once upon a time dreamcast

Once Upon a Time Dreamcast
>>Karen Gillan - Ariel, The Little Mermaid


once upon a time au in which the show is dark and gritty and well-acted and well-written with thorough world-building and showrunners who are educated in the source material and it’s magically everything I’ve ever wanted

Emily Rose as Emma Swan
Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
Chris Evans as Prince Charming/David Nolan
Charlize Theron as Queen Regina/Regina Mills
Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Graham Humbert
Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold
Lenny Kravitz as the Magic Mirror/Genie/Sidney Glass
Sarah Bolger as Belle/Lacey French
CJ Adams as Henry Mills

Likeness 101: Why Natalie Dormer would be the perfect Elsa!

There is a general consensus among many fans about the fact that Natalie Dormer’s resemblance to Elsa is quite uncanny. Allow me to give you a visual demonstration and let’s break it down esp for those who beg to differ, shall we?

Notable Lineage

[When asked about her lovely cheekbones]

The kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen is set in Norway. Basically, Elsa is Norwegian and so is Natalie. Go figure.

The A-Z of Embodiment

Ocean blue eyes and mad eyebrow game


Adorable Smile Factor

Yes? Yes.

Fierce you're about to die Gaze


Body Language & Facial Expressions

Uhh, I would say so.

More proof?

Bow Down Bitches, I am the Queen Demeanor

Her royal highness, majesty and grace

Down To The Last Detail 

In Frozen Elsa’s prophecy states “Fear will be your enemy” and it is the one crucial emotion that holds her back. Natalie has a tattoo on her forearm: “Fear is the mind-killer” {A litany against fear from the classic novel “Dune” by Frank Herbert} which she expressed is a reminder to get herself “out of the comfort zone and be brave." 

If you are not yet convinced that Natalie Dormer would be the most perfect and promising person to embody Elsa then you may want to consider checking your eyesight some time. 

Jokes apart, Ms.Dormer is an actress of phenomenal magnitude who delivers her roles with great depth and finesse especially when it comes to bringing out heavy emotions. She would flesh out the exquisite character that is Elsa (in all her poise, beauty, inner conflicts, complexity, compassion and resilience) to us with flying colors if she were to be cast for the role of the Snow Queen.

I rest my case. 


once upon a time au →in which the show is dark and gritty and well-acted and well-written with thorough world-building and showrunners who are educated in the source material and it’s magically everything I’ve ever wanted

The Coalition of Queens

Jaimie Alexander as Snow White, Queen of the North
Sophia Myles as Cinderella, The People’s Queen
Annabelle Wallis as Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty
Sophie Turner as Ariel, Princess of Atlantica
Sarah Bolger as Belle, Queen of the South
Indira Varma as Jasmine, Sultana of Agrabah
Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas, Chiefess of Powhatan
Zhang Ziyi as Fa Mulan, Defender of China
Estella Daniels as Tiana, The Frog Princess
Tamsin Egerton as Rapunzel, Princess of Corona
Lily Cole as Merida, Queen of Dun Broch
Emily Rose as Emma Swan, The Lost Princess

once upon a time dreamcast

yvonne strahovski as aurora
matt bomer as phillip

In the fairy tale world, dark magic fills the air, and the three good fairies learn of the Evil Queen’s spell. But they learn too late, the witch’s darkness has already covered many of the surronding kingdoms and is quickly coming their way. Rushed and desperate to save the princess they had raised and the prince she loves, they preform a familiar spell- a sleeping spell, powerful enough when cast by all three of them to deter the Evil Queen’s magic, but not strong enough to cancel it out completely. The princess sleeps once again, but before the fairies can gather the strength and magic to do the same to Phillip, the dark clouds of the spell break through the castle walls, and the prince is lost to the Evil Queen’s revenge.

In Storybrooke, Conner comes home to visit his father for Christmas, and can’t seem to leave again. Every time he does, something keeps him from making it passed the city limits- his father intervenes, his car breaks down, the road’s closed, anything and everything imaginable keeps him from getting back out of his God-forsaken hometown. The latest deterrent has Conner sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, listening to his father’s forced and pathetic moans of pain as he sits in the ER and fakes a heart attack.

Meanwhile on the other side of the hospital, Dawn lies in the coma ward, just as she has for what seems like forever. After David Nolan’s miraculous recovery, Dr. Whale is hopeful, but still realistic; the woman shows only the most basic signs of life, and hasn’t given any indication of waking for as long as anyone can remember. But when a man, innocently in search of a decent cup of coffee, makes his way into her ward, Dawn begins to stir.