once upon a pixel

“As the ship crossed ocean after ocean, they found a new activity to engage in. They kept on reading and practicing magic and swordfighting, but during the afternoons, they would often sit on the warm deck, fishing. Wonderland held many ridiculously colorful fish, and they made it a game to fish for the funniest looking-one. Comparing their catches usually ended with them bickering about which fish was the most amazing one, but it was something they both enjoyed doing - even when Belle always seemed to end up with the winning fish.” - from Heart of the Ship - art by the wonderful qtarts 

A story about pixels

Once upon a time there were a few pixels who came out to play, they got lonely so they decided to call their friends.

“Yeah,” They exclaimed! They were happy to be reunited will buddies. After greeting one another they decided to go into town, they found some other pixels who looked like fun and asked to join them. “Maybe it might be fun!” They thought

They did many things, such as shopping and laser tag. Oh it was so fun. As they did these activities, other pixels wanted to join in on the action, expanding the group.

As the group got bigger and bigger, pixels got pushed into spots, some on the very outside, and some in the center of attention. Some pixels didn’t enjoy this, and started to fight, in the heat of the action, some pixels started to break and fall, transforming into more smaller pixels, of different colors.

They decided if they want to stay together as a group, there will need to be a king, for order among the pixels. The better looking pixels stepped forward and asked to reign as king. When outside pixels heard an opportunity to be king, many joined in.

Other pixels didn’t want there to be a king, so some left, others stayed in the chance to become king. Everyone who stayed wanted to be king, and gave their opinion on why the should be so. Again, this much commotion attracted more and more pixels.

Some pixels realized if they did not come up with solution soon, the whole group would collapse. They offered many other ideas on how to solve this problem, such as, switching off who was the king, or multiple kings, but to no avail. It only led to fighting, and fighting led to smaller pixels.

 It was only moments before all the pixels would become to small and disappear forever. Slowly becoming hopeless, they decided there was no chance and about to give up. 

“WAIT!" A voice shouted, silencing the pixels immediately. 

After mere moments of silence, some pixels started to float.

"Woah,” They exclaimed. “What is happening to us?" 

They started to move around, along with many pixels going in.

"You mere pixels were not created to rule yourselves. No, you were meant to serve."  

By now the pixels were filled with fear. "What are you going to do to us?” They shouted.

“Silence!"  They continued to move around at alarming speeds, too many pixels were coming in to be able to comprehend what was going on.

Suddenly, the pixels stopped. One by one, they fell back onto the ground. They still could not move and were now shoved right up against each other.

"You each were created with one purpose, and one purpose only. You are going to become one of the most destructive things ever known to this world.”

“Wh- what?” Their hopeless words escape.

“You will become the most terrifying, most awful creature. You will be ordered to hypnotize humans of all kinds into having an uncontrollable desire to want you.”

“A pikachu.”

Pixel Pones

Once upon a time, I did approximately a metric fuckton of little pixel equines, based on the style of (mostly G1) My Little Ponies. I stopped doing them when there was no interest in them, and I also lost access to Photoshop, so I can’t animate them… but, I’ve had some ideas how to refresh them (and hopefully regain access to Photoshop, so if someone wants one of the template styles, they can get them). So… these will be $10 each, and if you want one, you can email me at delphin.arts@gmail.com


eta: I can do more than just equines, these were the two easiest people to pester for refs, so I wasn’t doing more self indulgent art of my own characters.


Once Upon A Pixel - Bioshock


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This is awesome, everyone has to watch it:D