once upon a time an angel and a devil fall in love. it did not end well

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a home that i wanted to grow up in - newtslittleniffler

Summary: fear of his feelings drove dan away from phil, losing himself in a bad crowd, leaving phil all alone. over six months, they become complete strangers - but then they’re brought back together. love can’t be avoided, right?

Bluebird (ao3) - lvckyphan

Summary: An AU that follows the lives of orphan Dan and orphan Phil as they struggle to deal with their feelings towards themselves and one another, from children to late adolescents.

but home is just a room (full of my safest sounds) - blueshirt

Summary: Or, the one where they break up in 2012 and stumble across each other three years later. Featuring Dan as a radio show host and BBC presenter, and Phil as a weatherman on the Isle of Man.

Charlotte - dannihowell

Summary: When Dan’s little sister needs a home, he and Phil offer a place to stay.

Ephemeral - danqueray

Summary: In which Dan is a prince and Phil is an astronomer in the tower by the castle.

it’s no good (unless it’s real) - blueshirt

Summary: (Or, the one where Dan accidentally starts reverse-dating Phil in the midst of executing a foreign tour, sharing the world’s tiniest mattress, and generally failing at Amish table-making.)

jigsaw falling into place - awrfhi

Summary: When Phil accidentally takes Dan’s suitcase instead of his own after a flight, their lives are suddenly and unexpectedly thrown together. But can something that started out of an accident become something more?

Love Is Just An Empty Word You Say - rosegoldwords

Summary: Phil had gotten so used to being single, but that didn’t mean he wanted it that way forever. Insert Leo, who sweeps Phil off of his feet and steals his heart, and it doesn’t take long for Phil to come to the conclusion that his new boyfriend is an angel. But Leo’s halo and wings aren’t a good enough disguise for the devil inside.

Nothing Like a Storybook (ao3) - Merrydith

Summary: Dan Howell is an aloof loner and Phil Lester a well-known weirdo. In theory they are worlds apart, but a chance post-party meeting under the Manchester moonlight sends their lives spiraling and soon they find they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Our Threadbare Lies - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan is eighteen years old and newly single. He’s ready to come out to his family but he thinks it would be a hell of a lot easier if he had a boyfriend to help him through it.

Pooh Bear - QuietBubbles

Summary: One is a shy, lonely student with curly hair. The other, a newly qualified, bright eyed and bushy-tailed teacher-who may be hiding something beneath his squeaky clean exterior…There is plenty of fluff-alongside the realization of quite the kink…

Pretty Odd (Things Have Changed For Me and That’s Okay) - Cadensaurus (orphan_account)

Summary: Baby!fic in which one day, Phil wakes up with a baby in his bedroom and finds out that apparently he and Dan are the only ones who don’t know where this baby came from, as everybody else claims that it’s Phil’s. What happens next is they then end up raising a baby together, with no less than a few existential crises from both of them along the way, as well as plenty of blunders and mishaps. Oh, and through it all, Phil starts falling for Dan but doesn’t dare tell him because he can’t risk losing his best friend.

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase, snowbunnylester (xrosepetalsx)

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Teeth (ao3) - lvckyphan

Summary: The story of a broken marriage between a retired writer and his manic husband, and their twisted capabilities to make language bleed.

The Dandelion - EmrysBeard, somanydestiel

Summary: Dan’s new neighbor is a bit odd.

The Long Way Home - danthrusts

Summary: Dan’s Christmas Eve hasn’t quite been going as planned. His parents can’t make it home because they’re stuck in some foreign country, so he has to go up north to his grandparents’ house, all along while missing his girlfriend’s Christmas party extravaganza. Throw a train, two annoying girls, a small town diner, and a cute boy with pale skin and dark hair into the mix and he has himself the weirdest Christmas Eve he’s ever had.

The Prince And The Youtuber - koleen

Summary: Dan Howell is the Prince of England and the first grandson of a late King, and Phil Lester is a famous Youtuber who turns out to be the first grandson of a late King’s Hand, the best friend of the late King. On one night of celebration of their daughters’ pregnancies 18 years ago, the best friends made a drunken pact to marry their first grandchildren to each other the year they both turn 18, completely forgetting to consider that their first grandchildren could both be male.

The Prince and The Wolf - serendipitys

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a prince. The prince was loved , the prince was cherished. Although he wasn’t of royalty, he was treated as if he was. The prince knew this and mostly took advantage of his ’ servants ’. The prince lived a happy life. Though there was one thing the prince wanted but never had ; a partner. A princess perhaps, or maybe another prince. He had visited other princesses and princes, but none of them met his standards. Thus, the prince searched and searched for ’ the one ’ frantically, hoping that he could have his very own ’ happily ever after ’. Then there was a Wolf. He hated the Wolf, he despised the Wolf. Always up to mischievous tasks and whatnot. The Wolf always caused trouble, and the prince did not like that. But no matter where he goes, the Wolf was always there.

Those Who Trust (ao3) - theshyauthor

Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.

Wizardry - Kel_Sticks

Summary: Muggle-born Phil Lester is delighted to receive his letter to Hogwarts, and he instantly befriends Dan Howell, the first wizard of his age he meets. But something isn’t right about Dan. Why does he go through sudden (and sometimes violent) mood swings? What secrets are hiding behind his confident mask? Phil is determined to uncover the truth, no matter what the consequences are.

Part One: There’s a Grain of Truth in Every Joke. (You Can’t Handle the Truth S06E06)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader investigate a series of suicides and discover the victims were being told brutal truths that drove them crazy. They find out someone is invoking the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, forcing people to be cruelly honest against their will and Dean is the next victim. With his new ability, the reader is forced to tell the truth that might change the dynamics between her and the Winchester brothers for good.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 
Word Count: 5,589.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,179

Summary:  After a particularly trying hunt you find yourself trapped in an bearably hot warehouse. Lucifer shows up and he decides to help cool you down.

Warnings: I mean… there’s smut… And Lucifer can be persuasive in more ways than one.

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Modern! Tobirama Senju Scenario

Originally posted by raikis

With sharp red eyes remaining fixed, a young soul felt both strain and relief as he gazed at the fine silhouette slowly approaching him, lust and loath both building within him. Though even with the hesitation within his system, it truly was a beautiful silhouette he had laid his eye upon; the outline of someone so stunning and gorgeous that any living soul could rest soundly once acquainted with her. It was the blessed outline of someone who Tobirama had met long ago, yet now was trying to avoid ever since the moment he heard of their presence due to the prior knowledge of her ways, though it was to no avail. Slightly tightening his grip on the half burned cigarette, the businessman scoffed to himself, shaming himself and the girl, already well aware of how the night was going to end. He knew that he stood no chance against the fallen angel; a woman with heavenly beauty, but hellish desires, though he couldn’t deny that he didn’t wish the same as she.

Taking another drag at the sin, Tobirama did his best to resist the other sin coming into the room, hoping to enjoy his last few moments of sanity, though there wasn’t much hope for him now. You hadn’t even laid eyes upon him, but he already felt those piercing orbs pulling him under, dragging him down to hell. He felt that look you’d always give him, bypassing the strong and noble front he always put and looking into the soul of a starving god, needing something more than the petty wonders of the material world. He hadn’t even seen your actual being yet, but he was already being transported back to the last time you two had met. The Senju could feel the hot breath against his body, the delicate hands running circles against his skin, the devilish smirk upon red lips gliding against sensitive skin. Fuck. He hated what you did to him, but you were the only one who was able to take him to such a level, and that was something he refused to lose.

When the reality came to play, Tobirama couldn’t say that he didn’t feel anything for you. If that had been said, then the greatest lie of his life would have been created, yet he didn’t love you. No, not one bit. Deep down, there was something about you that pulled him in, something that no other being seemed to possess, but it wasn’t love that he felt for you, for that was something the he would never accept in his lifetime.

Hell, he was Tobirama Senju: he didn’t need anyone; he didn’t desire anyone. He was too stubborn and too strict to care enough about petty things such as love and trophy wives. That’s what set him apart from all the other business lords and such; it’s what made him strong. They wanted a beautiful doll to call their own and have to toy with whenever they pleased. They wanted to run the world, but have a pretty face to fall back upon when they got tired. Every single one of them wanted to have both, yet those petty lovers who did nothing were something that Tobirama had no desire for. He wanted to run the world alone, not with someone by his side, that was something that he had made clear years ago before he was ever even introduced to you.

And you certainly were not one who wished to rule the world with him, if anything you wanted to take the world away from him and make it your own, but then again maybe that’s what made you so damn desirable to the Senju. To him, you were the embodiment of evil, cunning and beautiful, able to lure any damned soul into your welcoming arms, completely prepared to give them all of their desires and dreams while simultaneously making them hate themselves. You were everything he hated, but also everything the he prided himself in being, an ideal so ironic that it pained him. You were Tobirama’s devil, yet he was never meant to be yours.

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My Mate (Part 22)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  

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My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiction

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Chapter 22 

Lucifer didn’t want to wake Riley.  She had quite a day.  Instead, he just took up sitting next to her on the bed, Dean’s words running through his mind.  You love her, and she loves you, it ain’t that complicated.  Lucifer had always wondered why…why did you agree to mate him?  Was it out of pity, was it out of friendship, but if what Dean said was true then it was something different entirely.

Riley shifted and took a quick intake of breath.  Her eyes were still closed as her limbs started to move.  She let out a little whine before her eyes flew open and she snapped up from the bed, gasping for air.  

“Riley?”  He asked softly, but not softly enough.  It spooked her.  She let out a small squeal as her head snapped around, but she relaxed when her eyes landed on Lucifer.  She shut her eyes and let out a soft sigh.  “You’re safe.”  He said softly.  He wrapped his arm around her, letting her curl up into his chest as he whispered soft phrases in enochian.  It was almost cowardly.  All the things he wanted to say, he was saying, but he knew she didn’t understand.  

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the NEW AND IMPROVED wip masterlist


  • Life In Reverse: yeah you know this one already.
  • Steve Rogers’ Halfway House for Notorious Supervillains: What it sounds like basically.


  • The City of Lights: I give Steve and Loki a small break, and send them for a vacation in Paris. Steve hasn’t been in seventy years, and he didn’t get to tour art museums then.
  • the hills on fire for miles: The preemptively begun Thor: Ragnarok fic for RTC because I can.
  • a partnership of convenience: Pietro and Loki on the worst road trip ever.
  • Costume Porn: what it says, seriously. (Steve/Loki.)


  • dunno what this fic is: The still unfortunately titled Jane&Loki go on timelooping adventures fic.
  • Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six Hundred: The “Loki wins” fic where he gloats at Steve in his spare time and then ends up fighting a war on three fronts and actually asking for help with one of them.
  • Strange Bedfellows: The “Clint and Loki are captured and undergo TERRIBLE SUFFERING and bond, sort of” fic. Hey, people do it for Tony/Loki I don’t see why I can’t go with it my way.
  • The Priesthood of Natasha Romanov: The one where Loki declares Natasha his High Priestess. She’s not really into it, though.
  • Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Wish: The roommates!verse installment that will make Steve/Loki canon in a second of my verses, because I can.
  • important gangbang fic: Important Gangbang Fic.
  • so when the birds fly South: Loki gets beat up and Steve is the one to find him and I have no idea where this is going. 
  • Tear My Castle Down: The “Loki’s punishment is to be a slave to one of the Avengers but this time it’s Steve” fic that I apparently needed to write. I feel like I should apologize? Probably I should apologize.
  • a very important threesome: The Clint/Thor/Loki fic which I am going to try to write in spite of not having any clue how it might work. Porn, hopefully?
  • which carries weight and always weighs the same: My Romanoff Big Bang fic, which is going to be a lot of “Natasha having interpersonal relationships” because I have interests.
  • Subordination: Loki acquires his first dom, Sjofn. Shit is fun. Until it isn’t.
  • Just a Shadow Upon These Walls: Steve starts seeing a ghost. Steve starts seeing a ghost that is Loki. Things get weirder from there.
  • post Svartalfheim AU: depressed Loki goes to earth after TDW, starts running into Steve randomly, somehow this becomes Steve/Loki?? idk what
  • Thunderstorms: The sequel to “there’s a hell of a good universe next door” where Thor arrives.
  • forgive the children we once were: Bucky, who freed himself substantially earlier from Hydra’s control (during The Avengers), finds Loki, wounded and near death, after the events of Thor 2. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Sword Age, Wolf Age: the Ragnarok speculative fic that will probably end up being completely jossed before it is published and is mostly an excuse for competent but reckless with his personal health and safety!Loki and Thor on a road trip.
  • Someone to Watch Over You: Loki decides Steve needs a guardian angel. He doesn’t ask Steve about it. He also doesn’t expect to get labeled a sidekick.
  • I’ll pull the devil down with me, one way or another: Thanos is coming. Loki doesn’t intend to take that lying down.
  • One lived in rage and the other in pain: Loki learns that Odin has been keeping secrets. Most significantly, the fact that he once had a brother.
  • our battles choose us: The one where Loki and Thor are both sold to the Grandmaster, with Loki as his pet and Thor as a gladiator
  • keep your heart (close to the ground): the AU where Loki never invades, so the Avengers never form, and a depressed Steve and depressed Loki meet
  • time may change me (but you can’t trace time): the fic where Loki tries to steal the Time Stone and gets stuck in a time loops. For some reason, it resets every time Steve dies.
  • Seams and Scars: Loki arrives on Midgard with his lips sewn shut. 
  • our history is coming to life again: The fic where a young Loki gets transplanted forward in time to post-The Dark World Earth. Things are not exactly going well for him. 
  • Temptation: Loki has a Steve problem.
  • Reweaving: The third installment of the Unraveling/Mending series.
  • I know I’m the curséd one: Wanda and Loki, imprisoned for their magic, have to work together to escape.
  • Here At the End of All Things: By way of the Time Stone, Loki and Steve find themselves in a very bleak future where Loki won - and then lost. Or, the Steve/Loki post-apocalyptic AU.
  • finding yourself at the end of the universe: The fic where Loki springs Steve from prison post Civil War, mostly out of spite, and they go on a dysfunctional road trip across space.
  • Meet the Parents: Loki meets Sarah Rogers in the Roommates!AU.
  • The Cold, the Dark, the Silence: It’s whump. That’s basically it. 
  • Attempt #432: Someone asked for the AU where one of Doom’s Loki-clones survived. It’s gonna be bad, folks. 


  • Darkness, Darkness: The Morgana/Gwen fic set in “The Dark Tower” that I need to rewatch “The Dark Tower” for but I know it’s going to hurt me so I keep putting it off but creepy Morgana/Gwen where Morgana desperately wants Gwen to love her
  • There’s a Lesson Here, I Just Don’t Know What It Is Yet: Still need to finish this Natasha/Yelena fic, still kicking myself over using an espionage plot, why did I do that.
  • the best all lack conviction: Fenris/Anders post Dragon Age II; they bicker, a lot, and maybe make out some too, eventually. Probably I will beat them up a lot too.
  • Witches: Morrigan/Surana femslash fic, in which Merrin Surana would like to bang Morrigan and also become her.
  • The Interim: The fic about Morgana’s journey from dying of poison to coming back to Camelot dramatically changed and set on revenge.
  • how this grace thing works: The first year at Grimglass lighthouse.


these are all very important clearly

Teacher, My Teacher...

(( Bit of a warning: dark content. ))

Arthur could say with complete and total honesty that he couldn’t stand Alfred day one.

Alfred was the type of angel they sang hymns about. He was the type of angel that humans thought of when they imagined one—painted one, sculpted one. He was the type of angel that had a brilliant smile and a pure heart. He was God’s perfection wrapped in a neat little angel-shaped package. He was a servant to the Lord, as pure and loyal as they came.

And Arthur was his mentor.

He absolutely couldn’t stand the guy.

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Title: “Nightmares a Deity Could Produce”
Length: 3,144 words
Rating: SFW
Summary: Tonight he appeared even more tranquil than usual, face completely relaxed (when normally his brows were at least somewhat tense) and his hands, often balled tight at his sides, were now drooping and seemingly lifeless. Besides his near silent breathing, he appeared no more lively than a corpse.

Etihw frowned–he was having another nightmare.

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