once upon a time an angel and a devil fall in love. it did not end well

S/C fic - Possession

I’m grumpy. My stupid Office, isn’t working and has been “fixing” the problems for 4 hours. This Shouldn’t take long, thanks for your patience.  My ass. I want my Word. I can’t even open my old stories. This computer has been nothing but issues for the last 16 months.

But, I digress. While I just saw the most beautiful photo of Heughan, posted from SA, this fic is a tribute to @artistsassenach and her amazing manips she’s been doing, (like crazy, mind you) of late. I know Hannah doesn’t really read fic, but the story is inspired by the Family Heughan. And, some Barbour, as well. There’s still smut.

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Pos-ses-sion (noun)
the state of having, owning, or controlling something.

I thought I had hit my possessive overdrive the first time I heard my last name in conjunction with her first. We had made reservations at some little Bed & Breakfast in Skye, nearly two years ago, and the simple introductory, Reservation under Caitriona Heughan had sent me flying. I was only two feet behind her, carrying the luggage, but I may as well have been swinging from the clouds. 

The pride I felt. The heat in my chest, as I absorbed the name - Caitriona Heughan. I never thought anything could overcome that. But that wasn’t the case. It happened, over and over. over the next eight months.

I had been gone for days. Promotional tours, while she worked. I had arrived back home, sometime in the early morning hours. I should have let her sleep. I could see her exhaustion on her face, as slumber engulfed her. But I couldn’t help myself; we had been separated for nearly a week, and my body called to hers. I sensed the same, as she rolled onto her side, the sheet dropping from her breast to expose her nakedness. I smiled, the dimness of the room not hindering my expression as she extended her arm, taking hold of my hand and pulling me in beside her.

We had skimmed over foreplay, needing our body’s submission far greater. We needed to feel each other wrapped around our skin. Tenderness would wait until passion had its fill.

I pushed into her quickly, as her hands dug into my back. I wouldn’t last long. Neither would she. I felt the tenseness in my abdomen, and closed one hand around her throat. Not tightly, just enough. She smiled the smile of a the devil, as he lured you in, all the while allowing you to think it was your idea.

One hand fell to my ass, pushing me deeper inside her, as her other one scratched the back of my neck, pulling me into her.

Me came in a thunderous explosion of colour and light and screams and cries.
It was hours later, as passion had given up command of our bodies, the tenderness could finally pass through the doors. I kissed her gently, but thoroughly. Our tongues expressing our love. When we parted, there was a bit of sorrow, like I wasn’t ready to move on. But she smiled, the glorious smile of an angel, handing you over to God, and I found myself traversing down her body. Like the dark giving way to the light of the morning, so did our bodies, as I kissed her softly, tasting the sweat and saltiness of her skin. It did not bother me, that I would soon be tasting our joint passion, between her legs. I took some strange and sick erotic pleasure in that cocktail.

Spreading her thighs, the stickiness of our union painting abstracts across her alabaster skin. I would feed off her, and while I would never choose a Balfe-Heughan smoothie as a beverage at a restaurant, there’s something quite different when your between her thighs, and she’s moaning above you, urging you on, and you dart your tongue out, for that first taste, that sets my caveman urges afire.

But as I ended the trail around her breasts and dipped further down her torso, a darkness crossed under my eyes, and I pulled back to get a better view. And as I perched upon my elbows, staring down at the naked form below me, a stick figure, drawn complete with a smiley face and a waving hand, looked back at me.

I brushed her stomach, as if some imaginary cartoon had suddenly clouded my vision, but alas, it remained. Its grin not sinister, but shy.

I looked up to her face, then. A soft smile and a single tear falling into the abyss of dark waves, settled upon her features. I felt her stroke my hair, her thumb lazily drawing back and forth across my tumble, allowing realization to flourish inside my brain.

I looked at her stomach once more, and there was that feeling again. That pride and possessiveness that should send me straight to hell. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness as I let the stick-figure into my heart. I kissed her belly, then. And I cannot remember anything after, other than Caitriona pulling me up to her, turning us over, and her body making love to mine as I lay in a bed of emotions, my mind drunk on happiness and wonder.
When she began to show, when her belly made the world aware of our union, I was proud, taking every chance to claim her body as mine, with a hand to her stomach, and a slight rub of possession. She was mine, and what lay nestled in her belly, was too.

But when the time came, one lazy Saturday morning, as she pleasured herself atop my body until she cringed in pain, falling to my side, it wasn’t possessiveness that I felt. I was no longer filled with pride or joy, but was drowning in fear and worry. My pride turned to fault. I was the reason she was in pain. I was the reason she clenched my hand with each contraction as the anguish wracked its way through her body.

No, the pride did not return for many weeks.

I watched from the door-frame, as Caitriona placed our daughter in the bassinet. She flicked the little music box to lullaby’s, and called me forth with her hand.

I brushed her hair behind her ears, before wrapping my arm around her waist to stare down in the cradle before us.

I kissed her temple. “Are you alright?”

I felt her head fall against my shoulder, as our blonde-haired beauty settled into slumber.

“Yes. She wouldn’t take much tonight.” I watched as her hands rubbed her breasts in an ache I would never understand.

I took Cait’s hand, pulling her away and into our bedroom.

We curled into each other, fighting off sleep so as to not close our eyes off to each other too soon. The night always came too soon.

I let my hand fall to her breast, gently weighing it. She laughed, but didn’t push me away.

“They’ve always been spectacular, but God, they feel amazing.”

She laughed again, more out of a sarcastic amusement. “They don’t feel amazing. And they look even worse. Naked, anyway. Through clothes, they look fantastic.”

I pulled on the hem of her nighty, a breasts falling loose. “They still look pretty good to me.”

One of her hands cradled my head, as the other draped itself across my hand on her breast.

“Did you want to taste?”

It was asked in such a childlike manner, it pulled me from my thoughts. I watched her face, shy and needy.

We had spoken about it. I had said I wanted to taste her. Some weird perversion I only felt comfortable talking about with her. I had put the child inside her, so the milk was mine. It was the most absurd thought, but there it was. But she was sore. That much I knew. She had given birth four weeks ago, and was tired. Her body, a mass of emotional turmoil.

“I don’t have to. Not tonight. You’re exhausted.”

She shook her head, a delicate smile crossing her face, “I want you to. I can’t have you inside me yet, well, beyond my mouth…”

I felt the corner of my mouth rise. “Thank you for that.”

Her shoulders shrugged, “I may be tired. I may be sore. I may not know what the hell my body is doing from one moment to the next. But the only thing I do know, is that when I have you inside me, wherever that may be, I have this,” she looked away, cocking her head to the side in thought, before turning back, “sense of possessiveness, or something. Like I own you. I know, it’s silly.”

I shook my head, knowing. “Not silly at all. I think I may know how you feel.”

She took me to her breast then. I was soft and gentle at first, unsure of whether it was pleasure I would be giving her, or its close counterpart, pain.
But as I suckled, finding a new way of caring for her nipples, Caitriona’s hand fell to my head, holding me to her bosom. It took a moment or two, but the milk began to flow. I let it flow passed my lips, and I drank her sweet nectar, like a bee to a flower. My body, instinctively, draped itself across hers, and she held me tightly. To her body. To her breast.

I could feel my hardness beneath my shorts, and I ground against her thigh shallowly. This wasn’t about me. I wanted her to feel pleasure. But I’m a man, and giving her pleasure, does the same for me.

I set one breast free, claiming the other, learning its tricks and temperament for giving me what I wanted. I palmed her other breast, making sure it knew it hadn’t been forgotten. Catriona moaned heavily against me, a leg wrapping around my rubbing thigh.

I drank from her. I possessed her. And when she came hard against my body, my thigh coated in her juice, I claimed responsibility for her climax as well. Exactly as she’d been doing each morning with me.


Pairing: Lucifer x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,179

Summary:  After a particularly trying hunt you find yourself trapped in an bearably hot warehouse. Lucifer shows up and he decides to help cool you down.

Warnings: I mean… there’s smut… And Lucifer can be persuasive in more ways than one.

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Modern! Tobirama Senju Scenario

Originally posted by raikis

With sharp red eyes remaining fixed, a young soul felt both strain and relief as he gazed at the fine silhouette slowly approaching him, lust and loath both building within him. Though even with the hesitation within his system, it truly was a beautiful silhouette he had laid his eye upon; the outline of someone so stunning and gorgeous that any living soul could rest soundly once acquainted with her. It was the blessed outline of someone who Tobirama had met long ago, yet now was trying to avoid ever since the moment he heard of their presence due to the prior knowledge of her ways, though it was to no avail. Slightly tightening his grip on the half burned cigarette, the businessman scoffed to himself, shaming himself and the girl, already well aware of how the night was going to end. He knew that he stood no chance against the fallen angel; a woman with heavenly beauty, but hellish desires, though he couldn’t deny that he didn’t wish the same as she.

Taking another drag at the sin, Tobirama did his best to resist the other sin coming into the room, hoping to enjoy his last few moments of sanity, though there wasn’t much hope for him now. You hadn’t even laid eyes upon him, but he already felt those piercing orbs pulling him under, dragging him down to hell. He felt that look you’d always give him, bypassing the strong and noble front he always put and looking into the soul of a starving god, needing something more than the petty wonders of the material world. He hadn’t even seen your actual being yet, but he was already being transported back to the last time you two had met. The Senju could feel the hot breath against his body, the delicate hands running circles against his skin, the devilish smirk upon red lips gliding against sensitive skin. Fuck. He hated what you did to him, but you were the only one who was able to take him to such a level, and that was something he refused to lose.

When the reality came to play, Tobirama couldn’t say that he didn’t feel anything for you. If that had been said, then the greatest lie of his life would have been created, yet he didn’t love you. No, not one bit. Deep down, there was something about you that pulled him in, something that no other being seemed to possess, but it wasn’t love that he felt for you, for that was something the he would never accept in his lifetime.

Hell, he was Tobirama Senju: he didn’t need anyone; he didn’t desire anyone. He was too stubborn and too strict to care enough about petty things such as love and trophy wives. That’s what set him apart from all the other business lords and such; it’s what made him strong. They wanted a beautiful doll to call their own and have to toy with whenever they pleased. They wanted to run the world, but have a pretty face to fall back upon when they got tired. Every single one of them wanted to have both, yet those petty lovers who did nothing were something that Tobirama had no desire for. He wanted to run the world alone, not with someone by his side, that was something that he had made clear years ago before he was ever even introduced to you.

And you certainly were not one who wished to rule the world with him, if anything you wanted to take the world away from him and make it your own, but then again maybe that’s what made you so damn desirable to the Senju. To him, you were the embodiment of evil, cunning and beautiful, able to lure any damned soul into your welcoming arms, completely prepared to give them all of their desires and dreams while simultaneously making them hate themselves. You were everything he hated, but also everything the he prided himself in being, an ideal so ironic that it pained him. You were Tobirama’s devil, yet he was never meant to be yours.

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My Mate (Part 22)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  

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My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiction

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Chapter 22 

Lucifer didn’t want to wake Riley.  She had quite a day.  Instead, he just took up sitting next to her on the bed, Dean’s words running through his mind.  You love her, and she loves you, it ain’t that complicated.  Lucifer had always wondered why…why did you agree to mate him?  Was it out of pity, was it out of friendship, but if what Dean said was true then it was something different entirely.

Riley shifted and took a quick intake of breath.  Her eyes were still closed as her limbs started to move.  She let out a little whine before her eyes flew open and she snapped up from the bed, gasping for air.  

“Riley?”  He asked softly, but not softly enough.  It spooked her.  She let out a small squeal as her head snapped around, but she relaxed when her eyes landed on Lucifer.  She shut her eyes and let out a soft sigh.  “You’re safe.”  He said softly.  He wrapped his arm around her, letting her curl up into his chest as he whispered soft phrases in enochian.  It was almost cowardly.  All the things he wanted to say, he was saying, but he knew she didn’t understand.  

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Teacher, My Teacher...

(( Bit of a warning: dark content. ))

Arthur could say with complete and total honesty that he couldn’t stand Alfred day one.

Alfred was the type of angel they sang hymns about. He was the type of angel that humans thought of when they imagined one—painted one, sculpted one. He was the type of angel that had a brilliant smile and a pure heart. He was God’s perfection wrapped in a neat little angel-shaped package. He was a servant to the Lord, as pure and loyal as they came.

And Arthur was his mentor.

He absolutely couldn’t stand the guy.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you ship it buuut... 11 for the greed pair?

Pairing: Hyde/Licht
Fandom: Servamp
Rating : SFW with implications

Notes: Fuck, I love my Kuro;;Mahi and you can’t tell me otherwise but yes I am falling for this god damn sexy pairing, fuck it. But I’m not confident with it yet, so we will see how it goes! Also thank you for sending in the prompt, I’m glad you think I’m good enough for your ship!  11: A violent kiss

“My super cool angel-chan always gets way too ahead of himself! You’re a mess!” Hyde teases, bending over his eve who laid upon the ground on their back, panting. “Blood everywhere, that isn’t good at all you know. I am a vampire!” 

Licht’s reaction is swift; expected but Hyde lets it happen. They are two halves of a whole after all. They sing their parts well enough and act upon the words hidden beneath their conversations perfectly. His legs sweep around and Hyde finds himself sprawled upon the ground.

The enemy is gone, dust in their cowardly trails, leading off in directions Licht cares not to follow after. They are defeated and if he has learned anything from that almost angel, it is to not always chase battles. Instead, he focuses his pent up anger on Hyde.

His bloody hands clutch at the torn fabric of Hyde’s shirt, bunching it between the lengths of his fingers and he yanks Hyde in closely. “What did you say, you demonic shit rat? Do you want to die? Here-” He thrusts Hyde down on the broken ground and shoves his foot onto Hyde’s chest.

“-Let me show you just want it means to be an angel fighting the injustice of you devils.” 

Hyde looks absolutely ecstatic to feel the pressure of Licht’s boot constricting his breath. It’s not a particularly important thing to him but to know Licht was here and alive with him, now that was the world to him: Licht’s death would be upon a magnificent stage and Hyde would be his killer.

He would allow nobody else that glorious right and his expression shows it. All mad excitement and fluttering feelings upon a stretched wide grin. Licht tch’s at him and shakes his head. Begins to pull his foot back, but Hyde grabs it and yanks.

It is a testimony to their growing bond that Licht doesn’t end him there. More so that Licht doesn’t react once he lands harshly upon the ground and Hyde swiftly moves on top of him, slapping his palms down either side of Licht’s head.

“Why are you so cool, angel-chan?” 

Their faces are close enough that he can feel the warmth of Licht’s breath fanning his cheeks. It is quite the feeling but doesn’t come close to what happens next in this scene of their improvised play. Licht’s hands reach up between his and they grab harshly at his hair and pull him down.

Hyde bites when he kisses. Licht growls and bites right back. Licht’s fingers dig into the sides of his face and his knee goes right between Licht’s legs and he cherishes the sudden intake Licht makes every time. Even if it gets him a painfully hard knee in his side every time.

Hyde breaks back, gasping with a pained whimper, rubbing at his aching side. He hardly gets a moment to whine before he is on his back once more and Licht’s lips at down on his own. They are not a couple. They are two parts to a whole, fighting for their dominance.

…And night time is when darkness wins most often.

Hyde’s teeth lick and bite once again bu this time, he bites hard and doesn’t release. Licht stills on top of him, a low rumbling of warning but Hyde is a glutton for punishment and this time, he does not allow Licht to hit him. Rather, he grabs the hands that come down to hit him.

Their kiss is not fond nor is it loving but it is real and when Licht’s limbs soften and his body sinks into Hyde’s embrace, Hyde smirks and peppers Licht’s irritated expression with more affectionate kisses and nods right along to Licht threatening him, “stop that or I will kill you, shit rat– slowly.”

“Yes, yes, I will my forever glorious, perfect and the best! Angel-chan!”  

The Bookshelf (Week #2)

Hello internet angels! Yes, it is that time of the week again, and I am so excited! For one, It’s smut appreciation day, and that means so much porn- I mean…….Yeah, it’s porn. But, I did throw in a little of everything in this one! Smut, angst, fluff, smut, threesomes, smut, sadness, smuuuut. So who’s ready to get sad and aroused?! (Not me because I’ve already read most of these and I’m not sure how much more I can take.)

*Some fics are posted at the last updated chapter so that the links to the previous chapters are within them.

So lets go!

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Ghost from the past!

I read a lot of Dean fics, and I mean a lot! So I’ve developed a preference, and I think it’s something along the lines of this…….It’s definitely this. I love Dean Winchester. I love Dean Winchester having a shady past not mentioned in the show. I love Dean Winchester crying about his shady past and wanting to throw himself into the arms of the reader. I love angsty fics filled with enough detail and sadness to make me want to nominate it for a ‘Fuck me up.’ award. So this one goes to you @thenightyouknow ! Thank you for making me fall in love with this messed up man again.

(Author: @thenightyouknow)

Double trouble!

I was excited about Casifer when he showed up in the show, but DAMN! You just had to go and deliver me this platter excuse me, this ARRAY of Castiel Deliciousness and not expect to show up here? I swear you are the reason I’m ready to be twenty-one, because once I hit the big two one I’m gonna haul my ass to the best strip club I can find and just prowl for twins. (I now realize I have told you all nothing about this fic.) All you need to know is there are twins. One is Castiel and One is lucifer. The big shabing-bang happens and now I’m becoming a Cas!girl… Go! Read!

(Author: @kittenofdoomage)

Devils trap!

All I’m gonna say is that one of the warnings is “Like, everything.” and If that doesn’t say enough then I don’t know what will. Lets start with the fact that the characters include you, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, and Balthazar. That’s five! not one. Not two. Not four, but FIVE!!!!! I actually had to stop after a while and breathe because I was not ready for the utter PWP that was thrust (HA) upon me. You’re welcome!

(Author: @mrsjohnsmith)

The hottest cold!

Lol do you guys remember when I said I was a Dean!Girl? Yeah me either. All I remember is Soulless!Sam, and drinking orgasms, and wowie there is a scene where Sam is going down on you and he uses his- ahem! Just know that @kittenofdoomage has done us a solid once again. (Also note that there is a line where Cain is “Twirling at the end of his mustache” and now I can’t stop giggling.)

OH! and before I forget, read this Info post on ‘The Mark’ it makes a hell of a difference.

(Author: @kittenofdoomage)

Originally posted by clairvoyantsam

Leads up to light!

Guess who just got her wig snatched back into being a Dean!girl?! me…… ‘Why’ you ask? Because he just helped the reader seduce the hell out of castiel (You’ll get my pun when you read it.) Yes, there is Destiel in this so if that is something you’d rather not indulge in then please skip over this story. If you want all of it then JOIN ME ON THIS RIDE INTO UNHOLINESS! and watch as the reader rides unholiness (Oh! I am on fire today!) It’s long, and beautifully detailed, and everything we’ve come to love about @sp-oops fics. (and did I mention this was chapter two?)

(Author: @sp-oops)

*Starts at the last posted chapter.


Alright guys, let’s take it down a notch. Let’s step away from the smut a little bit and enjoy this gem we have right here. Now look off into the horizon with me and Imagine Castiel, alone, living with you. Imagine having total solitude with him and being the one he loves, Imagine him not being an angel anymore and Imagine him just being so protective over you even though my baby is hurt and afraid and all I want to do it HOLD HIM!….excuse me I need a minute.

(Author: @jarmishjenwrites)

*Starts at the last posted chapter.

Give it up!

This is the third fic on this list that involves more than one person getting it on with the reader and I think I have a problem. That’s the first step to recovery right? Admittance? Then it’s indulging in even more threesome fics, right? This one Is about a boy, well two actually. The Winchester brothers and how much they just share. And I’m okay with that…….I’m okay with that.

(Author: @balthazars-muse )

You’re done!

Honestly I’m not much of a Castiel type of girl, but I make one hell of an exception when it comes to @abaddonwithyall fics. She loves to just throw it all at you in a way that you have no choice but to feel something for this angel. And it’s always something along the lines of love….or maybe lust? idk I’m a hopeless romantic. I bet castiel is perfect boyfriend material though. Him being all protective over you and worried when you get hurt on a hunt with Dean, and then zipping you back home to throw you down and-……thanks Jess for making me confused.

(Author: @abaddonwithyall)

In the back of the bookshelf!

Alone at last!

I love Crowley. He’s mine, all mine! and that’s why I’ve decided to share this series with you all! To stop being such a hoe for him and force you all to feel his love. Especially when you’re all he thinks about. Especially when he’s nervous about whether or not you like him back. Eeeessspeacially when he’s doing you all. Over. The. Bunker! So cheers to this old series that forced me to (slightly) push Dean aside and make room for Crowley.

(Author: @theinsandoutsofcastiel)

*Starts at the last posted chapter.

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Thank you for tuning in again this week for another look at what’s on the bookshelf! This has gotten so many good reviews from you all and I’m so excited to keep this going. On a side note, who’s ready for tonight’s episode? ME! Anyway, enjoy my angels!

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Title: “Nightmares a Deity Could Produce”
Length: 3,144 words
Rating: SFW
Summary: Tonight he appeared even more tranquil than usual, face completely relaxed (when normally his brows were at least somewhat tense) and his hands, often balled tight at his sides, were now drooping and seemingly lifeless. Besides his near silent breathing, he appeared no more lively than a corpse.

Etihw frowned–he was having another nightmare.

Link: AO3 FFnet

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