thinking. Suddenly, an idea struck.

“Come with me.” He stood and led you down the hall, across the second floor, and finally into the Egyptian exhibit. His hand gripped yours tightly as he led you to stand in front of the sarcophagus.

“The tablet of Ahkmenrah?” you asked. Your eyebrows crinkled as you thought it over.

“It’s said to have magical powers that bring the museum to life every night.” He stated, waiting for the pieces to click. “And inside the sarcophagus…” he slowly pushed open the lid revealing…nothing. Nothing but bandages. You gasped.

“Where did the mummy go?” and immediately as the words left your mouth, it finally clicked. The mummy was standing beside you, holding your hand. “Oh my God.”

“Are you all right?” he asked with concern.

“How are you even-” you looked him over, bringing a hand up to stroke the soft skin of his face. It felt so real. Too real to be dead. You pressed your ear to his chest, and sure enough, his heart was beating, racing even. “I don’t understand.”

“Every night for thousands of years, I’ve come to life again because of the tablet. And yet, I’d never felt truly alive…until I met you.” One of his hands rose to caress your cheek. “I promise to treat you like the queen you are…if you’d have me, that is.”

There were a few moments of silence as you looked into his eyes. And then, nodding rapidly, you rushed into his embrace.

“Yes, Ahk. A million times, yes.” You held him tighter than you had ever held anyone, afraid that he would suddenly slip away.

“I take it it went well?” Nick poked his head around the entrance of the exhibit. You rested your head against Ahk’s chest as you turned to look at your friend.

“You could say that, yes,” Ahk told him with a smile.

“Nicky, my boyfriend is a Pharaoh.” You couldn’t help but laugh a little as you said it. It was unbelievable. Impossible. And yet, here he was.

“Thank you, Nicky, for introducing me to the love of my life.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t mention it.” He smirked. “If you need me, I’ll be downstairs partying with the others.” He walked off, leaving the two of you alone.

“What would you like to do now, my love?” he asked, his voice merely a whisper.

“Just hold me.” You gripped him tightly, and he held you fast against his chest.

“I can certainly do that.”


The following evening, you arrived at the museum precisely five minutes before sundown. When Larry opened the door, you were one of the last people he had expected to see.

“What are you doing here? Work isn’t until Friday night.”

“Well, my boyfriend is a mummy that only comes alive at night, so he and I kind of have some time to make up for.” You replied. Larry smiled slowly.

“He told you then, huh?”

“Last night was a bit more eventful than I had expected.”

“Welcome to the madness. It only gets crazier from here.” He handed you a key. “I’ll let you do the honors, then. His royal highness gets kind of impatient while waiting for me to lock up the lions.”

“All right.” You nodded. As you made your way up the stairs, the fun began. Teddy rode off of his platform and off to find Sacagawea and you ran up the steps and into the Egyptian exhibit, where you could hear your boyfriend yelling and pounding on the lid of his sarcophagus.

“LARRY LET ME OUT!” You could barely make out the muffled shouts, but you rushed to shove aside the stone slab, unlock the glass case, and then finally pull the lid off.

“Hey, Ahk, it’s all right.” You stated. His body was fully covered in bandages, and he smelled like an attic, but you didn’t care. You helped him undo the wrappings around his face. As soon as he was free, he turned his head to cough up a cloud of dust. “Good morning, babe.”

“Good evening, my love. Now, if you’d help me undo these wrappings so I can greet you properly, that would be splendid.”

“It’d be my pleasure.” You grinned and pressed a soft kiss against his lips as you pulled his wrappings further off, revealing the rich orange cape and beads that lie beneath. In all of his time, Ahk had learned many things. But he finally knew that after four thousand years, being here with you was where he truly belonged.

Honorary Art

Originally posted by peeblesprotectionpatrol

Request:  Hey doll! I loved your newest fic, it was super good, even though it was sad. Do you think you’d be able to write one of the boys (your choice) x fem reader, where she has lots of tattoos but they don’t know and they see one day and are really shocked. Sorry if it’s too specific, I just loooove your writing too much :)

Summary: GenderNeutral!Reader has a few tats they’re hiding.

A/N: Hello all, super long gap between fics again, I know, I’m sorry, I’m the worst :( I don’t really have an excuse except that I was kinda busy (I had a speech to write, a presentation to give, and a midterm all in the same week rip) and I had 0 inspiration :( sorry y’all bt I’m here now with hopefully 2 new fics tonight! Hope you guys enjoy these :D

Wordcount: 1069, I tried making this longer but I couldn’t rip

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry friends!

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pumpkin patch

REQUEST: Going to a pumpkin patch or hay ride! (I love fall so much)

WARNINGS: fluff, my friends

AUTHOR’S NOTE: i’m combining this one with another request soooo this will have two parts! also, pumpkin is a fruit lmao i didn’t know this.


“Ooh! I want to go to the pumpkin patch!” You squealed, throwing the newspaper down onto the counter.

Bucky, Steve, Sam and Wanda looked over at you with strange looks on their faces. Sam was the first one to open his mouth of course. He couldn’t ever hold back his words even in the worst of times.

“Aren’t you a little too old to be going to a pumpkin patch?”

“And aren’t you a little too old to be considered an Avenger?” You sassed him.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine baker Steve and cake decorating

He came upon it by accident.  He was watching a YouTube video about.  About. He was pretty sure cats.  Or puppies.  And then, two hours later, he came across cake decorating videos and they were beautiful.  The things people could do with fondant and icing and marzipan and chocolate and sugar and. Wow, ok.  (He was supposed to be spending his time at the library researching for a third job and also for some schools to apply to but a guy needed a break once in a while).

Steve hadn’t thought much about school aside from trying to decide which art schools to apply to, now that he’d worked a couple years and saved up some money.  But now, one YouTube video later, he was wondering if maybe he should look into culinary school.  

“Whoa.”  He whispered to himself.  He needed to put the brakes on this, just for a couple days.  He’d spent years planning and dreaming and hoping of going to art school someday and now, one YouTube video later he was changing his mind?  He needed to be sure he was sure.

A month and many more YouTube videos and Google searches later, and Steve applied to culinary school.

Four Years Later

This was easily the craziest thing Steve had ever done.  And also the most exhilarating.  He double-checked his pocket for his inhaler before turning the key in the lock and opening his bakery for the first time for business.  

He’d put every moment of his free time into his schoolwork and his internship and finally, finally here he was.  He’d made enough good impressions that his professors and classmates had helped him spread the word about his shop and on the first day his shop was open, he saw a bunch of familiar faces (and plenty unfamiliar, Steve was glad to say).

“Hey.”  It was a half hour from closing when Steve heard the voice. “You do wedding cakes?”

The woman was brunette and had glasses and looked (as Clint was fond of saying with an equally fond smile) like a fucking hipster. Steve smiled.  

“I do, yes.”

She smiled.  “That’s my bosses line.  Well, his and his fiancée.  Great. If I come by with details like, tomorrow or this week or whenever they get their act together, you’ll be able to give me a quote?”

“I- sure, yeah.  Don’t – do they want to come in for a tasting?”

“Nah.  Super hush-hush.”  She winked. “It makes me feel like an undercover agent.  This is gonna be great.” She turned to go and turned back around abruptly.  “Oh. I’m Darcy.” 


Darcy came back later in the week with her boss’ specifications and a boatload of charm and flirt.  Steve took notes and gave feedback and decidedly did not blush.  


When Steve arrived at his shop the day after Darcy’s Mystery Boss’ wedding, there was A Line outside his shop. He didn’t even see the bride or groom when he delivered the cake the day before but the venue was swanky and he hoped they liked the cake, for what they spent on it, Steve was certainly proud of it.  


“-Mr. Rogers?  I’m Natasha. I’m here to write a piece on you and your shop.”  

Steve glanced again at the line of people outside his shop.  “I don’t understand.”

“Your cake. The Stark wedding.”

Steve felt a little faint.  “Uh – Nat – Natasha, was it?  Can we schedule something for this afternoon, once I close?”  Steve gestured at the line.

She smiled.  “Of course.”

Steve hurried inside and was ready to open in record time.  

A Queen for the King #7

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Hannah [minor ofc]
Characters mentioned: People of the kingdom 
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,483
Warnings: Cavity-inducing fluff
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the support and positivity you have shown us! This series would be nothing without you.

Co-written with @mrs-squirrel-chester

***Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without our express written permission.***


Sighing in contentment, you spoke, not afraid of the words that were about to leave your lips, not after the incredibly private moment the two of you finally shared. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“That’s good,” he chuckled, turning to kiss your forehead. “Because I have already fallen.”

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You’re a woman in the Night’s Watch and Jon finds out. 

Originally posted by mhysaofdragons

It was late, or you hoped late enough. You’d lain in your bed for hours now, listening for steps outside, and enough time had passed you felt it safe to step out. Bathing was a trial in the Night’s Watch - if the cold wasn’t difficult enough to bear, you had to worry about keeping your identity secret as well. The air spread ice through you as soon as you left the barracks, and you longed for the comfort of your bed. But this was the only safe time for you to clean, and if you didn’t the other recruits would catch on.

It was a long walk to what you liked to describe as your “private washroom.” Really, it was a hot spring you had discovered a year ago, trying desperately to wash yourself of the blood and grime that being a Night’s Watchmen entailed. Trudging through the snow, you finally reached your destination and so, upon looking around, you began to strip. However, before you could comfortably submerge yourself into the warm water, you heard a deep voice call, “Who goes there?” 

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stranded || dylan o'brien (part two)

word count: 4076

warnings: none

author’s note: here is the long awaited part two of my series stranded! i hope you guys enjoy and i apologize for it taking so long! thank you to @thelittlestkitsune for reading this when i first started it and being just an amazing person that i love dearly!

pairing: dylan o’brien / reader


coming soon

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shape of you (daddy issues ch. 4)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

naomi and isaac get cozy in his bed. naomi asks isaac to draw her like one of his french girls.

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2 • knee socks

Genre: angst | smut | fluff

Word Count: 2k


A/N: I feel romantic guys. I hope you understand my lateness but I was not satisfied with this and I will post just when I think it's good. So I hope you enjoy this moment between this two. Thank you for reading my stories!!!

Originally posted by schnpsl

| my teacher’s house | 

My life wasn’t a bed of roses. I had everything I wanted and when I desired but I didn’t have one thing: love. I guess that’s why I got surrendered by it when I saw his face for the first time. People think that for having what I want I lived in a happy life. My father could be a doctor and my mom one of the best lawyers of the city but, when he came home with his shirt marked in red and she started to spent her money on alcohol, the situation drowned. They didn’t love each other anymore and working takes full charge of their lives. What matters if you are rich and have a good job if your life is fucked up?

I knew the moment I stepped at the front door that my parents were arguing. I could hear they shouting angry words at each other and even things being broken. I decided not to enter and sat down at the doorway. Will my marriage be like this too? Not loving each other and just worrying about money?

After one hour I entered the house and saw the living room destroyed. The family pictures were on the ground, the glass covering the rug with its little pieces. This never happened before and I could guess what was the reason behind their argument. Another woman. I heard footsteps coming my away and turned back, seeing my father holding an ice bag on his forehead.

He chuckled and threw the phone he held on the couch.

“Your teacher called me” I looked to the ground while preparing for what was coming next but I got surprised when my dad let out a smile, “He said you are one of his best students and that you put so much effort on your tasks. I’m proud of you Y/N”

Wait. Mother hasn’t told him about my detention? And why did Mr. Park called my dad? And more: he told good things about me although none of those were part of the truth. I stood there with a confused face and my dad noticed, asking me about it. Of course, I wouldn’t tell him the truth.

“Uhm… Thank you appa” I said and went to my room.

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( It’s at times like these that when I’m super proud of my writing I want Morgan Freeman to dramatically narrate it. )

( Hey Discord fam, you up for a dramatic reading any time soon? Anyway, I always love seeing, hearing, and reading the reactions of people after reading my work. Let me know of your theories and opinions! They always help me come up with more ideas and better quality work in the future! )

MINOR WARNING: Manipulation and hints to brainwashing


The heart is something you can never lie to. Its immediate connection to the subdued corners of your mind force it to be a merciless mirror to your deepest thoughts. It is the statement of the rawness of your very self. The heart is an unchangeable, constant supply of truth.

That is, of course, unless Darkiplier comes along.

The twisted, poised behavior and the venom in his eyes always seems to confuse you. The nature of your being becomes consumed by the shadows of his intent. The intensity of him simply swallows you, leaving you an empty carcass of what you once were. When he is near, your heart doesn’t know what it wants. And yet when he leaves, you always find yourselves craving for his return. Why?

Perhaps when he looks down upon you with that burning carnal stare, you feel wanted. When his body comes close to your own as a grab for power, you feel needed. When he whispers sweet honey into your ear, you feel loved. But deep down you know it all means nothing to him. Deep down, you know you’re another faceless pawn. And yet even deeper down you feel drawn to him as if captured by some spell.

His presence is overwhelming, but you crave it. You’ve buried a hope inside of you that somehow he’ll treat you differently than he treats all the others. That you’ll see a change in him. Only for you. That’s why that cold thrill of excitement rolled through you when you saw the shadowed oily outline of his figure appearing in your room. Perhaps today would be the day he finally treated you differently.

His body came together like a painting. Fragments of reality built up his legs in glitchy tendrils of smoke, up his hips and swimming along his abdomen. Color began to leak into him half-hazardly, showing crisp navy blue pin-striped dress pants. His tuxedo was the same. A formed grey vest tucked to his chest was the next to be revealed, as well as the black button down undershirt to finish the suave of his outfit. Pale grey skin extended to fingers that were built and strong. Smooth flesh of the neck lifted to a stone chiseled jawline mottled by a scratchy small beard. Gleaming crimson eyes pierced into you through waves of black hair. The shadows disappeared as a man stood before you in his proud glory. But was he truly a man?

You could hear his voice begin in your mind before he even opened his mouth, creating an eerie echo effect.

“Hello, Lovely.”

His tone purred as he spoke, obviously admiring the way your body shivered and adjusted in response to his growls. He maintained plenty distance from you, and instead invaded your personal space with just how harshly he stared you down. You watched as he slowly rubbed his lips together.

“I know you’ve been thinking of me. I can see it there, in your mind. It’s displayed to me like thin glass, so easy to observe, so beautiful, yet… just too delicate to touch.”

You didn’t exactly recall him stepping closer. You had blinked your eyes, and in that small moment he had suddenly become much larger, abruptly looming so near to you with his hands relaxed behind his back. It startled you. You could feel your heart pounding as it vibrated against the base of your ribs. You tried to imagine yourself denying the fact that you had been desiring his presence, but some unseen force fought back, and blocked you from doing so. Instead, a distant high pitched ringing stood in its place.

“If only you understood just how futile your efforts are.”

He spoke almost affectionately, but as you looked up to him, you could see the malice buried there beneath his skin.

“You try so hard to lock me away to a place where I cannot reach you. You fight away my influence as if it isn’t exactly what you want.”

Your heart became confused again as it fought against your brain. Some strange thoughts that didn’t feel quite like your own urged you to give yourself to him. They held a desperation that you had never felt before. The thoughts promised that doing so would give you what you craved. You would become special to him. You would make him a better man. He would truly love you.

You suddenly felt warmth against the nape of your neck, along the sensitive curve of your shoulder. You realized that Dark’s face now hovered dangerously close to you, lips dangling beside your ear. You could hear the deep, slow inhales of him. But his hands remained behind his back. He seemed to almost challenge you to the game of cat and mouse.

“But I know exactly what you need.

He whispered.

“Every desire of yours is presented to me. Let me control those desires. Let me give them to you. I can offer you everything that your mind doesn’t even realize it requires.”

You felt another shiver. This is exactly what you had been wanting the second he left the last time. The thoughts followed you like a disease. The pull of his eyes, the sound of his voice. It had taken apart every aspect of reality and made it meaningless. Ever since he first came to you, you could tell you had been altered. But it didn’t matter. You had been made for the better.

“Let me in.”

You deserved to be his. It was so clear that the only true path and meaning behind yourself was him. His offers would change everything. A sense of comfort overwhelmed you, as you could feel the very walls of your mind beginning to break and shatter. His energy began to leak into you, like his very presence was beginning to drown you. You wanted him to drown you. You needed him to. You could see his canine grin in the corner of your vision. You was smiling because he loved you. He was smiling because he was going to make everything so perfect.

But something small came from the back of your mind. The tiniest challenger to the wave of power overtaking you. It spoke one small word.


You blinked once. Like a hurricane, emotion and thoughts returned to you as you gained your reality. The breaking glass of your subconscious hardened to bricks, forcibly removing Dark’s energy from you.

Dark stepped back with a grunt as if he had just been physically struck. You could feel the warmth of your own thoughts wash over you like a blanket of comfort. Your head was your own. You cast a glare towards the man who had caused you such turmoil, but below that glare was knowing pain.

Darkiplier didn’t look much defeated to his inability to claim you. In fact, he offered you a rather pleasant, amused smile.

“We’ll try some other time, Lovely.”

He chuckled, and black shadows eagerly consumed him from his shoes upwards. The last thing you saw were his eyes as his body was rid from your room.

You stood there alone, as your rage slowly gave way to fear. How long would it be before the loop would start again? How many more minutes of your untouched mind did you have left? You thought of your family, the family that worried so much about you but didn’t understand what was happening to you. You thought of your friends, the friends that had pushed away from you as your obsession with Dark became inevitable. You thought of your life, that you no longer were able to live.

No. No. You could feel it again, lingering there like pressure at the base of your scalp. It wanted to begin again. The loop. You were too exhausted to fight it. You wanted so badly for him to stay away from you. You wanted so badly to be free from whatever horrible trance he had trapped you in. You wanted to experience your own world again. You wanted–

The heart is something you can never lie to. Its immediate connection to the subdued corners of your mind force it to be a merciless mirror to your deepest thoughts. It is the statement of the rawness of your very self. The heart is an unchangeable, constant supply of truth.

That is, of course, unless Darkiplier comes along.

The twisted, poised behavior and the venom in his eyes always seems to confuse you. The nature of your being becomes consumed by the shadows of his intent. The intensity of him simply swallows you, leaving you an empty carcass of what you once were. When he is near, your heart doesn’t know what it wants. And yet when he leaves, you always find yourselves craving for his return. Why?

Perhaps when he looks down upon you with that burning carnal stare, you feel wanted. When his body comes close to your own as a grab for power, you feel needed. When he whispers sweet honey into your ear, you feel loved. But deep down you know it all means nothing to him. Deep down, you know you’re another faceless pawn. And yet even deeper down you feel drawn to him as if captured by some spell.

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Supernatural paladin hcs please

Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

Disclaimer: These are just a few of my many, many, many HC’s of the Paladins as supernatural creatures. I only chose these as they’re the stuff I have, as of the moment, the most written for. And, as my friend notified me, I forgot the read-more for this beast, so. Whoops.

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Proximity (10)-Boo at the Zoo Pt.2

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

A/N: So this central plot has changed a bit, but the story will stay the same–Reader and Seb trying to make things work despite the challenges thrown at them. ALSO, I actually have a Hawkette fanfiction that’s hinted in this story (if ya’ll are interested, I can update it on here, if you’re interested in that kind of thing)

Warnings: i can’t remember XD maybe language

Tags: @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3, @metal-arm-red-star, @yessy2012, @sebstanwassup, @bucky-bear-barnes, @starkxpotts, @kyleannsmut, @dammnnbucky, @crystallimythium, @harleenquinzzel, @camillechan, @marvelouslyloki, @msdrmarvel, @jesuistresjolie, @castielskitten, @ilovethings-somuch, @boyzines, @thelamegatsby, @huntressxtimelady, @left-boob-chris, @champssole-blog, @ruefulposts, @licoricelace, @pleasantbucky, @jjlevin, @anniemadeofclay, @-tulipsunflower-, @shakzer00, @one-of-the-boys, @come-and-figure-me-out, @miraisnotavailable, @ladymelissastark, @seargantbcky, @ballerinafairyprincess, @mydragulesebastian, @magsimovna, @the-amaranthine, @tomxhotland, @mummastace, @starmoras-walkman, @stacieisaloser, @can-a-girlsie-chime-in, @gallxntdean, @mackenziesgalaxy

(00) Prologue, (01) My Place at Six, (02) Just My Neighbor, (03) Forty Percent, (04) Writing My Goodbyes, (05) If You Want, (06) Oblivion, (07) IDFC, (08) Last Night, (09) Boo at the Zoo Pt.1, (11) Girlfriend 

“Tom, get down!” (Y/N) and Elizabeth yelled while the rest of the group urged the youngest member of their party to leap onto the fence post running along a small train track.

“Quit being moms,” Anthony slurred. “Tom’s doing something cool for once.”

“He’s going to fall,” Chris stated matter of factly.

“Thank you, Chris, for having some sense,” Elizabeth said while turning her attention to The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan.

“No, I mean he’s literally about to fall,” Chris said while pointing at Tom who tried to stand up and was wobbling on the post.

“Uh, guys?” he called out while everyone turned toward him. Being closest to the fence, (Y/N) hurried forward and grasped Tom by the forearm, steadying him while he tripped back over the fence and, like a cat, flailed mid-air before landing on his feet.

“That’s it, no more perching for Spider-Man,” Elizabeth scolded as Tom leaned back against the fence and tore his mask from his head for the first time that evening. The group had already been approached by a few fans before–some were sober enough to realize they were the actual Avengers while others were too drunk to see past the rag tag costumes.

“Fair call,” Tom muttered. Once he caught his breath, a couple of girls who had spotted him without his mask hurried over and tapped him on the shoulder. Of everyone, only Tom, Elizabeth, and (Y/N) were the most easily recognizable, but since no one knew who (Y/N) was, Tom and Elizabeth received the most attention from by-passers when unmasked.

“T-Tom Holland?” one of the girls asked him.

“Hi,” he smiled as the group started to disband and allow Tom time to take photos with his fans.

“Hawkette! Wait!” Immediately, (Y/N) turned around and faced the girls then pointed to herself. Upon doing so, the girls waved, asking her to come over. (Y/N) looked to Sebastian for reassurance as her face flushed of color.

“Go on,” he said with a smirk and prideful smile while giving her a little nudge.

“Can we have a picture of the two of you?” they asked.

“Don’t you want to be in it?” Tom asked in confusion.

“Yes, but first we want one of just you two,” the older of the two young women said.

“Um, okay?” Tom said with confusion while (Y/N) bit anxiously at her lip.

“Come on, Peter, put your arm around her,” the younger of the two urged. Tom obeyed and slipped his arm along (Y/N)’s waist and smiled while (Y/N) made a face that appeared to be fed up with ‘Peter’s’ antics, which made the girls laugh. “Perfect!” they smiled in reference to her facial expression.

“Can I ask what this is about?” Tom asked the two girls before they initiated a selfie with him and (Y/N).

“It’s a fanfiction thing,” one of the girls said with a blush.

“It’s called Hawkette so when we saw you two in costume, we were going to get a photo but then we realized you were you,” the other explained after snapping a few selfies with the pair, thanking them for their time, and then running off yelling ‘it’s canon’ at one another excitedly. Slowly, the rest of the group approached the (Y/N) and Tom with confused expressions.

“You better watch out, Sebastian, someone’s trying to steal your girl,” Anthony teased.

“What was that all about?” Chris asked.

“I guess you’re much more famous than you thought,” Sebastian teased (Y/N), causing her face to turn red and her lips to purse up at him, begging him to shut his mouth before he said anything more.

“What are you talking about?” Tom asked as (Y/N) shrunk back toward Elizabeth.

“Sebastian, don’t-”

“(Y/N) wrote fanfiction,” Sebastian cut off (Y/N) and said with a mix of pride and laughter in his voice.

“Will you shut up?” (Y/N) groaned.

“No way!” Anthony cackled loudly. “I’ve gotta see it!”

“What, is that what those girls were talking about?” Tom asked while turning his attention toward (Y/N). She groaned at Sebastian and huffed.

“I thought you loved me,” she teased him with a pout.

“I do,” Sebastian said while taking her in his arms in front of everyone. “I’m just also very proud of you.”

“You’ve never read it!” she protested.

“It has to be good for people to just know about it,” he said reassuringly while the rest of the group continued to pester her.

“What were those girls talking about?”

“Do you write sexy-time stuff?”

“Hold on, I’m looking it up!”

“Have you written about me?” (Y/N) shoved lightly against Sebastian’s chest and groaned as the other guys went back and forth with one another while Elizabeth stood silently with a subtle smirk on her lips.

“Fine, I wrote a Marvel character into the MCU and it got some recognition on a few of websites,” she explained. “It’s not a big deal. I just took Kate Bishop’s storyline, put her in Civil War and Homecoming, altered bits of Peter’s story into her background and made it all fit together without loose ends.”

“I found it!” Tom shouted. Immediately, everyone’s phones went off, signaling a message in the group chat.

“Yes!” Anthony cheered as Tom’s link to the story came through.

“No,” (Y/N) sighed while putting her face into her hands and feeling how hot her skin was turning. “Please,” she begged.

“Katherine Bishop was the youngest daughter of Derek and Eleanor Bishop. After her mother’s death she isolated herself and became a very lonely child. At a young age she witnessed her father brutally assaulting a business partner in his home office and further detached herself from her family, becoming stubborn, self-reliant, and distrusting of others,” Tom read out loud.

“The summer between junior high and high school she was sexually harassed and attacked in Central Park. Only one man stood up to the attacker, sacrificing his life to save the girl’s,” Anthony continued.

“Katherine hurried toward the dying man to be intercepted by Clint Barton, known to the world as former Avenger, Hawkeye. She immediately recognized him and, overwhelmed with grief and guilt, demanded he train her to defend herself,” Chris read. 

“Since she had distanced herself from her father, Clint became a role model for her. He taught her a variety of martial arts techniques, trained her in hand to hand combat, and strengthened her already existing abilities as an archer to the point where she was on par with him. After Clint’s “retirement” due to the Accords, and in opposition to and influx of recognition of a vigilante in her neighborhood called Spider-Man, Katherine’s adventure as a hero begins,” Sebastian stated.

“Will she be able to live up to her namesake?
Will Spider-Man pose a bigger problem to her ability to do her job?
Will the Accords affect her in any way?
…What do you think?” Tom finished the intro (Y/N) remembered writing nearly a year and a half ago. “Fuck, now I want to read it,” Tom muttered to himself.

“It is really good, (Y/N),” Elizabeth said softly.

“You let Lizzie read it and not me?” Sebastian complained with a pout.

“I found it online one day,” Elizabeth explained. “I read everything that you have posted for that story and have been waiting for you to pick it back up,” Elizabeth stated with a sly smirk on her face.

“I’m going to find the scariest haunted house here and lock myself inside because it can’t possibly be worse than the nightmare I’m living,” (Y/N) grumbled.

“I always thought your dramatic nature came from spending so much time around Sebastian, but it turns out, that was all you,” Anthony laughed.

“I hate all of you,” (Y/N) grumbled with a laugh as she started walking towards the reptile exhibit and the adjacent haunted house.

“Come on, (Y/N),” Sebastian yelled after her while shoving his phone into is pocket and chasing after her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back to the group with a smile on his face. “We’re just teasing you because we all love you.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Chris admitted to her with a gentle smile that spread to the crocheted wings poking out over his ears.

“Yeah, if Tom can dress up in Spider-Man costumes until he’s twenty and not be ashamed, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” Anthony said.

“We won’t read it if you’re uncomfortable with it,” Sebastian said while rubbing his hand along her back. After contemplating everything she’s written, (Y/N) sighed and realized there wasn’t anything in the story that would cause her extreme embarrassment…yet.

“I don’t know why you’d want to read it, but I don’t care if you do,” she finally admitted.

“Good, because I’m on chapter two,” Tom announced as he stared at his phone screen.

All I can give

• All I can give. •
 Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Rating: E
Warnings: Sexual content, minor amount of violence, touch of angst and strong language.


 Your mother was a shieldmaiden, loyal to the new queen on Kattegat’s throne. She was as fierce and courageous as any man you knew. Yet she was always your mother and even after your father passed during one of the early pillages of Wessex with king Ragnar; she was the best mother you could imagine. Yet you was nothing like her. You did not desire the adrenaline, the blood and the fierce spirits of the shieldmaidens. The mere thought of war and slaughter was something that made your pink lips turn down and your heart sink. You were quite unique amongst your people because of it and although you were sometimes mocked when younger you just smiled at them; knowing the Gods had other plans for you far from ships and battlefields. But your mother’s close friendship with the shieldmaiden, now queen, had given you the opportunity to grow up with some of the fiercest Vikings around; the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. You trained archery, but just for fun and you only used it for hunting. Ubbe had even taught you how to ride a horse good enough to shoot from its back. You played when younger whenever you were in Kattegat and when you finally moved there after the fall of Aslaug the fact that your mother was on the side of Lagertha didn’t seem to bother the brothers too much. Everyone was like a brother to you and you constantly spent time with each other and teaching each other all different kinds of things. All expect Ivar. When younger you had been slightly scared of the youngest of the princes and when you came back to Kattegat much older and your fear had vanished he made sure to keep distance. It was not until last spring you had realized that you yearned for his eyes to rest upon you. You even got a kick out of arguing with him; impressing his brothers when the two of you could try to slit each other’s throats with words sharp as any axe. You got a warmth inside you whenever you came close enough to calm his temper and you heart was a vial containing colorful butterflies whenever you arms brushed or he spoke your name. But he made sure to keep his distance and no matter how much you started to wish for him not to; you tried to go on. ___________________ You were looking down the dress on your body. Your chest covered in stones and seashells and the embroiders on the fall was so delicate you had lost your breath at first. “Oh (y/n), like the rising sun over the fjord.” Your mother had let go of her shieldmaiden spirit for today as you tried on the beautiful dress for your wedding to come. Another moons run and you would be wed to Fenris, an earl not too far from Kattegat, loyal to the queen; not too old and rather handsome. His fierce name doing him no justice. “I can’t thank you enough Lagertha, this is a gift as good as if from the Gods!” You sigh, happy to the point your eyes are brimmed with crystal tears when you turn to the queen. You had always thought Lagertha to be so beautiful and now you almost felt as beautiful as her. “Your mother is like my sister in so many ways; I wanted to give you a special gift.” She smiles calmly. Her hands are crossed over the fall of her dress but you ignore it when walking up to give her a tight hug. Many thought you odd sometimes; because of your loving and friendly nature. Never could you stay upset with someone for long and not to forgive was as unnatural to you as it would be for anyone else not to pick up their weapon in delight as soon someone shouted “raid!”. However the queen hugs you back and your mother starts to mess around with your hair. “Some braids here and ribbons along these and-” you laugh when you turn, grabbing her hands and you hold them to your chest. “It isn’t time yet, we don’t need to do my hair now.” You giggle and your mother huffs. “I hope I will only have to see you marry once; it is a big thing for me too (y/n).” Your mother doesn’t cry, even when happy but you can see that she has to fight it this time. “Anyway, I have been promising Ivar and Hvitserk to train so I will have to leave.” You inform them, turning to a servant girl helping you out of the gift from the queen. “I’m proud of you keeping up training still.” Your mother beams, not late with telling you every single day now that never stop your practice with the bow just because you’re going to be someone’s wife. “Perhaps some day you can join us, I hear you’ve gotten much good lately.” Lagertha laughs amused when you hurry from your wedding dress and back into your casual dress and fasten your cloak over your chest. “This is just for fun, you both know that. Besides I’m only good with the bow. Bye mother.” Quickly you peck your mothers cheek before scurrying out of the great hall; your feet knowing where to go even if you had your eyes closed. _____________________ When entering the clearing where you and the brothers use to train you’re surprised to see Ubbe and Ubbe only sitting at the stump Ivar usually uses as his little throne when sparring with his brothers. You had tried the sword with him once, ending up with five stitches on your lower arm. You could still see the scar if you lifted the sleeve of your dress. “Ubbe, where is the others?” You ask curiously, looking around to make sure they’re not hiding anywhere to jump out and scare you. “(Y/n)! I heard about the wedding with earl Fenris. I guess congratulations are in order.” He smiles at you softly and pulls you into a warm hug; one that has comforted you many times growing up. If you would ever have had a brother of your own you wish he’d been like Ubbe. “Thank you. I didn’t plan to tell you yet but I guess people talk beside their mouths.” You giggle, a small blush blooming on your cheeks when he keeps you a step away to look at you properly. “They do.” He mumbles when eyeing you and a bit nervous you frown. “What are you doing?” You shift under his gaze and he seem to figure out how it must look to you. “Oh! I was just thinking about the girl I was growing up with. It is like I have missed entirely that you have grown into a young and beautiful woman.” A charming smile is delivered your way and the pink roses on your cheeks deepens in color as you push him softly in his ribs. “Because you haven’t been able to look at someone else than your own wife.” You tease and he laughs. “Anyway; I didn’t originally come to give you good wishes for your wedding.” His smile vanishes quickly and your heart skips a beat. You know these young men well enough to know when something is wrong. “Ubbe, what has happened?” You chew your lip, looking around as if his slow answer would hide behind the trees around you. “Ivar is: he is not well he-” “Is he sick? Did he hurt himself?” Your heart drops like a cold stone inside and you don’t think when you grab Ubbe’s arms as if you would need to force the answer out of him. You don’t care he looks a bit puzzled. “No he- he’s perfectly fine wrecking his hut at the moment but (y/n), it is not like the other times. Hvitserk is even reluctant to enter. I know you have spoken him into place before.” Ubbe pleads with you and for a second you have to gather all his words and put them together. “If not even his brothers dare enter I’m not sure I will be of much help. He ignores me most of the time.” You feel sad you won’t be able to help him. It has been so many times you had only wanted to hold him and tell him that whatever caused his anger is not that bad and that he would never be alone with whatever made him so upset. You and the brothers had always been looking out for each other. But like you told his older brother; since you moved here he’s been very active keeping distance and it was hard for you to come close. “Ubbe?” You frown when he almost guiltily stare down the ground between you. “It is because of you.” He whispers, looking down on you from under thick lashes and your frown deepens and slowly you shake your head. “Me? What have I done now?” It was new for Ivar to throw such a tantrum because of you. With your kind and calm nature you would sometimes argue so the woods shook around you, but never had you stayed angry with each other, never had you managed to do anything that had actually hurt him or made him upset a longer period of time. Your never had the need to. “You’re getting married.” The sadness and guilt in his voice have you take a step back, letting go of his arms. “What?” You stare to your hands, trying to put the pieces together. Ivar is wrecking his own home, scaring his brothers to distance because you’re going to get married? Nothing made sense and no matter how you turned the matter in your head you couldn’t understand what was going on; so when Ubbe again pleaded for you to come talk to his youngest brother you followed deep in thoughts. All the way back to Kattegat and then the walk between the growing towns houses and huts you were buried in deep thoughts. Ubbe explained a little now and then; in what state his brother was in and that he didn’t want to put you in any form of danger.. but you were the only one he could think of. Even Björn had tried talking to the son of their mutual father but apparently Ivar had just grabbed whatever closest and threw it at anyone trying to enter. You spent little energy listening to Ubbe however, knowing very well what Ivar was capable of. You even think sometimes that the blood on his hands not from the battles was what partly caused his hideous tempers to stay and even grow worse. You had not shared your thoughts with anyone else however. “(Y/n), thank the Gods. The only thing left in there to throw around and break now is himself.” Hvitserk groans when he see you approaching with Ubbe. The sound of Ivar grunting and occasionally let out a angered scream mixes with the crashing sounds and thuds of things indeed being thrown around. ‘It is because of you.“ Ubbe’s words echoes in your head as you look to a pained and worried Hvitserk, then to the wooden door. "You think he will listen?” You ask both of them, knowing how a little sprout of fear is growing in your chest when you can hear the storm inside the four wooden walls of the house. If he had been upset about something else than you, you wouldn’t have doubted walking straight in there. But this time you were indeed the reason for his obvious pain. “If he doesn’t listen to you only the Gods will be able to help.” Ubbe mutters beside you. “I’m not sure Ivar think he deserves their help.” You whisper when you pull your cloak tighter around you despite the warmth of late summer. Hvitserk seems a bit amused you’re implying Ivar thinks himself unworthy of anything and you send him an annoyed scowl. Sometimes you wonder if Ivar’s brothers understands him at all. “You want us to follow you?” Ubbe’s hand is resting reassuringly on your shoulder and to him you smile, shaking your head. “We always help out you know.” Hvitserk puts in and you take a deep breath. The door is given such a blow from inside the house you jump on the spot and Ubbe’s hand tightens around your shoulder. “I’ll call for you if need be. If things calms down please leave us.” You don’t wait for them to reply, knowing they will obey you in this. So you stand outside the door and knock timidly, chewing your bottom lip. You don’t know what to expect but when Ivar doesn’t yell for you to leave you simply open the door with one last look on the worried brothers behind you. The shock washed over you like a tidal wave when you stepped over the threshold into the dark house. Furs, cups, clothes and all that Ivar had managed to get his hands on was littered over the floor like corpses on a battlefield; he being the ruthless killer. A killer you find on the middle of the floor surrounded by his material carnage. His brown hair is like the feather coat of a raven in storm and his blizzard eyes is nailed to you where he breathes heavily. “Ivar.” You breathe, staring into his eyes brimmed with furious tears and although you don’t understand a thing of what is going on and although he have pushed you away for so long; seeing him like this is tearing your delicate heart apart to join the debris of his life on the wooden floor. “My brothers don’t dare to face me, so they send a woman?” He wheezes, the white row of teeth showing when he snarls like a agitated wolf. You swallow, his anger and his tactics of striking fear into people nothing new to you. You would never underestimate the killer prince, yet he had never even laid hand on you when as angry as can be. “Only because you would not listen to them.” You gulp, your hands fidgeting with your dress. You want to crawl up to him where he sits on the floor, his tunic torn open over his chest where he must’ve been throwing himself around to get his pain out on whatever closest to him. The smooth skin over his collarbones slick with sweat just as his creased forehead and the snarl disappears and he falls silent, his head falling down between his shoulders. “And they think I will listen to you? What can you tell me that they have not already told, hm?” He chuckles bitterly where he sways from side to side, his legs like useless sticks pointing out from his muscular upper body. You suck in a breath, chewing the inside of your cheeks when you tread carefully through the mess until you stand before him and sit down. “No. But Ubbe tells me your pain is because of me. And when I inflict pain upon someone I want to mend it.” You explain softly, as you would’ve if you talked to a child. In many ways Ivar was still like a young boy, seemingly so lost and afraid he knew no other way than to be mad at the world. His head snaps up when you hear someone closing the door behind you. His brothers must’ve thought it best to leave now as you had asked of them. “Who says it is pain I feel?” His eyes moves to yours and you know it annoys him to the bones when he can’t manage to scare you. You try a soft smile and you have to put effort in not letting your hands cup his devastated and twisted face. “You, Ivar. I know you better than you think. Just as you know me.” Your voice starts to tremble when a light switch takes place in his blue, cold eyes. Fear and pain is taking over the anger and angst. “What have I done to ever cause you this pain?” Now you’re brave enough to put your one hand on the low of his arm where they rest on his thighs. His eyes falls to your hand softly picking with the sleeve of his tunic and he begins to slowly shake his head. What he does next takes you by such a surprise you can’t hold back the loud gasp that escapes your careful lips. His cheeks is decorated by slow running tears and his brow is tightly knit together where his rich lips is transformed into a tightly pressed, shivering line. Without thinking your hands cups his face and when your thumb wipes away a stray tear you whine in pain as he leans into your touch and closes his eyes. “Ivar, please.” You beg, your hands shaking. Ubbe told you this was because of you, because of you marrying Fenris and your brain is slowly putting pieces together; yet the picture you’re given is something so out of this world to you, you doubt your capacity to think straight. “Why?” He whimpers. His voice so meekly and wounded you wouldn’t have recognized it if you hadn’t been sitting right in front of him. You know what he’s asking and your heart is growing small and hard like a stone in your chest. Why are you marrying Fenris? Why are you marrying a man when another for so long have held your heart in his violent grip? “I care for him and it is a good match.” You close your eyes in shame when your words causes him to jerk his head from your hands and they fall to your knees. “What would you have me do, Ivar?” You cry hushed as he crawls away from you, the sound of things being struck out of the way having your body wince. “Leave me before I make you.” He snarls from his bed, climbing up on it and burying himself in the furs still left. Ivar not taking a fight is odd, Ivar crying is odd. You breaking Ivar’s heart is impossible; yet it is what he’s now telling you with all his being. You stand up, your hands curling into fists where you bite your lower lip. “You have no right accusing me of walking out on you!” Your voice is louder and much more aggravated than you intentioned but it is indeed matching the hot and painful swelling inside. “You have pushed me away since I came here!” You wail, tears of your own running down your now pale cheeks like summer rain. “Shut up, woman!” He turns, laying on his side but keeping his head up to gain some dignity. “Leave or I will tear you apart like you did me. I know I’ve been a stupid game for you!” He screams, the sound hurting your ears. Angrily you pick up what is closest to you: a wooden cup and you throw it as hard as you can his way. Surprising yourself it strikes him straight on his face, a wail of pain from him as he covers his mouth with his hand. “Oh!” You cover your own gaping mouth with your own hand when you can see him tasting the blood from the small wound on his bottom lip, with the tip of his moist tongue. You rush forward, attempting to sit on the edge of his bed to tend the damaged you caused: but your are stopped by Ivar’s strong hands grabbing your hair, pulling your head back as you scream and the other one grabs your tender neck in a harsh grip. “I told you to leave!” He shouted to your face, his tears now as fierce as yours and you hit him, claw him: anything you can to get away from him. “I didn’t know.” You hiss, struggling to breathe through his hard grip and the corroding fear slowly taking over you. Whatever you thought before, he seems much capable to finally hurt you. With a hard push you fall backwards, your back landing in the soft furs by his legs and he just stares at you, almost calm. Your hand feel your neck as if to check if he broke it and you don’t really know what to feel when you look back at him. “You didn’t know?” He echoes and you shake your head. He nods in a manner that tells you he could hardly believe what you’re telling him. “How could you not know? You must’ve and when you saw I could not return from you, you decided to find yourself a man that is everything I’m not.” He explains, as if that was facts and not speculations. You whimper when he reveals a bit of what he feels about himself. These are things you knew but never heard him say himself. “No!” You bite your tongue, lowering your voice. “That is how you think of yourself. Ivar; I didn’t know.” You move closer and this time he does no move to hurt you. “But now you do.” He stares at you, his gaze eating its way through you to a place you never thought you’d feel him. So deep inside you know it will feel empty when he’s not there. “Does it make any difference?” The small hope in his eyes is the final dagger to your heart, the final confirmation you need and all that you have been longing for. You have imagined kissing Ivar more than once and you have imagined him doing so much more to you. Yet the feeling of his soft lips against yours when you lean in to kiss him is like an entirely different world. You can taste the metallic blood from his wound, the salt of his tears and soon the hunger of his soul as he grab your head to keep you in the kiss. Does it make any difference? He groans as you suck his wound but it only seem to fuel his fires. His fingers gets lost in your hair and you can’t keep the moan running from your mouth into his when his tongue explores the source of the words that has bewitched him for so long. His own hair is soft between your fingers and his body hard and warm like a rock in the sun when you press yourself against him. You have been with a man before yet your stomach hurts and your heart flutters as if this was the first time you’ve ever been close to someone. “Ivar.” You gasp to his lips when you feel his fingers trace down your throat, over your shoulder to finally shape around your one breast. The hot warmth in your stomach swirls like water down between your legs when his hand feels your breast, his teeth nibbling at your lips. You want him. You have wanted him many times but you had given up hope long ago. “(Y/n), does it make any difference?” He groans to your ear, his mouth devouring your sensitive earlobe and your eyes rolls back in their sockets. Your heart is a marching drum in your chest and your body aching for his like the earth is constantly aching for the skies. “Yes.” You cup his face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. It takes all your will to stop yourself. “It makes a difference.” Your fingertips runs over his sharp cheekbones, down along his jawline and down towards his chest. Hungrily and desperate your eyes follow them; the torn tunic showing of his hard chest and your brows knit together. “Please, touch me.” You look at his face and a pained sigh escapes his mouth when you ask for all of him. Just once and you would be happy for the rest of your life. “(Y/n), I don’t-” you shush him with your fingers over his open mouth and your lick your lips as your trace the hot, pink skin; swollen and moist from your kissing. “I want to feel you in all ways I can. I want you to feel me too.” The black in his eyes seem to eat the blue and you wince from the pleasurable shiver running through you when he softly bites the tip of one of your fingers; the tip of his tongue searching it. “You’re not afraid?” He mumbles before closing his lips around your fingers. Your eyelids flutters close as you shake your head. “And you’re not afraid of my body?” He kiss the base of your palm, his hand strong around your wrist and you frown. “I don’t care what you’ve done and I don’t care about your legs. I don’t care about anything but what I know is in there.” Your hand press to his chest and he stares at it; like you’ve been reminding him of something he’d forgotten he possessed. “I’m not sure how to use that.” He admits, a small smile playing in the corner of his mouth and with a breath you lean your forehead against his. “Stupid prince. It is the only thing you use. But if it is broken you can have mine.” You nudge his nose with yours and a needy groan crashes to your mouth as he kisses your so hard the flesh of your lips hurt against your teeth. He turns you around, your back on the soft furs and he rolls on top of you, guiding your legs apart when he gathers the fall of your dress and moves it up your thighs. Your chest heaves with your attempt to breathe when you look at him eyeing you like a hungry man would eye a piece of bread. Your hands grab his tunic and he help you remove it: joining the mess on the floor. “How can you not see your own beauty?” You wonder breathlessly when you feel his broad shoulders, his biceps playing as he holds himself over you and the way his stomach contracts by the effort, having the wetness between your legs torment you. You need him to touch you, in any way; as long as he puts out the fire inside of you that he started. “My eyes have been occupied with another.” He mumbles as his one hand fidgets with the strings holding your dress together over your chest. Your heart skips a beat at his words and your fingers bump into his when you try to help him. You don’t try to restrain your moan when he opens your dress enough to expose your breasts and he wastes no time before diving down to take your hardening nipple into his hot mouth. “Ivar, please!” You gasp, your back arching when he makes sure to pay the same attention to your other breast. You claw his back when you can feel the tips of his fingers trace the inside of your one thigh and you constantly have to remind yourself how to breathe. “Keep still.” He mutters when your hips moves upward, eager to meet his touch and you turn your head, squeezing your eyes shut trying to keep still for him. “Or i won’t be able to keep still myself.” He snickers when he places open mouth kisses on your exposed neck. Your breath hitches in your throat and your eyes are wide open when you feel one of his fingers running along your moist slit, parting your folds just to find its way to the little nub of pleasure. “So wet, all for me?” He groans and you nod, not able to talk. Your toes curls and your legs are shaking as his finger paint circles on your clit before swiftly pushing itself deep inside of you. The addition is small yet so marvelous you cry out when he curls his finger inside of you. “More?” He bites down softly on your chin and desperately you push your womanhood to his hand, your lips devouring his as if your life depended on it. He made you so desperate in such a sweet way. If you could calm down it would surprise you; because you’ve heard how he’s been with other women. Yet now he seems much capable of pleasuring you: or perhaps whatever he would do, would please you? Perhaps it would be enough for him to just breathe on your skin to make you shiver like a leaf. “Please.” You whine, holding onto him for dear life as a second finger is added. You feel the amazing stretch of your walls around him when he moves them in and out, occasionally curling them to the point you’re not sure what is up and what is down anymore. Your hips rock to meet his fingers and you bite down on the soft skin of his shoulder each time his movements brings you closer and closer to just unwrap around him. “To see someone as sweet as you-” he breathes to your ear as he fingers you. “-enjoying the touch of hands that has killed-” he grinds himself down the furs between your legs as much he can and the thought of him hard is killing all of you. “-Is greater than any field sown with hundreds of men.” His wicked tongue pushes you over the edge: the thought of his deadly hand now having its fingers inside of you oddly arousing. He drinks the sound of you moaning his name like water and the hot wave consuming you is more than you had ever felt before. “I need you.” You whimper, your hands searching between your bodies for the strings of his breeches. The hard bulge under your fingers as you pull the strings pulsates by your touch and it takes all of you to keep your own hips down so you can reach. You almost think he might stop you when you grab the hem and try to push the garment down but Ivar willingly wriggle like a lazy snake trying to get out of the fabric as fast as possible. “This is truly what you want?” He breathes when he’s fully released and you can feel the strained and silky skin of his cock under your fingers. The stupid question puts a frown on your face and you run your soft fingers along his size, shocking you slightly and he moans your name ever so hushed. “If you don’t bed men now Ivar, I swear to the Gods I will take you by force.” You try to tease, causing a soft laugh to cascade over your face when he shuts you up with his eager mouth. One of his hands push away yours and you can feel how he situate himself between your legs: the wetness caused by his fingers having your head spin as he let the head of his twitching manhood slide against your hot folds. The teasingly slow movements make you wriggle underneath him and he traps your wrists over your head. You snake your legs around his when he dips down to devour your breasts, still keeping up the delicate torture of your sex with his. “Enough.” You plead, pressing yourself against him till the point he can’t hold himself anymore. He need not to guide himself, your slick womanhood drawing him in and you gape without sound to the feeling of him pressing inside, stretching your walls more than ever and the ravishing feeling when he tries to go as slow as he’s capable of is bringing tears to your eyes. You may have slept with another man before but this, this is a whole other thing. You can barely begin to compare. “(Y/n), can you take all-” you cut of his question by raising your hips, speeding up him entering your fully and when you feel him hit the very end of you and your own flesh desperately adjusting to him you bite his lip until you can taste the salty metal of his blood once more. His pain mixes with a hungry growl when he pulls out just so he can plunge back inside of you with greater force and your body bounce between his thrusting hips and the bed. Your entire body is answering to his every movement, every touch and the only time you can keep quiet is when his kisses shuts you up. But he enjoys your sounds and the way you clings to him by calling out his name. When you finally feel yourself closing in on the edge of bliss once more his movements gets lazy and sloppy, yet so much more fierce. It takes only seconds for him to follow you diving into the abyss of pure pleasure and you hold him so tight you physically can when you can feel his seed fill you. A promise he will be a part of you just a little longer even when his body leave yours. You don’t mind the crushing pressure when his body collides with yours, the way your skins are slippery against another’s of the sweat causing you to glimmer like the surface of a pond. For an unknown amount of time you just lay underneath him, your breathing synchronized and your fingers in trance when they comb through his hair, your fingernails softly scratching his scalp. When he finally rolls off of you it’s like your body flies away and you roll to your side, resting your head on his chest and you close your eyes when he pulls one of the furs over your most intimate parts. “So many times I imagined, yet i was never even close to this.” You whisper tiredly to his skin; his hearts thudding in its cage of bones and flesh so sedative you’re not sure you would ever wake up if you fell asleep now. “I wish I had more time.” He answers and with a frown you tilt your head, looking to his face where he stares up the ceiling. His hand comes looking for your head and he runs it over your messy hair over and over again. “What do you mean?” You place a lazy kiss just above his nipple and you trace the fine hairs raising around it with one finger. “I know you’re not coming back to me again. You’re still getting married.” If a heart can truly break you now hear it through his ribcage and you can feel the same ache in your own. All the bliss and the primitive need washes away as if he kicked the door to reality open with a bang. You had always thought of Fenris with fondness, knowing what a good husband he will be and what a good father he will be to your children. Truly you could never ask for someone better suited. Yet.. “I will never leave you, not truly. I will always be here.” You whisper, knowing your words not to hold what you truly wished them to. “Close enough to see but not to hold.” He groans frustrated and when you look to him again you can see how he use his anger to cover up who he truly is once more and you realize that the very second you get up from his bed and walk out that door; you will never meet this Ivar again. @whenimaunicorn @mizzvengenz6661 @creepycrystalwolf @ivartheboneme @ceridwenofwales @belle-scarre

based on a conversation i had with @jacehvrondale last night

Magnus sat in his favorite chair, drink in hand, staring at nothing. It was well after midnight and he knew he should probably go to bed, but he’d found that it was nearly impossible to sleep without Alexander beside him.


Magnus missed him more than he was willing to admit. He missed going to bed with him and falling asleep on his chest and waking up next to him. He missed planning dates around the world that usually ended up being in Magnus’s apartment or Alec’s office because Alec had lost track of time. He missed the way Alec always seemed to know what he was feeling and always made Magnus feel safe enough to share those feelings.

But Alec had lied to him. He hadn’t told him that the Clave didn’t have the Soul Sword, that Valentine did. Valentine, who wanted Magnus and all Downworlders dead. Valentine, who had lived inside Magnus’s body, an experience from which Magnus had yet to recover. Valentine, the most evil Shadowhunter in history, had the Soul Sword and Alec didn’t trust Magnus enough to tell him.

If he thought logically about it, he could see Alec’s side of the argument. Magnus wouldn’t want to put Alec in a position where he would have to lie to his people, either. But Magnus wasn’t ready to think logically and Alec had lied to him.

Sighing, Magnus made to get up and go to bed when a fire message appeared in front of him. He snatched it out of the air, knowing it must be urgent, since he had made it known that he was not to be bothered past ten o’clock unless it was an emergency.

Mr. Bane, it read.

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Aries: fold your hands. your fingertips are matches, and you crave to light up anything that heats you up. Breathe. You are not a torch. The walls must be finished building before you tear them down. Wait. I know it’s hard, but patience is what you need. Don’t let the energy consume you from the inside out, but let it burn in the pit of your stomach before you burst it out of your mouth or you will be destroying the wrong things. Eagerness before truth will tear you down. Wait, and you can ignite hearts.

Taurus: take off your camouflage. How will anyone see what you need them to see if you stay hidden? The Earth is your stronghold, not your cloak. Let the ground swallow your feet so that you can stand strong. Keep your eyes trained on what you want, your hope has power. Feed it. Your hunger is for peace, and one day you’ll feel full.

Gemini: let your story write itself. This is nonfiction, my dear, you can only control the now. Choose not to skip to the last page, just to see what happens. If you do, everything in between will fade away. Your illustrations are only a glimpse of what you hold inside. Allow yourself to be read and known. And in turn- enjoyed. You weren’t created to collect dust. You were created to become a legend.

Cancer: open up your stomach and let the butterflies out of their cage. You suffocate your passion until it ends up choking you. You are not your own prison, do not lock yourself behind bars. Everything inside of you has a name, let it be heard. Do not be afraid of the echo that it causes, or the silence you’ll be left with. How does one learn to fly without leaving the nest? Unfold yourself, and you’ll find yourself spread among wild flowers.

Leo: don’t feel bad for hitting the target right in the center. You’ve got good aim, and you know exactly where you want to hit. Do not apologize for knowing what you want. You’ve been practicing your whole life, and you should be proud of what you’re able to do. The next time someone tries to take your bow, remember that your arrows are made of gold. Aim for what’s yours, and your arrow will reward you with it.

Virgo: pick up your mirror, darling. Stare into your own eyes. Learn the exact color of them, and what they’re telling you. Do not be afraid of your own reflection. Embrace it. Vulnerability is not a weakness, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Masks only keep people away, and I know you’re yearning for more than that. Rest your hands and learn yourself. You are worth being known. There is someone out there who will know you for exactly who you are, and will love you just the same.

Libra: unfix your eyes from the horizon. It’s healthy to miss a moment every once in a while. The sun sets everyday, it’s not going anywhere. Set down your armor, just for a bit. It isn’t your job to be a bodyguard for every vulnerable heart. Remember that your most important duty is to yourself. You are noble, indeed. But that nobility only goes as far as you do. Hold up your shield for yourself. Safety follows in the wake of those who first protect themselves.

Scorpio: let the crystal hiding in your heart fall to your side. Force yourself to walk away, and leave it lying on the ground. I know it’s hard my dear, it was yours to keep. But now let it be for someone else to hold close. Learn to let go and forgive those who hold it thereafter. Pour yourself into making a new crystal, create one yourself. Build them for those you love. Rechanneling your loss into constructiveness will bless you with complacency.

Sagittarius: slow your run into a walk. Take a bunny trail, and let every moment of it seep into your skin. Running is not an escape, lovely. Experiencing something new is exactly what you desire. You adapt well, so let yourself become one with your surroundings. Take a deep breathe. Write down what you feel filling your lungs. Break out of the confinements you’ve trapped yourself in, and you will finally feel true independence.

Capricorn: step into your hot air balloon. It is waiting for you. Let your inner dreamer soar into the sky. Take a picture of the sunset, and watch as it fades into the starry night sky. Just because you see things as they really are, doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself to imagine greater things. Begin to let the wind sweep you off your feet. Every time you wish upon a star, your heart will only grow bigger.

Aquarius: take a photo shoot of your own heart. Capture the memories that made you who you are today. Shoot pictures of those who remind you to smile even when it’s dark. Click, click, click the camera at the ocean. Don’t forget where you came from. Let your heart be stimulated. Let these moments fully and completely touch your heart, and you will become your best self.

Pisces: open the doors of your wardrobe. It is filled with the many outfits of people who you wanted to become. Climb in, and search the racks. Find the back of the wardrobe. This is where your true clothes wait for you. Try them on, look at yourself in the mirror. This is who you are. Why do you keep trying to be someone else? You are you, and that is a wonderful thing to be. Wear your true colors, and nothing can stop you.

—  a little advice for the signs (Finn.N)

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Summary: After almost two years on the run, Sam and Dean slip up and their girl slips away. (Pt 2 to Stockholm) 

Warnings: canon typical violence, psychological issues, evil! Sam and Dean

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687 days, three hours, and 45 minutes was exactly how long she had been with her boys. In that time, they became one collective unit moving and feeling as one. Her love for them was genuine and her loyalty was unmatched by any oath they could offer. She only knew the exact times because she had never been happier. Had been. 

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Turn Loose the Mermaids(Part 30)

AU belongs to Taulun

Well this chapter is somehow filer-ish and I don’t really like it but welp. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta and dealing with my shit

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Chat Noir came to the conclusion some things never change: Kim has always been an impulsive idiot, Nino gulps down at least two bottles of rum since the day they met, and Chloé still screamed louder than a banshee. At least this time, it was for a good reason. Afterall, it wasn’t everyday the most feared pirate of the Seven Seas bursted into your cabin.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin Chapter 6: “Red suits you.”

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

  Summary: An angel boy and a demon girl. What happens when these two are sent to Earth and raised as humans?

A tall goddess stood by a large window, staring out at the golden City of Angels. She wore a long yellow gown adorned with sparkling jewels. She was beautiful, though not more so than the Goddess of Beauty, Dusuu. She placed an elegant hand on the glass, lost in her own thoughts.

“My lady, there is a message for you.” An angel servant approached the blonde goddess, clutching a purple scroll in his hands.

“From whom?” She turned towards him, eyeing the roll of paper.


She felt her body stiffen. Why would one of the banished be contacting the heavenly gods now? It had been over two thousand years since the division of the gods. Taking the scroll from the angel boy, she dismissed him with a wave. Only after he had left the room did she open the scroll, dark blue eyes darting from word to word. Immediately, she mentally summoned her champion. Another angel flew into the grand room almost instantaneously.

“What is it you require of me, my liege?” The girl knelt low, head bowed in respect.

“Aurelia, it appears Tikki has chosen a demon to bestow her powers upon.” The goddess’ voice was icy.

The young angel, Aurelia, didn’t hide her surprise; giving a demon heavenly powers was strictly forbidden. “Why would she do that?”

“I am not sure.” She crossed the room to where the angel was still kneeling. “Whatever the case, we cannot allow a demon to misuse the gift, especially one as powerful as Tikki’s. I require you to negotiate with the demon. Convince them to give up their powers.”

“And if they refuse?”

“Take it by force.” 

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