Everyone’s favourite Captain.
(Well, mine at least)

So, I lied. It’s not the complete set of photos, there are a few more over on facebook if anyone’s interested, but it covers the basics.

He’s 12inches tall and completely poseable. He was a test for a new plush pattern and though I should have picked an easier test subject, he was worth the seemingly endless hours spent putting him together. He is going to sit on my sewing machine and be my little sewing buddy.

Randomly, I have some left over fabric I used to make the OUAT book and Captain Swan pages that I’m going to try and make some little pouches out of, so if you’re interested in that at all, feel free to keep an eye on my page.


Once Upon a Time‘s fourth season ended on quite the cliffhanger with Emma protecting Storybrooke from the Darkness by becoming the new “Dark One” herself, and as photos and videos previewing the Season 5 premiere have shown us, we’ll be dealing with a very different Emma when the new season kicks off, the “Dark Swan,” as the show’s producers are calling her. With so much change ahead for Emma, we had to ask how this newer, darker version of the character would affect not only herself but her relationships with her loved ones when we spoke with Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue at the Once Upon a Time press room at San Diego Comic-Con.

In a roundtable discussion with Morrrison, O’Donoghue, and other reporters, both actors touched upon the tremendous impact that Emma’s transformation will have on her and Hook’s relationship and if it’s possible that, with Emma now embracing her darker side, we could see Killian return to his more villainous ways. Additionally, Morrison talks about her preparation for playing this different type of Emma and how much fun she’s having getting to do it, and the two of them also preview what we’ll learn about the history of the “Dark Ones” in Season 5.



cs au: instead of a curse, a virus is spreading in storybrooke. ignoring the warning they got from the apprentice, emma and killian stay in the town, after their friends start turning into zombies. now they must find a cure, while being face to face with those monsters..