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Once Upon A Time!Descendants AU: Due to the arrival of all the characters with untold stories, Henry receives additional pages of the storybook which reveal that Regina had a daughter (Evie) in the fairytale realm, and that she has been living in Storybrooke the whole time―unaware of her lineage.

Once Upon a Time AU- Leonard Snart: The Savior

Leonard Snart spent thirty-five years of his life thinking that his parents didn’t want him, that he was abandoned on the side of the road as a child, only to be taken in by Lewis Snart, an abusive son of a bitch who Len ran away from the day he turned sixteen. 

He fell in love only once, only to be betrayed and sent to jail by her. 

What he didn’t know was that, twelve years later, that mistake would come back in the form of a little girl named Lisa. His daughter. 

He’s dragged to a town Lisa claims is cursed by her adopted father, the Evil King in her storybook, and that Len is the only one who can stop it. Len doesn’t believe her, but sticks around anyway. 

He doesn’t expect magic and fairy tales to be real, or to be at the center of the Ultimate War against good and evil.

Once Upon a Time AU- Bartholomew “Barry” Allen: The ‘Evil’ King

He didn’t intend to let the darkness consume him. All it took was one revealed secret, though, from his best friend, and his life was ripped out from under him. Even after he was taken in by her father, King Joseph, Barry knew that he could never forgive Princess Iris or her family for taking his family away from him. 

So, he trained with Eobard, the Dark One. He let his magic and thirst for revenge grow, until he trapped the king in his magic mirror and sought out to destroy Iris’ happiness. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go his way. He was overthrown, banished, and sent away with his loyal Huntsman to stew in his defeat.

But Barry had other plans. He conjured a curse–a curse that would send everyone from the Enchanted Forest into a world without magic and happy endings. A world where he could finally have his happiness.

At first, it was perfect. Then, Barry realized that, without someone to share his life with, there was no happiness. So, he adopted a beautiful baby girl named Lisa, and that was that. He finally had someone he loved that loved him unconditionally.

He didn’t expect, twelve years later, to have her run away and bring her birth father back with her. 

The Reunion

The happily married Emma and Killian attend Emma’s high school reunion, but what happens when Emma’s high school bullies show up to cause trouble? 

{Oneshot based on a prompt by Millie}

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Emma reaches down to smooth the corner of her jacket, catching her finger on the zip as she does. She winces in pain, cursing herself for not choosing the pink dress instead – actually it’s Killian she should be cursing, he insisted his favourite of the two outfits was the jeans and boots with the embroidered black top. Which of course she then had to put the black jacket with.

Inwardly she sighs, but her annoyance is soon brushed aside as she turns to look at Killian, who’s nervously stroking his stubble, – his perfectly chiselled features are easy on the eyes and just one of the many perks Emma has learnt to appreciate even more since their marriage. “Are you ready?” She whispers, realising they’ve come to a somewhat abrupt halt just outside the faded red door, the same one Emma lined up outside when she was younger; freezing to death in shorts and a t-shirt as her class waited to be let into the gymnasium. The window in the centre of it vibrates gently, indicating the steady throb of the bass emanating from the disco, and the promise of a long night ahead.

“I think the real question is are you ready, love?” Killian replies, slipping his hand into hers and interlocking their fingers, a simple gesture to let her know that they are in this together and he’s by her side no matter what. Tentatively Emma nods, breathes deeply and then nods once more, this time with a sense of purpose.

“We’ve got this.” She states, reaching out for the door handle and pushing it down slowly. The door appears to swing open in slow motion, revealing everything in half speed, and allowing them both to take in the sight before them. Round tables, adorned with glitter and old polaroid photos stretch from wall to wall, whilst a silver and blue balloon arch indicates the entrance to the dance floor. People stand in groups, milling about – most seem to be carrying wine glasses and a few are laughing, whether at their high school antics or the woes of family life, the pair can’t tell. A ‘Class Of 2001’ banner takes centre stage hanging down in the middle of the room, Killian is stunned by the effort that has clearly gone into the planning, Emma on the other hand is struggling to keep in her laughter and after a few seconds of holding her breath lets a giggle escape. A few heads turn as her and Killian walk past, her giggling steadily increasing in volume. When they reach a secluded table in the corner of the room he playfully elbows her and raises his eyebrow. “I’m sorry.” She says, catching her breath. “It’s just all this…” She removes her hand from his and waves her arm towards the rest of the room. “For a class reunion. When this was and always will be the crappiest school in the district.” A red flush has swept her cheeks and somehow Killian manages to find the absurdity of his wife’s reaction endearing. Somehow.

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‘The unmistakable sound of a key rattling in the lock reached their ears, and Emma jumped off of him like she’d been hit with an icy douse of cold water. “Shit,” she said, which pretty much summed it up. ‘


as promised, my purely CS-centric sketch, number two of three, for @unfolded73 ‘s fic This Graceful Path  (which you can also start reading on Ao3 ) for the @captainswanbigbang CSBB. :> don’t you just love it when Snow interrupts hanky panky? one more drawing to go, you can expect it in october and it is appropriately themed, mwahaha~

Once Upon a Time AU- Mick Rory: Captain of the Jolly Roger

He wasn’t always a pirate. He wasn’t always heartless and out for himself. But that was a long time ago, and every bit of goodness was snatched away from him by the Dark One. 

Now, Mick Rory was a pirate feared by all, famous for burning ships with the crew still onboard. When Nora recruited him help her get to the land without magic, where she could see her son again and he could get his revenge on the Dark One, Mick gladly accepted. 

Then, he met Leonard Snart, the so-called ‘Savior’, trapped in the remains of the Enchanted Forest with Princess Iris.

Lenny was something else. Fiery, but cold. Hard, but compassionate. Willing to do whatever it took to get back to the land without magic and his daughter.

It didn’t hurt that he was also really hot. 

And, when he helped Lenny get to the top of a beanstalk to get a magic compass, only to be betrayed and handcuffed at the top, well…if anything, he was even more attracted to him, after that. 

Once Upon a Time AU- Sheriff Oliver Queen: The Huntsman

Oliver Queen was raised in the woods with his sister. She was a wolf, like her birth father, and he was a Huntsman, like his birth father. After their parents were murdered by a man he believed was his friend, Oliver hunted down their killer and murdered him. Soon, he became the law of the forest, carrying out a dark reckoning on those he believed to deserve it. 

The first time he was brought to the palace, Prince Bartholomew gave him a task: take Princess Iris into the woods, kill her, and bring back her heart for his vault.

Oliver complied, but let Iris go once she showed him a letter for Bartholomew, forgiving him. He gave the prince a deer’s heart instead.

When he was brought back into the palace again, Bartholomew ordered the guards away, and told him the reason that he wanted Iris and her family gone–he wanted to avenge his parents, who were gone because of them. Oliver immediately understands, regret for not killing Iris settling in his stomach. 

He offers the prince–now King–his bow, to serve as the Royal Huntsman at Bartholomew’s command.