once upon a selfie

“Family selfie, Mom, you and Killian in?”

“Of course. Killian, smile.”

“Is there a reason I’m smiling at your talking phone, love?”

“I’ll explain later, just smile.”

“Another of your world’s oddities? As you wish, Swan.”

@geekymama84-weightloss tagged me for a stop-drop-selfie!

Hair’s still wet. I’m going to do one of those “stare off into the distance” selfies, because sure? That, and it’s so sunny I can barely keep my eyes open when I face forward in this light (or at least I’m going to go with that excuse). 

I feel like I’m the only person who still uses the Urban Deacy Naked One. LOL. Smog on the lid, Hustle in the corner. Wearing that Besame lipstick I mentioned yesterday. 

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Remember, no pressure if you don’t do the selfie thing or don’t feel up to it today! 

Binge watching S06 of Once Upon a Time doesn’t just make me emotional over the perfection Captain Swan is, but also inspires me to get a makeover. As always, Regina Mills has the best hairstyle and I had to cut mine like hers 😍 Also, I dyed it with ash blonde color, but thanks to the blue it’s kinda green 😂 Whatever, style I have it ✌️


I already posted these in a collage but fuck it, here they are again. These are my new favorite pictures of myself. You can’t really see my face but you can see my killer calf muscle and how my waist is shrinking. I’ve been working so hard on my health and fitness over the last year and a half and these pictures really show me how far I’ve come. Once upon a time I never took mirror selfies. I never even liked looking at myself in the mirror. It’s different now. I love looking in the mirror and seeing how far I’ve come and all of the progress I’ve made.