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The Blessed Nights to Come

Today, the coming nights, until the end of this Sacred Month are all days that cannot be fathomed nor their reward understood by man’s feeble mind. Three major events occurred on the 17th of this month and they are: The Ascension (Mi’raj) of the Prophet, peace be upon him & his family, the conquest (battle) of Badr, the demise of Humarayh bint Abu Bakr, the passing of Abu Lulu’s nephew, Abu al-Zanad ‘Abdullah b. Dhukan (who is from amongst the companions of Imam Zayn ‘Abideen, peace be upon him), and the beginning of the construction of the grand mosque of Jamkaran by the order of the Awaited Saviour, Imam al-Mahdi, peace be upon him, as reported by al-Shaykh Hassan Muthlata al-Jamkarani. 

- Refer to the book Taqeem al-Shi’a, ‘Abdul Husayn al-Nayshaburi, Pg.337-349 for more details

Furthermore, for the believers wherever they may be. A prayer to be performed tonight that encompasses unseen reward and blessings. The Commander of the Faithful ‘Ali, peace be upon him, says:

Whoever prays four units of pray (arba’ raka’at) on the night of the 18th of the month of Ramadan, reciting the following in each unit: al-Fatiha (the Opening chapter) once, al-Qadr (the Decree) chapter twenty five times, will not leave this world until the Angel of Death brings him glad tidings that God is Pleased and not Angry. 

- Wasa`il al-Shi’a, V.8, P.40