once upon a time guys


I tried the hero thing. Didn’t take.


I hate it when I’m casually watching my favourite show and next thing I know…

…Writer’s razzmatazz unfolds on my screen…

…And their canon destroys my ship



When the Black Fairy discovers the product of true love, Emma Swan, is pregnant, she threatens to take the child, as this child is also a product of true love, and posses even more power than the savior herself.

In order to escape the Black Fairy, Killian, Emma and her family must take a portal to another land where they will be untouched by the Black Fairy.  But as they embark, Emma goes into labor below deck and the Black Fairy becomes enraged at their plan to escape her, and produces a deadly storm on the sea in hopes of stopping them, and taking the child.

OUaT Recap "Rocky Road" 4x03

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