Despite all it’s flaws OUAT is really good at casting look alikes and family members.

I mean look at young Snow

And young Emma cries like JMo

Look at this family

And don’t forget that Emma looks just like her parents.

And the fact that Henry looks like Emma…

AND Regina…

We’ve all seen this

And also this!

Just… wow.


I think we all bring out something in one another. We’ve become friends, we’ve learned about each other’s lives in different ways and our characters have grown with us. The relationships we’ve formed are unique with each individual.” -Lana Parrilla

You know what I love? Jennifer and Colin’s friendship. I always enjoy seeing cast members interact and being friends but Jen & Colin are so special to me, you can tell what a genuine friendship they have and how comfortable they are with each other.

They are so in sync and natural together, joking around, looking at guitars online w/ each other, appreciating each other’s pumpkins (that sound’s weird without context lol), Jen being close friends with Helen, fangirling about other shows on set, and just doing what normal friends do

It’s not forced or manufactured. It’s just them.


“I remember that scene was a real shock because I didn’t know- I didn’t know if they kept it because I was in Ireland so I didn’t get to see the finale, but when we shot the scene, they said ‘Action!’ and Jen came running and she jumped on top of me and I fell in the bed. But I didn’t know she was gonna do that so I was lying there like “What the…? You can only do that with somebody you get along very well. And Jen and I kind of work- we work great together. We kind of balance each other out which is cool
– Colin O'Donoghue


He is lovely. I am grateful to have him and his whole family in my life.”

-Jennifer Morrison

(There were more quotes but I am trying to keep this short!)

I’ve seen a few comments thrown around in the Jennifer Morrison tag saying that Jen is shoving CS down people’s throats and only interacting so much with Colin because of a ship, and I’m like “!?!!?” this cast loves each other so much, and I hate that people keep trying to make that so negative. 

Sooooooooo, I just want to take a moment to appreciate the good, we are so blessed having such amazing actors and friendships bloom from this show.