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Seeking Paintings | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: You, a muggle-born artist, have been hiding your feelings for Draco Malfoy for years now. Though, after an unplanned meeting in the astronomy tower things between the two of you start to change. Even more so after finding each other in the Room or Requirement.

Word Count: 3,573

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: not my gif credit to owner

You stare out into the vast horizon from the astronomy tower. This was your favorite hideout during your free period. You much rather enjoyed the view when it was light outside. Sure you love astronomy class and looking up at the stars but this was just different. Better.

You pulled out your old, hard-cover, weather-beaten sketch book and began to draw the landscape before you. You made sure to grasp and add every detail to your drawing. You began shading in the sunset when you heard a voice behind you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a rotten tone and you already knew who it was.

“You don’t own the astronomy tower, Draco,” you say blandly while continuing your work.

“You know this is were I go in my spare time,” you hear him huff.

“I know,” you blush, hoping he doesn’t know that besides the view one of your favorite part of this spot is that it’s that it’s his spot too. Then again, how would he even know that, it’s not like you two are exactly close.

You hear him start to walk away and your heart sinks. Just once you’d like him to stay up here when you’re here. Maybe then, you too could become close. You’d had this battle with having a crush on Draco since first year. Now here you are, sixth year and the most interaction between you two is fighting over the astronomy tower.

“You know you can stay right?” You boldly say. You swallow hard when you hear him stop in his tracks.

You hear his footsteps begin again but this time coming back towards you.

He sits a few feet from you, “Just don’t expect me to talk to you.”

You just smile and shake your head continuing to look down at your sketch book. For a few minutes you two stay like this, you drawing, him (probably) thinking. You wonder what could be going on in his head, he seemed to be thinking pretty deeply.

You feel him inching towards you at a snail’s pace, from the corner of your eye you can see him watching you draw everything from here to the horizon. You hate yourself for the blush creeping up on your face, by the time he’s within a foot of you your face is bright red.

“Why are you blushing?” You look up at him and see he’s smiling, a genuine smile.

Because I’ve been hiding my massive crush on you for nearly six years.

“I just get embarrassed at people watching me work,” you shrug.

“Why?” He asks seeming genuinely interested. “You’re really good.”

“Thanks,” you’re blush gets even deeper.

You break eye contact and look back down at your sketchbook. The rest of the period is made up with you finishing your sketch and Draco watching intently. He’s completely mesmerized at how you can just see an image and recreate it perfectly on your page.

It’s Saturday and you aren’t needed nor expected anywhere, which is why Saturdays are your favorite days. You usually spent these days roaming around looking for inspiration for a new art piece. Which is exactly how you plan to start today.

You roam the school grounds aimlessly, constantly moving your head around to grasp every aspect of the school. You step into the one of the many courtyards and feel inspired to sketch it, until you realize you’ve already done that… Ten times…

You sigh and realize that after six years of constantly working in the same space it’s going to be hard to find a completely new area for your art. Just this year and the following before you can finally start travelling and finding more inspiration worldwide.

In your attempts to find a new spot you’re again not looking forward. causing you to slam right into someone.

“Hey, watch where- oh, hey Y/N,” you hear Draco’s voice quickly turn from intimidation to delight.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” you ramble.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughs at how cute he thinks you are when you ramble.

A blush creeps onto your face, “Well, I best be going.” As you turn to walk away he grabs your wrist and turns you back to face him.

“Hey, are you going to the Quidditch match today?” He inquires.

“Um I wasn’t really planning on it,” you scratch the back of your neck.

“Oh,” his face slightly falls. “Well, I’d like it if you went,” he says his cheeks turning slightly pink. “Even though you’d be rooting for Y/H and not Slytherin,” he looks at the ground.

“I mean I probably should go, it's sixth year and I haven’t gone to a single match,” you shrug and he looks at you dumbfounded.

“Not a single match? Well, you definitely have to go now,” he laughs and so do you.

“Well, I guess you can count on me being there,” you say before turning and walking away. You look over your shoulder, “And I guess I can root for Slytherin just this once,” you wink and quickly face forward as your face turns crimson red. A crazy amount of adrenaline must’ve been rushing through you for having the courage to wink at Draco Malfoy.

You take a seat in Y/H’s section for the Quidditch match, all your housemates do a double take when they see you arrive. Which were followed by ‘finally’, 'it’s about time’, 'I didn’t even know you knew how to get here’ and more sayings around those lines.

You don’t know to much about Quidditch, especially since you’re a muggle-born. Not that you know much about muggle sports either. Your friends have explained the game to you many times, you got the logistics but you just didn’t know why it was such a big deal. Maybe you’ll actually figure it out through watching a match.

Draco rose up into the air on his broomstick to prepare for the start of the game. On his way up he scanned the crowd for you and a smile creeps onto his face when he sees you sitting in Y/H’s section. He can tell you look slightly out of place in the stands and is glad to see you actually showed up. He keeps up the hope that you’re actually here for him.

He has been trying to convince himself since second year that he doesn’t have feelings for you. That he could never have feelings for a muggle-born. Except as he’s grown older through his school years he’s realized that muggle-borns aren’t that bad. He’s realized he was just told to think that way, not that he actually believed it.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the blow of the whistle signaling the beginning of the game. Slytherin immediately takes hold of the Quaffle and manages to score within the first minute. A chorus of boos and angered shouts comes from Y/H’s section. Draco looks over to see you remaining silent among your peers. He smiles, hoping you may be rooting for Slytherin…for him…silently. Even if you’re not, at least you aren’t booing.

Draco circles around the field, scanning for the snitch. He’d be lying to say that he wasn’t losing his interest in Quidditch, squinting into the distance searching for a flying ball of gold gets boring after awhile. Of course, he didn’t know if the sport itself was actually starting to bore him or the stress recently rested upon him was making him lose interest in the things he loves. Apparently stress can do that. 

He sees a flicker of gold in the distance, shocked at how early on he’s spotted it he doesn’t fully believe he saw it. That is until he sees the seeker for Y/H dive in the direction of the flash of gold. He quickly follows and the two chase after the golden blur, neck and neck. Draco shoves the other seeker, causing him to spin off course and leaving Draco to be the only one in pursuit of the snitch.

He’s extremely close, he takes a hand off his broom and reaches towards the snitch. He feels cold metal on the pads of his fingers, he just needs to get a grip around it. Almost…


He’s nearly knocked off his broom as pain seers through his ribcage. He got hit with a bludger milliseconds before he could grab the snitch. He holds a hand over his ribcage and groans in pain. He rises back into the air to find he’s near Y/H’s section. He looks over at you and you mouth to him, 'Are you okay?’. He nods and manages to give you a faint smile as reassurance.

When he starts to move upward he hears many whispers, “Did Draco Malfoy the Draco Malfoy just smile?”, “Did he smile at you, Y/N?”, “Is there something going on between you two?”, and things of that nature.

He looks back in your direction to see your cheeks turning pink while multiple people start to question you. Though more importantly he sees a smile on your face at the thought of people thinking something is going on between the two of you.

Suddenly, his interest for Quidditch returns. Except rather than loving the sport, wanting to be the best, and move towards winning the House Championships, his goal and motivation to win comes from you. He wants to impress you, and suddenly he finds himself squinting at the field and scanning it as if his life depended on it.

Ten minutes pass with no sign of the snitch. Y/H is currently in the lead, sixty-twenty. Draco continues to scan the field, keeping an eye on the other seeker to see if they look to be in pursuit. He finds himself glancing over at you often as well, trying to make sure you aren’t growing bored. Good thing he’s doing this because it is when he shifts his eyes to you that he spots the snitch once again.

This time determined to get he speeds off in the directions of the flicker of gold. He soon gets close enough that the snitch is hardly a blur anymore. He stretches out his arm when he feels someone bump his side, not strong enough to knock him off his path though. It’s Y/H’s seeker, Draco gives them a menacing stare before turning his eyes back to the snitch. The two race around the field with their arms reaching towards the snitch, they’re neck and neck. Draco, determined to win, jerks his hand out so roughly he fears he might’ve dislocated his shoulder. It would be worth it though, he feels his hand close around the snitch.

He slows down and waves the snitch above his head, wearing a proud smile. The rest of the Slytherin team flies over to congratulate him. He hardly notices their presence as he starts to look for you, to see your reaction. His smile fell, you weren’t in the spot you had previously been in. You weren’t anywhere to be seen.

A look of disappointment washes over Draco’s face as he moves back to the ground. Where did you go? Why did you leave? Did you just not care enough to stay? Did you leave because Slytherin won? Was it foolish of him to think you were here for him? He was disappointed that he ever let that thought into his head.

The rest of the Slytherins were celebrating in their common room, but Draco was in no mood for a party. Though every time he tried to move towards the dorms one of his friends would pull him back to the center of the crowd.

“Dude, what up with you,” Blaise leans onto Draco. “You know you can’t vanish from a party after a win.”


He hadn’t been to the room of requirement in ages. If he was already disappointed with himself he might as well make it even worse by working on that cabinet.

“I actually have to go do something,” Draco mutters before peeling away from the crowd, this time being successful.

He begins the journey from the dungeons all the way to the seventh floor, left corridor. Constantly, he finds himself dodging behind corners at the sight or sound of a teacher. When he makes it to the entrance of the Room of Requirement unscathed he begins to pace and think deeply about what he needs.

I really need to work on this cabinet. If I don’t fix it in time I’ll probably get myself and my family killed. To work on this cabinet though I’m really going to need some privacy. No one else should be able to go in or out. I really just need to be alone, even though I’d rather be talking to Y/N, figuring out why she left the natch early… But I really need to go work on this cabinet in private.

He thinks to himself, allowing him access to the room. He steps inside and begins to make his way to the vanishing cabinet. He examines a feather from the last time when he used that cabinet on a small bird. He begins to realize it’s spending days on end staring at this cabinet that he truly begins to hate what he’s become. He knows he had no choice, it makes him hate all those who did. All who didn’t have people pressuring him to be evil. To kill or be killed. It makes him hate all those who had good people in his life.

He just wanted one good person in his life, he needed one good person in his life.

Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life?

He’s pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a crash from somewhere in the room, faint whispering follows. Someone else is in here.

He draws his wand from his pocket, becoming extremely alert. He swallows hard, the last thing he needs is to be caught in here. He slowly moves towards the sound of the crash, pashing piles and piles of randomized objects. The faint whisper becomes a distinct mutter, a girl’s mutter.

He jumps out from behind the last pile of things before him and the unknown girl and raises his wand. However, he immediately lowers it at the sight before him.

“Y/N?” He questions putting his wand back in his pocket.

You look up at him and gulp. You are kneeling on the ground in front of a puddle of spilt paint to the side of a canvas. Your face turning a bright red to match the paint covering the floor.

“Draco,” you say wide-eyed. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he tuts.

“Well, I needed a canvas and some oils,” you shrug. “So, I went to the room that would supply me with my needs.

"Well, I needed privacy as in no one else being in here,” he says coming off more hostile than he wants to be towards you.

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re actually needs are,” you look down at the ground, saddened at his hostility towards you. Just when you were beginning to think he could actually like you, how silly.

He remembers what he was just thinking about. Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life? “Maybe you’re right,” he admits.

You look up at him and try to suppress any thoughts of him needing you from your head. You look back down at your paint puddle and go back to cleaning.

“You know there’s this thing called magic,” he chuckles before pulling out his wand. After giving it a little flick all the paint moves back into the container.

You tut before letting out a muffled thanks and standing back up. A slight frown forms on your face as you dip your paintbrush into your now unspilt paint and get back to working on your canvas.

“I thought you’d be a little more thankful,” Draco raises an eyebrow.

“I don’t like to mix magic and art,” you huff.

“How come?” he presses on, sounding as though he genuinely cares.

You sigh, not sure if you’re completely comfortable about divulging your childhood to Draco, your muggle childhood. If you even wanted to dream about having a chance with him you figured it wouldn’t be best to remind him you’re muggle-born. However, he’s expecting an answer and you only have the truth.

“It just when I was younger I was told I had a gift when it came to art,” you sigh. “They said my art made my talent seem like magic,” you smile at the memories. “I guess I wanted to keep it all down to talent not literal magic,” you shrug,

“Oh,” is all he has to say. “Well, can I see what you’re painting?”

At that you freeze, brush in midair dripping paint onto the ground. You swallow hard and your face becomes a deeper red than Draco, or anyone has ever seen you as. You slowly turn your near paralyzed head to look at him wide-eyed, You do not even want to imagine Draco’s reaction to your current work, yet alone see or hear it in reality.

He chuckles, “I’ll take that as a no.” You slightly nod and turn back to your work. “If I can’t look at it can you at least tell me what it is?” Your face is burning at this point, it feels so hot you fear you may need to go down to the hospital wing.

He appears next to you and you nearly choke on the lump forming in your throat. You set your brush down and timidly turn your head to look at him. You get a side view of his head, slightly tilted with a flattered expression resting on his face.

“Is that me?” He smiles brightly and you swallow hard.

“Is that weird?” You timidly ask.

He turns his head to look down at you, a smile still plastered on his face. “Not at all.”

He looks back to examine the painting even deeper as you rock on your heels as an anxious tick. The painting is a site you captured in your head at the match. Draco with his hand outstretched towards a golden blur, you seeker right at his heels. You painted the world around them as a fuzzy haze to show they were moving at top speeds. In the background one could distinguish the field, goalposts, stadium full of students, as well as the other players flying about.

“Is this why you left the match early?”

“Yeah, I just got the idea and rushed here to go and paint it,” you shrug. Then, you fully process what he just said. “You noticed I left?” Your eyebrows knit together and you move your gaze to him.

“Of course,” he says looking at you. “I did it for you,” he states. “I woke up this morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go looking for a golden blur. Then, I remembered you said I could count on you being there and I knew I had to play.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out, so Draco continues. “I was planning on inviting you to the after party as my date but you weren’t there,” he shrugs. He’s trying to play it cool but truly he heart is beating a mile a minute. He was not intended to profess his love for you but before he could stop himself the words were slipping from his mouth.


“Yeah, is it so weird for me to take the girl I’ve liked since second year to be my date?” There’s no going back now. It’s out, the secret is out. Draco Malfoy has feelings for Y/N Y/L/N.

He waits for you to say something, anything. He heart is racing and his cheeks are turning pink. He hopes you’ll say you feel the same but you just stay silent.

Your mouth hangs agape, you can’t believe what you’re hearing. “You’ve liked me since second year?”

“Is that weird?” He timidly asks as you did previously.

“N-not at all,” you smile wider than ever, your face only turning slightly pink. “I mean I’ve liked you since first year.” You see his eyes light up at that, he looks as if this is exactly what he needs to hear.

You two stay silent for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. Both of you wondering what to do next. His eyes slowly move down to your lips, linger for a second, then dart back to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” He breathes out so quietly you barely hear.

You nod and try to suppress the butterflies in your stomach. He takes a step closer to you and lightly grips your elbows. He pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes. He starts to lean in as do you, both closing your eyes. His lips gently connect to yours. He softly moves his lips against yours, his hands moving down to your waist as yours get tangled in his hair. Neither of you pull away until you both are gasping for air.

“So did you win?” You giggle once you’ve caught your breath.

“I have now.”

“More Than Roommates”

Request: I saw you asked for prompts. This one is pretty smutty. Can you do one where Sebastian and the reader are roommates and she comes home and catches him jerking off, which leads to more. Or if not Sebastian, then one of his characters. Thank you love your writing!

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Warnings: GRAPHIC SMUT, sub and dom relationship, little bit of fluff

Word Count: 2067

A/N: gimme a lance anon. i need it. i wrote this at school at someone stopped to read it and it was at the dirtiest part. 

Originally posted by blurredmelancholy

Lance Tucker was a pain to live with. He left dirty boxers on the floor and had no idea how to wash a dish. And not to mention the plethora of women he had exiting his room each night. He was your classic athlete. He could get all the girls and would never have to spend a night alone. Why you were living with him, you had no idea. He had been your best friend since you had moved to that small little town when you were six. You were there for him at every trial and you cheered his name as he won the gold and silver medals at the Olympics.

He didn’t know that you had a huge crush on him. You would never tell him. He wasn’t the type of man to do relationships. It hurt that you had to hear him fuck a different whore every night. None of the women he ever brought back were classy. In all honesty, they disgusted you. They sounded like pornstars or strangled ducks, but you still stayed with Lance. You would rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.

You were not looking forward to the sleepless night ahead. Work had been kicking your ass and today your boss yelled at you for no reason. You didn’t even get to drink your coffee, which was the most tragic thing of all. You slowly trudged your way up the steps to your shared home. In no way were you ready for the night. All you wanted to do was pamper yourself, but Lance’s fuck of the night would probably ruin that for you.

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"Oh my God. You're in love with her."

Harry was sitting at his desk working. Not stealing glances at Draco every chance he could get. They had just closed a case and were filling out the paperwork. Harry finished his report and looked up. Draco was staring off into space, a small smile on his face.

“What are you so happy about?” Harry asked. Draco flushed.

Before he could answer, there was a knock on the door of their shared office space.

“Come in,” Harry called. He made a mental note to pester Draco later about his smiling and whatnot.

A woman with black hair and fancy clothes stepped in. She didn’t even glance at Harry, but instead went straight to Draco’s desk. Draco stood and greeted her with a smile. He gave the woman a hug and a delicate kiss on her cheek. Harry looked away.

“Astoria,” Draco said. “What are you doing here?”

“I was out and about in the Ministry and I thought I should come see you. Is now a good time?” She asked, glancing around at the paperwork on Draco’s desk.

Harry wanted to tell her that it was most certainly not a good time. They were very busy, thank you very much, but Draco spoke before he could.

“I’m almost done. Let me just finish this up and we can go get dinner?” Draco asked.

“That’d be lovely,” Astoria said. Draco looked over the report once more, wrote a few things down, then set his quill down.

“Harry, you wouldn’t mind sending this off for me, will you?” Draco asked.

Harry grit his teeth and without looking up said, “Sure.”

Soon, Harry heard the door open and close. He was alone. He stood to grab his and Draco’s reports. As he approached Draco’s desk, a base exploded behind him. Deep breaths, he told himself. Accidental magic hadn’t been a problem for him for a long while. But, he supposed there was a lot of firsts today.

Didn’t Draco say there wasn’t anyone special in his life? He always refused to meet anyone his mother wanted to set him up with. His family was desperate for an heir. Draco always refused, however.

Who was that girl?

A few months later…

“Harry! It was reckless. You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Draco practically yelled. His face was red and he was running his hand through his hair. He only did that when he was extremely agitated.

“I’m fine. Look at me: not even a scratch,” Harry argued.

“You’re ridiculous. That’s it. I’m filing for another partner. I cannot do this anymore,” Draco said. He turned to his desk, but Harry grabbed his arm.

“Oh c'mon you don’t mean that. You love me as your auror partner. The risk makes it more fun,” Harry joked.

Draco huffed, “It’s not funny. One of these days, you’re going to get yourself killed and then I’ll be left to deal with the backlash and paperwork.” Harry nudged him on the shoulder.

“Okay, okay. I promise I won’t put myself in unnecessary danger anymore. It wasn’t my intention to upset you. I’m sorry,” Harry apologized. Draco was still facing away from
him, but Harry could tell he was slightly more at ease.

“Fine,” Draco said curtly. “I’m still writing in my report that you were impetuous. Don’t come crying to me when Kingsley gives you a talking down to.” He turned to sit as his desk.

Harry smiled and said, “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Harry copied him and made it to his own desk. He began the paperwork, but was interrupted by Draco.

“I was wondering if I could ask your advice on something,” Draco said.

“Sure,” Harry said, looking up expectedly.

“Well, Astoria’s birthday is coming up, in September,” Draco said and Harry tried not to wince, he really did. “But I don’t know what to buy her. I found this bracelet, but I don’t know if it’s too much. Maybe I should look for rings.”

Harry completely froze at the word ‘rings.’ This could not be happening. Draco stood and walked to the front of Harry’s desk.

He ignored his feelings and said, “In September? It’s July right now!”

“Its august tomorrow. I only ask you because I’ve never gotten gifts for… lady friends. I figured you would know with Granger and the Weaslette,” Draco said.

“Well, that’s hardly the same,” Harry said. They weren’t dating him. Sure, Ginny and him had dating once upon a time, but he never bought her a gift during that time. Buying for your friends was different than buying for your partners.

“Isn’t it?” Draco asked confusedly.

Harry ignored him and asked, “What does the bracelet look like?” Draco brought up his wand, and a picture floated in front of Harry. It was gorgeous. There were more diamonds than Harry could count and they were all aligned in a beautiful design to form what looked to be swans.

“Swans are her favorite animal. Is this too much?” Draco asked self-consciously. All Harry could feel was dreadful. It felt like their was a fifty ton weight in his stomach.

“Oh my God. You’re in love with her,” Harry muttered. Before, Draco could answer, Harry gathered up his stuff. He couldn’t look at Draco right now, he just couldn’t.

“Harry,” Draco said. But Harry couldn’t. He needed to get out of there now. “Harry wait,” Draco said as Harry made his way to the door.

“I forgot I have… plans. I need to go,” Harry’s aid hurriedly and he walked out, leaving Draco behind. He didn’t see Draco’s confused expression, or the patronus message he sent to Hermione.

As he was traveling down the elevator, it stopped on the Magical Creature Department floor. Hermione saw him and immediately pulled him out.

“Hermione! What are you doing?” Harry asked incredulously. He just wanted to go home and drink himself to sleep. Why couldn’t people let him do that?

“Harry, I need your help with something,” Hermione said she was dragging him through the room filled with cubicles and people.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow 'Mione? I want to go home,” Harry said.

“There’s an office that keeps raining. But it’s not water it’s raining, it’s mud,” Hermione said. She stopped at a closed door. It was an unoccupied office, but Harry didn’t need to know. He also didn’t need to know that Hermione was the one to spell it to rain mud.

Harry sighed and opened the door. Sure enough, the office was filled with mud and it was only getting worse.

“I would think you’d know how to fix this, Hermione,” Harry said. He raised his wand and cast, “Finite incantatem,” not really expecting it to work.

The office immediately stopped raining and Harry raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

“Oh, I didn’t think to use that spell. How silly of me,” Hermione said, a blush covering her face.

Harry stepped around her and said, “Alright Hermione, I need to get home now.”

Hermione waved him off. Again, as Harry had his back to her, he didn’t see a message patronus, this time delivering itself to Ron. He got back into the elevator and made his way all the way to the atrium, where the floo was. As he stepped out, Ron stepped up to him.

“Ron? What are you doing here?” Harry asked quizzically.

“Just wanted to surprise Hermione,” Ron said, holding up a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Oh,” Harry replied.

“But while I got you here, I was wondering if I could get your advice on something,” Ron said. Harry remembered being asked the same thing by Draco and he wanted to go home now more than ever.

But he stayed and asked, “What’s up?”

“Er, well Hermione and I had a little argument over… the dishes. Yeah, the dishes. She said that she wants to hand wash them the muggles way, but I said spelling them clean is faster and better. It turned into a big fight. What should I do?” Ron asked.

“Well, the flowers are a good start. I would say to er, hand wash the dishes with her. It’s easy and you can get through dishes fast,” Harry said. Ron nodded.

“I’ll see you,” Harry said. He began to walk away but Ron grabbed his arm.

“Wait!” Ron exclaimed.

“What?” Harry asks, bewildered.

“How do you hand wash dishes? I’ve no idea,” Ron said and Harry sighed.

“I’m sure Hermione will show you. I need to go now Ron,” Harry pleaded. Why did everyone and their mother need to speak with him today?

Ron let him go grudgingly and Harry stepped away. When he made it to the fireplaces, he jumped in and said his address. The familiar tugging sensation overtook him, but before he made it home, he was thrown back into the Ministry. He tried it again twice with the same results. He switched to a different fireplace, but it still didn’t work.

Great, he thought, now the floo isn’t working.

Ten minutes later, he was out of the Ministry and above ground. Once he found a deserted alleyway, he apparated to his apartment. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he walked up to steps to his door. He used his wand to unlock the door and bring down his wards.

When he opened the door and turned on the light, yells of “Surprise!” rang through the house. He looked around and saw all of his friends: Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, Blaise, Neville, Seamus, Dean, everyone. At the front was the one and only Draco.

“Happy birthday Harry!” Hermione said.

“You guys didn’t really argue about dishes, did you?” Harry asked. Ron snorted and shook his head. Hermione stepped up to him and gave him a hug. He returned it.

“Thanks you 'Mione,” Harry said.

She shook her head and said, “Oh, don’t thank me. It was all Draco’s idea.” Harry released to look up at the man in question. Draco was biting his lip and looking unsure of himself.

“Thanks,” Harry said and Draco nodded. And the party began.

It was nice for Harry to talk to his friends and drink some beer. He had wanted something stronger, but he supposed he would have to wait. As the night passed on he tried to not follow Draco with his gaze everywhere, but old habits died hard. Draco was seemingly trying to keep to himself. Harry knew it must have been hard for him to contact everyone to invite them. Not everyone has made the best amends with him despite how much he had changed.

Everyone started to file out sometime after midnight. Most of them did have work tomorrow, after all. Harry closed the door behind Seamus and Dean, but didn’t turn around. He knew who was standing behind him. He wasn’t ready to face him even after all of this. Draco put a lot of effort into the party and Harry was grateful. But his heart was also shattered into a million pieces.

“Do you like the party?” Draco asked. Harry nodded and finally turned around.

“It was great. Thank you… Draco,” Harry said and Draco beamed.

Harry feigned a yawn and said, “But it was very tiring. Need rest for work tomorrow, you know.” He hoped Draco would take the hint.
Instead he said something completely unexpected.

“I believe you misunderstand my and Astoria’s relationship,” he said.

Harry’s eyebrows raised, “Oh?”

“We’re friends. Just friends. She helped me with something, that’s all. There’s nothing more between us,” Draco explained. Harry tired to squash the hope growing in his chest. He knew it couldn’t amount to anything.

“Why are you telling me this? Your love life has nothing to do with me,” Harry said.

Draco looked down at his feet and said, “Maybe it does.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“I didn’t give you your birthday present yet,” Draco said. He pulled a black box from his coat and stepped up to Harry. Hesitant hands took the box and opened it. Inside it was a beautiful watch. Lifting it, Harry looked at the back, where there was an engraving.

It said, “Just in case you lose yourself in time xxx”

“It’s marvelous,” Harry said.

“Yeah it is,” Draco said. Harry looked up to see Draco watching him. He was so close. His eyes flicked down to Draco’s lips and back to his eyes. Harry thought he could lose himself in those eyes forever. Draco leaned in until there was only a centimeter of space between them. He looked down at Harry’s lips and Harry lost it. He leaned in the rest of the way and their lips met. It was everything he ever hoped it would be. Draco’s lips were soft against his own. When their tongues met, Harry almost collapsed with pleasure.

After a few moments of this, Draco broke the kiss to murmur, “Happy birthday, Harry.” Then their lips joined again.

It was the best gift Harry had ever gotten.


request; “hi! could you please do a draco x reader with the prompts 18 and 20, like where draco and reader broke up and they’re both doing quite bad about it but reader is bitter towards him :) hope this isn’t too much, feel free to change it up a bit if you want :) PS i love ur writing” — by anon

a/n: thank you! hope you like this :-) also, i don’t really think draco is the type to cheat on his girlfriend or something but i needed something so

18. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.”
20. “You’re as pale as a ghost.”


Masterlist + Request here!

    No one dared to talk to Y/N and Draco for the following week after the rumor spread that they have broken up. Rumors indeed spread fast, and it was said that Y/N ended their relationship after finding out that Pansy managed to lure Draco to her trap, thus almost making him kiss her if it weren’t for Y/N arriving at the scene.

    Every student in Hogwarts had heard it all as they yelled and spoke sentences that were intended to hurt one another, even going as far as drawing out their wands in deep hatred — Y/N completely furious by his actions while Draco was defending himself, saying that he wasn’t cheating on her and that Pansy made him drink something that tasted funny.

    It was only when Professor McGonagall came that finally did the trick and stopped them from arguing further more, taking points from each of their houses’ for their ‘ridiculous behavior’ before commanding them to go back to their respective common rooms.

    “Y/N, you’re as pale as a ghost, you should eat something.” her friend urged, placing two bacon strips on Y/N’s plate as she stares blankly off into space, unaware that someone was also gazing at her from the Slytherin table.

    Draco Malfoy was clenching his hands into a fist at the sight of the girl he loved, angry that he knew he was the reason behind her frown and blank expression. Not in a million years would he think that he could intentionally try to inflict pain upon Y/N, but like many of the things he thought he wouldn’t do, he had done so.

    Pansy was scowling beside him, knowing that he had his eyes steady on his ex-lover, causing her to place a hand on his arm.

    “Come on, Draco. Quit mopping around that silly girl and just —”

    “Get your filthy hand off me, Parkinson.” snarled Draco. “I told you to never talk to me again, right? You’re no longer part of my peers or my life.”

    Pansy rolled her eyes. “Oh, you’re so melodramatic sometimes.” she glanced at Y/N, a smirk forming on her lips when she saw her shake her head at the girl in front of her, pushing her plate away. “Well, she’s being melodramatic too.”

    Draco gritted his teeth, finally flickering his attention towards her. “Stay away from me, Parkinson. I mean it.”

    “Don’t be too hard on Pansy, Malfoy.” Blaise suddenly intervened, munching on his toast.

    “Don’t tell me what to do.” answered Draco with raised eyebrows. “Are you even aware of what she did? Why are you siding with this — this —” he let out an exhausted sigh, not even bothering on finishing his sentence.

     Pansy sneered at him. “You know, Draco, you might even thank me for this. Y/N’s useless, she’s no match for you, she doesn’t deserve you —”

    Draco laughed sarcastically. “Oh, and you do?”

    “In a matter of fact, yes.”

    “Rubbish!” he unintentionally slammed his fist on the table loudly, drawing a lot of attention from their housemates. “If you think that you can replace Y/N or that I can ever love you, then you’re very mistaken. I will never see you more than just a delusional and desperate girl because of what you’ve done to me.”

     Pansy’s face was red from anger and humiliation as they have now all of the student’s eyes on them, and when she looked across their long table, she could see Y/N staring at their direction. Judging from her mouth that was slightly open, it was obvious that she had heard what Draco stated.

     Before anyone could have the chance to mind their own business once again and pretend that they didn’t hear anything, Y/N stood up from her spot and rushed out of the Great Hall, Draco noticing it that led him to do the same and follow after her, a worried expression on his face while Pansy partially screamed.

      Y/N didn’t want to hear anymore about what he had to say. She didn’t want to see him — she didn’t want to deal with him anymore, even if what he said earlier was proof that he indeed didn’t cheat on her. She just needed space to clear her head.

     "Wait, Y/N,“ Draco held onto her arm when he managed to catch up on her but the second their skin made contact, she pulled away. "Y/N, hear me out. Why can’t you just see that I didn’t cheat on you with Parkinson —”

    “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.” she sighed. “Please, Draco, I’m not in the mood to listen. I really need to go.”

    “I still love you and I know you still love me too.” he stopped her from walking away again.

     Y/N frowned.

     He took a deep breath. “Everything you saw that night. It wasn’t me. I know it’s my fault because I should have been more cautious around her but you got to understand that she was my friend. I-I will never think of doing that to you. You know exactly how much you really mean to me, Y/N.”

    “I know.” she nodded, trying to look at anywhere else but his eyes. “That’s why I know you’ll understand if I tell you that I still need to be alone for the meanwhile. You didn’t see what I saw that night; it might not mean anything to you but knowing how every person I cared for in the past has always left me, it’s not easy to erase and ignore the thoughts that you might do too.” she admitted, her lower lip trembling from what she just said.

    “Y/N …” Draco tried to approach her but she quickly backed away.

    She gulped. “Just one month, Draco. That’s all I’m asking. After that, we’ll see where it takes us, but for now …”

    He completely understood and he did nothing but nod his head.

    “Can I hold you one more time?” asked Draco after a few seconds of silence.

    Y/N didn’t speak but Draco knew that she was letting him. He quickly walked towards her and hugged her rigid body, contented even though she wasn’t returning his embrace. He just wanted to hold her before it was too late for their relationship, and as Y/N hesitantly leans her head against his shoulder, he believed that this struggle they were currently facing would soon be overcame with a little bit more faith and love, sure that he was willing to do everything in his power to make everything fall back to place.

Don’t Look Behind You - Part 2

Part one

Summary: Stiles saw you the first time when he was void and became insatiable of you. Even when Stiles was free from him, he still found himself pining over you and wanting you to be his.

Prompt belongs to the greatest @sincerelystiles (Link to the prompt)

Warning: Contains smut and everything coming along

Pairing: Void!Stiles x Reader

Word count: 6854

A/N: It took way much time to finish this one!!! But I’m kinda proud? A lot of people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll tag everyone that left a feedback on the first part, but sadly I can’t find the asks about it, so sorry I can’t tag everyone. If the notification of the tag only bothers you just tell me and I’ll remove it!! Thanks to @maddie110201 who’s always there to give me some motivation and awesome feedbacks! And help me. A lot. I love you.

Tags: @multilovee @rosecoloredshawn @iloveteenwolf24 @x-mitch-rapp-x @rememberstilinski @forevermieczyslaw @nerdyalienhybrid1987

Originally posted by blogfandomimaginesstuff

I didn’t know how it ended like that. How I ended up in such a situation and how this situation could have such a denouement. My breath had been lost in my lungs for a long time, unable to breathe normally, I had to bend over and put my hands on my knees. It was burning, my chest was burning, my whole body emitting the heat all over me. I was so hot and my legs were soft just to have him so close to me, in the other room. I wanted him, so much it was uncontrollable. I had to do everything to stay calm, stay sane. Because I knew, if my skin were to be in any contact with his, he wouldn’t be the only one insatiable. I was losing my mind, I was confused and my ideas were no longer clear.

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Two Ghosts

Originally posted by marorra

Read “Ever Since New York” first

Find the series masterlist here

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: The final part in which Archie tries to reunite Jughead and (Y/N).

Warnings: none

Word count: 3,257

A/N: IT’S DONE!! hooooly crap this was a roller coaster, I’m so glad you guys stuck with me. Prepare to cry and yell and scream and be happy and sad, hope you enjoy!!!!

Same lips red, same eyes blue
Same white shirt, couple more tattoos
But it’s not you and it’s not me

When snow began to coat the ground in Riverdale, Jughead could feel (Y/N) slipping farther away into his memories.

It had been four months since they boarded their separate planes and returned home from their internship in New York.  Within those four months, Jughead began his senior year, lost touch with (Y/N), and rose to the top of his classes using his newfound writing knowledge.  Hell, if Betty Cooper wasn’t in his class, Jughead would’ve thought he could have a chance at getting valedictorian.

He didn’t mean to lose touch with (Y/N).  It happened gradually: in the beginning, they texted nonstop.  But then schoolwork started piling up on both ends, and both Jughead and (Y/N) grew too busy to bother an attempt at maintaining a relationship.

Technically, they never formally broke up.  If he wanted, Jughead could still claim that he had a girlfriend.

“You could still call her, bro,” Archie advised him one night at Pop’s.  “I’m sure she’d pick up.”

“It’s not that simple, Archie,” Jughead countered, staring at the snowfall outside the window.  “I can’t just call her after two months of dead silence and expect things to return to how they were.”

“Then don’t expect it,” he offered.  “Start over.”

“Archie, what I had with (Y/N) was something special.”  He tore his eyes away from the window and looked at Archie, emphasizing every word.  “I can’t just start it over.  I can’t just walk up to her and reintroduce myself as a new person or try to start this relationship from scratch.  Hell, I can’t even walk up to her because she lives hundreds of miles away from Riverdale.”

“Listen, Jug.  All I’m saying is that if you never contact her, you’re gonna regret it.  That choice is going to weigh you down for the rest of your life, and if you don’t at least get some closure with (Y/N), you’re gonna compare every other girl you’ll ever be with to her.”

Tastes so sweet, looks so real
Sounds like something that I used to feel
But I can’t touch what I see

Maybe once the sun escaped the thick winter clouds Jughead would be able to rebuild his relationship with (Y/N).  Or maybe in time, he would learn to get over her, even without closure.

He knew, as soon as he told her he loved her, that it wouldn’t work.  He had played rom-coms like that at the Twilight Drive-In plenty of times; he knew that it doesn’t end well.  In order for him to have a happy ending with (Y/N), he’d have to fly out to find her and confess his love.  But Jughead did not have the time nor the money to be able to do that.  

Maybe he could accept a life without (Y/N).  A life without her smile burning in the back of his mind, a life without him constantly replaying every moment he ever shared with her in his head.  It was suffocating.

The worst part was when she infiltrated his dreams.

She was always there, every night.  Whether it just be a bystander to different events or the main focus, her face was always there.  The worst part was waking up and finding that she wasn’t sleeping next to him.  She wasn’t sleeping in the room next door, and she wasn’t even sleeping in the same city as him.

It wasn’t just the memories that plagued him; it was the thought of what could have been.  Maybe if they stayed in New York, maybe if he went with her, maybe if she went with him.  Maybe if he had a different counterpart, maybe if he had never gotten accepted for the internship program, maybe if he never even tried.  

Maybe if he had never met here.

But then these doubts led to memories of (Y/N) telling him to not regret anything that happened.  As he reminisced, he’d smile at how well she knew him.  She was expecting him to do this to himself.

We’re not who we used to be
We’re not who we used to be
We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

“Archie, are you sure we should do this?” Betty questioned as she, Archie, and Veronica huddled together at a booth in Pop’s.  “I mean, Jughead would be pissed if he found out we did this behind his back.”

“Yeah, Arch, do you know what you’re doing?” Veronica took Betty’s side.  “If he finds out-”

“The only way Jughead would find out is if this works,” Archie argued, clutching his phone tightly. “And when he does find out, he’ll be so happy that he’ll forget to be mad at us.”

“Of course he’ll be happy, but this is his problem to deal with,” Betty pointed out.

Archie sighed, “He’s not dealing with it, though, that’s the problem.  And that’s why we’re calling her.”  

Betty and Veronica sighed, and Archie took that as a sign of compliance.  He picked up his phone and scrolled through his contacts, searching for one that he recently added.  When he found it, he tapped it and held his phone against his ear.

“Hello?” a voice sounded from the other side of the call.

“Hi, I’m Archie Andrews. Is this (Y/N)?”


There was a moment of silence where Archie expected her to keep talking.  When she didn’t, Archie began to tell her his plan: “Listen, (Y/N), I know you and Jughead haven’t spoken lately.”

(Y/N) scoffed.

“But Veronica and Betty and I are worried about him,” he continued, “and we think the only solution is if he sees you again, or at least if you two start talking to each other.”

“Archie,” she sighed, “it’s not that simple.  I’m busy, he’s busy, and we just don’t have time for each other right now.  We have a mutual understanding of that.”

“Yes, I know, he’s told me that too.  But I haven’t seen him this miserable since his dad was arrested, and I bet that you’re miserable over there too.”

“Okay I’ll admit it, I miss him, but we’re both slammed with academics, and it’s hard to just pick up where we left off.”

“It’s funny,” Archie dryly laughed, “Jughead said the same thing.”

“Great minds think alike. Look, Archie, it was really sweet of you to do this for Jughead, but this is just a matter of time.  Either he’ll get over me, or one day we’ll meet again. You’re just gonna have to let it play out.”  Without allowing Archie to reply, (Y/N) hung up.

The fridge light washes this room white
Moon dances over your good side
This was all we used to need

“I don’t want to say I told you so,” Betty said as soon as Archie lowered his phone with a defeated expression, “but I told you so.”

“What exactly did (Y/N) say?” Veronica inquired.

Archie sighed, “She basically repeated what Jughead said.  She told me that they were both too busy to keep in touch and that they’ll either get over each other or meet up again one day.”

“Isn’t that a good thing, though?” Betty questioned.  “I mean, at least they have a mutual understanding.  At least (Y/N) isn’t sitting at home crying because Jughead is ignoring her.”

“But they’re both miserable!” he protested.  “I could hear how upset (Y/N) was, and we’ve all seen how Jughead is doing.  They need each other.”

“You don’t want to push them, Archiekins,” Veronica warned him.  “You know how Jughead gets when you ask him about (Y/N) too much, and I’m sure she’s the same way.”

“She did hang up on me.”

“Exactly.  Look, they love each other.  They both know that, and I’m sure they’ve both had their own struggles in deciding whether or not to wait for each other.  There’s a lot of trust on both ends of their relationship. I have faith in them, and you should too.”

Tongue-tied like we’ve never known
Telling those stories we already told
‘Cause we don’t say what we really mean

Archie wanted to believe in his best friend, but he didn’t want to leave Jughead’s happiness in the hands of fate.  Jughead’s life had went wrong one too many times, and Archie didn’t want him to have to suffer with another heartbreak because of his refusal to speak to (Y/N).

A week later, he decided to call (Y/N) again.

“Archie, you need to leave this alone,” she scolded him as soon as she answered the phone.

Archie groaned, “You’re both being stubborn.”

“We’re both busy,” she corrected him, rolling her eyes.

“It doesn’t take up that much time to just send a text every once in a while.”

“That’s like dangling a bone in front of a puppy,” (Y/N) snapped, but Archie could detect traces of sadness in her statement.  She sighed and calmed herself down.  “Of course I want to talk to Jughead, but I don’t want to have to wait hours upon hours for a reply from him.  It’s cruel for us to do that to ourselves and each other.  We just have to wait.”

“And you’re willing to remain miserable for your indefinite period of waiting?” Archie demanded.


Archie went silent, and (Y/N) thought she had finally convinced him to leave her and Jughead’s situation alone.  But after a minute, he spoke up again:

“Come to Riverdale.”

“Excuse me?”  She glanced at her phone as if to question it if she heard him correctly.  “Have you not been listening to me?  I don’t even have time to maintain a conversation with Jughead.  How do you think I’d find the time to fly up to Riverdale?”

“Listen, spring break is coming up in three months.  We’ll have a week off, so you could fly in then.”

“Archie, I’m completely broke.”

“I’ll help you pay for your ticket,” he offered.  “And I’m sure Betty and Veronica would love to help out, too.  Plus I bet Ronnie would let you stay with her, so you wouldn’t have to bother with searching for a hotel.”


“I’m not asking you to make a decision now.  I’m just asking if you could think about it.  Please, for Jughead.”

(Y/N) breathed out a sigh she didn’t know she was holding in, and Archie felt his heart clench in anticipation of her decision.  Finally, after a moment of contemplation, she spoke up.

“I’ll consider it.”

We’re not who we used to be
We’re not who we used to be
We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

“You convinced her to come to Riverdale?” Veronica questioned the next day as she, Betty, Archie, and Kevin sat at lunch.  Jughead was in the library working on an essay.

“Well she hasn’t decided yet,” Archie admitted, “but she said she’d consider it.”

“How did you get her to even consider it?” Betty inquired.  “I mean, from what you told us last week, it sounded like she was determined to wait it out.”

“I told her that I’d help pay for her ticket,” he explained, shrugging.  “And I was hoping maybe you guys would too?”  

Betty, Veronica, and Kevin all feverishly nodded.

“Of course we’ll pitch in!” Kevin exclaimed.  “Anything to help those two achieve endgame.”

“And Ronnie,” he turned to Veronica, “would she be able to stay at your place?  I think if she had a guaranteed, nice place to stay she’d be more likely to agree.”

“Yeah, she’s welcome to stay with me,” Veronica smiled.  “I’m really glad you’re doing this for Jughead, Archiekins.  I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to hear that she’s coming.”

“That’s the thing…” he trailed off, causing the rest of the table to lean forwards.  “I don’t think we should tell Jughead.”

“Obviously we won’t tell him right now,” Betty shrugged nonchalantly, “but once it’s guaranteed, we should tell him.”  Archie awkwardly shifted in his seat, and Betty’s face twisted into an expression of confusion.  “You don’t want to tell him at all?”

“I feel like he’ll get mad,” Archie defended himself.  “Plus it’ll be a nice surprise for him.”

The other three pursed their lips, but no one protested.

“Alright,” Veronica was the first to admit she succumbed to his reasoning.  “Alright, we won’t tell Jughead.”

We’re not who we used to be
We’re not who we used to be
We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

For a month, Archie would constantly check his phone, anticipating (Y/N)’s decision.  He switched between phases of confidence and doubt.

When he was confident, Archie convinced himself that there was no way that she could decline this offer. She loved Jughead, and deep down, she despised their decision to take a break.  The opportunity he presented her was too good to not take, and she’d have to be an idiot to decline.

On the other hand, there was a lot of doubt.  (Y/N) placed a lot of trust in Jughead, and maybe she thought that visiting Riverdale could deter that trust.  Or maybe by seeing Jughead, it was like dangling a bone in front of a puppy: just a week together to tease each other, and then they would be hundreds of miles apart again.  It would be just another painful goodbye, another heartbreak.

During those days of doubt, Archie almost considered calling (Y/N) and retracting his offer.

At the end of February, Archie’s phone rang.  He checked the caller ID to find that it was the response he had been waiting for.

“Hello?” he answered his phone after one ring.

“Hey, Archie,” (Y/N)’s voice greeted through the speaker.  “How’ve you been?”

“Fine,” he responded quickly.  “Listen, (Y/N), I really don’t want to deal with small talk.  Have you decided?”

(Y/N) sighed, and Archie felt his heart drop.  A sigh was never a good sign.  Sighing meant regret, and regret meant that she was declining his offer.

“I’ve decided, Archie, but after a lot of back and forth,” she explained, speaking slower than usual. “It should’ve been an easy decision, but… I don’t know, I guess I’ve been overcomplicating it.”

The conversation died, and Archie sat with his phone pressed against his ear, waiting to hear the final verdict.


“So I went with my gut,” she said.  “I went with what felt right, and not with what would be more logical.”

Archie held his breath, hoping, for Jughead’s sake, that she’d give him the answer he craved.

“I’ll come to Riverdale, Archie.”

We’re not who we used to be
We’re not who we used to be
We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

Spring, unlike winter, was a time of renewal.  It was a time of getting rid of the old and starting anew.  The snow that coated the ground melted away, revealing perfectly green grass.  Old families grew with new additions, and nature seemed to completely revive itself.

Spring was a time of second chances.

Jughead, always the pessimist, particularly loathed spring that year.  He hated seeing the happy flowers, the bright sunshine, and the couples scattered around Riverdale.

The happiness and hope seemed to be teasing him, taunting him with something he could never have.

The beanie-clad boy sat in Pop’s booth, awaiting Archie’s arrival.  He had received a text from the redhead earlier that day instructing him to go to the diner at a specific time and sit at a specific booth.  Although he found the request odd, Jughead figured that Archie was just being silly.

Jughead was facing his lap, staring at his phone.  He didn’t look up when the bell on the door jingled, nor when someone sat across from him and grabbed a menu.

They sat together in silence for a few moments, Jughead’s attention still placed towards his phone and his companion flipping through the menu.  The quietness was broken when the person sitting across from Jughead set their menu down.

“You know, these burgers better be damn good,” the voice said, and Jughead’s head snapped up when he immediately recognized the voice, “because I’m gonna be here for a while.”


She grinned, and he recognized the same sparkle in her eyes that were there on the first day that he met her.  The day that changed everything.

“Hey, Jug.”

We’re not who we used to be
We don’t see what we used to see
We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Her hair was longer. The bags under her eyes were darker. Her skin was slightly paler.

Change was unavoidable. Jughead knew that.

But the funny thing about change is that it comes in bits and pieces, and then, sometimes, it floods in all at once.  With Jughead and (Y/N), it was the opposite.

Their meeting was like the universe slamming two galaxies together, a change that shocked them to their core.

Falling in love was subtle like the autumn leaves breaking off from their branches and, one by one, descending towards the ground.

Departing was like ripping an atom apart—practically impossible and unimaginable.

But coming back together was another subtlety; it felt like returning to an incomplete puzzle.

They asked each other questions all night and throughout the rest of the week together, trying to finish the puzzle that they started in New York.

“What colleges have you applied to?” (Y/N) inquired, swinging her and Jughead’s hands back and forth.

Jughead grinned. “Well obviously, I had to apply to places with excellent writing programs.”

She laughed, “Obviously.”

“And I got accepted into two places: Northwestern University and New York University.”

“Juggie,” (Y/N) stopped in the middle of her tracks and grabbed Jughead’s other hand.  When he looked into her eyes, he noticed the tears building up in them.  “I got accepted into NYU, too.”

Without replying, Jughead dropped her hands and grabbed her face, pulling her towards him.  He pressed his lips against hers, and she immediately responded and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“We could go to college together,” Jughead whispered after they pulled apart, tears welling up in his eyes too.

(Y/N) rapidly nodded and repeated what he said, “We could go to college together.”

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat
I’m just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Archie was shocked to see that Jughead was grinning after he dropped (Y/N) off at the airport.

“Didn’t you just say goodbye to (Y/N)?” he asked Jughead cautiously, wary to not disturb his apparent happiness.

Jughead’s grin only widened. “Yeah, I did.”

“And that’s not a bad thing?”

“No,” Jughead started walking, causing Archie to follow him, “it’s not.  See, last time we said goodbye, it was sad because we didn’t know if we’d ever see each other again.  But now I know I’ll see her again, and I know when I’ll see her.”  He stopped walking and turned to face Archie, and Archie realized he hadn’t seen Jughead so happy since he first met (Y/N). “We could go to college together, (Y/N) and me.  So I’m going to see her again really soon, and I can trust the universe with that because I love her, and she loves me.  And, like my dad told me, the universe cooperates better when you love someone.”

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Morning Coffee: She loves me.

read part one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

↳ Part Nine.

Originally posted by netflixandi

Spencer had been lucky enough not to get a call that night, it seemed as though everything about the time you were spending together at the moment was perfect. 

Until 6 am— his phone sounded indicating that he’d gotten a text message. Penelope said that there was a case and he had to be in soon. With a sigh, Spencer untangled himself from you and pressed a kiss to your forehead before getting out of bed and pulling pants up his legs. He was halfway to the door when the silence of the early morning was interrupted by a sweet voice. 

“Where are you going?”

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Don´t judge a book by its cover Part 1

My entry for Michelle´s 2K Follower Challenge (@luci-in-trenchcoats)

First try at a Story with A/B/O dynamics.

I´ll porbably turn this into a series

Wordcount: 1706

Characters: Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Sam Omega!Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Angst, language, attempted sexual assult (if this triggers you please don´t read), a little bit of fluff

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When we first met

As an Omega you hadn´t allways had it easy. Burt as an Omega that was a hunter and worked alone? Well while it wasn´t unheard of it was definetily something other hunters frowned upon. That was the reason you avoided other hunters as best as you could your only contacts in the comunity being Bobby and Garth.

Bobby had been a grumpy old Alpha who you had met a few years ago on a which hunt. He had known your father who had been a hunter too and so he had given you a fair chance to prove yourself as he knew that your father had trained his children, all being Alphas except for you, well. You had stayed in contact with the hunter ever since, taking up hunts if he asked you to or you calling him when you were stuck on the reserarch.

With Garth you would even go as far as to call him a friend. Bobby had called you once asking you to help the, at that time still inexpirienced Beta, to hunt down a pack of werewolves. You had taken an immediate liking to him as he hadn´t even so much as raised an eyebrow  at the fact that you were an Omega hunting all on your own.

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Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested by anon: “ Hello! May ask a song-fic request to “Baby it’s cold outside”, reader x who ever you would like? Thank you!”

In which the reader needs to get home and study but Anthony refuses to let her leave because it’s too dang cold outside and he’s in love with her oops

Words: 2274

Warnings: no smut, some suggestive content, swearing

a/n: Thank you to the anon for requesting this & for everybody’s patience! Since the holidays & finals week are all coming up, I tried to incorporate them here. In advanced sorry for how bad this might be, writing songfics are so hard haha. ENJOY(:

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 9: The Date

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Chapter Summary: It was finally time for your date with Jensen Ackles.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was only two hours until your date, and you could feel yourself growing nervous, second guessing yourself for saying yes. You never had the greatest luck with dates, and you were afraid this one would go as the rest, down the drain. And you really didn’t want that to happen, because it was Jensen, and seemed like a really good man. And if it did go south, you hoped it wouldn’t mess up your working relationship.

There had been a couple of times throughout the long day that you had considered marching to his apartment, and canceling the date. But each time you held back, another part of yourself beyond excited to see where this went. That’s why you let yourself relax in a bath, pampering yourself with scented bath oils, making sure your legs were silky smooth. You had soft music playing in the background, and along with your favorite candles it did the trick, and you felt much more relaxed and ready for the evening.

Before you could turn into a prune, you slipped out of the luxurious bathtub, pulling on your robe, before you began the task of applying make up. It was true, you were a make up artist, but because you dealt with it on a daily basis, and in a lot of quantity, you usually applied the minimum to yourself. But tonight you wanted to look special, so you took your time, applying a light coat of foundation, along with the rest of the works.

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great minds think alike

great minds think alike a lai guanlin scenario
word count: 2.3k+
genre: fluff ; best friends to lovers au
warnings: none

blurb: you attend your high school prom with your best friend, lai guanlin. it wasn’t unusual for young girls to expect a lot to come out of this special night, so was it wrong for you to hope for just a little something more?

To be perfectly honest, saying that your heart didn’t somersault in your chest upon seeing Guanlin for the first time that night would be the worst lie of the century. One that would be easy to see through, too.

It wasn’t like you were really blaming yourself, though, because Guanlin did indeed look damn fine when he swiftly opened the car door of the shiny black BMW his father owned and set foot on the school grounds. He was a sight for sore eyes — his black, fitted suit hugged his tall frame in all the right places and a black bow sat in beautiful contrast to the crisp, white dress shirt he was wearing underneath. His dark hair — which had grown a little longer over the past few months — was loosely but perfectly styled away from his face, and you instinctively reached up in an attempt to smooth out your own curls.

It was prom night. Whilst this night of dressing up and having fun and maybe even getting a little drunk for the first time was something most of the girls looked forward to over the course of their entire high school career, to you, the evening held quite a bittersweet connotation.

After spending numerous long and agonizing nights mulling over your feelings for your best friend — which, sadly, had grown past the point of you being able to deny them — you came to the conclusion that this night, prom night, would be the perfect occasion for you to confess to the one and only Lai Guanlin.

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Run! // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: can I have the ‘were best friends and I stole a dragon egg’ au with j-hope? Thanks if you do write it! based on this prompt: “you’ve been my best friend for years, and I can tell you anything, right? good, because I sort of stole a dragon egg.”

words: 1544

category: hogwarts!au + friendship scenario

author note: so i rlly wanted to start a hogwarts series based on namjoon’s sorting (since i disagreed with most of it and it’ll be a challenge) so i thought why not start with hobi? this request seemed to fit perfectly so i took it. also, this is a friendship scenario, not a relationship scenario. it’s my first time writing one but i liked how it turned out. hope you do too.

I’ll probably make a pt 2 eventually (there’s a reason I only made them fifth years) also loOk at the gif wow.

- destinee

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Reconnection - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - an imagine where Jason and the reader had a relationship before he died and the reader leaves Gotham after his death because it reminds them too much of Jay and years later Dick reunites them after Jason comes back to the Batfam on good terms

You were just finishing dinner for yourself when a knock sounded from your front door. Sighing at the delicious food in front of you, you pushed it aside to go and open the door. The person on the other side was someone you hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Oh! Hi, Dick,” you exclaimed, taking in the sight of him. His hair had grown longer in the years since you had seen him last. Actually, the last time you saw him was the day you left Gotham after…well, you rather not think about that.

“Hey, (Y/N). It’s been a long time,” Dick said softly. He looked you up and down with a small smile. “You’re looking good.”

“So do you,” you answered, trying to hold the memories at bay. You could feel it creeping on the edge of your mind, gnawing at your sanity. Biting your lip hard, you tried not to think of him. 

The two of you fell into an awkward silence. Dick shrugged his shoulders, peeking into your apartment. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, sure,” you replied quickly, embarrassed you didn’t think to let him inside earlier. Shutting the door behind him, you guided him toward the kitchen. “I was about to eat. Do you want some?”

Dick looked at the food before nodding his head. “Sure, if you don’t mind,” he said, giving you a charming grin. You smiled half-halfheartedly at him as memories of Jason finally broke into your mind. Even though Dick didn’t look anything like him, your mind started interchanging him with Jason. Your eyes burned with tears, but you blinked them back.

After giving Dick some of your food, you both sat down to eat. He ate happily while you played with your food. It took you a little bit, but you finally spoke the question that was on your mind.

“Why are you here, Dick?”

Dick eyed you carefully, studying you for something, but you didn’t know what. “I just came to visit an old friend. I haven’t seen you since you left Gotham after…” His voice trailed off as you both knew of the event that made you leave Gotham years ago.

“You haven’t contacted me for years except for the occasional email, and I know you wouldn’t just drop in for a random visit,” you confronted, a tear slipping down your cheek. You brushed it away, feeling Dick frown at you. 

“I know I should have tried more after Jason’s death,” Dick began, stopping when you turned away from him. He reached out to lay a hand on your shoulder as you started shaking. Jason’s face kept floating in your mind after years of keeping it out. Perhaps it wasn’t healthy, but you hid from your memories of Jason as it was the only way you could cope with the pain of his loss. 

“No, it’s fine, Dick. I’m nothing to you, really,” you insisted. A sob escaped you as you finally gave in to your memories. Your pain returning in a tidal wave even after all these years.  

“Don’t say that, (Y/N). You meant everything to him, and therefore I care about you,” Dick soothed, standing up to slowly wrap you into a hug. You clung to him, your pain somehow still felt as fresh as if Jason had died just yesterday.

For a long time, Dick held you. He let you cry into his chest while gently rubbing a hand up and down your back. Part of you wished more than anything that it was Jason who was holding you instead. 

Once you had calmed down enough, you pulled away from him. You kept your face turned away from him, embarrassed by your appearance. “Why are you here, Dick?”

“I came to give you an invitation,” Dick admitted after a long moment, pulling an envelope out of his pocket. You reached out to take it, staring at it in wonder. “It’s to Bruce’s wedding.” Your eye popped out of your head at his words. He chuckled at your expression. “I know it was a shock to us too.”

“Well, thanks….but I don’t know if I can make it,” you mumbled as your heart tugged at the thought of returning to Gotham. 

“I know it will be hard, but it would mean so much to Bruce,” Dick insisted, taking your hand. He gripped it tightly, trying to comfort you. “You have to come home sometime, (Y/N). You can’t run forever.”

Taking a deep breath, you tried to work your mind around returning to Gotham. You knew you couldn’t stay away forever, one day you would have to face Jason’s death. It might as well be now.

“Okay, I’ll come,” you sighed as Dick cheered, trapping you into another hug. 

“Bruce will be so happy, (Y/N),” he stated while a secretive smile played upon his lips. You didn’t know it, but you were following Dick’s plan to a T. 

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crazypup15  asked:

If you're accepting requests and aren't too busy could you write a Hanzo x Reader where the reader is Young! Gengi's private tutor and Young! Hanzo has a crush on them? It would be awesome if Gengi is trying to be an awesome little bro and is trying to be like Hanzo's wing man too.

asbcdguyfv sorry for the late reply, i had sooo much fun writing this, although the outcome wasn’t as i expected haha.

I hope it’s enjoyable tho?? Thanks for requesting this!!

written by mod zenyatta.

word count: 1565.

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Tony Stark Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a tony stark imagine where you leave the avengers without saying why because you didn’t feel comfortable with telling them. and so as you leave, you just go back to your apartment, hoping nobody would know you were there. but Tony being your overprotective lover, he knows where you are and comes to ask why you left. you keep trying to avoid him and avoid telling him why you left. he eventually gets it out of you and you tell him, and he tells you he misses you and so does the team 

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: Mentioning of death

Tony lied innocently on the master bed which you two shared. He was fast asleep while you were packing up every memento you could find. You had about a billion polaroids of you and Tony. And knowing Tony, these polaroids meant the most to you, because he never really smiled for any photos with the team. But if it was a picture of you and Tony, he had one of the cutest and biggest smiles you’ve ever seen, and you loved it.

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A car, two cops and a stardust — a RebelCaptain road trip fic 

by @pingou7 pingou  for @thestarbirdfromtheashes Starbird

(aka the Road trip fic Diego Luna’s filmography made me write)

Notes : I blame the RebelCaptain fandom (especially you, @runakvaed) as well as Diego Luna’s movies and his brotherhood with Gael Garcia Bernal, let that be said. This is based on a prompt given by @thestarbirdfromtheashes, so I dedicate this story to her.

Read and enjoy, and please consider leaving me a few words.


As the dusty roads criss under Kes Dameron’s old car, Cassian Andor lets the wind mess with his hair through the open window. Dust, sunshine, laughter, its easy to recapture the taste of days long gone.


At a gas station near Corpus Chirsti, when they climb back after taking a piss, both jump out of their skins as a random brunette, eyes thunderous, hisses dangerously from the backseat :

“Just pretend I’m not here.”

More on AO3  (or under the cut)

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Text to Speech Translation Error - fireflysummers_ao3 - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100 [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction

Text to Speech Translation Error

Direct sequel to “And Maybe…Some Things Are That Simple”

After half a decade away from Seasoning City, Teru has a lot of catching up to do.
Unfortunately, some people are less than welcoming.
Turns out, there’s a reason why.

Part of The World Keeps Turning series

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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 3 

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: So there’s quite the revelation towards the end of this part! There’s more angst (I feel as if Kylo just radiates angst so that’s all he gets back) so brace yourselves! Thank you for enjoying this soon to be mini series and I hope you continue on loving it! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.2K+

Warning: Angst…as usual…Kylo, can you pls stop punching the table?


The anxiety you had rid moments ago instantly flooded back into the pit of your stomach. The close proximity between the two of you made your body shiver in apprehension. It was as if his aura radiated off of him and onto you and you could feel the darkness seep into the pores of your skin. It made you uneasy. You didn’t know what it was, maybe the lack of oxygen from earlier or the sheer dread you had been feeling at the moment, that made you lightheaded. Looking up at the towering man, you felt your throat lock. The helmet was even more intimidating up close and personal, and you didn’t like it the least bit. “Even monsters deserve to be loved.”

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