once upon a time clothes


Once Upon a Time in Modern Clothing 

Here are all of them! And I am assuming, sometime in the future, I will be drawing all the regulars again in fairy-tale land clothing. 

From top to bottom: Emma, Regina, Henry, Snow, Charming, Rumple, Belle, Hook, Robin, Zelena. 


Ruby Lucas

Please stop repeating that Le Fou is the first openly gay Disney character (THIS IS NOT TRUE!)

Please stop saying Le Fou in Beauty and The Beast is the first openly gay Disney character.  

 Le Fou is NOT the first openly gay Disney character. 

That distinction goes to Lexington from Disney’s Gargoyles. Though not out of the closet in the show, the season three comic books do allow him to come out openly as gay.  The comics are by Greg Weisman (the show’s creator) and are canon.  Lexington is the first officially gay Disney character.  

And the Disney TV show Once Upon a Time has the now canon Lesbian couple of the bisexual Red (Little Red Riding Hood) and Dorothy (The Wizard Of Oz) .

There is also a bisexual Mulan, who has an unrequited love for Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in Once Upon a Time. 

In fact Disney’s first non-comedic Lesbian kiss was Dorothy and Red in Disney’s Once Upon a Time Season five.

Also though sexual orientation is not specific Pleakley of Lilo and Stitch was gender non-conforming, preferring woman’s clothing to male.  And it’s not just an alien thing.   Pleakley knows it’s generally considered female clothing.


Anon request: can you do an imagine where y/n is super flirty and she walks into Pan’s tent one day while he was working at a desk or something and she just starts to kiss his neck and then he turns super dominant. Smut?

I was bored. Pan had been in his tent all day. Apparently he told one of the lost boys that no one should disturb him.

Spending so much time with the lost boys without Pan was killing me.

I rose from my seat at the campfire and slipped away to Pan’s tent.

I pulled open the flap and peered inside to see Pan working at his desk with his back to me, one hand in his hair with his elbow leaning on the table while the other was writing frantically on several pieces of parchment strewn across the desk.

I stepped inside and quietly closed the flap behind me. I walked silently closer to him and placed my hands on his tense shoulders.

“Maybe you should take a break

He put his pen down and put his head in both his hands, breathing out a long sigh.

I pressed a kiss to his neck and he leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed.

“Stop trying to distract me Y/N,” he moaned. “I’m busy.”

“Come on,” I pleaded, sucking on the skin on his neck, leaving marks.

I reached around the front of him and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off of him.

“If I didn’t know better, Y/N, I’d say you’re trying to seduce me.”

“You’re absolutely right,” I said, swinging a leg over both of his so that I was straddling him.“

“But you’re absolutely wrong if you think that you can control me,” he said, picking me up with his hands under my thighs and bringing me over to the bed where he pushed me down.

I leaned up to connect our lips and he pressed my shoulders back into the bed. His tongue explored my mouth and he started to pull of my clothes until I was naked on the top half.

He had to get off of me to remove my pants and I took this as an opportunity to flip us over, pushing him onto the bed and sliding on top of him.

“Oh, Y/N, what made you think you’d be allowed to do that?”

I barely blinked and I was on my back again while he smirked down at me.

I felt him tear off my panties and sneak a finger inside me, pumping it slowly, torturously.

“Peter,” I wimpered.

“What’s that you greedy slut? You want more?” he teased, adding more fingers, stretching me out and getting increasingly faster.

“I bet no one’s ever fisted you before, have they baby? You’re so fucking tight.”

I couldn’t stop the moans leaving my lips as he fisted me, filling me entirely.

“Peter I’m going to-”

“Not yet you’re not,” he cut me off, pulling out and lining up his length with my entrance and slamming himself into me like there was no tomorrow.“

Just as I was about to orgasm he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

“P-Peter,” I whined. I was so close.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” he said, before working at my clit with his tongue, sucking on it, driving me crazy, filling me with this euphoric feeling as I came, squirting on him from the pressure he’d built up.

“Suck me off, Y/N, baby,” he commanded, sitting on the edge of he bed and pulling me onto the ground in front of him.

I got on my knees and stroked his length, looking up at him. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking as much as I could, pumping with my hand what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair, pulling me, trying to make me go faster.

He smiled down at me. Then he realised:

“Y/N you naughty girl, are you touching yourself without asking my permission?”

I took my hand away from my clit, guilty.


“And lying?… You know I’ll have to punish you for that, don’t you?”

He pulled his cock from my mouth and came all over my face getting it in my hair as well.

“Now you have fun washing that off, I have work to do,” he stated, pulling his clothes back on.

Tobias and Eileen Snape

I have stated before that Severus’ childhood is a depiction of endemic unending poverty, domestic unrest (and implied violence), and abject neglect.  It’s also why so many readers leap to the conclusion that Tobias is violent towards Eileen and towards Severus.

But although I generally adhere to that headcanon, I think there’s such a wealth to explore with the Snape family.  Was Tobias an angry and violent man, perhaps prone to abusing alcohol and his family in equal measure?  Or was his reaction that day to Eileen somehow provoked?  Had he lost his job, and had come home to find that she’d recklessly spent the last of their meagre savings?  Had he caught her conversing with a wizard, when he’d sworn to stand by his wife, even when he’d been terrified to discover she was magical? Or had Severus accidentally revealed his magic, and Tobias had – in that moment – discovered the truth about his family?

Maybe Tobias was a brute of a man.  Maybe Tobias treated his family in the worst way.

But equally, with little to go on, is it possible that Tobias was trying to make the best of things?  Could it be that Eileen wasn’t managing to fit into the Muggle world, and kept risking their standing with the neighbours?  Could it be that she was neglecting their son whilst he was out at work, and Tobias couldn’t keep all of the plates spinning?

And what about Eileen?  How did she end up Cokeworth and married to a Muggle?  What had she wanted from life when she left home?  How did she meet Tobias?  Did he seduce her, or did she seduce him?  Why did they marry?  Did she love him?  Did he love her?  Did she tell Tobias the truth, or did he find it out for himself?  Did she yearn for the magical world?  Could she have returned if she’d wanted?  Did they try for Severus, or was he an accident?  Was it a shotgun wedding, or were they married for years before they had a son?  Did they have any other children?  What happened to her family?  What did they think of her behaviour?  

If Tobias was mistreating her, did she ever fight back?  Try to leave?  Protect her son from his father’s rages?  Or did she believe it was her bed to lie in?  Or did she dole out the abuse in a similar fashion?  Was Tobias’ rage in that scene a reaction to her mistreating Severus?

Did they love each other?  Did they, deep down, want to be together but they were strangled by the darkness in society – by soaring bills, job losses, alcohol and gambling?  Or did they hate each other, destined to stay married because it was the ‘done thing’?  Did they have affairs with others?  Did either ever pack their case to go?  If one was leaving, did they plan to take Severus – or leave him behind with the other?

Most of all – why was Severus neglected?  Why is he malnourished, and uncared for?  Why is his hair dirty and overlong?  Why is he wearing unsuitable clothing?

Had they cared, once upon a time?  Or did Eileen, as a witch, not know how to cause her son to pass in society?  And why does Tobias ‘not like anything much’? Was he always like that, or had he been beaten down?  Or is Severus’ observation a child’s viewpoint of a tired and gruff man who doesn’t have time for his son, who is always babbling on about magic and wizards and witches…and a world that Tobias knows he can never be a part of?

On the surface, the scene is very clear – a Muggle is making a witch cower whilst their son cries.  Their son, as a teenager, joins an anti-Muggle movement, keen on keeping the two worlds separate.  Is it because his father was awful?  Or was it because he saw the likes of the pureblood kids in Slytherin with their houses and money, and he returned home to squalor, where he shot down flies in his bedroom…  If only she’d married a pureblood…

For this reason, Tobias and Eileen remain two of my favourite characters to think about, because there is no doubt that it is their behaviour which shapes the man that Severus became.  I suppose the question is, is Severus as a teenager their true reflection, or was he rebellious and angry, and bore no resemblance to the boy they’d raised?  Or would it be fairer to say that his parents would recognise the man he finally became?

Whatever the stories and headcanons we create, no matter how we explain their stories, and fill in the blanks, one thing is for certain – the occupants of that house end up as miserable as they are depicted in the snapshots that we’re given.