once upon a rainy day

Day Six Hundred Eleven.

once upon a time i thrived off of late nights and rainy days,
cozy winter mornings and finger tips thawing in the sunset. 
then the days became longer and my body grew weary;
more time spent traveling from point A to point B 
than actually being there; present.

my mind can no longer handle late nights, shutting down
long before two hands strike double digits.
instead of fiery passion, caffeine flows through veins,
creating a temporary state of consciousness; a false sense of serenity.

sometimes i wonder where i lost myself.
on which train platform did i leave the better half of me
for someone else to find


Originally posted by hunandonly

Genre: Angst and idk?

Words: 2.6 K

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Requested by @kaipie-ami98 I love you. I hope you like this! I sort of wrote the last 2K in 2 hours, half asleep. Call me out on any sort of mistake, I owe you that lol. Also I might have changed it up a bit too much… Sorry~

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A normal rainy day. Dark, foreboding clouds, accompanied by a stray ray of sunshine here and there, a grey blanket covered the sky. Slightly chilly, slightly damp from the humidity, people walked around with umbrellas, raincoats and everything they needed to protect themselves from the rain and the damp chill. It was gloomy, but on the windows where the raindrops raced each other down to the sill, it looked like a refreshing change from the same sunrays beating down on the glass, piercing through, amplifying the brightness as it entered the room.

A normal rainy day. Classes droned on, the teachers at the boards writing down notes, lecturing the class, new terms thrown around just as any other day, new concepts raining down on the students as hard as the rain outside the classroom, the children’s faces as grim as the sky outside, dull and grey. The same pencil scratched away at a new page in the same notebook. Nothing had changed. The scene was the same as before, the same as a few days ago when y/n wasn’t the only one staring out of the window, when y/n wasn’t the only one being prodded at by the teacher for not listening in class, when y/n wasn’t one who would reflect the rainy weather, tears streaming down her cheeks stealthily.

It was no normal rainy day. After all, y/n was once again alone. After all, y/n was left behind while he moved on and away. The rainy days were her favourite, once upon a time. Maybe not anymore… It reminded her of her time together with him. Warm afternoons under the blankets, lulled to sleep by the pelting of raindrops against the windows in each other’s arms. That was her favourite thing about the rainy days. He made great hot chocolate too, she remembers. She remembers how the warm cup felt as her hands wrapped around it carefully. She remembers the aroma that wafted from the hot dark endearing brown liquid, and how it smelled like home, warmth, love and everything nice.

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Since I have a lot of scenarios and imagines and also because some might be drown in my answers to asks, I decided to make a masterlist ! I update it with each new scenario, imagine or headcanons.

This masterlist completes the Tags & Squads page ~

Submissions are open for anyone to send their own stories / artworks ! You can find them by scrolling through the “submission” tag

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22) Rainy Day Snuggling

A/N: Prompt: Trampolines and Moonshine

The rain had recently changed from a light drizzle to big fat drops, but the air was still warm. Regina was slightly worried as she peered through the window at the rapidly darkening sky.

She stepped out into the backyard and watched Emma and Henry silently from under her umbrella. They were jumping and laughing together. The rain only seemed to spur on their excitement. For a moment, Regina’s heart clenched in joy as she thought about how much it had taken to get to this point with Emma and Henry and their trust in her. She trusted them as well, and as testament to that was the fact that she allowed Henry to get a trampoline.

In response to the complaint, that Henry didn’t spend enough time outside, he said it was boring. So with Emma’s insistence and reassurance that it was perfectly safe, Regina let him get a trampoline. Though, as she watched the blonde thirty year old bounce merrily, her golden curls flying in the wind, she couldn’t help but wonder if the trampoline was more for Emma than Henry.

“Henry, it’s raining, and it’s time to go inside and read your history book for an hour,” Regina called out to catch her son’s attention. He stopped jumping and turned around. His shoulders heaved like he was about to protest, but Emma caught his eye and his shoulder’s slumped.

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Mystery Miners: LilGid's Affiliation with Gravity Falls Confirmed

LilGid has, over Skype, has confirmed that he IS INDEED ON THE GRAVITY FALLS PRODUCTION TEAM. 

Other shows he confirmed he worked on include:

  • Wow! Wow! Wubzy! (Wubzy’s Rainy Day)
  • LazyTown (Animation scene in “Once Upon a Time Episode”)
  • The Lingo Show

However, I’m not exactly sure what he does for Gravity Falls. He has Dipper’s Model Sheet stored on his personal external hard drive. The details are a bit complicated though, so stay tuned!